• Decide for your Future: Choosing a Senior High School Strand

Decide for your Future: Choosing a Senior High School Strand

Are you excited to kick off your Senior High School adventure, but still find yourself on the horns of a dilemma? Imagine yourself standing at a crossroads, and you’re not moving because you have no idea which road will lead you to your destination. It may sound distressing, but there is no point getting steamed up about it. Taking steps forward is the only way for you to advance your journey because if you want to obtain your college diploma, there is no escaping Senior High School.

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Senior High School Guide: Choosing the Right Track and Strand

K-12 is a relatively new program here in the Philippines if you compare it with our neighboring countries. For students to move into college or the university level, they must undergo junior (Grades 7-10) and senior (Grades 11-12) high school level to be given a diploma. A certification is given during the junior level but finishing the senior high level certifies and validates that a student is qualified for college.

Going into senior high school, students must choose a strand and track they would like to take for the next two years of their senior high school life. There are different strands and tracks students can choose from which can also help them choose a course they might want to take in college. Given the magnitude of this decision, careful consideration is required. Here is a simple guide to assist you in deciding which academic track and strand are best suited to your needs.

K to 12 Tracks and Strands

As of 2023, there are four tracks in senior high school , namely: academic track, technical-vocational-livelihood track, arts, and design track, and lastly, sports track. Let us first discuss the Academic Track.

Academic Track

The Academic Track is for those who have already and surely decided to pursue a college education after senior high school; basically, it helps you in your journey going to college because of its subject specialization. Under this track there are four strands you choose from:

  • HUMMS – First is the Humanities and Social Sciences or HUMSS. HUMSS is the strand for students who wish to go into college with the following courses: Political Science or International Studies, English or Filipino Literature, Mass Communication, Education, Performing Arts, and other related courses.
  • STEM – The next strand is the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math track, also known as STEM. STEM is the strand for students who wish to go into college with the following courses: Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Studies, Information Technology, and so on and forth on the related courses. This strand is a very hands-on type of experience that would be good for students who have firmly decided on their future college courses and profession.
  • ABM – The third is the Accounting Business and Management or ABM . ABM is the strand for students who wish to go into college with the following courses: Human Resources, Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Accounting, Business Studies, Marketing, Real Estate, Export Management, Entrepreneurship, and other related courses in this path. This is a suggested strand for those who have their eyes set on creating a business in the future or working in the business sector.
  • GAS – And the last strand in the Academic track is the General Academic Strand or GAS. Now if you have some uncertainty or confusion in your mind on what specific path you would want to take, then GAS is the strand offered in this track. What makes this good is that the courses offered here are encompassing; meaning in all fields. The things that one can learn in this can help your uncertain mind explore your possible college options. Simply put, this strand is for all college courses.

Our next track is the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood Track. The subjects on this track focus on practical knowledge and job-ready training. Once you take and finish a strand on this track, you will be given the TESDA National Certificate. If your goal is to work immediately or be eligible for certified jobs after senior high school, this track is perfect for you. Finishing any strand from this track gives you skills that are considered and accepted to qualify you for work. There are also four strands to this:

  • Agri-Fishery Arts Strand – The first strand under the TVL Track is the Agri-Fishery Arts Strand. The skills taught here are those that can be used in the agriculture and aquaculture field. Examples of lessons to be learned are rubber production, food processing, and such.
  • Home Economics Strand – It focuses on teaching you skills that can be useful in livelihood projects. Professions that can be considered after taking this stand are stylists, makeup artists, tour guides, baristas, bakers, etc.
  • Industrial Arts Strand – The third strand is the Industrial Arts Strand. When you want to know about carpentry, electrical repairs, driving, and welding, the Industrial Arts strand offers a good curriculum.
  • ICT Strand – Lastly, the Information and Communications Technology Strand, basically if you are tech and computer-savvy then you’d love this strand. Professions that can be considered after this strand is graphic designer, encoder, web developer and designer, call center agent, sales agent, and such.

Arts and Design Track

The next track is the Arts and Designs Track. It provides students with the know-how on the different arts and design forms, materials, media, and production in the creative industries. If you think you would want to have a job in the art field, this track is good. It has a curriculum catered to enhance and encourage your creativity. It is a good platform to express yourself. Concepts around the globe will be taught to you to make you more immersed and competitive in this field. If your interest falls under music, theatre arts, photography, fashion design, and such, this is the advisable track for you.

