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80 Interior Design Research Topics

FacebookXEmailWhatsAppRedditPinterestLinkedInAre you a student eager to explore captivating research avenues in Interior design? Look no further, for you’re in the right spot. Our comprehensive collection of research topics in Interior Design is here to ignite your curiosity and guide you on a rewarding journey. Whether you’re pursuing an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degree, these thought-provoking […]

interior design research topics

Are you a student eager to explore captivating research avenues in Interior design? Look no further, for you’re in the right spot. Our comprehensive collection of research topics in Interior Design is here to ignite your curiosity and guide you on a rewarding journey.

Whether you’re pursuing an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degree, these thought-provoking topics will inspire your thesis or dissertation and contribute to the dynamic realm of interior design. From innovative sustainable practices to human-centric design solutions, we’ve got you covered with diverse possibilities to enrich your academic exploration and shape the future of interior design.

A List Of Potential Research Topics In Interior Design

  • Repurposing shipping containers: innovative design approaches for affordable housing.
  • Resilient interior spaces: adapting homes and commercial interiors for future crises and disturbances.
  • Urban farming integration in residential interior design: sustainable living.
  • Revitalizing public spaces: community participation in urban interior design.
  • Technological innovations in interior design: a literature review on integrating technology and intelligent solutions in interior spaces.
  • Aesthetics and functionality in kitchen design: user-centred approach.
  • Community-centric library design: creating inclusive and dynamic civic spaces.
  • Retail store design and consumer behaviour : a study of visual merchandising techniques.
  • Workplace flexibility and design: navigating remote work trends.
  • The role of interior design in enhancing student learning outcomes.
  • Biodegradable materials in interior design: exploring the potential for sustainable innovation.
  • The impact of virtual reality technology on interior design visualization.
  • Digital integration in workspace design: exploring technology integration and human-centric design principles in UK office interiors.
  • Smart homes and IoT-driven interior design: evaluating the role of Internet of things (IoT) in shaping contemporary residential spaces.
  • Zero-carbon homes and sustainable interior design: assessing strategies for achieving net-zero emission standards in residential spaces.
  • Reimagining retail: interactive and experience-driven store environments.
  • Interactive exhibition spaces: engaging visitors through immersive design.
  • Ageing-friendly bathroom design: ensuring safety and comfort for elderly users.
  • Historical evolution of interior design styles: tracing the development of design movements and their impact on contemporary interiors.
  • Health-conscious workplace design: exploring strategies to create safe and healthy work environments in the post-pandemic era.
  • Spatial configuration and human behaviour: analyzing research on how interior layouts influence user behaviour and interaction.
  • Minimalism in interior design: aesthetics, functionality, and user experience.
  • Reviving tradition: a modern interpretation of historic interior spaces.
  • The influence of biophilic design on indoor air quality and wellbeing.
  • Adaptive retail design: navigating changing consumer behaviour and expectations in the retail landscape.
  • Cultural heritage preservation through adaptive reuse: reviving historic buildings.
  • Colour psychology in interior design: analyzing existing literature to understand the psychological impact of colours on human emotions.
  • Urban green spaces: design strategies for intimate and sustainable outdoor environments.
  • Resilient design for disaster-prone areas: minimizing risk and enhancing safety.
  • The psychology of waiting rooms: design strategies for patient wellbeing.
  • Human-centred lighting design for elderly care facilities.
  • Universal design principles in interiors: reviewing the application of inclusive design for diverse user groups and needs.
  • Multi-generational living spaces: designing for harmonious coexistence.
  • Adaptive interior design for healthcare facilities: flexibility and patient needs.
  • Designing for ageing in place: adaptable interiors for long-term residences.
  • Interior design for mental health facilities: creating therapeutic environments.
  • Sustainable material selection in interior design: balancing aesthetics and eco-friendliness.
  • Virtual collaboration in interior design: challenges and opportunities.
  • Modern healthcare interiors: integration of technology and patient-centric design.
