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Where to Purchase PowerPoint

PowerPoint software is used to create slideshows, and it’s part of the Microsoft Office Suite. You can buy it as part of the Office Suite or as a standalone product. It’s available for purchase directly from Microsoft, brick-and-mortar retailers or online shops.

Buying PowerPoint From Microsoft

If you’re interested in purchasing PowerPoint directly from Microsoft, go to the Microsoft PowerPoint web page and read through the description and terms. You can read the overview to make sure it’s what you want, the system requirements to make sure your device can handle running the program and reviews to see what other users think of the software program.

Free PowerPoint Templates

While you typically can’t find the PowerPoint program for free, you can find many different free PowerPoint templates to use when creating your presentations. Some marketing companies make free versions of templates for PowerPoint slides available, and you can also go directly to the Microsoft Office website to select free PowerPoint slide templates to use in your presentations.

Price Comparisons

You can sometimes get a better price on an Office subscription, which includes PowerPoint, by buying it from a reliable third-party retail store or website rather than by going directly to the Microsoft website to get it, according to TechRadar. This applies whether you’re in the market for Microsoft Office 365 or an older version of the software, such as Microsoft Office 2016.


One thing that’s changed about the Microsoft Office Suite of tools, such as PowerPoint and Word, is that it’s no longer on a disk you buy and install in your computer. It’s now a subscription-based program that you pay for on a yearly basis, though you may be able to arrange to make monthly payments if you buy directly from Microsoft. Prices are typically based on a one-year subscription for use on one device, according to TechRadar.

Office 365 Advantages

If you buy Microsoft Office 2016, you still pay for the software once, but there are also some advantages to buying the Office 365 program. The newest version comes with 1 TB of cloud storage called OneDrive. This provides a way to store a lot of data without filling up the hard drive in your computer or mobile device. You can also access your work from anywhere when it’s stored in the cloud. This is handy if you’re proofreading something at the last minute and need to make changes. For example, if you created an important presentation at home on your computer and caught an embarrassing typo while waiting to give your presentation, you can make quick changes from your mobile device.


cool powerpoint games

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Free PowerPoint Games

Here you can find many FREE PowerPoint Games and PowerPoint Game Templates . Use one of our ready-made games or make your own using the Blank Templates provided. These PowerPoint games are perfect for teaching kids and can be used on Zoom, in online classes, or in the classroom. Simply click on the type of game you would like to download to see the PowerPoints Games currently available.

PowerPoint Games And Templates

Hidden Picture PowerPoint Game

Hidden Picture PowerPoint Games

These ‘Hidden Picture’ PowerPoint games are great to introduce or review vocabulary. There are pictures hidden behind colored shapes. As the shapes disappear, the image is revealed. Students must try to guess what the word is before the picture is revealed.

Memory Game PPT Game

Memory Game PowerPoint Game

Test your students’ memory with these matching games. Behind each number is a word/picture. Students must try to find the matching pairs. You can download ready-made memory game PPTs, or add your own pictures to the Memory Game PowerPoint Template.

PowerPoint Race Game

PowerPoint Race Game

In this PowerPoint game template, students will race to mars as either a rocket or an alien.  Students will choose a letter and answer the question. If they get it right, they can move their rocket or alien ship. This PowerPoint game is great for kids and young ESL students.

Sleeping Penguins PPT Game

Sleeping Penguins PowerPoint Game

In this PowerPoint Game, students must work together in groups of 4 to write down the correct answer.  Add your own words and sentences to the PowerPoint template.

Telepathy PPT Game

Telepathy PowerPoint Game

In this PowerPoint Game, students must use ‘Telepathy’ to read the teacher’s mind to find out the answer.  For each question, there are two possible answers. Students should choose one and write it down. 

Mystery Box PPT Game

Mystery Box PowerPoint Game

This PPT game is a ‘Mystery Box’ G. Students should answer a question and then choose to KEEP the box or GIVE the box to the other team. This game is a lot of fun! To play, simply add your own questions to this PowerPoint game template.

Top Five Quiz PPT

Top Five Quiz PowerPoint Game

This PPT game is a ‘Top Five Quiz’ template. Each question in the quiz has many possible answers. Students should write down one answer. If their answer is in the ‘Top Five’ answers, then they score some points. This PPT game is so much fun and students really enjoy it. Especially when they get the top answer.

Lucky Box PPT Game

Lucky Box PowerPoint Game

This simple PPT game is great for reviewing vocabulary. To play, students should choose a box by saying the word to reveal the points beneath. You can download a blank template to add your own words or choose one of the many ready-made PPT games.

Let's Dance PPT Game

Let’s Dance PPT Game

This PPT game template is a fun game for kids. To play, students should take turns reading words on the PPT. The student who reads the last word must dance! You can choose one of the ready-made PPT games or download the PPT game template to add your own words.

Jeopardy PPT Game

Jeopardy PPT Game

This PPT game template is a ‘Jeopardy’ game. To play, students should take turns choosing a category and a value. Next, students will see the answer and must guess what the question is. Download the Jeopardy template and add your own questions and answers.

Soccer PPT Game

Soccer PPT Game

This game is a soccer PPT game in which students will compete in teams to ‘score a goal’. Students will answer questions and then ‘kick the ball’ closer to the goal. The first team to score is the winner!

Halloween PPT Game

Halloween PPT Game

This Halloween game for kids is super fun! In this game, students will ‘Race’ to the Halloween candy. This Halloween PowerPoint game is great for kids and beginner English language learners.

Alternatives To PowerPoint Games

There are lots more free games and activities on Games4esl. Check out our fun Activity Videos , Online Quizzes , and Board Games for more ready-to-use ESL activities.

Blog > The 10 best PowerPoint Games to play in Workshops, Classrooms & Presentations

The 10 best PowerPoint Games to play in Workshops, Classrooms & Presentations

01.01.20   •  #fun #game #powerpoint #presentation.

In our last blog post, we talked about tools and tips on how to boost the audience engagement in your presentation. One of our recommended ways to do so was to play games, as they release tension and function as a fun element that lightens the mood. That’s why today we are going to list the Top 10 best games to play in your presentation.

1. Would you rather

Is it a game that everyone knows already? Probably. But did we have to include it on the list because it is just perfect for playing with your audience? Definitely. The game is pretty much self-explanatory – You give your attendees two (or more) scenarios and they have to choose which one they’d rather experience. Combining the Would you rather – question with your presentation topic is usually very easy, but we also thought of some questions you could use for any topic (e.g. as an icebreaker, to get to know your audience a little better, to ask about their opinion or just as a fun element in between). You can let your audience vote by letting them raise their hands or by using an interactive poll tool such as SlideLizard .

  • Would you rather A. travel back in time OR B. travel to the future OR C. stay in the present
  • Would you rather A. have a long lunch break now OR B. have a short break and finish early
  • Would you rather A. be able to read minds OR B. be able to fly OR C. be able to turn invisible
  • Would you rather A. receive a letter from Hogwarts OR B. join Frodo on his journey OR C. Hog-what?
  • Would you rather A. never be able to go on Social Media again B. never be able to read a book again

cool powerpoint games

2. Charades

The popular game is not only great for your family’s game-night, but also for your presentations and workshops. Prepare a few cards that have words related to your presentation’s topic on them, let some volunteers in your audience draw and act them out. The rest of the audience has to guess the word. You can be sure that these terms and the associated performances will never be forgotten!

cool powerpoint games

Small Trivia quizzes are perfect for checking and manifesting the audience’s knowledge at the end of your presentation. Instead of repeating and summing up what you have already said, you can let your participants test their knowledge right away. However, you can also use a quiz in the beginning to test your audience’s existing knowledge about a topic. But there are not only trivia quizzes: Questions about personality can also be interesting and work well as an ice breaker in the beginning. Again, we recommend a tool for poll creation, as that is the easiest way to conduct quizzes. In a recent article we listed 50 great questions (a mix of personality and trivia) , that you could use for your next presentation! And if you're a fan of quiz game shows, we also got a full Who wants to be a Millionaire PowerPoint template for you to download for free! You'll see how it looks like in the following video (be sure to turn up your sound!):

PowerPoint can be used for way more than most people know. Even we were amazed by people on the internet who created extensive games by animating content using PP. We don’t want to go that big today, but we are going to provide you with a free-to-download template of memory. You only have to add it to your presentation and customize the pictures or terms you want under the cards. Download free PPT Memory Template

5. Two Truths and a Lie

Here is another game that is just perfect when you play it with interactive poll tools. It is great for getting the audience to know you as a presenter better. Think of a fun, interesting or astonishing fact about yourself, and then invent two fake ones. Your attendees have to vote which statement they think is true. Be prepared to see some very surprised faces in your audience!

cool powerpoint games

6. PowerPoint Karaoke

PowerPoint-Karaoke is the perfect improvisation game. Players are confronted with a set of slides they have never seen before and try to give a presentation as convincingly as possible. If you want to know all about this game and get some slides you can use for playing, check out our detailed blog post on PowerPoint-Karaoke .

cool powerpoint games

7. Where do you stand?

For the game “Where do you stand?”, your attendees will actually have to stand up. Therefore, it is only convenient if you have enough space. If you want to get your participant’s opinion about something and get them to move a little, look no further! Create an imaginary line across the room. One end stands for one opinion, the other end for the exact opposite opinion. Your attendees can now place themselves on this line wherever they like (right in the middle, on either end or somewhere in between). You can then even interview people on the line (it is always interesting to choose two from opposite sites) and learn about their views. If you’re a little overwhelmed now, here are some examples you could use for this game:

cool powerpoint games

Attention – you can of course ask about political or more controversial topics, but that may escalate and turn into a fight, which is not the purpose of the game or your presentation.

