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  1. MAR

    Management Accounting Research aims to serve as a vehicle for publishing original scholarly work in the field of management accounting. The Journal welcomes original research papers using archival, case, experimental, field, survey or any other relevant empirical method, as well as analytical …. View full aims & scope.

  2. Journal of Management Accounting Research

    The American Accounting Association is the largest community of accountants in academia. Founded in 1916, we have a rich history built on leading-edge research and publications. The diversity of our membership creates a fertile environment for collaboration and innovation. Collectively, we shape the future of accounting through teaching ...

  3. Strategic management accounting and performance implications: a

    The important role that management accounting plays in driving organisational performance has been reiterated in the literature. In line with that importance, the call for more effort to enhance knowledge on strategic management accounting has increased over the years. Responding to that call, this study utilised a qualitative approach that involved a systematic review to synthesise existing ...

  4. Journal of Management Accounting Research

    The mission of the Journal of Management Accounting Research (JMAR) is to advance the theory and practice of management accounting through publication of high-quality applied and theoretical research, using any well-executed research method.JMAR serves the global community of scholars and practitioners whose work impacts or is informed by the role that accounting information plays in decision ...

  5. Strategic management accounting practices in business: A systematic

    2.1. Exploring the background of strategic management accounting (SMA) The overwhelming interest and various research in strategic management accounting (SMA) started due to the widely published criticisms of traditional management accounting practices (MAP), which were mainly internal-focused and not strategically oriented.

  6. Digital data and management accounting: why we need to rethink research

    Explanatory research in management accounting attempts to identify causal factors and to offer rationales for the underlying reported differences. Most of these studies tend to posit deductive explanations based on other empirical studies previously undertaken in comparable contexts and/or drawing upon specific conceptual reference frames to ...

  7. Strategic management accounting practices in business: A systematic

    management accounting on business goals; and (iv) to identify the knowledge gaps that exist in ... The overwhelming interest and various research in strategic management accounting (SMA) started due to the widely published criticisms of traditional management accounting practices (MAP), which were mainly internal-focused and not strategically ...

  8. Review of Management Accounting Research

    MUHAMMAD J ASHRAF Assistant Professor of Accounting, Suleman Dawood School of Business, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan MARTIN BENNETT Emeritus Reader in Sustainability Accounting, University of Gloucestershire, UK EMILY BERRY Graduate Assistant, George W. Daverio School of Accountancy, University of Akron, USA DAVID DUGDALE Professor Emeritus of Management Accounting ...

  9. MAR

    Identity work of management accountants in a merger: The construction of identity in liminal space. Martijn Pieter van der Steen. Article 100792. View PDF. Article preview. Research articleFull text access.

  10. Management Accounting Research Approaches: A Critical Review

    Published by Scie du Press 129 ISSN 1923-4023 E-ISSN 1923-4031. Management Accoun ting Research Approa ches: A Critical Re view. Achchi Mohamed Inun Ja riya & Thirunavukkarsu Vel nampy 2. 1 ...

  11. Highlights of management accounting research

    TOPICS. Academic research in management accounting can provide companies with insight in using management accounting systems to better achieve strategic and operating objectives. It explains or predicts how the design of managerial accounting systems will affect management actions and an organization's success, or how internal and external ...

  12. The Impact of Management Accounting Research: An Analysis of the Past

    This paper focuses on the impact of management accounting resea rch. In particular, it aims to analyse how. studies in the field of management accounting have progressed, up to now, with regard to ...

  13. Management Accounting in the Digital Era: Literature Review

    The weight of digitalization regarding management accounting research is growing as more realizations are met when it comes to information and data [2, 11, 21]. In such an investigation scene offering non-ending quantitative and qualitive research areas to be explored and investigated. ... Moreover, management accounting professionals require ...