Sports Track

And the last track is the Sports Track. If you excel in sports, whatever it may be, then you would enjoy it here. You will be able to learn concepts on positive attitude, teamwork, and competitiveness because this teaches you about how sports management and leadership work in this type of setting. There will be subjects on human anatomy and physiology, plus you will also learn first aid. Whether or not your end goal is to become a professional athlete, trainer, P.E. teacher , instructor, game official, or anything in the field of sports, the Sports track has a curriculum that equips you with the knowledge you would need to prepare you for the future.

Which Track is Best for You?

Now that you’ve been given a broad overview of the tracks offered in senior high school, it is time to get into the process of decision-making. What track would you want to take? To help you in this, ask yourself the important questions. You may ask yourself the following questions:

“What are the subjects I excel at and enjoy?”

Look back at the past few years you’ve had in junior high school and try to determine which subjects were you good at and liked. By doing so, you can have a clearer image of what field you’d want to work in and possibly, what specific profession or job you see yourself taking. For example, if numbers and computing are a forte of yours, then you might want to consider taking STEM.

“How do I spend my free time?”

Your most liked subjects are not your only determinants. Think about what is it that you do when you have some free time on your hands. Your interests and hobbies can also help in deciding what track and strand would suit you best. You can be into sports, arts, music, inventing, and many more. These things you do during your free time might be what you might want to do professionally in the future. As bizarre as this sounds, by connecting your interests and hobbies to your decision, you’ll have an easier time choosing. And you are sure to find a track where your interests fit in.

“What do I want to be when I grow up?”

The most commonly asked question to any child, teenager, and adolescent. Not all adolescents have a direct and specified answer to this question which is okay; some people just need more time to discover their passion and their vision in life. But if you do have an answer to it, may it be a specific position/job or at least a field you want to work in, consider that when choosing your track and strand. Ultimately, the desired outcome is that your strand will be the bridge to your college course and eventually your profession.

“Have I done my research?”

Knowing yourself is good and all that but if you aren’t knowledgeable of what each track and strand entails and offers, then there is a chance you might miss out on the best track and strand for you. Read about the course outline or content of the strand and track you’ve shortlisted. Do your research so that you have a well-backed-up-with-information decision.

“Have I tried asking for help?”

It’s always nice to seek out advice or opinions from different people, not just your parents and friends. Asking for opinions can help you determine the track that suits you. Ask those who already graduated from senior high school, they can provide you with very useful insights that will be of major aid to you. This would help you broaden your perspective on each choice but slowly zoom in with the top choices you have and easily list down your likes and dislikes, and the pros and cons of each strand and track.

Now you are equipped with the information you would need in making an important decision. The next step is to decide and prepare yourself as you move forward to another stage in your life.


Hi i am also an incoming senior high student, and I want to apply for PMA when I graduate from grade 12. which strand should I choose to be eligible to apply for PMA in the future? Is it Humms?


Hi im an incoming senior high, i want to be in sports track, is it ok to go to that strand if i want to be a paramedic?


Hello can I know what’s the name and place of publication of this?


Hello, I Don’t know which do I chose , I wanna be a weaponary engineer, which strand do I chose??pls. Help…

Tian Jose

Hi i am an incoming senior high school student and I want to become a Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) what strand or course should I get.

Draven Cueva

If you want to be a part of the Marine Corps right after SHS, TVL Track- Industrial Arts or ICT Strands is perfect for you. The AFP is prioritizing applicants with carpentry, electrical repairs, driving, welding, or computer skills.

can i also get Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics(STEM) anyway thank you for your reply.

Yes. Take STEM then pursue an engineering course or join the PMA right after SHS.

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How should you choose your senior high school strand?

  • Mark Pere Madrona
  • August 29, 2021
  • commentary , education

How should you choose your senior high school strand?

For students who just finished Grade 10, the most common question that they are asked about is what senior high school (SHS) track and strand they plan to take. Deciding this matter is very important especially since this is already the first step toward their future careers. In that case, what should a student consider when deciding on what SHS track and strand to take?

Firstly, all students should take the time to discover truly what their interests are. It goes without saying that it will be very tough to perform well in disciplines you are not really interested or passionate about. However, it is worth pointing out that your interests can change over time, and that this is perfectly alright.

Related to the first consideration is the question of what your dream jobs are. How do you see yourself in ten or twenty years? If your aim is to be an entrepreneur, then perhaps taking the Accountancy and Business Management or ABM strand is great for you.

Batasan Hills National High School - Senior High School

If you want to be a journalist or political scientist, then maybe the Humanities or Social Sciences (HUMSS) strand is a good fit for you. If you’re planning to be a chemical engineer or doctor, then choose the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) strand.

Apart from considering your interests and your dream jobs, it is also highly advisable for students to assess their strengths and weaknesses as regards the requirements of each strand. For instance, you may be dreaming of enrolling in the ABM or STEM strands, but if you’re not good in mathematics, then you need to think twice.