8. Describe That

Let your audience draw from cards with words on them and then describe it for the other attendees. It is basically like charades, but with words instead of acting. Some may find that too easy. In that case, you can either choose terms that are extremely hard to describe or add some “Taboo-words” to the card that can’t be used for describing.

cool powerpoint games

9. True and False

Have you ever heard a crazy, bizarre fact where you didn’t think that it could be true? Perfect. You can use it in the well-known “True and False”-Game. You pick out a fact (ideally something related to your presentation topic) and then let your audience vote (you know – via an interactive poll tool like SlideLizard ) if they think it’s true or not. A tip for making statements false: Change little things about the them, like numbers, dates or names or use common misconceptions and see how many of your attendees buy into them, e.g. “Bulls are enraged by the color red” (which is false, bulls are simply enraged by movement, not specific colors).

cool powerpoint games

10. The never-ending sentence

The never-ending sentence is a great game that incorporates many of your attendees and awakens their brain cells. It is perfect for keeping up their engagement and interest, especially for long presentations or workshops when you feel like some people are getting a little tired. Simply start by saying a word – it can be related to the presentation’s topic if you want – and ask a person in your audience to repeat that word and add another one – the next person to repeat those two words and add another one as well , and so on, until a sentence forms. As it gets longer the game gets a lot more difficult, because there is a lot more to remember and to repeat. The sentence can’t be ended, it has to be continued until someone makes a mistake (or until the last person in the room has added a new word). We promise that you will be left with a lot of fun, creative, and straight-up weird sentences that will make your audience laugh a lot.

cool powerpoint games

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  • Power Up: Gen Z Gaming Tips
  • Editor's Choice: School Tech

10 Free PowerPoint Game Templates

Customize a PowerPoint game for your class with these free templates

cool powerpoint games

  • Emporia State University

cool powerpoint games

  • Southern New Hampshire University

PowerPoint game templates are a great way to introduce a new unit or review for a test with your students. It's a break from the regular routine, and students love the teamwork and competitiveness of it.

These games are in the form of free PowerPoint templates that you can open with Microsoft PowerPoint or other free presentation software . You can then customize them with your own questions and answers. Simply run the presentation in class, and you'll have a customized game all ready to go for your students.

Instructions in this article apply to all versions of PowerPoint, including PowerPoint for Microsoft 365, PowerPoint 2019, 2016, etc., including PowerPoint for Mac.

Jeopardy PowerPoint Game Templates

Most of the hard work is done for you.

Sleek graphics.

Some come with familiar sound effects and theme song.

Some are in the HTML format only.

A few require your email address.

One of the most popular types of PowerPoint games to use in the classroom is Jeopardy. It's a great game to use to review for a test or to introduce new material to students. They can be played as a class, teams, or individually on computers.

Family Feud PowerPoint Game Templates

Can encourage and be used with teams of students.

Great graphics resembling the TV gameshow.

Realistic sound effects from the gameshow.

Some are limited to a few slides.

Some require quite a bit of customizing.

Not much non-English support.

Some don't come in the popular PPTX format.

Another free game that's popular with teachers and students is Family Feud. These are played just like traditional Family Feud, and kids of all ages really get into the game. 

Wheel of Fortune From Games by Tim

Comes with great instructions for setup.

Realistic looking graphics.

Website has handy instructional video for help.

Cool animation.

Setup is pretty involved.

Doesn't automatically figure dollar amounts.

Can load only 12 puzzles.

Spin the wheel, use your own puzzles, and track scores with this Wheel of Fortune PowerPoint template that really reminds you of the actual game.

Deal or No Deal From Mining Quiz

Included a game rules slide for players.

Has a small help page to assist in setup.

Easy to edit template.

Graphics are a bit simple.

Single sound effect isn't clear.

This Deal or No Deal PowerPoint template is easy to manipulate and has sounds for each time you choose a briefcase.

Only Connect From Fisher Huntz

Includes sounds.

Multiple templates with questions and answers.

Includes a blank template.

Provides directions for playing and editing the template.

Doesn't include the game's Connecting Wall.

More free PowerPoint templates are available here that are modeled after the game Only Connect.

One template is basically blank, so you can fill it out with whatever you want. Each of the others have 20 prefilled questions and answers that are ready to go for any teacher looking to entertain their kids with math or science related questions.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Verbs

Comes with 12 pre-made questions.

Graphics and text are easy to read.

Added sound effects to enhance gameplay.

Will need to change the money values for other countries.

The lifelines are not clickable and only advance the slide.

Doesn't accurately keep track of winnings.

This Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? template has questions already filled out for you about simple verbs. There are sounds, animated graphics, and 12 questions in total.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Templates From Sctriton Science

Website provides optional sound effects.

Provides enough blank question templates to play a full game.

Sound effects add some excitement.

The lifeline links reveal all answers.

Sound snips aren't very high quality.

This is yet another template for playing Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? in PowerPoint. It has 15 questions, all blank and ready for you to fill out with your own information.

Cash Cab From Sctriton Science

Provides enough slides to play an entire game.

Gives basic game instructions.

Fun ceiling animation like TV show.

Can easily edit it.

Sometimes the template messes up.

Just like in the real game, this template includes not only blank slides for all the different questions, but also a place for a Red Light Challenge and a Video Bonus Question. You can also download the audio files for this template.

Cash Cab First Aid From Mining Quiz

Gives clear instructions on how to customize.

Nice sound effects to engage player.

Text is easily readable at a distance.

Distracting background.

No extra rounds like actual the actual game.

No way for player to select answer.

This Cash Cab PowerPoint template also has 12 questions, all related to first aid information. This template revolves around the objective to reach the Empire State Building before being kicked out of the cab with too many wrong answers.

You can also grab a blank template from the same download page if you want to write in all the questions and answers yourself.

The Price is Right by Stranded Goose

Works for free through Google Slides.

Very simple design.

Must make a TPT account if you don't already have one.

TPT requires access to your whole Google Drive account.

This 22-page PowerPoint template for The Price is Right is from a user called Stranded Goose on Teachers Pay Teachers. It works in Google Slides, so after logging into TPT, you'll get access to the presentation as part of your Google account.

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Top Fun PowerPoint Games to play During a Presentation

PowerPoint Games

Have you heard about “Death by PowerPoint” ? Death by PowerPoint is caused by poor use of presentation software. Key contributors include confusing graphics, text-heavy slides, etc.

Today there are almost 300 million PowerPoint users; they do 30 million presentations daily, out of which 50 % of presentation fails.

So how to craft a presentation that doesn’t bore the audience to death? How do I make my PowerPoint fun?

It’s simple to play fun PowerPoint games. Playing games, our brain releases the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine, which keeps up active and engaged. Playing PowerPoint games during a presentation can be a fun and engaging way to keep the audience entertained and involved. Breaking the monotony of lecture-style presentation.

Free Interactive PowerPoint Game templates for Fun in Presentation

Fun PowerPoint games keep the audience focused, entertained, and learning. Finding fun-interactive game templates can be a daunting task. To help you out with a nerve-wracking task, we have listed the top fun PowerPoint games to play in your presentation.

Free Interactive Family Feud Game Template

Free Family Feud game template

Are you a fan of the Family Feud game? Then try using this free interactive Family Feud game template and create your own personalized version of the popular gameshow Family Feud. We creatively designed to create a template that resembles the game set, the show’s iconic logo, colors, fonts, etc.

Free Interactive Who Wants to be a Millionaire

who wants to be a Millionaire

What would you do if you won million dollars? I guarantee till now; you would have started dreaming. American popular tv show who wants to be a millionaire can turn your dream of winning millions of dollars into reality. Now test the knowledge of your audience with this free interactive Who Wants to be a Millionaire-inspired template. Teachers can use this template as a game-based learning tool.

Free Interactive Toy Claw Machine Template

free interactive toy claw machine

Presentation isn’t just about text-heavy slides and lectures. Sometimes presentations are too entertaining when presenters use super-creative slides like free interactive Toy claw machine templates. Play a luck game with your audience using this toy claw machine slide and reward them when they win.

The Price is Right Template

the price is right

The price is right is an amazing game you can play with your audience to make a presentation super-entertaining. This game template is based on the popular tv show, “The Prize is Right,” where contestants guess the price of the merchandise to win cash prizes.

Free Pokémon Cards Game Template

Pokemon cards

Want to have a fun time with friends and colleagues? Then try playing cool Pokémon battles in real life with this free Pokémon cards game template.

Free Animated Whos That Pokémon Template

whoz that Pokemon

Are you a true Pokémon master? Test your Pokémon knowledge by guessing the Pokémon with this free animated Whos that Pokémon template. It’s an animated template with the voice of real Pokémon.

Free Interactive 2 Truths and a Lie Game Template

two truths and a lie

The best way to make a presentation entertaining is the engagement with your audience. And best way to do this is by allowing them to know more about you. When your audience knows you, it builds a connection, and the audience will be keen to know your ideas. This free interactive 2 Truths and a Lie Game is the perfect game to play with the audience. It displays three options that your audience can select which applies to you.

Free Interactive Wordle Game Template

Wordle game template

Interested in playing word games? Then why not show your vocabulary skills and test audience knowledge with this free interactive Wordle game template? This word puzzle game is fantastic if you want your audience to be active and engaged throughout the presentation.

Free Card Game Template


Card games are interesting; they can let you win. Let your audience try their luck with this free card game template. The template comes with twelve amazing gameplay buttons. This gameplay template is entirely customizable; you can easily shuffle the cards and add gifs and surprises. Get this free card template and give your presentation a different look.