  14. Volume 35 Issue 1

    Journal of Management Accounting Research | 35 | 1 | March 2023. View article titled, Balancing Emic-Etic Tensions in the Field-, Head-, and Text-Work of Ethnographic Management Accounting Research

  15. Journal of Management Accounting Research

    The Accounting Review ; Issues in Accounting Education ; Issues in Accounting Education Teaching Notes ; Accounting Horizons ; Accounting Historians Journal ; Accounting and the Public Interest ; The ATA Journal of Legal Tax Research ; AUDITING: A Journal of Practice and Theory ; Behavorial Research in Accounting ; Current Issues in Auditing

  16. How important is practice-relevant management accounting research

    The (management) accounting researchers who are concerned with social issues would need to communicate with a broader audience. This might be achieved by becoming involved in political and other public debates; for instance, by providing evidence to regulators, government committees, policy makers, and so on.

  17. Full article: Machine Learning in Management Accounting Research

    This paper explores the possibilities of employing machine learning (ML) methods and new data sources in management accounting (MA) research. A review of current accounting and related research reveals that ML methods in MA are still in their infancy. However, a review of recently published ML research from related fields reveals several new ...

  18. Management Accounting Research

    Management Accounting Research. Steel occupied an important place in British industry throughout the period covered by this paper, supplying raw materials for the production of capital goods such ...

  19. Integrating Practice into Accounting Research

    I review several initiatives that have been tried at Columbia and elsewhere (i) to better integrate academic research and practice and (ii) to disseminate our findings to practitioners. I suggest that Management Science set up a forum to encourage submissions of papers that use rigorous methods to address pressing applied problems. This paper ...

  20. PDF Research in Management Accounting

    Many reviews on research in management accounting are more focused on specific areas such as organization and sociology-based research (Covaleski and Dirsmith, 1996), benchmarking research (Elnathan et al.,1996), research by North Americans (Shields, 1997), agency theory research (Demski and Sappington, 1999), performance measurement ...

  21. MAR

    Measuring management accounting practices using textual analysis. Fangjuan Qiu, Nan Hu, Peng Liang, Kevin Dow. Article 100818. View PDF. Article preview. Research articleFull text access.

  22. Management control systems and strategy: trends, gaps and opportunities

    The relationship between management control systems and strategy is widely researched with varied conceptualization of the relationship and diverse range of theories, methods, and contexts. This paper is an analytical review of literature aimed at documenting an understanding of the relationship between management control systems and strategies to comprehend existing knowledge, identify gaps ...

  23. Experimental research in management accounting

    Experimental research in management accounting has spread in the last decades for at least three reasons. First, regarding content, it allows to investigate in how far the behavior of individuals and groups within organizations deviates from the predictions of economic theory. Second, regarding methodology, it allows for a stronger causality ...

  24. Accounting for Management :: University of Waikato

    Research Rangahau. Discover impactful research at New Zealand's top-ranked research university. The University of Waikato is driving innovation for societal progress and global sustainability, linking knowledge with industry for a better world. ... Accounting for Management. 2024. Change year. 2023; 2022; 2021; 2020; 2019; 2018; 15. 100.

  25. Faculty Spotlight: James Scalise

    Gradually, I focused on consulting and the systems that are important in the functions of accounting and finance. All of that experience led me to what I am doing now with the Poole College of Management - teaching students how operations, finance and technology are integrated within a business.

  26. World Online Ranking of Best Computer Scientists

    On April 16, 2024, released the 10th edition of their annual best computer scientist rankings. The report aims to boost the online visibility of established and emerging computer science experts. Furthermore, researchers, academics, corporations, and other organizational decision-makers can use our report to find expertise on a ...

  27. New development: Whole state accounting—Experiences of the state of

    IMPACT. The state of Hesse began voluntarily converting its cash and budget system to an accrual-based accounting system in 1998. A particular challenge in the conversion of the accounting system is involving all departments and employees in this reform process, as the transition from cash accounting to accrual accounting requires a fundamental change to existing administrative processes.