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You are my Sunshine

Story: Farmer Seok-joong (Hwang Jeong-min) is about to hit his 40s and finally wants to find a wife. His plans to marry a Filipino woman, since this is popular these days, are soon discarded as he wants to find his true love in life. Luckily, he really seems to find it in shape of Eun-ha (Jeon Do-yeon). Eun-ha works at a Coffee-shop, whose employees not only deliver coffee right to your home, but also provide you with another special service if the customer wants to. Seok-joong doesn't care about that, however, as he has fallen in love with the girl. He ensnares his beloved, and after being amused by Seok-joong at first, the girl understands that he isn't only serious about his feelings, but she also realizes that she could find all the things in his arms she thought the world would deny her all her life. Eun-ha's and Seok-joong's difficult relationship finally blossoms, but Eun-ha's past suddenly catches up with her. Her former husband reemerges and tries to destroy the relationship she has. But all of that is nothing compared to the terrible news Seok-joon gets one day. Eun-ha has AIDS...

Review: Stop clicking somewhere else! Granted, after reading the plot summary you might be tempted to head off somewhere else. Not yet another TV-tearjerker drama... But wait, this isn't just your ordinary drama! "You are my Sunshine" proves to be surprisingly multilayered and more than anything else... "different". It's not without a reason that director Park won himself several awards with his genuine work. His mix of a romantic comedy and a melodrama might sound all too familiar, yet it stands out with an interesting presentation and puts its focus where most other movies don't care to take a closer look. We don't get to see Eun-ha lying in her deathbed terminally ill - to be exactly she doesn't even look ill at all. This movie doesn't aim for some cheap tears, but wants to portray a relationship in a little different way than what we are used to see, while it also deals with taboo topics in Korea like AIDS and prostitution. In the story summary there might be more spoilering than in most other reviews, but that's necessary, because only this way it is possible to concentrate on what's really of importance in this film. It's shocking how little Koreans know about AIDS, at least if we believe what the film tells us. According to a housewife HIV is an illness that is actually airborne, while prostitutes don't take any precautions and even don't visit their doctor at a regular basis. Park somewhat makes it his obligation to throw light on the subject, but he wraps up his story with a nice romantic tale. At the same time he also explores the Korean red light district, and at times even does so with a wink, without running the risk to lose any of his credibility. Don't forget, you can order your coffee along with a daughter of joy if you like... Anyway, it takes about one hour until the socio-critical undertone crawls up to the surface. Before that we get nice romantic comedy stuff, even though you might miss some real laughs. Jeon Do-yeon gives a nice, even though a bit clichéd performance as a prostitute with a heart. Hwang Jeong-min ("Bloody Tie") portrays the naive farmer Seok-joon, who is looking for his one and only true love in life. His attempts to win over Eun-ha and his numerous, at first shy endeavors to show her that he is really honest about his feelings finally pay off at some point. When Eun-ha starts to lay down her rejecting behavior, even though she never really left a doubt that she can be anyone's woman for an hour, a nice romance begins to unfold. The positive mood and the newly in love couple can create a lyrical feeling inside the viewer. Nevertheless, just when it's about half time, the movie makes a turn. Eun-ha's past catches up with her, things are getting messy, and therefore it all gets a bit more worse than expected. Naturally, the viewer will feel somewhat betrayed by the sudden turn of events. Now, everything gets incredibly melodramatic, tears are flowing, yet the film still never drowns unnecessarily in clichés. AIDS as an illness isn't as superfluously expatiated here than it would had been in many Hollywood films, and, at all time, the story of "You are My Sunshine" centers more around the complex relationship of the two main characters instead of simply going for some tears. The topic the film deals with and the many socia-critical themes are brought into the movie with care and caution, and luckily never immoderately jump into the foreground, which eventually makes this film work out so much better than expected. Unfortunately, the film starts to drag a bit from the second half onwards. Moreover, the audience feels emotionally distant to the main protagonists, which is because they themselve also drift away from one another. This is somewhat frustrating, and at some point you may even lose interest in where the story might be heading to, even the more as you aren't really sure anymore if the script writer actually knew in what direction he steered the movie. However, luckily, in the end it shows that all events work towards one certain ending. Especially well done are the acting achievements of the two main actors. Their characters evolve throughout the whole film, so that in the end you even might not recognize them anymore. During one allusion to "One Fine Spring Day", which the two lovers watch at a cinema, the question is introduced if love can actually change and maybe even fizzle out? Well, it doesn't seem to be the case, here. It's more that the characters undergo a change, but love remains an unchanging constant between them. A constant, that may be in need of being defined anew on several occasions, but what may prove to be a problem to a mathematician, is a welcome change for the viewer. With his ending director Park once again shows that his intention wasn't to create another typical tearfilled, sobbing variant of the well-known "illness-of-the-week" premise, but that he wanted to do something extraordinary. Sadly, the film has some downsides. Many topics are just touched and you have to ask yourself, for example, what it was all about, concerning Eun-ha's former husband. The second half at first disconnects from the movie, because of the sudden turn, but thanks to the actors, as well as the very good supporting cast, e.g. Seok-joon's mother, you will find your way back into the movie before the finale. Still, especially towards the end there are some scenes where you don't feel as emotionally involved as it could have been possible. At least that's not that often the case. Park Jin-pyo ("Too young to die") creates a genuine movie, that can surprise and touch you. More than anything else it is a welcome change to the same old Korean romance and melodrama story. Mainly because of the interesting way the director approaches the themes of his movie, "You are my Sunshine" clearly deserves to be recommended.