Free Jeopardy Presentation Template

jeoparty game

There’s nothing better than playing a game in your presentation to know your audience and build a bond. So, to make your presentation fun, we have a free Jeopardy presentation template based on the greatest American television show, Jeopardy! Go through slides, customize them, and you’ll be ready to play with your audience.

Presentation with interactive games can make business meetings & teaching any subject more fun, especially if you reward the winners. When the audience starts enjoying the presentation, they will likely be attentive to everything you are saying. The upshot of all the above templates is guaranteed to make your next presentation super-entertaining.

Priyanshu Bharat

Priyanshu Bharat

Priyanshu is a copywriter who loves to tune into what makes people tick. He believes in presenting his ideas with flair and wit, which has made him an expert at standing on stage and charming the pants off of any audience he's faced with. Priyanshu lives for learning as much as he can, so if you ever need help understanding something - just ask!

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Power Point Games Logo

PowerPoint Games

Over 170 fun games, educational games and tutorials produced on powerpoint. most are free to download and play..

  • Beyond Classification Games
  • Christmas game-cards
  • Educational games
  • Horyd House games
  • Maze / Dodge Games
  • Memory games
  • Multi-Player / Multi-Cursor games
  • Multi-player point-scoring games
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  • Shooting / Catching Games
  • Sports / Racing Games
  • Survival - Educational games
  • Survival - Spinner games
  • The Big Games
  • Traditional / Existing / Strategy Games
  • Video Tutorials

cool powerpoint games

A Monopoly game on PowerPoint. Slightly simplified, but plays just like the original. It is simplified by having fewer playing squares arou [...]

cool powerpoint games


My dear friends, I have been making games on PowerPoint for over 20 years. For more than 10 years I have made them freely available for any [...]

cool powerpoint games

A single player version of the educational game. In this version you have around 5 seconds to find the hotspot on your Roboboxer and click [...]

cool powerpoint games

Robobox (Educational)

An educational Q&A game for two teams. If a question is answered correctly just click on the relevant Roboboxer who will land a punch a [...]

cool powerpoint games

The Hexagon Game (Educational Template)

This is a template originally made after a request from John, an ESL teacher. After making it I could see that it had potential for use in [...]

cool powerpoint games

Pyrotech 2022/23

A new firework display for the New Year. This New Year you can direct your own firework display with 14 all-new fireworks. This year, you a [...]

cool powerpoint games

Christmas Card Game 2022

Here is this year's Christmas card game. It's a word puzzle game where you have to click on a circle when you think a letter of a well-know [...]

cool powerpoint games

World Cup Shoot-Out

After 90 minutes normal time and 30 minutes extra time, the score in this World Cup final is drawn at 3 -3.'s time for a penalty sh [...]

cool powerpoint games


A battle game for one or two players. Spin the wheels to decide the fate of the warriors fighting for their honour, and their lives. A fun [...]

cool powerpoint games

SPINGO – PowerPoint Bingo game

A game for up to 4 players. Pick a bingo card, spin the wheel and mark off the icon on your card if it matches where the spinner stops. Sim [...]

cool powerpoint games

Dogfight (Educational game template)

This is a template for a multiple choice question & answer game. All you need to do is add five questions with four potential answers f [...]

cool powerpoint games

Make A Minefield Game (Video Tutorial)

This is a video tutorial on how to make a minefield game like 'From Here To Here'. The mechanics are the same, apart from the way that a ne [...]

cool powerpoint games

From Here To Here (Minefield game)

A simple game where all you have to do is make a path across a minefield without stepping on a mine. There are instructions for single play [...]

cool powerpoint games

A variation of 3-card brag for up to 4 players. Choose your colour Set up your bank Deal the cards Put up your ante Play or fold Win or los [...]

cool powerpoint games

Shove Ha’penny

A game of skill that plays almost identically to the traditional pub game. The only thing you can't do is shove one ha'penny to hit another [...]

cool powerpoint games

Alien Invaders

A very simple shooting game. Just click on 'Let's do it!' and start clicking in your plazma gun's red firing buttons. Make all the aliens f [...]

cool powerpoint games

One Hundred & Eighty!

A simple game of skill for one or more players where you need to hit the treble 20 on a moving dartboard to get the magical maximum score o [...]

cool powerpoint games

TwisterPicture (Video Tutorial)

A tutorial on how to make a TwisterPicture-type game. This tutorial shows you how to make a game with 15 squares as opposed to the 112 squa [...]

cool powerpoint games


A puzzle game where all you have to do is click on the squares to make them rotate until they are in the correct position to form the compl [...]

cool powerpoint games

Target Tiddlywinks

Everyone knows Tiddlywinks! You just flip your wink with your tiddly and off you go! This game is a variation on the classic game as you ar [...]

cool powerpoint games

Sink The Pirates!

A simple fun shooting game. To get to the treasure you need to sink the pirate ship with your last cannonball. Time your shot right and you [...]

cool powerpoint games

Where Next?

An educational geography game. Improve your students', your children's or your own, knowledge of where different countries around the world [...]

cool powerpoint games

Wordly – Wordle-type game template

A template for you to make your own Wordle-type games in PowerPoint. A 5-step process to produce as many games as you want and share with w [...]

cool powerpoint games

Dodgem Derby

This is a dodgem car racing game for 1 - 4 players. Just choose your cars(s), click on the starting line, and they're off! Winners get 10 p [...]

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After the last few tutorials, here's another game. It is inspired by the Boggle word game. Click on all the squares to select all the lette [...]

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Three new ‘Tips & Tricks’ video tutorials

I have just started a new series of short 'Tips & Tricks' tutorials. I have added a new Intro and for the first time...voice-overs. Her [...]

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F1 Racing Game (Video Tutorial)

This page provides a link to a You Tube video on how to make a racing game in PowerPoint. It shows how to make a simplified version of the [...]

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Shop Shelf Shuffle

An original game for the New Year 2022. All you have to do is click on the cans of beans to load them on the shelves. Simple! Unless of cou [...]

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Christmas Game 2021

A Christmas Treasure Hunt game. Move your cursor around the outline letters until a clue pops up. Then click on the object you think the cl [...]

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Tarzan and the Greedy Monkey (Educational game)

This is a Q&A game where teams or individuals have to answer six questions correctly to enable Tarzan to stop the greedy monkey eating [...]

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Palosebo – Spinner game

A Spinner game converted from the Palosebo educational game. This one is for 1 or 2 players. Spin the wheel and take the action it says whe [...]

cool powerpoint games

Palosebo (Educational game)

An educational PowerPoint Q&A game based on 'Palosebo' (greasy pole) the traditional game of the Philippines. Answer questions correctl [...]

Dooble Solo Title

Dooble – Solo

A single player version of the Dooble game. Once the cards are revealed, you have 5 seconds to identify the pair. Otherwise the computer wi [...]

Dooble title

A game for up to four players based on 'Dobble' aka 'Spot It!' Look for the one icon that appears on both cards and shout out when you spot [...]

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Mousetrap (Educational game)

Based on the classic game, this version requires teams or individuals to answer three consecutive questions correctly. When they do, the mo [...]

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Hungry Hippos 2

This version of Hungry Hippos is more like the original game. In this game each player in turn clicks on their hippo's lever continuously u [...]

cool powerpoint games

Hungry Hippos

A game for 1 - 4 players. This is a version of Hungry Hippos that tests your speed and accuracy of clicking. You click on the moving marble [...]

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The Dungeons of Horyd House (Memory game)

Help the innocent prisoners escape from the dungeons of Horyd House. Find the one Master Lock that can release each prisoner and remember w [...]

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Arcade Claw – Superted Challenge (Educational Q&A game)

A Question & Answer variant of the Arcade Claw game. Ask a question, If the answer is correct, the claw picks up a superhero teddy bear [...]

cool powerpoint games

Arcade Claw

A favourite of amusement arcades and fairs everywhere. Put your coin in the slot, press the button and click where you want the claw to dro [...]

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Vegetable Market (Educational game)

A game for teachers and educators to help learners to identify different vegetables. Note: I was going to post this game to the Teachers Pa [...]

cool powerpoint games

Gallerie Zombie

Not really a game, but an animated, interactive way to present some artwork. As it says on the first slide: "If artists in the past had bee [...]

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Tic Tac Toe / Noughts & Crosses (Tutorial)

A Video tutorial on how to make a Tic Tac Toe (Noughts & Crosses) game on PowerPoint without the aid of VBA. The video also includes a [...]

cool powerpoint games

Beetle Builder (Educational Q&A game)

This is a simplified version of 'Beetle Drive' for use by teachers and educators. It's a game for up to 4 teams. It's a straightforward Q&a [...]

cool powerpoint games

Beetle Drive

The classic game for up to four players. Plays to standard 'Beetle Drive' rules with 14 beetle parts and up to 6 rounds. Instead of rolling [...]

cool powerpoint games

Shark Conversation

Bring out your inner 7-year old with this shark conversation game. Two sharks named Bellche and Faarht like to have deep and meaningful con [...]

cool powerpoint games

Cabin Fever

This isn't exactly a game. It's an interactive horror story from the Horyd House franchise where you can make some decisions and get involv [...]

cool powerpoint games

The classic dice game on PowerPoint for up to 4 players. Play to online casino Poker Dice rules. Record each player's final hands, see who [...]

cool powerpoint games

A fully customisable 'trailblazer' game of connecting one point to another. Works as a simple game for one or more players. Works as an edu [...]

cool powerpoint games

Within Us (Educational Q&A game)

A teacher responded to my request for ideas for new games. They asked if I could make a Q&A game based on the 'Among Us' game with 'Tas [...]

cool powerpoint games

Make a Revolving Timer (Tutorial)

A video tutorial on how to make a revolving 'gap' timer. The gap in the circle diminishes over a set time until it disappears and an alarm s [...]

cool powerpoint games

Animal Recall (Memory game)

Choose the number of seconds you want to memorise the positions of 6 or 9 animals. Reveal the animal to be found then click on the number t [...]

cool powerpoint games

The 3-Card Monte

A game based on the infamous 3-card trick (aka 'Find the Lady') that's usually performed by scammers on the street. This game is different. [...]