Lastly, there is nothing wrong if you would like to seek advice from people who matter to you including your family and other relatives, friends, and former teachers. Talking to elders is a good way for you to have a good idea on what lies ahead in the job market. Nevertheless, do not feel constrained by their advice. In the end, you have the ultimate responsibility of choosing the SHS track and strand that is best for you.

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Mr. Madrona earned his master’s degree in history from the University of the Philippines-Diliman last 2020. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in journalism cum laude from the same university back in 2010. His area of interests includes Philippine journalism, history, and politics as well as social media.

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STEM as the most preferred strand of Senior High School Student's

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2020, STEM as the most preferred strand of Senior High School Student's

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Participatory Educational Research

Danilo V . Rogayan Jr. , Clarisse Yimyr De Guzman

This qualitative descriptive research explored the perspectives of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) senior high school students in a public secondary school in Zambales, Philippines on their reasons why they enrolled in STEM and their intent to pursue relevant career. A total of 20 Grade 12 students were purposively selected as participants of the research. The participants were interviewed using a validated structured interview guide. The recorded interviews were individually transcribed to arrive at an extended text. The extended texts were reviewed to generate themes and significant statements. The paper found out that senior high school students are generally interested in the field related to biology. The alignment to the preferred course in college is the primary reason of the participants for enrolling in STEM. Almost all the students wanted to pursue STEM-related careers after their university graduation. Further, personal aspiration is the main reason for the participants to pursue STEM-related professions. The study recommends that senior high schools may design various activities during the career week. These activities may include possible career paths in STEM-related courses, students' career and motivation, and their career aptitude. Teachers may also infuse innovative pedagogies for better STEM instruction. For the students to have more interest in science, it is recommended that STEM teachers undergo retooling or pursue advanced studies. Senior high schools may conduct career guidance seminars for the students to guide them on what strands they should take. The Department of Education (DepEd) may support the implementation of different programs regarding students’ career preparation. This program will help the students to be more aware on what career path they wanted to pursue, and to avoid pressures from peers. Schools may advocate a collaborative, authentic and goal-oriented learning environment with respect to the demand of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Clifford Anderson

This study uses data collected at two National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI) programs in Connecticut and Mississippi to investigate high school students’ perceptions and preferences about education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Family background has a significant impact on a high school student's interest in STEM, as shown during the student recruitment stage and by the analysis of the students' college education plans prepared upon graduation from the two NSTI programs. The building exercise and competition instrument is the most effective among the few examined, while passive learning is not what young people prefer when briefly introduced in the two NSTI programs.

STEM is a curriculum which is based on the idea of education the students in four specific disciplines -science, technology, engineering and mathematics, in an approach which it is based on real-life applications.

Eurasia journal of mathematics, science and technology education

Hersh C. Waxman

This study was grounded in the social cognitive career theoretical framework (Lent, Brown, & Hackett, 1994). The purpose of this four-year longitudinal study was to examine the factors that may have contributed to students’ motivation to develop STEM interest during secondary school years. The participants in our study were 9th- 11th grade high school students from a large K-12 college preparatory charter school system, Harmony Public Schools (HPS) in Texas. We utilized descriptive statistics and logistic regression analyses to carry out the study. The results revealed that three-year survey takers’ STEM major interest seemed to decrease steadily each year. Although there was a significant gender gap between males and females in STEM selection in 9th and 10th grade, this difference was not significant at the end of 11th grade. White and Asian students were significantly more likely to be interested in STEM careers. We also found that students who were most likely to choose a STEM ma...

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essay about senior high school strand

An In-Depth Guide About TVL Track and Strands for Future SHS Students

Wondering what track to take to achieve your dream course? If you have this in mind, you’re probably an incoming senior high school student. So, here’s a piece of advice: choose your track and strand wisely. Doing this will urge you to pursue college or to start your career shortly after graduation. Are you more of the latter? If yes, here’s the best tip for you: take the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood or TVL track.

So, what’s the TVL track?

The subjects under TVL track strictly follow TESDA’s rules, ensuring workplace-ready students. In fact, every TVL strand helps students acquire job-ready skills. The TVL track does not only guarantee skills but also ensures employment, backed by TESDA certifications: Certificate of Competency (COC) and National Certifications (NC). So, for students who want to get hired right away in the field of agriculture, electronics, or trading, TVL track is for you.

Choosing Among the Strands Under the TVL Track

Having a hard time choosing the best TVL strand for you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many students find it hard to choose among the TVL strands since it will determine their future career or college program. So, take this moment seriously. Read on and learn what TVL track strand works best for you.