you are my sunshine korean movie review


    |           |           |


's pet phrase, "IT ALL GOES TO HELL." But not necessarily in a bad way.

is anything but typical in this respect. Films and television dramas that abound in emotional excess are often critically derided, yet this 2005 film was nominated for Best Picture and several other honors at the 26th Blue Dragon Awards and even earned the director and the film's lead actor top prizes in their individual categories. On paper, certainly seems to share most of the ingredients of a conventional melodrama, so what could possibly make it so special?
     The film centers on Seok-Joong (Hwang Jung-Min), an unmarried farmer who's pushing forty and looking to finally settle down. Although he signs up for a deal that would have gotten him a bride from the Philippines, Seok-Joong doesn't follow through on the scheme, deciding instead to wait around for Ms. Right to show up. And sure enough, show up she does, as Seok-Joong meets her in the form of Eun-Ha (Jeon Do-Yeon), a pretty waitress at a local coffee shop. However, Eun Ha isn't just any waitress; it turns out she provides more services than just coffee to her happy customers. Really, whoever heard of home delivery for coffee? Even Starbucks hasn't jumped on that idea yet.
     But her illicit profession means little to Seok-Joong; he's smitten at first sight by Eun-Ha and begins giving her roses and a bottle or two of fresh milk everyday to show his affection. Eun Ha is half-amused, half-annoyed at the man's awkward, childlike way of wooing her, but as the story develops, she begins to see something in Seok-Joong. It's something she'd lost hope in seeing in any man, but it's there, and as she soon finds, it's something worth pursuing.
     And so, for the first sixty minutes of its running time, delivers a genuinely funny, intensely likeable romantic comedy as an unconventional romance begins to take shape and the unlikely couple work to overcome the objections of Seok-Joong's meddling mother, his peers, and society in general. If director Park Jin-Pyo had chosen to add twenty more minutes to this section of the film, he would have made a solid, if somewhat unremarkable crowdpleaser. But that is clearly not what director Park had in mind, since there's still another half of the story to tell. And what a second half!
     Exactly one hour into the film, Eun-Ha receives a phone call form a figure in her past that immediately sets off a shocking (and graphic) chain of events. To put it simply: IT ALL GOES TO HELL. While this dramatic switch will seem incongruous with the tone of all that came before, the film has played fair with the viewer, slowly setting things up the entire time. Although the film's trailer and accompanying press materials spoil the film's major plot point, this review will try to be somewhat evasive about specifics. What will be revealed here, however, is that becomes, among other things, a terminal illness tearjerker, yet remarkably, it isn't carried out in an exploitive "disease-of-the-week" sort of way as has been seen in other, lesser melodramas.
     Are emotions running on high throughout the latter half of the film? You bet. And while this reviewer still finds a lot of that kind of stuff unseemly, if not ridiculous in any context, minimizes that criticism by making sure that the world depicted in the film is one that is steeped as deeply as possible in reality. Unlike the problems introduced in other melodramas that feel contrived, if not downright fake, proves successful in convincing the audience that these issues are the real conditions under which the film's characters must act and react. Also, it doesn't hurt that the movie's first half and the actors' performances within it go a long way in hooking the viewer and fostering a sense of good will towards the characters. Sure, the film's dramatic turn feels like a huge suckerpunch considering its earlier, happier tone, but co-stars Hwang Jung-Min and Jeon Do-Yeon help the film make its transition to all-out melodrama. In addition, Na Moon-Hee (from ) adds a welcome extra dimension to her role as Seok-Joong's mother, a performance which could easily have been yet another one-note portrayal of a disapproving matriarch we've seen time and again in these types of stories.
     Ultimately, may indeed have much in common with the numerous melodramas that populate the market. But what separates this film from the pack is that it never feels like it's yet another "by-the-numbers" take on a well-worn genre. Although this reviewer has never cried nor wishes to in response to any Korean melodrama, I can say that it's not hard to see how could have that affect on audiences. Yes, it tugs on the heartstrings, but for the most part, the film earns it, delivering a genuinely compelling storyline that's hard to pass up. (Calvin McMillin, 2006)