  • Interior design for cultural institutions: showcasing heritage and art.
  • Biophilic design in interior spaces: a comprehensive review of research on integrating nature and wellbeing in interior design.
  • Socially inclusive public spaces: redefining urban design to foster community engagement and physical distancing.
  • Playful learning environments: interior design for children’s education centres.
  • Luxury residential interior design: opulence, exclusivity, and lifestyle expression.
  • Spatial layout and acoustic design in educational environments.
  • Hybrid learning environments: designing flexible and technology-integrated educational spaces for blended learning.
  • The role of textiles in interior design: innovations and sustainability.
  • Interior design for ageing retail shoppers: accessibility and user-centric layouts.
  • Sustainable home offices: integrating eco-friendly design principles into remote workspaces.
  • Transformative interior design: adaptive environments for people with disabilities.
  • Airport terminal design and passenger experience: enhancing comfort and efficiency.
  • Smart homes and interior design: integration of IoT and automation.
  • We are enhancing workplace productivity through ergonomic office design.
  • Wellness retreats: designing interior environments for mental and physical restoration.
  • British cultural identity in interior design: examining how cultural references shape design aesthetics in UK homes.
  • Virtual reality in interior design: examining the role of VR in enhancing design collaboration and visualization.
  • Home wellness retreats: creating tranquil and rejuvenating residential interiors for mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Residential multi-functional spaces: designing versatile and efficient homes for remote work, leisure, and fitness.
  • Residential feng shui: traditional principles in modern interior design.
  • Sustainability and materials in interior design: a critical review of sustainable material choices and their applications in interior spaces.
  • The role of colour psychology in healthcare interior design.
  • Hospitality design resilience post-pandemic: redefining hotel interiors for guest safety, comfort, and experiences.
  • Retail store atmospherics and consumer behaviour: reviewing studies on how interior design elements affect customer perceptions and purchases.
  • Transformative adaptive reuse: a case study of UK industrial buildings transformed into innovative and functional interior spaces.
  • Reconnecting with nature: biophilic design in urban apartments.
  • Inclusive design for the ageing population: investigating interior design solutions to enhance accessibility and comfort for older people.
  • Sustainable kitchen design: minimizing food waste and energy consumption.
  • Interior design for e-commerce warehouses: efficiency and aesthetics.
  • Art integration in interior design: fostering creativity and cultural engagement.
  • Waterfront development and interior design: creating vibrant coastal spaces.
  • Public transportation interiors: enhancing comfort and efficiency.
  • Retail pop-up stores: innovative design and temporary brand experiences.
  • Inclusive design in hospitality interiors: creating accessible and welcoming spaces.
  • Sustainable hotel design: strategies for eco-friendly hospitality interiors.
  • Adaptive reuse of industrial spaces: transforming factories into contemporary living spaces.
  • We are revitalizing urban retail design: enhancing high-street shopping experiences through innovative interior concepts.
  • Eco-conscious hospitality interiors: innovations in sustainable design for hotels and accommodation.
  • Home office design for remote work: comfort, productivity, and creativity.
  • Cultural identity and interior design: exploring authentic expression in globalized spaces.

Exploring these Interior Design research topics across degrees leads to enriching insights. From colour psychology to sustainability integration, these subjects unveil the art and science of interior spaces. Whether pursuing undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral studies, these topics offer a profound understanding of Interior Design’s evolving landscape.

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thesis topics for interior design dissertation

When decorating, you must show ingenuity, intuition, and imagination. When starting to renovate, you must carefully think over the interior, determine its purpose and the function that it will perform. It is easier to arrange new interiors. This is due to the fact that they are more streamlined and also have a limited number of details. In addition, placement requires skill in choosing materials as well as matching colors. Often, the combination of novelty and old age gives an unexpected effect; there are more and more such options in new interiors. When choosing a dissertation topic, you also need to show how creative you are.