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Chess ‘N’ Checkers (Draughts)

Two classic  games on two slides for two opposing players. This is another game that you play in 'Presentation' mode so you just have to dr [...]

cool powerpoint games

Test Your Strength

A game for one or more players that uses a little known technique for its game-play. It's a little piece of PowerPoint magic that requires [...]

cool powerpoint games

As the name suggests, this is a car racing game for 1-2 players. Spin the spinner and click on the buttons to move the cars. It's a basic r [...]

cool powerpoint games

Game of Drones – Spinner game

A new 2-player Survival spinner game. Be the first to land your drone on the landing pad. Spin the wheel and take the action it shows. Ther [...]

cool powerpoint games

Higher or Lower?

A game for up to four players where you simply have to predict if the next card revealed is going to be higher or lower in value than the p [...]

cool powerpoint games

Make a Random Spinning Arrow (Tutorial)

A video tutorial on how to make an arrow that spins, slows down, and stops - randomly. Use for educational or fun games and PPT projects. [...]

cool powerpoint games

Christmas Card Game – 2020

A 'Spot the Difference' Christmas card game that you can play and send to friends & relatives (as long as they've got PowerPoint or a v [...]

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New Game Notifications

If you would like an email notification when I upload a new game, you can subscribe to my You Tube channel. I make videos of all games and [...]

cool powerpoint games

Blokit – Strategy game

A drag & drop strategy game for one or two players based on the Blokus-Duo game. Move as many block shapes onto the board as you can. A [...]

cool powerpoint games

Top Hat Rabbit

A 'scoring' game for up to 4 players. Choose the right spot where the rabbit will land and score some points! See the video directly on You [...]

cool powerpoint games

Simple Drag & Drop (Tutorial)

A video tutorial on how to make a simple Drag & Drop slide. Useful for educators and anyone who wants to make a quick drag & drop g [...]

cool powerpoint games

There Their They’re – (Educational game & template)

Use this game to help teach / learn the correct use of There, Their, & They're (plus other variations). This game is fully customizable [...]

cool powerpoint games

Nerfshoot – Spinner game

Another Survival 'Spinner' game. Spin the wheel and see if you get a Hit or a Miss, or something else! Knock down all the cans to win. A ga [...]

cool powerpoint games

Gone Fishing!

Another scoring game for up to 4 players. Click on fish and you'll either catch it, or it will swim away. Catch more, score more. [...]

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Survival Educational Games – New home

I have recently moved the Survival Question & Answer games for teachers and educators to a website called 'Teachers pay Teachers'. The [...]

cool powerpoint games

The Magic Black Ball

Got a question? Get your answer here!! Will I pass my exam? Do they really love me? Is it the right time to buy that new bike? Ask the Magi [...]

cool powerpoint games

A one-player version of the classic Battleships game. There are 12 different playing screens that are randomly selected, so you never know [...]

cool powerpoint games

The Wraith of the Woods

A scary suspense puzzle game. Can you find the correct combinations of people to cross the bridge before the Wraith of the Woods arrives? I [...]

cool powerpoint games


An explosive game for two players. Shake up a can of pop and mix it in with some other unshaken cans. Then choose one and hope that it's no [...]

cool powerpoint games

A simple game where you have the 'Across' and 'Down' words on either side of a crossword frame. All you have to do is drag the words into t [...]

cool powerpoint games

Penalty Shoot Out – Spinner game

Another 'Survival' one or two player game. It's like the other 'Spinner' games except this time there are two spinners - and they're invisi [...]

cool powerpoint games

Moment Of Truth

In this puzzle game, one of the Plumpy Brothers has either gained or lost 2 kilograms. All you have to do is identify which brother, and if [...]

cool powerpoint games

Torpedo (2) – Points game

A similar, but different, game to the educational Torpedo game. This is a single or multi-player point-scoring game. Judge the speed of the [...]

cool powerpoint games

Torpedo – Educational Q&A game

An educational Multiple Choice Question & Answer game. Get a question right, and a torpedo can be launched. Get a question wrong, and.. [...]

cool powerpoint games

Balloon Wheel – Spinner game

Spin the wheel to see what happens next. Be the first to burst all the balloons on the big rotating wheel. A game for 2 players (although y [...]

cool powerpoint games

Cannonballs – Spinner game

A re-engineered version of the Cannonballs 'Survival' educational game for 1 or 2 players. Instead of getting questions right or wrong, you [...]

cool powerpoint games

Blowpipe – Spinner game

Another 'Survival' game re-worked as a 1-2 player game. Spin the wheel to determine if your blow dart hits or misses a balloon - or somethi [...]

cool powerpoint games

Mini Roulette

Another game for the lockdown! A cut-down version of Roulette for up to 4 players. Works in similar way to real roulette but with 12 number [...]

cool powerpoint games

The Mondrian Game

Another 'Click'n'Stop game for up to 4 players. You can play solo too. In early development, this game looked quite different. The more I w [...]

cool powerpoint games

Monopoly – The Vietnamese version!

A Vietnamese version of my Powopoly game and a Monopoly version too with Vietnamese place names. All elements of it have been reproduced br [...]

cool powerpoint games

Moving Matchmaker – Educational

An educational game where you, or your students, aim to stop a moving picture above its name plate. This is a fully customizable template. [...]

cool powerpoint games

Tic Tac Splat II

A re-vamp of the 'Survival' Tic-Tac-Toe (Noughts & Crosses) game for general, rather than educational play. In this 2-player game you s [...]

cool powerpoint games

Make Randomly-Landing Dice (Tutorial)

A video tutorial on how to make dice that act like real dice and can land randomly. Many games can be based on the throw of dice, and many [...]

cool powerpoint games

Between The Lines

A game of skill for up to 4 players. Set your disks moving then stop them 'between the lines' and get them to match a randomly selected pat [...]

cool powerpoint games

Where’s Mickey?

A game of luck and strategy for all the family. Pick the box Mickey is hiding under and win some points! A lovely, simple little game to pl [...]

cool powerpoint games

Domino Matching Game (Tutorial & Template)

This is mainly a video tutorial of how to make an educational domino game where you match text to pictures, or text to text. This is a pack [...]

cool powerpoint games

Wheel of Death

The famous knife-throwing act translated into a PowerPoint game. The wheel gets faster at each level. You need to throw to miss your glamor [...]

cool powerpoint games

The classic code-breaking game now available to play as a single-player game on PowerPoint. Finish one game and another will be chosen at r [...]

cool powerpoint games

Stop the Virus!

A very topical game. Find the right combination of chemicals to kill the Covix-22 virus You've got just 5 minutes (No video as it would giv [...]

cool powerpoint games

The White (Memory) Game

A memory game with a difference! You are shown an icon to search for. As you search around a white screen, icons will pop into view. Rememb [...]

cool powerpoint games

Make A Game Of SNAP! (Tutorial)

This video shows you how to make a game of Snap! You can make a 2-player game and shout when you see a pair, or a 1-player game where your [...]

cool powerpoint games

The Quick-Draw Magraws 2

A PowerPoint game where you need lightning-fast reactions to beat your bother Red to the draw - with your paintball guns. This is a single [...]

cool powerpoint games

Click O’ War 2

A single player version of the previous tug-of-war game. For this game you need fast continuous clicking skills, and stamina! [...]

cool powerpoint games

Powopoly – Monopoly on PowerPoint

This is game number 100!! A game for 2-4 players. Using PowerPoint functions instead of street names, this has virtually the same game-play [...]

cool powerpoint games

A realistic PowerPoint darts game to test your skills. Play any game of darts you want with this replica game. Click on the moving target b [...]

cool powerpoint games

Christmas Card Jigsaw Game

A Christmas card jigsaw puzzle. When a jigsaw shape appears in the frame, click on the piece around the outside that fits. Send it to your [...]

cool powerpoint games

Trouble In The Toilet

Probably the most gross and disgusting game ever made on PowerPoint! It's based on the 'Toilet Trouble' toy. Click to flush the toilet the [...]

cool powerpoint games

Animal House

A game for one or two players loosely based on poker dice. Play a 'live' opponent or 'The House'. Stop the spinning icons to get a score, t [...]

cool powerpoint games

Make a clickable scoreboard (Tutorial)

This video will show you how to make a scoreboard which progresses one click at a time. It also provides a method for using it without the [...]

cool powerpoint games

A set of eight games where you link a number of revolving cogs to connect one point of the slide to another. To do this you need to switch [...]

cool powerpoint games

Mouse Overrun

A quirky game where you run your cursor over 100 mice to reduce their numbers to 1. But... beware of the Black Mice! [...]

cool powerpoint games

The Memory Game

A Memory card game with three levels of difficulty. There is a 3-part video tutorial on how to make games like this on You Tube: Part 1: ht [...]

cool powerpoint games

More or Less?