• Winner - Best Director (Park Jin-Pyo)
• Winner - Best Actor (Hwang Jun-Min)
• Winner - Best Couple (Jeon Do-Yeon and Hwang Jun-Min)
• Nomination - Best Picture
• Nomination - Best Actress (Jeon Do-Yeon)
• Nomination - Best Supporting Actress (Na Moon-Hee)
• Nomination - Best Original Screenplay (Park Jin-Pyo)

DVD (Korea)
Region 3 NTSC
CJ Entertainment
2-Disc DTS Limited Edition
16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Korean Language Track
Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS
Removable English and Korean Subtitles
Audio Commentary by Park Jin-Pyo, "Making Of" Documentary, Interviews, Music Videos, Posters, Trailers, and More

Copyright ©2002-2017 Ross Chen

you are my sunshine korean movie review

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You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine (2005)

Seok-joong, a farmer in his mid thirties falls head over heels in love with local tabang delivery girl Eun-ha, but the couple's marital bliss is short lived as Eun-ha tests positive for HIV. Seok-joong, a farmer in his mid thirties falls head over heels in love with local tabang delivery girl Eun-ha, but the couple's marital bliss is short lived as Eun-ha tests positive for HIV. Seok-joong, a farmer in his mid thirties falls head over heels in love with local tabang delivery girl Eun-ha, but the couple's marital bliss is short lived as Eun-ha tests positive for HIV.

  • Park Jin-Pyo
  • Jeon Do-yeon
  • Hwang Jung-min
  • Na Moon-hee
  • 7 User reviews
  • 7 Critic reviews
  • 9 wins & 8 nominations

Jeon Do-yeon and Hwang Jung-min in You Are My Sunshine (2005)

  • Seok-joong's mother

Ryu Seung-su

  • Hwang Yoo-soon

Kim Bu-seon

  • Female prisoner 2

Baek Do-bin

  • Public Defender
  • Middle aged man at bar
  • Tea House Lady 1
  • Newspaper Reporter 2
  • In-joong's eldest daughter
  • All cast & crew
  • Production, box office & more at IMDbPro

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User reviews 7

  • AJ_McAninch
  • Sep 14, 2018
  • How long is You Are My Sunshine? Powered by Alexa
  • September 23, 2005 (South Korea)
  • South Korea
  • Official site (South Korea)
  • Neoneun nae unmyeong
  • B.O.M. Film Productions Co.
  • See more company credits at IMDbPro
  • $17,650,142

Technical specs

  • Runtime 2 hours 1 minute

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You Are My Sunshine (2005)

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you are my sunshine korean movie review

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You Are My Sunshine

Where to watch

You are my sunshine.

Directed by Park Jin-pyo

Thank you, for loving me...

An old bachelor Seok-joong, who has no experience in dating, falls in love at first sight with a prostitute named Eun-ha. At first Eun-ha shows no interest in Seok-joong, but gradually she begins to be flattered by his devotion and eventually falls in love with him. They marry. However, one day, Eun-ha finds out that she is infected with HIV and decides to leave Seok-joong.

Jeon Do-yeon Hwang Jung-min Na Moon-hee Seo Ju-hee Yoon Je-moon Jung You-seok Koh Soo-hee Kim Bu-seon Lim Jong-yun Lee Gyeong-a Kim Kwang-kyu Kim Sang-ho Baek Do-bin Ryu Seung-su Baek Jong-hak Hwang Hyo-eun Bae Yun-beom Kim Joo-ryoung Kang Yeong-il Park Myeong-gyu Moon Won-ju Kim Hak-seon Lee Ru-ahn Byun Shin-ho Hong Seok-yeon Choi Dae-woong Park Jin-woo Lee Min-ah Kim Jung-young Show All… Yoo Ji-yeon Park Jin-Taek

Director Director

Park Jin-pyo

Producers Producers

Lee Eugene Oh Jung-wan Ahn Soo-hyun

Writer Writer

Editor editor.