Do you need to write a dissertation in interior design but you have no idea what topic to choose? The choice of a topic isn’t as easy as ABC. You should select the dissertation topic that will attract your dissertation board members. There are many topics about interior design to choose from. How to choose the best one that will bring you the desired degree? The guaranteed way to create a great dissertation is to ask a team of dissertation experts from WriteMyPaperHub to process your request: “ Help me write my dissertation ”.  Competent writers from professional dissertation services know how to complete a great paper on an original topic. Check the tips on how to choose a good paper topic and get inspired by the collection of interesting and useful interior design dissertation topics.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Dissertation Topic

There are several criteria your paper topic should meet. It mustn’t be interesting to your target audience only. You should feel passionate about the dissertation topic. There are the steps you need to take to choose the right topic for an interior design dissertation. 

  • Brainstorm up to 10 ideas and write them down highlighting both advantages and disadvantages of each one.
  • Check whether you have sufficient materials on the chosen topic. Search for credible sources of information.
  • Make sure that your interior design topic is neither too broad nor too narrow.
  • Select the topic you are interested in and are ready to devote hours to the research and analysis of the information.
  • Give preference to creative paper writing ideas that will help you to stand out.

Keep all of the points in mind when selecting among topics. Here are 25 interior design topic ideas for you to get inspired.

The Best Dissertation Topic Ideas on Interior Design

  • 20 color combinations for bedroom designs. 
  • The role of functionality in contemporary interior design.
  • Modern apartment designs and the role of versatility.
  • A combination of a day area that combines a living room with a dining room and kitchen.
  • Decoration of premises with finishing materials (wood drawing, concrete texture, patterns from natural stone).
  • Distinctive features of the Japanese interior design. Tell about the important role of lighting in the Japanese ethnic style. 
  • A trendy line in interior design that can combine expensive designer items with simpler ethnic elements. Introduce a Boho style in the interior design.
  • Timeless and stylish New York style interior design. The eclectic character of New York’s interior draws on all manifestations of this city’s multiculturalism.
  • Bright colors help to overcome seasonal depression, as well as improve not only psychological and moral well-being but also, in some way, physical condition.
  • How to organize space in a three-room apartment?
  • How to make a studio kitchen design: original ideas.
  • The most important condition for minimalism is the emptiness of space.
  • What mistakes are made when choosing an interior design?
  • A commercial space design project is the best way to attract clients.
  • Is it true that the so-called rustic style harmoniously combines rural simplicity and the unique flavor of many countries?
  • Mediterranean style bathroom design.
  • The style in the interior is a way of transforming the environment, which is also revealed and duplicated in everything that human hands create in a certain historical period.
  • Interesting modern interior design solutions for large apartments.
  • The most important role in the decoration of a room is played by the colors and materials from which the equipment elements are finished.
  • What trends are best seen in contemporary interior design?
  • The fashion for interior design is changing rapidly. Do you agree that good design requires the highest quality and durability?
  • Visualizing the bathroom in a computer program will not create an overall impression. The same attic bathroom is seen differently in a cramped apartment.
  • The main requirements for a child’s room by parents are safety, plenty of light, and a sense of comfort.
  • The frescoes on the walls should not contradict the various hobbies of young people. They should set the tone for the entire room – football fan, princess, or movie buff.
  • A good designer can combine the wildest wishes with the principles of good taste, elegance, and modern style.

Many elements influence the character of the decorated interior. They aren’t only the quality and type of materials used for decoration, flooring or wall painting but also furniture and accessories. Modern interior design can be applied to any room in a home, apartment, or office, regardless of size. So, there are tons of interior design dissertation topics to choose from. Conduct careful research and express your own original ideas on design topics.

Rimsha Tariq

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Interior Design Thesis Topics for Dissertation

Interior Design Thesis Topics for Dissertation

Interior design is not only about creating inviting living spaces. It's a complicated science that needs students to be good at engineering and art. They need to know how to create an environment comfortable for living. Specialists in interior design need to juggle between stunning visual solutions and usability. 