An original game where you roll 5 dice which are covered so you can't see them. You then roll your own 5 dice and choose if you think the t [...]

cool powerpoint games

Pirate Island

A PowerPoint game based on the traditional dice game of 'Ship, Captain, Crew'. To get to the treasure, you need a ship, a captain and a cre [...]

cool powerpoint games

Around the Clock

The classic darts game on PowerPoint. Click around the board from 1 - 20 in sequence - but within certain limits! [...]

cool powerpoint games

Not so much a win or lose game, more of a game for relaxation and mindfulness. Spin the cubes to make hundreds of colour variations and pat [...]

cool powerpoint games

The most English game in the world. Made famous by Winnie the Pooh. The sticks drop into the stream from one side of the bridge. Score a po [...]

cool powerpoint games

Doors of Death!

A deadly game of chance and strategy based on the 'Monty Hall Problem' - but with a twist! Choose one door and a different 'safe' door will [...]

cool powerpoint games

Shut The Box!

The traditional English pub game originally played within a wooden box with a lid that could be shut by the winner. No lid here, but the ga [...]

cool powerpoint games

Mind Your Fingers!

A game for 1-4 players where someone spreads a hand and you stab around their fingers with a dagger - except you need fast clicking rather [...]

cool powerpoint games


A cross between Scrabble and a crossword game. Unusually, this game is played in PowerPoint 'Presentation' mode. It is also fully customisa [...]

cool powerpoint games

Tilly The Tame T-Rex

Tilly is a tame T-Rex - most of the time! The T-Rex is made up of parts from the animated 3-D images available on the latest versions of Po [...]

cool powerpoint games

Once Upon a Click

Based on 'Story Cubes' this is a game where you reveal a number of icons then make up a story based on the icons revealed. It can be used a [...]

cool powerpoint games

The Caverns of Horyd House

A brand new 'Big Game' from the Horyd House stable. 15 caverns to find your way out of, with search games, shooting games, maze games and c [...]

cool powerpoint games

Add new words to ‘Hangman’ (Tutorial)

A video tutorial on how to add new words to the original 'Hangman' game which is played against the computer. [...]

cool powerpoint games

Pin The Tail On The Donkey

Another classic game for 1 - 4 players adapted for PowerPoint. Instead of the players spinning around, the screen goes dark as the donkey m [...]

cool powerpoint games

Click O’War

Another 2 Player - 2 Cursor game where both players have their own mouse & cursor and need to click wildly on their figure to try and p [...]

cool powerpoint games

Rock Paper Scissors

The classic game played here for points where you play against PowerPoint. First to 20 wins At the signal, double click on your choice of R [...]

cool powerpoint games

Getting Started – Shoot the Spaceships (Video Tutorial)

If you are relatively new to making games on PowerPoint, this Video Tutorial will help you get started. It's a fairly basic shooting game b [...]

cool powerpoint games

The classic game now available to play on PowerPoint. Can be played by up to four players like the normal game. Standard rules and playing [...]

cool powerpoint games

Click on the airplane as it flies across the sky to make the parachutist jump and try to get him to land on a high target score. However, y [...]

cool powerpoint games

Pyrotech 2018/19 – New Year Firework display

A game where you can choreograph your very own New Year firework display over Sydney Harbour, Australia. Click on the 12 firework buttons a [...]

cool powerpoint games

Stop Ninja Santa!

Throw snowballs at the evil Ninja Santa to stop him ruining Christmas! A Christmas game-card that you can download and send to your friends [...]

cool powerpoint games

The classic game adapted for PowerPoint. This is maze game for one to four players where you need to move your cursor along the red arterie [...]

cool powerpoint games

Santa’s Halloween Rescue

A moving maze / dodge game where Santa has been kidnapped by evil Halloween spirits and you have to rescue him. (If you don't hear the audi [...]

cool powerpoint games


Two crossword-type games: 'Find the Answers' and 'Find the Fives'. Both games ask you to fill the crossword grids with the right words in t [...]

cool powerpoint games

Murder in Horyd House (Cluedo)

The classic Cluedo (Clue in US) board game adapted as a PowerPoint game. The rooms come from 'Escape from Horyd House' and the suspects com [...]

cool powerpoint games

Zombie Spotlight

Game number 60! A gory zombie shoot-em-up with techniques of 'background picture fill' and 'mouseover hyperlinks' Shoot all eight zombies t [...]

cool powerpoint games

Socc ‘O’ War

Unusually, this is a game that's played entirely in PPTX 'Presentation' mode rather than PPSX 'Show' mode. It's a two-player game where bot [...]

cool powerpoint games

Brain Buster

All you have to do is click on what it says in the centre of the screen If it says 'Blue Word', then move your cursor over the word that's [...]

cool powerpoint games

A game for 2 players who can share a mouse if they don't have one each. It's based on scoring points, not gambling. 2 points for a pair of [...]

cool powerpoint games

Snakes and Ladders

The traditional game re-created on PowerPoint. Intended as a 2-player game, but you can always play against yourself. For 2-players, it wil [...]

cool powerpoint games

This is a 2-player PowerPoint version of the traditional 'Dots and Squares' game. Make a square by clicking on the lines, then fill it in w [...]

cool powerpoint games

Mind Reader II

The second amazing mind-reading / mind-blowing PowerPoint production. How can PowerPoiont do this?!! Just concentrate on your chosen card, [...]

cool powerpoint games


A strategic dice game with echoes of roulette. Place your bets on guessing the right number and win some points if you choose correctly You [...]

cool powerpoint games

The first Hangman game was you against the computer. This new version is a 2-player game that replicates the original pen & paper game [...]

cool powerpoint games

Jurassic Chase

A one or two player chase / race game where you are the hunter (the T Rex) or the hunted (the Runner). It's a pretty simple game of chance [...]

cool powerpoint games

The Beerhunter

Inspired by the movie 'The Deerhunter' and the subsequent party game of 'Beerhunter', this is a tribute to the latter. If you think you mig [...]

cool powerpoint games

The Quick Draw Magraws

The feudin' Magraw brothers - which one is quickest to the draw?! This is the second game that uses the 2-player / 2-cursor approach and yo [...]

cool powerpoint games

Yahtzee – The Classic Dice Game

The classic dice game now available on PowerPoint. You can play the simplified 'PowerPoint Only' game, or play to the full rules, with scor [...]

cool powerpoint games

Yes, it's the classic most-fun card game now available on PowerPoint. There is a solo-player game, where you play against the clock, and al [...]

cool powerpoint games

Tenpin Bowl

Just like a real bowling alley! A one or two player game where you can get a strike if you hit the right spot (or maybe get a fluke!) This [...]

cool powerpoint games

The traditional game with 10 words to identify. Almost identical to the pen & paper game, but with a few more opportunities to continue [...]

cool powerpoint games

After watching the 2017/18 New Year's Eve firework display in London I was challenged by a friend to make a firework display in PowerPoint. [...]

cool powerpoint games

Escape From Horyd House

As the title page of this game says ‘You can enter any time you like but it’s very hard to leave’. With some startling graphics and animati [...]

cool powerpoint games

Jayar’s Cubes

Revolve the cube structure by simply moving your cursor over the squares. This game uses mouseover animation and the new 'morph' transition [...]

cool powerpoint games

Random Object Selector (Tutorial)

This is a video tutorial on how to make objects or pictures appear randomly. It shows you how to make the objects appear, then shows two way [...]

cool powerpoint games

Random Object Selector – Part 2 (Tutorial)

This video tutorial shows you how to make a more precise 'randomiser' made of more than four segments. It also shows you how to make a 'mask [...]

cool powerpoint games

Slide Background Fill (Tutorial)

Slide background fill is one of my favourite PowerPoint functions. It opens up so many possibilities. This is a video tutorial on how to ap [...]

cool powerpoint games

Moving Flashlight (Tutorial)

This is a video tutorial on how to make a moving flashlight that will scan across any scene or picture. This tutorial also shows you how to [...]

cool powerpoint games

Beat the Machine

Once you have started to move along the black areas and cream coloured blocks, you must avoid touching any metal / grey parts of the machin [...]

cool powerpoint games

This is a maze game where you need to avoid touching the floor. From your starting position, jump on to each passing dodgem car to work you [...]

cool powerpoint games

Who Let the Dogs Out?!