Moon In-dae

Cinematography Cinematography

Sung Seung-taek

Assistant Director Asst. Director

Gook Dong-seok

Production Design Production Design

Lee Na-gyeom

Composer Composer

Bang Jun-seok

Costume Design Costume Design

Sin Seung-hui

Bom Film Productions

South Korea

Alternative titles.

You're My Sunshine, 너는 내 운명, ユア・マイ・サンシャイン, Neoneun nae unmyeong, 你是我的命運, 너는 내운명, ユア・マイ・サンシャイン:2005, 你是我的命运, 你是我的未來

Drama Romance

Releases by Date

23 sep 2005, 03 nov 2006, releases by country.

  • Digital R15+
  • Theatrical 18

123 mins   More at IMDb TMDb Report this page

Popular reviews


Review by Gabe ★★★★

Always a pleasure watching Jeon Do-yeon, not only one of the best actresses in the country, but also one of the best actresses in the world.

A very awarded popular melodrama classic.


Review by Ailish ★★★½

After finishing this film my overall consensus was that I did not particularly like it for its plot. I did however enjoy it for the message I believed it conveyed to me. We are sunshine to somebody. There is no such thing as a perfect individual. We all have faults, and we've all made mistakes but throughout this film Eun- ha remains Seok -Joongs sunshine. As the film progresses it is heart warming to see how Seok -Joong becomes Eun-has  sunshine as well. A simple concept that struck home for me, while also tackling tougher and more serious issues.


Review by Nick ★★★★½ 3

True love doesn't conquer all, but it might just survive it.

Jeon Do-yeon's been pretty consistently the best actress on the planet for twenty-ish years now, and this film falls in that range, so obviously she's magnificent in it. The "hooker with the heart of gold" is a tired cinematic cliche, but here it might have been the path of least resistance. She wisely veers away from it. There is an edge to her, and occasional bouts of viciousness. Her early scenes of cautious amusement followed by guarded cynicism are excellent; the subsequent scenes of bemused optimism and hope are even better.

Hwang Jung-min is also good, and needs to be. The script asks in some ways more of him…


Review by ully ★★★½

they told us here love is about acceptance, briliantly acted by both main leads particularly jeon doyeon for being cheerful bubbly and smile the brightest despite everything. maybe we are the brightest sunshine to somebody.


Review by ukiyomonamour ★★★★

Jeon Do Yeon, you are my sunshine.


Review by Adi ★★★★

I can’t let a day pass without thinking of you. I can’t stop thinking about you when I eat and see something pretty! Even when I look at the sky!
Eun-ha, I’ll make you the happiest girl on Earth.

Ang ganda mo Jeon Do-yeon hays.


Review by pekahjusthappy ★★★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

what makes you are my sunshine different than any other tragic love story? it's that YAMS able to give us a happy ending. it's something that not even LTUS (another my fav tragic love story) could give (iykyk). it was good. I'm speechless, but thank god, HJM and JDY was casted. it's perfect 🫶

Shawn Kelley

Review by Shawn Kelley ★★★

Blind bought this Blu-ray because I love Jeon Do-yeon and Hwang Jung-min, they are great in everything I’ve seen them in and wanted to see them together in a movie. I didn’t love this movie however. I felt very detached from these characters and the movie as a whole despite the performances of the leads.


Review by Umechan ★★★½

Honest people are the most loyal.


Review by dear ★★★

you are my sunshine is my 2nd film from jeon doyeon’s filmography. my first was  beasts clawing at straws  (it was an awesome experience by the way), and yet it is VERY CLEAR to me why she is THE JEON DOYEON that she is today. YAMS isn’t actually the best imo, nonetheless, i truly enjoyed watching it — maybe, just maybe, one of the factors is that she’s cute in those colorful undergarments and dresses as well as skirts haha! i’ll definitely watch Secret Sunshine sometime soon, and perhaps, Lost when netflix puts it in their platform (LOL).


Review by kimchi ★★½

this is somewhat frustrating, and some point i lose interest in where the story might be heading to


Review by crop_a_star ★★★


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you are my sunshine korean movie review

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You Are My Sunshine

Where to watch.