Therefore, students who study design, planning, and construction always experience many issues, trying to compose a leading-edge dissertation. Unfortunately, most of them get stuck when they need to develop some good interior design thesis ideas. But, being an undergraduate who got trapped and can hardly create a top title for your dissertation, you're free to grab one of the topics from the list below.

Simple Interior Design Thesis Topics

Indeed, all students want to tackle their academic papers fast. In case you're one of them but don't know how to get the assignment done lighting-fast, you should pick a simple and easy-to-research topic for your dissertation on interior design. Worth noting, the simple interior design topics are not generic, so you will keep your research focused on a particular point. By choosing one of the titles from the list below, you will easily find a lot of helpful information to support your arguments and findings. 

  • Analysis of the interior design industry development in the US.
  • Basics of interior design.
  • Best artificial lighting solutions in detached houses.
  • Top ways to make a living space safe.
  • The importance of proper color combination for comfortable living.
  • Best materials for interior design regardless of their cost.  
  • Top ways to use free space in a spacious house.
  • What makes working spaces special from the interior design perspective.
  • How to create interior design plans that meet all clients' requirements.
  • The emotional impact of interior design on people.
  • The importance of plants in living spaces. 
  • Contemporary interior design and its peculiarities.
  • How to make a house pet-friendly.
  • Main features of open space interior design planning.
  • How to develop attractive public places.
  • The connection between interior design and property prices. 
  • Old interior design solutions that become trendy these days.
  • Eco-friendly interior design and use of recycled materials.
  • Importance of noise pollution in the planning of living spaces. 
  • The main requirements for child room design.

Engaging Dissertation Topics for Interior Architecture

There are a lot of interesting interior design topics that can get readers engaged. Since all people live in houses, you can reach a broad audience by composing a dissertation on a topic that reflects the lives of a large number of readers. Also, by picking an engaging title for your dissertation, you will showcase your research skills and knowledge in the subject. Consequently, you will get a top grade to support your academic degree. One of the titles below will help you create an impressive topic with ease.

  • Forward-thinking solution for enhancing the internal design of living spaces. 
  • The amount of daylight required for living spaces located in the temperate zone.
  • The use of modern technologies and smart sensors in interior design.
  • Modern interior design solutions for small living spaces.
  • Interior design that saves natural resources. 
  • The use of moss in creating an engaging design of living space. 
  • The balance between design and reliability.
  • Role of stones in decorating premises.
  • How the design of living spaces affects the mental health of people. 
  • Importance of scents and light reflection in the internal design of living spaces.
  • Most widespread misconceptions about the minimalism style in interior design.
  • Best interior design for a commercial space.
  • How to keep premises fire-proof without compromising on visual appeal. 
  • Best ways to make internal design free of distractions. 
  • Houses with space for remote working.
  • How to create an environment that encourages learning in schools.
  • Combination of traditional design with modern technologies.
  • How to make navigation in a house intuitive.
  • Minimum requirements for every living space in the 21st century.
  • Affordable interior design solutions for two-bedroom apartments.

Best Ideas for Interior Design Research Paper

Don't you want to risk picking a too generic or a forward-looking topic for your dissertation? If so, you can pick one of the top titles to help you write a quality paper. Despite that, you will be able to showcase your skills and knowledge in planning. In addition, there is a lot of information to research on these topics, so you won't be required to spend a lot of time looking for reliable sources to support the presented findings.