Someone has let the dogs out and they’re chasing you. In this moving maze game you’ll need to get through two woodland areas and cross an o [...]

cool powerpoint games

Stars in the Dark

In this maze game, the aim is to collect the six stars dotted around the screen. Trouble is, you can’t see any path or walls until you hit [...]

cool powerpoint games

Save Tiddles

Poor little Tiddles is all alone and lost in the desert with a 10 ton weight about to drop on her (for some unknown reason). You have just [...]

cool powerpoint games

Criss Cross

This is a wide-screen moving ‘dodge’ game. From your starting position, you need to make your way to a circle that will appear on the yello [...]

cool powerpoint games

DANGER - Minefield! Cross this minefield one square at a time and remember where the explosions come from. There are only two routes to get [...]

cool powerpoint games

Zombie Graveyard

This is a Zombie Shoot-’em-up game. You’ve got to take out all of the zombies, and the Zombie King’s head in order to win - otherwise, it’s [...]

cool powerpoint games

The Deathship Defender

This is an alien invasion shoot ’em up game which, in some ways you can win - but you also lose. It started off as a game of shooting the r [...]

cool powerpoint games

Tank Attack

A reasonably realistic looking game. Your tank formation is under attack from enemy missiles so try to shoot them down before they strike. [...]

cool powerpoint games

Blowing Bouncing Beach Balls

Another beach game where you need to catch some beach balls blowing away in the wind before they get lost in the sea. Looks quite easy, but [...]

cool powerpoint games

Asteroid Attack

This is ‘Shoot the Spaceships’ on steroids: a-steroids! Your spaceship is in the asteroid belt and twenty asteroids are on a collision cour [...]

cool powerpoint games

Drop Me a Line

This is a relatively simple game although the mechanics took a bit of working out. The game uses the new icons supplied with the newer vers [...]

cool powerpoint games

Shoot the Spaceships

Three alien spaceships fly across the screen and all you have to do is click on them to blast them out of the sky. Your tally of hits shows [...]

cool powerpoint games

Christmas Card / Game 1

There are two Christmas card /games available for 2017. This one is essentially a shooting game, the second is a search game. I’ve found th [...]

cool powerpoint games

Bucket Drip 1

It’s raining, things are leaking, get the bucket out quick! See if you can get the bucket to the drips in time before they splash on the fl [...]

cool powerpoint games

Bucket Drip 2

Someone’s let the bath overflow! There’s water coming through the ceiling! Get the bucket out! See if you can get the bucket to the drips i [...]

cool powerpoint games

Bucket Drop

Just click on each ball to make it land inside the bucket. Easy! Except that it gets just a little bit harder as you climb the three levels [...]

cool powerpoint games

Target Golf

This website started off in January 2017 with 20 of my games. This is game number 40 uploaded in September 2017. It’s is a game made in A4 [...]

cool powerpoint games

Target Darts

A game for 1 -2 players. Step up to the oche and pick a dart to throw at the target board. You play five rounds of darts and you can employ [...]

cool powerpoint games

Penalty Shoot Out

A game for 1 -2 players. In this game you’re the goal keeper. It’s all about how many penalties you can save. Click on the ball to take the [...]

cool powerpoint games

Championship Putting

Yes, golf (or at least putting) on PowerPoint! A game from 1 to 6 players. Choose a ball to play, then click on the golfer’s head to take t [...]

cool powerpoint games

Snowboard Slalom

A quick and simple game in a ‘portrait’ page format. All you have to do is click on the right red or blue button at the right time to get t [...]

cool powerpoint games

This wide-screen cycling game has a non-PowerPoint element of a stopwatch and countdown timer so you can try to set personal records for yo [...]

cool powerpoint games

Red Dot Racer

This is one of the first games I ever made in PowerPoint. It’s simple, but quite good fun. In this game you are racing against the blue dot [...]

cool powerpoint games

The Fishing Game

In this wide-screen fishing game, move your cursor around the lake until you see a screen-tip to try a particular spot. Click to cast to th [...]

cool powerpoint games

Blackbeard’s Doubloons

This is a MACRO ENABLED game so you will need to enable the macro when prompted by PowerPoint. Blackbeard’s cask of 30 golden doubloons has [...]

cool powerpoint games

This game is a bit weirder than the others! Jake has lost his sun cream. It’s buried in the sand somewhere. You have to dig up the beach to [...]

cool powerpoint games

Christmas Card / Game 2

There are two Christmas card / games available for 2017. This one is a 'search' game. The other, with Santa's sleigh, is a kind of shooting [...]

cool powerpoint games


The classic two player game that requires players to be on different computers. It’s also a game that has to operate in both PowerPoint ‘Pr [...]

cool powerpoint games

Most people will remember Tetris, one of the first smash-hit computer games. Well here’s a simplified and easy-to-play version of that game [...]

cool powerpoint games

Another two-player game that needs no introduction. Click on the left hand side of a white circle for a yellow counter to drop into it, and [...]

cool powerpoint games

Naughts & Crosses (Tic Tac Toe)

A big and bold traditional game for two players that needs no introduction whatsoever. Click on the left side of a box for a cross to appea [...]

cool powerpoint games

This is a game for two players on separate computers or devices. Click a button to see your person, and ask questions about your opponent’s [...]

cool powerpoint games

This is an original two-player strategy game that you can play by sharing a mouse, or play remotely by using the ‘Battleships’ style grid r [...]

cool powerpoint games

Sargent Pepper’s Heads

A fairly simple game where all you have to do is look at the name at the top of screen and click on that person. A tick (check mark) will t [...]

cool powerpoint games

A game that started life as a board game, then evolved into an Android app, now incarnated again as a PowerPoint Game. Just click on a squa [...]

cool powerpoint games

Emporium Jigsaw

For some strange reason I’ve always wanted to make a jigsaw puzzle game in PowerPoint. I could never work out a way to make the individual [...]

cool powerpoint games

Jigsaw Pieces (Tutorial)

This is a video tutorial on how to make individual pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that can be animated and moved independently. This is the meth [...]

cool powerpoint games

Famous Falling Faces

Click on the blocks as they fall until the are in the correct position to complete the full portraits of six famous people. The game is not [...]

cool powerpoint games

First to Eight

A game for 1 -4 players. Randomly choose a colour to play, then click on each orange peg to remove a black dot and reveal a coloured dot be [...]

cool powerpoint games

Mind Reader

In this mind-boggling wide-screen game you think of a two-digit number, do a quick calculation with it, then match the answer you get to a [...]

cool powerpoint games

Scrolling Background (Tutorial)

This is a video tutorial on how to make a scrolling background in PowerPoint This example uses a background scene from side to side, but you [...]

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11 Interactive Presentation Games to Win Easy Engagement in 2023

11 Interactive Presentation Games to Win Easy Engagement in 2023

Lawrence Haywood • 23 Aug 2023 • 9 min read

So, how to make a presentation engaging? Audience attention is a slippery snake. It’s difficult to grasp and even less easy to hold, yet you need it for a successful presentation.

No Death by PowerPoint, no to drawing monologues; it’s time to bring out the interactive presentation games !

These 11 games below are perfect for an interactive presentation . They’ll score you mega-plus points with colleagues, students, or wherever else you need a kick of super-engaging interactivity… So let’s check out those exciting presentation formats!

Table of Contents

#1: live quiz, #2: what would you do, #3: key number, #4: guess the order, #5: 2 truths, 1 lie.

  • #6: 4 Corners

#7: Obscure Word Cloud

  • #8: Heart, Gun, Bomb
  • #9: Match Up

#10: Spin the Wheel

  • #11: Q&A Balloons

Presentation Games for PowerPoint – Yes or No?

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Alternative Text

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Is there any event that hasn’t been immediately improved with some trivia?

A live quiz is an evergreen, ever-engaging way to consolidate your presentation’s info and check the understanding of it all amongst your audience. Expect big laughs as your audience competes fiercely over who was listening to your presentation the most complex.

How to make it…

  • Set up your questions on free quizzing software .
  • Present your quiz to your players, who join by typing your unique code into their phones.
  • Take your players through each question, and they race to get the correct answer the fastest.
  • Check the final leaderboard to reveal the winner!

Learn how to set up your presentation quiz for free in just a few minutes! 👇

Put your audience in your shoes. Give them a scenario related to your presentation and see how they would deal with it.

Let’s say you’re a teacher giving a presentation on dinosaurs. After presenting your info, you would ask something like…

A stegosaurus is chasing you, ready to snap you up for dinner. How do you escape?

After each person submits their answer, you can take a vote to see which is the crowd’s favourite response to the scenario.

This is one of the best presentation games for students as it gets young minds whirring creatively. But it also works great in a work setting and can have a similar freeing effect, which is especially significant as a meeting ice breaker .

  • Create a brainstorming slide and write your scenario at the top.
  • Participants join your presentation on their phones and type their responses to your scenario.
  • Afterwards, each participant votes for their favourite (or top 3 favourites) answers.
  • The participant with the most votes is revealed as the winner!

SimpsonsQOTD on Twitter: "“Oh, and don't bother calling 911 anymore. Here's the real number.”" / Twitter

No matter the topic of your presentation, there’s sure to be a lot of numbers and figures flying around.

As an audience member, keeping track of them isn’t always easy, but one of the interactive presentation games that makes it easier is Key Number .

Here, you offer a simple prompt of a number, and the audience responds with what they think it refers to. For example, if you write ‘ $25′ , your audience might respond with ‘our cost per acquisition’ , ‘our daily budget for TikTok advertising’ or ‘the amount John spends on jelly tots every day’ .

  • Create a few multiple-choice slides (or open-ended slides to make it more complicated).
  • Write your key number at the top of each slide.
  • Write the answer options.
  • Participants join your presentation on their phones.
  • Participants select the answer they think the critical number relates to (or type in their answer if open-ended).

If keeping track of numbers and figures is challenging, it can be even tougher to follow entire processes or workflows explained in a presentation.

To cement this information in your audience’s mind, Guess the Order is a fantastic game for presentations.

You write the steps of a process, jumble them up, and then see who can put them in the right order the fastest.

  • Create a ‘Correct Order’ slide and write your statements.
  • Statements are automatically jumbled up.
  • Players join your presentation on their phones.
  • Players race to put the statements in the correct order.

A slide after players have voted on which of 3 stories is the lie.

You might have heard of this one as a great icebreaker, but it’s also one of the top presentation games for checking who’s paying attention.

And it’s pretty simple to do. Just think of two statements using the information in your presentation, and make another one up. Players have to guess which is the one you’ve made up.

This one is a great re-capping game and works for students and colleagues.

  • Create a list of 2 truths and one lie covering different topics in your presentation.
  • Read out two truths and one lie and get participants to guess the lie.
  • Participants vote for the lie either by hand or through a multiple-choice slide in your presentation.

#6: 4 Corners – Interactive Presentation Games

4 corners: one of the presentation games that helps get audience attention.

The best presentations are ones that spark a bit of creative thinking and discussion. There’s no better presentation game for evoking this than 4 Corners.