Watch You Are My Sunshine with a subscription on Prime Video.

Cast & Crew

Park Jin-pyo

Ahn Suhyeon

Jeon Do-yeon

Hwang Jung-min

Na Moon-hee

Seok-joong's mother

Jung Yooseok

Movie Reviews

You are my sunshine (2005) 너는 내 운명 korean movie review.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another Korean movie review by EonTalk. Today’s movie review will be on the must-watch Korean melodrama, <You Are My Sunshine>.

Also Available in Video Format:

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<You Are My Sunshine> is an older film that was released back in 2005, and was directed by Park Jin-Pyo, who also directed <Voice of a Murderer>, <Closer To Heaven>, and <Love Forecast>. The movie featured the duo of Jeon Do-Yeon and Hwang Jung-Min, and the chemistry between the two was amazing. Based on a true story, the movie revolves around a farmer in his mid thirties who falls head over heels for a local girl, and how their love story blossoms, and then turns in the worst way possible. Let’s take a look at the detailed synopsis before getting into the review.

The synopsis is as follows: Seo-Joong, a farmer in his mid thirties, is desperate to find a wife and settle down. However, finding love is harder than expected and he just can’t seem to find “the one.” Then one day, he lays his eyes on Eun-Ha, a local “dabang,” or a Korean coffee shop, girl, and falls head over heels for her. In order to get her attention and make her fall for him as he did for her, he starts showering her with gifts. Eun-Ha is initially unimpressed and shakes him off, but gradually she starts to fall for the innocent Seo-Joong as well, and is eventually won over by his kindhearted nature. Seo-Joong is eventually able to accomplish his goal of finding true love and settling down, as the two get married. Seo-Joong and Eun-Ha live an ever-so happy and jolly marriage life, but the couple’s marital bliss is short lived, as a devastating news is given. What seemed to be like a dream come true, turns into a nightmare that they desperately want to wake up from.

First, I have to mention Hwang Jung-Min’s performance. Hwang Jung-Min’s expressions were so real, and he fit the role so well. I can’t think of anyone else that could’ve replaced him. From funny to emotional, he can do it all, and he truly showed his talent through this film. He had his mainstream breakthrough with this movie, and won the Best Actor award at the 2005 Blue Dragon Film Awards with <You Are My Sunshine>. He made his famous acceptance speech when he won the award, which went something like this: “All I did was add a spoon to a dinner table that had already been prepared by others.” Through this, he showed just how humble he is, and displayed his unconditional appreciation for the director and the film staff.

Not to mention, the competition for the Best Actor category for that year was highly competitive. Some of the other nominees were Park Hae-Il for <Rules of Dating>, Ryu Seung-Bum for <Crying Fist>, Lee Byung-Hun for <A Bittersweet Life>, and Cho Seung-Woo for <Marathon>.

Furthermore, Jeon Do-Yeon was also incredible in her role. She also won the Best Actress award at the 2005 Chunsa Film Art Awards, and her and Hwang Jung-Min’s on-screen chemistry was jaw-droppingly good. If there was a “Best Couple” award back then, they would’ve definitely swept that award. Moreover, director Park Jin-Pyo also won the Best Director award at the 2005 Blue Dragon Film Awards with this film. This just shows how well-received and acclaimed this film was.

Visually speaking, <You Are My Sunshine> has that older film style with not much shifts in camera angles. Therefore, the audience can really focus on the actors and the performances they give. In other words, there aren’t much distractions or technical methods that takes away from the film.

And most importantly, the movie is a very real one. From the dialogue the characters have with one another, (such as Seo-Joong and his friends, and Seo-Joong with Eun-Ha) and trying to get her to fall for him, as well as the story, the movie was very real on all levels. I don’t want to say too much or give too much examples and details in order to refrain from giving spoilers, but yes, the narrative reflected reality very well, especially of that time. There was a really big turn of events, and the ending scene is one of the saddest scenes in Korean cinema. It’s worth watching for that build up to the finale and the big conclusion.

I mentioned this in the good parts as well, but the film has that older style. This can be good for the reasons given before, but on the other end of the spectrum, if you don’t like that older style, then you may find the movie to be on the slower side. In sum, you may find that the film has a relatively slow progression, and the tone and vibe is very different from what we see today.

All in all, <You Are My Sunshine> is a very real movie and that gets really emotional. However, the emotions aren’t forced, and is a genuine film. If you are a fan of Korean movies and the melodrama genre, then this is a must-watch.