  • How to make interior design easy to upgrade.
  • The role of culture and context in developing an interior design.
  • How to create a multi-cultural living space.
  • Best design solutions for hallways in multi-story buildings.
  • Design of premises that promotes a stress-free atmosphere.
  • How to make studio apartments comfortable for living.
  • Best ways to combine light and dark colors when planning a design of apartments.
  • Top mistakes conducted by inexperienced architects.
  • Interior design peculiarities in oriental countries.
  • How to combine different materials professionally.
  • The use of VR and AR in the planning of living spaces.
  • The importance of daylight in planning the design of rooms.
  • Best design solutions that imply a lot of storage places.
  • Peculiarities of interior design in buildings with glass walls.
  • Design of open-space apartments that imply a parking place.
  • Most widespread pitfalls that inexperienced architects don't know about.
  • How to develop the design of premises that imply a fireplace.
  • Best methods to integrate HVAC systems in interior design seamlessly.
  • Primarily features of interior design in hospitals.
  • Items and interior design solutions that make premises comfortable for a living. 

Things to Remember Before Writing Dissertation

Have you already picked a good topic, learn the  difference between MLA and APA formatting , and are ready to start writing your dissertation? Don't forget about the important things that will help you compose the best academic paper in your class. Note, you need to pick a topic wisely. For starters, choose up to five titles for your dissertation. Next, research to find out if there are enough materials to compose a top-quality paper. If not, you're free to update the topics or develop new ones. It's recommended to choose creative titles if you want to write an interesting dissertation. Also, never forget to double-check your assignment to submit a paper that needs zero corrections.

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Thesis - Interior adaptation within the existing built environment. A comparative study of restoration, preservation and adaptive reuse

Profile image of Teresa Zywotkiewicz

This thesis explores the fundamental aspects of interior architecture regarding the existing built environment. It focuses on the necessity of restoration, preservation and adaptive reuse as possible solutions when approaching a new project concerning an existing building. Through the study of books, current journals and relevant projects, a universal understanding is formed about approaches that can be used to react to the existing built environment. Also discussed are the more challenging situations that can arise, such as how to deal with heritage, contentious places or the concept of memory of place. Examples and case studies are worldwide to appeal to a greater audience. The thesis outlines and defines possibilities for repairing, restoring, and protecting the existing built environment while keeping them practical in the current time. Before concluding the thesis, a design project, done in conjunction with the thesis, is discussed and explores how the different approaches and interventions discussed can be used to react to a site based on the specific site’s history, value and intangible qualities.

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Iran University of Science & Technology

Ehsan Masoud

Changing and repurposing existing buildings for their continued use was quite common in the past and structurally safe buildings were adapted to meet new functions and needs. In modern conservation theory, Adaptive Reuse is an important means of preserving cultural heritage. The main question is what are the priorities and shortcomings of adaptive reuse theoretical references within interior architecture based on comparative study with Nara Document parameters. The research method of this study is qualitative, with logical argument as a strategy. The priorities were studied and then the most important weaknesses and drawbacks of these approaches to Adaptive Reuse were analyzed in a comparative study with the Nara Grid by 32 semi-structured interviews with experts in the fields of Architecture, Interior architecture and conservation. The results show four main Adaptive Reuse priorities extracted from the reviewed literature: Host Space Function, Programmatic Approach to New Use, Tech...

thesis topics for interior design dissertation

Inas Abdelsabour

Existing old buildings were considered as the city’s culture reminder. By the time, they could be kept via adaptation for contemporary usages. That adopting considered the context of the environmental, social and economic idea of the prior eras, related to the building’s life cycle, that guided by local solutions. This paper started with the adaptation process definition with an evaluation of a number of building’s state to bring out the different potential outcomes for discussing the future adaptation possibilities, especially that known as “alterations and extensions”. Therefore, by rethinking of the new addition’s integration into the heritage buildings will support the heritage value and fit new functions to present innovative design process approaches in the field of heritage preservation’s design. By analysing some case studies, the study achieved some criteria for designing the alterations and extensions by making them an effective component in the design of old heritage buil...