The concept is simple. Present a statement based on something from your presentation that’s open to different points of view. Depending on each player’s opinion, they move to a corner of the room labelled ‘strongly agree’, ‘agree’, ‘disagree’ or ‘strongly disagree’ .

Maybe something like this:

An individual is shaped more by nature than nurture.

Once everyone is in their corner, you could have a structured debate between the four sides to bring different opinions to the table.

  • Set up the ‘strongly agree’, ‘agree’, ‘disagree’ and ‘strongly disagree’ corners of your room (if running a virtual presentation, then a simple show of hands could work).
  • Write some statements which are open to different opinions.
  • Read out the statement.
  • Each player stands in the right corner of the room, depending on their view.
  • Discuss the four different viewpoints.

word cloud slide as part of presentation games on AhaSlides.

Live word clouds are always a beautiful addition to any interactive presentation. If you want our advice, include them whenever you can – presentation games or not.

If you do plan to use one for a game in your presentation, a great one to try is Obscure Word Cloud .

It works on the same concept as the popular UK game show Pointless . Your players are given a statement and have to name the most obscure answer they can. The least-mentioned correct answer is the winner!

Take this example statement:

Name one of our top 10 countries for customer satisfaction.

The most popular answers may be India, USA and Brazil , but the points go to the least mentioned correct country.

  • Create a word cloud slide with your statement at the top.
  • Players submit the most obscure answer they can think of.
  • The most obscure one appears most diminutive on the board. Whoever submitted that answer is the winner!

Word Clouds for Every Presentation

Get these word cloud templates when you sign up for free with AhaSlides!

What to do with collaborative word cloud

For Ice Breaking

What to do with collaborative word cloud

For Testing

What to do with collaborative word cloud

#8: Heart, Gun, Bomb.- Interactive Presentation Games

cool powerpoint games

This one’s a great game to use in the classroom, but if you’re not looking for presentation games for students, it also works wonders in a casual work setting.

Heart, Gun, Bomb is a game in which teams take turns to answer questions presented in a grid. If they get an answer right, they either get a heart, a gun or a bomb…

  • A ❤️ grants the team an extra life.
  • A 🔫 takes away one life from any other team.
  • A 💣 takes away one heart from the team who got it.

All teams start with five hearts. The team with the most hearts at the end, or the only surviving team, is the winner!

  • Before starting, create a grid table for yourself with either a heart, gun or bomb occupying each grid (on a 5×5 grid, this should be 12 hearts, nine guns and four bombs).
  • Present another grid table to your players (5×5 for two teams, 6×6 for three groups, etc.)
  • Write a figure stat (like 25%) from your presentation into each grid.
  • Split players into the desired number of teams.
  • Team 1 chooses a grid and says the meaning behind the number ( for example, the number of customers last quarter ).
  • If they’re wrong, they lose a heart. If they’re right, they get either a seat, gun or bomb, depending on what the grid corresponds to on your grid table.
  • Repeat this with all the teams until there’s a winner!

>>> Get more interactive presentation ideas (Interactive PowerPoint ideas) with AhaSlides

#9: Match Up – Interactive Presentation Games

Here’s another quiz-type question that can be a great addition to your roster of presentation games.

It involves a set of prompt statements and a set of answers. Each group is jumbled; the players must match the information with the correct answer as quickly as possible.

Again, this one works well when the answers are numbers and figures.

  • Create a ‘Match Pairs’ question.
  • Fill out the set of prompts and answers, which will automatically shuffle.
  • Players match each prompt with its answer as fast as possible to score the most points.

If there’s a more versatile presentation game tool than the humble spinner wheel , we aren’t aware of it.

Adding the random factor of a spinner wheel might be just what you need to keep engagement in your presentation high. There are presentation games you can use with this, including…

  • Choosing a random participant to answer a question.
  • Choosing a bonus prize after getting an answer correct.
  • Choosing the next person to ask a Q&A question or give a presentation.
  • Create a spinner wheel slide and write the title at the top.
  • Write the entries for the spinner wheel.
  • Spin the wheel and see where it lands!

Tip 💡 You can choose the AhaSlides spinner wheel to use your participants’ names, so you don’t have to fill in the entries manually! Learn more interactive presentation techniques with AhaSlides

#11: Q&A Balloons – Interactive Presentation Games

Foil Balloon Question Mark by PixelSquid360 on Envato Elements

This one’s a great way to turn a regular end-of-presentation feature into a fun, engaging game.

It’s got all the hallmarks of a standard Q&A, but this time, all the questions are written on balloons.

It’s a super simple one to set up and play, but you’ll see how motivated participants are to ask questions when it involves balloons!

  • Hand out a deflated balloon and a Sharpie to each participant.
  • Each participant blows up the balloon and writes their question on it.
  • Each participant bats their balloon to where the speaker is standing.
  • The speaker answers the question and then pops or throws away the balloon.

So, how do you feel about AhaSlides’s creative ideas for presentations? Being by far the most popular presentation tool on the planet, you may want to know if there are any presentation games to play on PowerPoint.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. PowerPoint takes presentations incredibly seriously and doesn’t have a lot of time for interactivity or fun of any kind.

But there’s good news…

It is possible to directly embed presentation games into PowerPoint presentations with free help from AhaSlides.

You can import your PowerPoint presentation to AhaSlides with the click of a button, then place interactive presentation games like the ones above directly between your presentation slides.

💡 PowerPoint presentation games in less than 5 minutes ? Check the video below or our quick tutorial here to find out how!

Got a question? We've got answers.

Benefits of Playing Interactive Presentation Games?

How to make presentations more engaging, creative ways to present a project without powerpoint.

' src=

Lawrence Haywood

Former ESL teacher and quiz master converted to the wild slide. Now a content creator, traveller, musician and big time slider preaching the good word of interactivity.

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cool powerpoint games


Learn. try. share..

cool powerpoint games

10 PowerPoint Games

There are several benefits to using powerpoint games in the classroom..

They provide an opportunity to model an activity or a game (especially with large classes), they can be fun to play, they are easy to create or edit and they don’t require an internet connection.

Since tekhnologic started over two years ago, I have shared several PowerPoint games that I have created. Now, as 2016 draws to a close, I wanted to put together a bumper pack of PowerPoint games to thank everyone who has been following this blog.

You’ll find a few some new games as well as some old favorites.

I hope you will enjoy playing them.

Game Number 1:



Download the tic-tac-toe  PowerPoint

I wrote about playing tic-tac-toe to set discussion goals back in April 2015, but I originally designed the template in Excel. This year, I wanted to create a template in PowerPoint that could be used to model to activity to the whole class.

When you open the template, you will see nine numbered squares. You can either play the game with the numbered squares or you can edit those squares and add words or phrases for the students to use in order to claim the square.

Divide your students into two teams. Decide which team is circles and which team is crosses.

Circles go first. One student from the team nominates a number or word. If they produce a sentence or answer a question, the team can claim that square.

Click on the square once to reveal a circle.

Then it’s the crosses turn. If they produce a sentence or answer a question, the team can claim that square.

Click twice on the square to reveal a cross.

The team with three symbols in a row wins.

Click on the ‘play again’ button to reset the board.

Game Number 2:

Mystery squares.


Download the Mystery Squares  PowerPoint.

This is a new PowerPoint game, but it is a variation of Trick or Treat .

Trick or treat was a Halloween themed game inspired by games such as Typhoon and BAAM. The central concept of that game is that points can be halved or lost if the students revealed a particular icon.

I wanted to create a variation where students could gain more points if they reveal a particular icon. I created a board of 20 squares and under each square there are hidden coins.


The students don’t know where the higher value coins are, so like ‘treat or treat’  the game has a random element. This means that stronger students won’t dominate the game.

Type a word, grammar structure, or number into each square.

  • Encourage students to make sentences with words you added.
  • Encourage students to use the grammar patterns and make a new sentence.
  • Encourage the students to call out and number and answer the corresponding question.

Note: You can change the placement of the coins, but you will have to adjust the animation triggers. If you move a coin from under square 7 to square 3, you will have to change the animation trigger from square 7 to square 3, otherwise the coin in square 3 will only appear when you click on square 7.

Game Number 3:


Download the Pair Up PowerPoint

Pair Up is a new PowerPoint game. I have used a similar game in the past, but I haven’t released a version on this site before.

The aim of Pair Up is to introduce, practice and test common collocations with students.

This game works well with both large and small classes. It works well with both teams and individual players. Divide your class into suitable numbers.

At the bottom of the slide, there is a hint that tells the students how many matches there are. In the center of the slide, there is a white box that can contains part of the collocation.

If the students choose a word that they think completes the collocation and it is incorrect the box will turn red. If the students choose a correct answer, it will turn green.

How to change the fill animation to a different color

All the surrounding words are set to change to red as if they were incorrect answers . Once you have added in your words, you will need to change the color for the correct answers. Follow these steps:

Changing the Animation Color.png

  • After you have written your words and its collocations (some correct, some incorrect), select the box(es) with the correct answers.
  • Go to the Animations ribbon
  • Click on Effect Options and change the color to green.

If your word has two or more matches, you will have the change the fill animation for two or more answer boxes.

Game Number 4:


Download the Bullseye PowerPoint

I created the bullseye template as a variation from the grid layout used in other PowerPoint games. The design of the board is similar to both Jeopardy and Mystery Squares in that there are different points awarded for each section of the board.

  • The outer ring is worth 1 point.
  • The middle ring is worth 2 points.
  • The inner ring is worth 3 points.
  • The bullseye is worth 5 points.