Ticket Price Value: $10

(Ticket Price Value is the price I would pay to watch the film again for the first time)

What were your thoughts on the movie? Do you agree or disagree with my review? What would your  ‘Ticket Price Value’ be? Leave a comment down below!

**follow the eon talk facebook page for more korean movie content ☞ @eontalk, watch the video review:, related films (click to view):.

  • The Beauty Inside (2015)
  • Crazy Romance (2019)
  • Tune in for Love (2019)

Disclaimer Please keep in mind this review is composed of solely my own opinions, and should be taken with a grain of salt. I am in no way a professional writer, nor have I majored or studied journalism. This is for informative entertainment purpose only, representing my personal views.  I do not own the images and/or videos used in the review. No copyright infringement intended.

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You are my Sunshine

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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});, you are my sunshine.

Korean Movie | 2005

너는 내 운명 | Neo-neun Nae Woon-myeong

• Drama • Melodrama • Romance

you are my sunshine korean movie review

Directed by Park Jin-pyo (박진표)

Written by Park Jin-pyo (박진표)

121min | Release date in South Korea: 2005/09/23

Synopsis An old bachelor Seok-joong, who has no experience in dating, falls in love at first sight with a prostitute named Eun-ha. At first Eun-ha shows no interest in Seok-joong, but gradually she begins to be flattered by his devotion and eventually falls in love with him. They marry. However, one day, Eun-ha finds out that she is infected with HIV and decides to leave Seok-joong...

You are my Sunshine ⭐ Reviews More

you are my sunshine korean movie review

[HanCinema's Film Review] "You are my Sunshine" + DVD Giveaway 🕒 2016/03/12 21:25 By William Schwartz

You are my sunshine 📰 latest news more.

you are my sunshine korean movie review

Jeon Do-yeon, Shim Eun-ha, Ko So-young, Mixed Fates of 90's Actresses 🕒 2023/02/09 19:36

you are my sunshine korean movie review

Hwang Jung-min to Make Special Appearance in "Kill Boksoon" 🕒 2021/12/27 22:09

you are my sunshine korean movie review

Hwang Jung-min Returns to Drama With "Hush" 🕒 2020/02/20 19:58

you are my sunshine korean movie review

Korean Movies Opening Today 2018/12/06 in Korea 🕒 2018/12/06 16:31

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you are my sunshine korean movie review

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Jeon Eun-ha (전은하)

you are my sunshine korean movie review

Kim Seok-joong (김석중)

you are my sunshine korean movie review

Seok-joong's mother (석중 어머니)

you are my sunshine korean movie review

Cheon-soo (천수)

you are my sunshine korean movie review

Gyoo-ri (규리)

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You are my Sunshine

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you are my sunshine korean movie review

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you are my sunshine korean movie review

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  • As of 2016.07.24 : 2 701 544  Admissions
  • As of 2005.10.30 : 2,571,574 Admissions
  • As of 2005.10.23 : 2,428,561 Admissions
  • As of 2005.10.16 : 2,165,244 Admissions
  • As of 2005.10.09 : 1,924,240 Admissions
  • As of 2005.10.02 : 1,356,621 Admissions

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excellent movie. plus it won many awards in korea.

👥 protector_6 (🕒 2007-09-14 20:32:16 )

Reply ↩

this movie is absolutely awesome and heartfelt. kudos!

👥 RoxyBathory (🕒 2007-01-22 07:25:27 )



Park Jin-pyo
Jeon Do-youn ("Untold Scandal") & Hwang Jung-min
2 hrs 3 mins
Cathay-Keris Films & Festive Films
M18 (Scene of Intimacy)

27 April 2006

Based on a true story, "You Are My Sunshine" tells the moving love story between a bachelor (Hwang Jung-min) and a good-time gal named Eun-ha (Jeon Do-youn). They get married. However, one day, tests show that Eun-ha is infected with HIV.

The spectre of AIDS holds much gravitas over the movies gritty and raw romance. It’s an obvious symbolism of the ‘death do us part’ aspect of the marriage vows that they take. It also provides a means for director; Jin-Pyo Park’s to instill relevant social messages into the film, just as he did with his gutsy introductory feature, Too Young to Live, which was about a pair of septuagenarian lovers. This time round, he takes on the largely taboo topic of AIDS and prostitution in his stride, he tackles these issues while never losing sight of the film’s purpose.










you are my sunshine korean movie review

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