Ramola Lewis

6-page report giving an overview of the topic - completed for Bachelors degree in Architecture

Natascha Meuser

The architectural monuments of every society form a part of its cultural heritage and must be preserved for future generations. Today this process involves a range of complex challenges. The conservation of monuments entails not only assessing and evaluating those monuments but also engaging in a wide range of public relations activities. The aim of this course is therefore to help students gain a good working knowledge of architectural fundamentals as well as architectural history and theory. As such, this lecture series is divided into three broad modules: • History and Theory • Methods and Tools • Concepts and Projects During the course students will undertake a great deal of research, developing their own questions and viewpoints and gaining academic insights. They will work their way through academic tasks and apply what they have learnt to investigate a research question of their own choice.


Atena Editora

This article seeks to explore adaptive reuse as a form of connection between the preservation of architectural and urban heritage and the sustainability of the built environment. Reuse in architecture can make the use of spaces more effective while preserving memory, as new life is given to buildings that have potential for use. Furthermore, bringing new function to an underutilized or disused historic building means avoiding complete demolition and less need for construction. Historic buildings represent much more than simply a physical construction, but also something that brings identity and character to the city and serves as a witness to the history of the place. Adaptive reuse is considered a preservation strategy; however it is only effective if it brings social fruition to the building. In this study, the category of reuse represents a new way of conceiving architecture in the 21st century. In this context, we discuss the reasons that make the reuse of architecture and urban ambience a viable alternative, in many cases, for the sustainable preservation of heritage and for the best use of a potential built environment. The criteria that make adaptive reuse an effective strategy for both environmental sustainability and heritage preservation are also presented and discussed. To be considered sustainable, adaptive reuse must preserve the historical value of the building and, at the same time, holistically bring social, economic and environmental advantages to it.

IntechOpen eBooks

Maya Hassan

nilufer saglar onay

Interior architecture is mainly concerned with adapting existing buildings to new uses and requirements. While determining the extent of intervention, the historic and cultural background of the building plays a very important role. Therefore in adaptive reuse, before starting to develop design proposals, buildings of cultural significance need to be analyzed carefully in order to determine architectural and spatial potentials. This paper aims to evaluate the process and results of a design studio, which was realized during 2014-2015 Fall Semester in the ITU Department of Interior Architecture. The main purpose of the studio experience was to create adaptive reuse proposals for a historic commercial building by focusing on the theme of “functional unity”. In the first phase of the study, course program was organized in three basic steps: analyzing spatial potential, determining compatible use and developing project proposals. At the end of every step there was a jury to evaluate each phase. Every step had its own priorities and criteria for the jury. After evaluations project proposals were classified according to their main foci as well as advantages and disadvantages of different approaches in terms of functional unity. As a result it was observed that in historic buildings there are different ways of maintaining functional unity based on the intention of the intervention. While identifying compatible use or uses for a historic building, functional unity needs to be evaluated as one of the basic design criteria in order to retain its cultural significance. This is mainly because a historic building can fully reveal it’s potential only if it is experienced and evaluated as a whole.

Esra Ozkan Yazgan

In this study, the Museum of Innocence, a personal museum fictionalized in parallel to Orhan Pamuk's novel of the same name, is examined in context of adaptive re-use on the basis of its adaptive reuse fiction directing the transformation of the Brukner Apartment. By reason of the fact that it is built both in architectural and literal fields collaterally, the Museum of Innocence has an unusual transformation story created within the intersection of fact and fiction. On that sense, as promoting an alternative way to reuse a historical house, it sets a unique example to discuss the transformation and evolution of residential environment and its sustainability within the urban context. Through the study, the transformation process of the Brukner Apartment and the dynamics of this transformation are discussed. Focusing on the method of the transformation and the content of the new usage, creation of the adaptive reuse fiction in collaboration of architecture and literature through an interdisciplinary dialog and configuration of the content of the fiction to be based on everyday life practices are highlighted. Analyzing the new spatial situation of the Museum of Innocence, success of the adaptive re-use fiction to ensure the sustainability of urban, cultural and social structure is exposed.