List of TVL track strands:

  • Information and Communications Technology Strand
  • Home Economics Strand

Agri-Fishery Arts Strand

Industrial arts strand.

TVL track: ICT strand for senior high school students

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Strand

The ICT strand is best for students who want to take computer science and its related degrees in college. In fact, this is perfect for tech-savvy students who are fond of using technological tools to foster their skills. This TVL strand will enhance your skills in technical drafting, animation, and programming languages. You will learn how to write computer programs and design websites, too.

Sure enough, the ICT strand will equip you with skills that are highly crucial in the tech field. Do you want to pursue this strand? Check out the list of ICT strand specializations below.

ICT strand specializations

  • Animation (NC II)
  • Broadband Installation (Fixed Wireless Systems) (NC II)
  • Computer Systems Servicing (NC II)
  • Computer Programming (.Net Technology) (NC III)
  • Computer Programming (Java) (NC III)
  • Computer Programming (Oracle Database) (NC III)
  • Contact Center Services (NC II)
  • Illustration (NC II)
  • Medical Transcription (NC II)
  • Technical Drafting (NC II)
  • Telecom OSP and Subscriber Line Installation (NC II)

Want to take this? CIIT Philippines offers the ICT strand. Download the CIIT SHS application form and inquire now! If you will need help with your essays, just ask professionals regarding this: write my essay for me in 3 hours .

essay about senior high school strand

Home Economics (HE) Strand

While the ICT strand focuses on technology, the HE strand focuses on livelihood projects such as caregiving, cookery, bartending, baking, handicraft making, tourism, housekeeping, dressmaking, and such. This strand will greatly help students find jobs immediately. These are the HE strand specializations you will get.

HE strand specializations

  • Attractions and Theme Parks Operations with Ecotourism (NC II)
  • Barbering (NC II)
  • Bartending (NC II
  • Beauty/Nail Care (NC II)
  • Bread and Pastry Production (NC II)
  • Caregiving (NC II)
  • Commercial Cooking (NC III)
  • Cookery (NC II)
  • Dressmaking (NC II)
  • Events Management Services (NC III)
  • Fashion Design (Apparel) (NC III)
  • Food and Beverage Services (NC II)
  • Front Office Services (NC II)
  • Hairdressing (NC I, NC II, NC III)
  • Handicraft (Non-NC)
  • Housekeeping (NC II)
  • Local Guiding Services (NC II)
  • Tailoring (NC II)
  • Promotion Services (NC II)
  • Travel Services (NC II)
  • Wellness Massage (NC II)

Lots of chances await you after you finish this strand. You can either put up a business or continue to college—the choice is yours.

TVL track: agri-fishery arts strand for senior high school students

Agri-Fishery strand offers subjects that are included in the field productions. These include agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture. Others also include food processing and various material production. Here are the specializations of the Agri-Fishery strand.

Agri-Fishery strand specializations

  • Agricultural Crops Production (NC I, NC II, NC III)
  • Animal Health Care Management (NC III)
  • Animal Production (NC II)
  • Aquaculture (NC II)
  • Artificial Insemination (NC II)
  • Fish Capture (NC II)
  • Fishing Gear Repair and Maintenance (NC III)
  • Fish-Products Packaging (NC II)
  • Fish Wharf Operation (NC I)
  • Horticulture (NC III)
  • Landscape Installation and Maintenance (NC II)
  • Organic Agriculture (NC II)
  • Pest Management (NC II)
  • Rice Machinery Operations (NC II)
  • Rubber Processing and Production (NC II)
  • Slaughtering Operations (NC II)

This strand will help you learn the needed skills when putting up a business. There are also courses related to this strand that you can take such as agriculture, fisheries, forestry, etc. Read on to know more about the last strand under the TVL track.

TVL Track: Industrial Arts Strand for senior high school students

The Industrial Arts strand helps students develop their technical skills. These skills are useful for industry jobs, including carpentry, automotive services, electronics, plumbing, welding, and many more. In fact, this strand aims to produce field experts skilled in various technical facets. Furthermore, here are the best specializations of under Industrial Arts strand.

Industrial Arts strand specializations

  • Automotive Servicing (NC I, NC II)
  • Carpentry (NC II, NCIII)
  • Construction Painting (NC II)
  • Driving (NC II)
  • Electric Power Distribution Line Construction (NC II)
  • Electrical Installation and Maintenance (NC II)
  • Furniture Making (Finishing) (NC II)
  • Instrumentation and Control Servicing (NC II)
  • Electronic Products Assembly and Servicing (NC II)
  • Machining (NC I, NC II, NC III)
  • Masonry (NC II)
  • Mechatronics Servicing (NC II)
  • Motorcycle/Small Engine Servicing (NC II)
  • Plumbing (NC I, NC II)
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (NC I, NC II)
  • Tile Setting (NC II)
  • Transmission Line Installation and Maintenance (NC II)

Start Your SHS Journey with CIIT Philippines!