Jack Chongbut

Winsor house has a long standing continuous history for 100 years. It presents a unique setting especially with its architectural styles, its land use components and spatial patterns reflecting the change of their living’s patterns. The characteristics of the house is generally crowed, placed in rows and separated by narrow walkways; some ancient style wooden houses. This report is focused on the cultural significance of Winsor house and proposing a conservational plan of this house and contributing to the general understanding of its value and how to conserve the house for cultural tourism. There is need for a conservational plan to be presented to the community, local government, private and government sectors in order to set a conservational plan. These conservational and developing plans should avoid adverse impacts on the authenticity and physical aspects of cultural heritage. Clearly, there is a need to conserve its cultural heritage attractions. And this affords the opportunity to enhance tourism’s economic contribution to a community and a country. Therefore, these conservational and developing plans can be the tool to create a future in which a stable residential core is enlivened and sustained by a widespread system of retail activities, supported by essential infrastructure and community facilities and made more attractive by well-maintained open spaces and monuments.



Diane Brentari

Ian McAllan

Fabrício Yatsuda

Revista médica de Chile

Ana Dominguez Pereira

Miriam Were

IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery

Thibault Prevost

Aging Psychology

mostafa khanzadeh

Risk Management and Healthcare Policy

Hussen Mohammed

New England Journal of Medicine

Lincoln Lau

Journal of Information Engineering and Educational Technology

Andi Nurhidayat


salman dinakar

Chemistry Education Research and Practice

Georgios Tsaparlis

Uporabna informatika

Joze Rugelj

Hakan Baybora

Sara Alva soria

Chemical Geology

A. Mangiacapra

Revista Tecnica De La Facultad De Ingenieria Universidad Del Zulia

Anderson Rodríguez

Communications - Scientific letters of the University of Zilina

Jozef Gocál

Kholifatul Mayang sari

Medicine, Science and the Law

Keen Loong Chan

peter njuguna

European Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Prince Patel

Journal of Affective Disorders

Didier Grandjean

Barbara Noziere

Jurnal Aplikasi Statistika & Komputasi Statistik

metty romadhona


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20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse

thesis topics for interior design dissertation

Adaptive reuse is an architectural typology which gives importance to the existing characteristics of the site. This mainly refers to adding a programme or function in the existing built environment of the site. Historic importance of the site is considered before imposing new briefs or programmes in the site. This rejuvenation of the site or the existing built gives a new character and life to the urban environment around the site. Each and every site or built environment can be rehabilitated via adaptive reuse. 

As architects, it is our decision making process, which determines the impact of the proposed adaptive reuse on the surrounding environment . A lot of research has been and can be done on this topic. 

Here are the 20 topics which can lead further in the research. 

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet1

1. Factors determining the Adaptive Reuse.

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet2

Before deciding whether to revive the existing or insert a built form is decided based on many factors such as economic considerations, social considerations, and environmental considerations. These factors are further divided and help architects and developers to decide what to design on the site. 

2. Effects of adaptive reuse on the environment.

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet3

A lot of new buildings are being built, which consume energy, water, and other resources. These effects on the environment are to be considered while proposing an adaptive reuse. The natural surroundings around the site are most likely to be affected by the intervention. 

3. What are principles of adaptive reuse? 

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet4

A systematic approach to rejuvenate the abandoned buildings has to be designed in order to cater to the factors affecting adaptive reuse.  

4. Relationship between sustainability and adaptive reuse.

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet5

Sustainability is of three types: economic, environmental, and social. These three aspects of sustainability are connected to adaptive reuse as they play an important role in deciding the programme and design decisions taken for the rehabilitation of the site. 

5. Impact of history in adaptive reuse.

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet6

Historic significance of a site, serves as a crucial factor. As the existing built on the site, holds a significant place, it should be considered to be revived. Many old significant buildings are converted into usable spaces. Hence it is important to study and analyse the history of a site before formulating a programme. 