So, what are you waiting for? Go for your dream and take this track! TVL is just one of the k to 12 tracks and strands you need to know. Did you know that you can also lessen your school fees with the SHS voucher program ? Use your voucher on any of the CIIT senior high school programs . Contact us for more details—we are willing to help!

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essay about senior high school strand

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essay about senior high school strand

OCTOBER 27, 2022

essay about senior high school strand

  • Latest Lifestyle Stories , To Be You

High school dilemma: Choosing the right strand

  • BY Julia Ongchoco
  • October 21, 2017

essay about senior high school strand

Visit us on Instagram To be You ;  Facebook: To be You ; e-mail [email protected]

essay about senior high school strand

Just recently, my cousin told me about the difficulty in deciding what would be her senior high school strand.

As a Grade 11 student enrolled in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), I felt lucky to have found the strand that I’m really comfortable with. Looking back, I also had difficulty in choosing a strand last year in junior high.

My school offered only the academic track, and I had four strands to choose from. It was a struggle—one day it was STEM, another day it was ABM (Accountancy, Business and Management), and then some days it was HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences), or even GAS (General Academic Strand).

If my school offered nonacademic tracks like Arts and Design or Sports, I might have considered them, as well as two of my great passions—archery and theater.

To help out junior high school students with the same dilemma, I thought of listing down the factors to consider in choosing their own strand.

What are your interests?

The first question is: “What are your interests?”

In my case, I was into a bunch of things and all my diagnostic and personality tests indicated that I was suited for not just one, but a number of strands.

The reality is you will only be sure of your interests once you experience bits and pieces of each strand. In the meantime, you can consider previous subjects closest to your strand.

If you like solving math and science problems, go for STEM. If writing and debating interest you, consider HUMSS. If you appreciate bookkeeping and entrepreneurship, you may like ABM.

Your own skills and talents

Sometimes, things won’t work, despite your interest in a particular field. Thus, it’s important to consider your own skills and talents, and if you’re willing to put in time and effort to overcome the difficulties you will encounter in your chosen strand. For instance, if you want to be a lawyer though you’re not adept at speaking or writing, who is to say you can’t take HUMSS? Or if want to be an engineer even if you’re not good in numbers, who is to say you can’t take STEM?

In any case, it’s best to choose the strand most suited to your natural abilities.

Another thing to consider is the time at your disposal and the activities on your plate that you have to balance with schoolwork.

One of the reasons I almost did not do STEM was that students in the higher batch were saying STEM was difficult and took up a lot of their time. Since I had archery, drama and out-of-school clubs, I had second thoughts about STEM.

So, unless you’re willing to sacrifice your free time, you may want to consider choosing a less demanding strand, or an entirely different track if your school offers the nonacademic variety.

When the going gets tough

Likewise, consider the other students you’ll be with in your chosen strand. It does not mean, however, that if all your friends go to ABM, you want to be there, too.

But then again, you and your classmates in the strand should get along well. Ideally you should be able to confide in them and ask help when the going gets tough and the lessons become stressful.

In short, you must find a group of classmates who share the same interests and with whom you will interact on a daily basis as you solve math problems, write papers, create a business practicum, discuss history and literature materials.

And what if your best friend goes to another strand? Well, remember that you can still stay the best of friends no matter the circumstances.

For some, choosing the right strand is not just about making new friends and discovering new things related to a subject (like learning to make ice cream in chemistry). More important, it is about envisioning your dream job and career path.

Choosing a career is difficult in itself, but senior high school prepares you to make crucial decisions that will impact your future. In my case, since I have yet to decide which career suits me best, I felt that STEM would be most helpful.

Inner child

In the end, choosing the right strand may simply be about rediscovering one’s inner child. The problem with adolescence is that we sometimes overthink and forget the sense of wonder and inquisitiveness of a child.

I chose STEM not because I’m a math or science geek, but because, at a young age, I loved asking questions that were very much STEM in nature.

I like watching Discovery Channel and National Geographic. I love making mechanical contraptions out of paper, strings and whatever else was at home, inventing parachutes and other stuff to play with.

And I guess that, somehow, the child in me still knew what was best.

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essay about senior high school strand


essay about senior high school strand



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