6. What is urban regeneration? Is it associated with adaptive reuse?

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet7

Many vacant or abandoned buildings in the urban context have been occupied as parkings, or by slum dwellers. This confiscation deteriorates the life of the built environment along with its surroundings. In many cases these abandoned buildings also hold a significant importance in the history of the context, yet it is neglected.

7. Research or Process required for adaptive reuse.

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet8

A study on an existing site, its neighbourhoods, along with the structure and services of the existing built form. This study helps in deriving a programme and design. 

8. Historic preservation as adaptive reuse.

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet9

Also known as historic conservation, this mainly focuses on preserving the existing heritage of the site and intervenes in a proposal which not only keeps the heritage intact but also enhances it. This is mainly seen in palaces, heritage sites, etc. The palaces are converted into museums and some old abandoned monuments are converted into heritage sites with small museums displaying their historic significance. 

9. Does renovation fall under adaptive reuse?

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet10

Renovation revives the building giving new life to the dead built form. 

10. Adaptation of sustainable technologies as adaptive reuse.

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet11

If the environment is considered important while proposing a design intervention, certain sustainable technologies have to be adapted. Technologies like solar panels, active-passive cooling systems should be considered and adapted while designing. 

11. Can restoration of a project be associated with adaptive reuse? 

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet12

Many UNESCO declared heritage sites are restored and turned into tourist spots adding to the revenue. Even few sites with a small built infrastructures can be repaired with minor alterations and new usage either complementing the existing or even completely opposite to the existing programme can be proposed. This brings harmony between the old and the new. 

12. Construction materials as adaptive reuse.

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet13

Sometimes ruins on the site become an important part of the building. Many projects are constructed on the ruins by either using them as a construction material or replicating the existing construction material. Even the surroundings of the site can help in determining the constructing material.  

13. Industrial buildings refurbishment via adaptive reuse.

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet14

During the british era many warehouses and industries were constructed across the nation. These warehouses are either abandoned or degraded due to haphazard usage. These built structures can be reused and rehabilitated.

14. Revival of abandoned building via adaptive reuse.

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet15

Some of the old, damaged, abandoned buildings or some that don’t serve the purpose. These buildings can be revived by introducing functions that are in need and relevant in changing the urban environment of the surrounding. 

15. Can communities be rehabilitated with the help of adaptive reuse?

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet16

Many communities have been rejuvenated by the government led programmes. These programmes mainly focus on upliftment of these communities by proposing art and cultural spaces within the community. 

16. Religious Heritage implementing adaptive reuse.

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet16

Most of the communities reside near a religious institute. After years due to certain circumstances, either these institutes are abandoned or turned into ruins.  

17. Can tourism interlinked with adaptive reuse? 

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet17

Restoration of the heritage sites like palaces, religious institutes later converted into museums. These museums have become an important tourist spot giving rise to the tourism industry. 

18. Use of surroundings of historic buildings in adaptive reuse.

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet19

Context is extremely important. As architects, the intervention within the site should be such that it brings life to the surroundings leading them towards rejuvenation and upliftment. 

19. Adaptive reuse for rejuvenation of traditional vernacular architecture.

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet20

Cities with great historical significance which have been dying and losing its significance. These cities have been following traditional techniques and a revival of these technologies and buildings are important. 

20. Can revitalization of small towns support adaptive reuse? 

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet21

Small towns and villages have cultural significance associated with a historic significance. This significance is associated with conservation and protection of these heritage sites.

20 Thesis topics related to Adaptive reuse - Sheet1

She is an architecture student , a dog lover , a travel enthusiast and a trekker. She is enthusiastic about writing and architecture so mixing both through architecture journalism. She has worked both in commercial architectural firms as well as a sustainable architecture firm and is juggling to find a balance between both.

thesis topics for interior design dissertation

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thesis topics for interior design dissertation

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thesis topics for interior design dissertation

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