The value of points should reflect the difficulty of the questions.

However, there are no questions and answers in this template, it is just a way of keep track of points. You will need to create your own questions that reflect the content of your course.

Once you have prepared your questions, start the presentation and you are ready to play.

Divide the students into teams.

Ask one student from the first team to nominate a section of the board.

All students in the class are free to answer the question. How the students respond is up to you, but you could tell the students to use a buzzer, ask them to raise their hands or write the answer on a mini board.

The student who answers the question associated with A3 correctly, they win 3 points for their team.

Click on section A3 and it will change color to yellow.

Game Number 5:

Quiz questions.


Download the Quiz Questions 2016  PowerPoint

In September 2015, I wrote Part 2 of my Make Your Own Quiz post. These were multiple choice question templates. Traditionally, the question cards have always only had four options for the answers (A,B,C and D), however, recently I have received a few comments about how to create additional letters and options.

As a result, with this latest version, I have included templates for four answers, six answers and eight answers.

To create your own class quiz, copy the slides you need into a new PowerPoint and write your own questions and answers. When your PowerPoint is ready, you are ready to play.

Divide your students into teams.

The student/team who answers the question correctly, wins a point.

Game Number 6:



 Download the Battleships PowerPoint

Last September, I was inspired to make a PowerPoint version of Battleships after reading this blog post from ELT-CATION.

When you open the template, you will see twenty-eight squares labelled ‘WORD.’ Edit each square and write a word or phrase that you would like the students to use in order to claim the square.

The students choose a square using a letter and number combination e.g. D3, A4, C6. Encourage the students to make a sentence with the word or phrase in that square. If the student is successful, click on the square to reveal whether there is a ship underneath.

You can reward the student or the student’s team with a point if they hit a ship. You can reward the student or the student’s team with several points if they sink the ship. For example, if the ship covers three squares, award the students three points.

Read the original post for more information about how to edit the PowerPoint, move the ships and play the game.

Game Number 7:

The football game.


 Download the Football Game PowerPoint.

ELT-CATION and tekhnologic worked together to produce the Football Game .

When you start the presentation, a soccer ball will appear in the middle of the slide.

Click on each of the green strips of grass to move the ball.

When a player or team scores, click on the team buttons to record the number of goals.

During a real football game, players tackle each other and take control of the ball. An easy way to simulate this is to use a dice. Roll 1/2 and the ball moves one space, roll 3/4 and the ball moves two spaces, roll 5/6 and the ball moves three spaces. This will make it more of a challenge for the students/teams to score a goal. The greater the challenge, the more exciting the game is.

The Football Game is also a very versatile PowerPoint game because it can be used with any set of questions. Additionally, the game can also be transferred easily to the students. There is a paper-based version available to download from the original post .

Game Number 8:


Download the  Jeopardy 2016  PowerPoint.

I wrote about 5 ways to play Jeopardy back in January of 2016, since then I have updated the PowerPoint template.

Jeopardy is a game where the players are given the answer and are asked to form the question, however many ESL quiz games ask a question, so the teacher can judge if the students have understood the material by the answer they have given.

This template can be suitable for both quiz forms. The template is called Jeopardy because of the board layout.

Open the template and you will see the menu board. Each square is linked to a specific slide in the presentation. Click on red 1 and you will move to the red topic and the question that is worth 1 point .

Each question slide has one box for the question and one box for the answer. Add your own questions and answers to the template and you are ready to play.

Start the presentation.

Click on one of the squares on the menu board to go to a question slide.

Click on the question box to reveal the answer.

Click on the answer to return to the menu.

I hope you will enjoy playing Jeopardy.

Game Number 9:



Download the Concentration PowerPoint

I created the Concentration template as part of the post entitled ‘ 5 activities to make your PowerPoint more engaging .’

Concentration is a memory game where the students try to remember the location of matching pairs. This activity encourages the students to remember collocations, definitions and meanings.

The template contains 3 slides. Each slide represents a different difficulty. The first uses colors and numbers as a guide to match the cards. The second only uses colors while the third doesn’t use either numbers or colors.

This is a turn based activity, but all students should be paying attention to try and remember the position of the numbers/colors or cards.

If the students are correct, leave the cards uncovered and award points to their team. If the students are incorrect, cover the cards again and give the next team a chance.

*Special thanks to Ellen Simes who collaborated with tekhnologic on the Concentration project.

Game Number 10:

Picture Reveal


 Download the Picture Reveal 3-0  PowerPoint

Picture reveal was also part of the post entitled ‘ 5 activities to make your PowerPoint more engaging ,’ but I original introduce this game back in October of 2014 in the post ‘ The Big Reveal! ‘

A hidden picture is placed under several squares. The first version of this activity only used 9 squares. This updated version uses 9, 18, 36 and 72 squares.

Picture Reveal - Levels

Students are encouraged to guess the picture underneath the square.

This is a turn based activity. Each team choose a numbered square to reveal.

Once the students have stated their number, they must make a guess or say that they don’t know what the image is. The reason for this rule is to ensure that as much English is spoken as possible.

If the student guesses correctly, click on the images to reveal it. If the student guesses incorrectly, ask the next group to choose a square.

This video will show you how to change the image underneath the squares.

Picture Reveal

How would you play these games?

Please leave a comment if you have any ideas you would like to share or if you have any questions about any of the templates., alternatively you can send me a message on my  facebook  page or on  twitter ., thanks for reading and take care.

All games and associated images were designed with Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. Animations and sounds may differ when opened in other presentation software.

Microsoft® Office® is a copyrighted product of the Microsoft® corporation. All images are for educational purposes only.

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10 More PowerPoint Games - Featured Image

5 Activities to make your PowerPoint more engaging was an article written to encourage audience/student participation in a presentation. It includes two activities that use photos, two activities that encourage active recall of information/phrases and one matching activity.

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If you wish to use pictures instead of text, you will need to insert each picture and then use the arrange options on the format ribbon to send the place the images behind the numbers. Alternatively, you can arrange shapes in the selection pane.

Hope that helps.

It happened to me too! I wonder how to fix this . thanks for sharing any updates

Hi Xielaoshi, Refer to the response above or set your images as backgrounds images for the text-boxes. Regards, T

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This is fantastic- do you have any step by step instructions on how to change the triggers? We tried it in magic squares and things keep turning up black.

Hi Kristie.

I have written how to change triggers in general terms but I don’t believe I have produced a step-by-step guide. Perhaps I did in an earlier post, but I would have to check. For now, I can offer you this:

1. Go to the animation ribbon and click on animation pane. The animation pane should appear on the left-hand side of the screen. 2. On the slide, click on the object you want to change the animation trigger for. 3. Select the animation for that object either from the small numbered square next to the object or from the highlighted object in the animation pane. 4. When you have selected your animation(s), go to the animation ribbons, click on trigger and select the new object/shape that will be the trigger for that animation.

I hope that helps for now. Let me know if you still experience problems and I will try and create a more elaborate guide for you, but it may be some time before I can get round to it.

Thank you so much for getting back to me- that was unexpected (but I was hopeful). I’m still not having any luck. When I move things around, the spaces end up being black so I’m still doing something wrong. This is what my screen looks like when I start-


when I try to change squares 12 and 16 this is what it looks like- (I want to change them because the kids have figured out where the high value coins are)


When I try to show the powerpoint the squares are black.

Again, thank you for getting back to me- I truly love the activities- I just want to be able to reuse them and ultimately introduce your website to even more of my colleagues.

Kristie Coffman Spanish Teacher Content Leader 563-552-5689[cid:8d55843b-c5eb-4811-972f-5a43ba21fb49] Dubuque Senior High School


Hi Christie,

Thank you for the message.

The activities are 100% reusable. As we discussed before, the animation triggers just need changing.

The animation triggers for the cover tiles are fixed. The tiles disappear when you click on them, but the coin needs to have its animation trigger set to the new cover tile (if it has moved). You will probably find that a coin is appearing, just on a different part of the slide.

I wrote a step by step guide above to changing the animation triggers of objects. Unfortunately, I will not be available to make a guide or tutorial for several days.

If you contact me via my Facebook page, I will keep you updated as to when a guide/tutorial has been published.

Thank you for creating these games! This will help me out for my classes!

Thank you so much- we’ve figured out our ‘triggers’ and are enjoying using your activities! The students love these!!

Thanks so much for these great ideas and amazing games.

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  1. Game PowerPoint Presentations: How-to's and Templates

    cool powerpoint games

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    cool powerpoint games

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    cool powerpoint games

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    cool powerpoint games

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    cool powerpoint games

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    cool powerpoint games


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  1. Why Is Powerpoint Good for Presentations?

    Powerpoint is a good program to use for a presentation because it allows the listeners to have a visual of the subjects the speaker is talking about. It also gives the speaker a reference point for the subjects that make up the majority of ...

  2. Where to Purchase PowerPoint

    PowerPoint software is used to create slideshows, and it’s part of the Microsoft Office Suite. You can buy it as part of the Office Suite or as a standalone product. It’s available for purchase directly from Microsoft, brick-and-mortar reta...

  3. What Are Placeholders in PowerPoint?

    In PowerPoint, placeholders are boxes with dotted borders that contain content and reside within a slide layout. Built-in template slides on PowerPoint already contain placeholders, but placeholders can be added to any template, including t...

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    Free PowerPoint Games · PowerPoint Games And Templates · Hidden Picture PowerPoint Games · Memory Game PowerPoint Game · PowerPoint Race Game · Sleeping Penguins

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    The 10 best PowerPoint Games to play in Workshops, Classrooms & Presentations · 1. Would you rather · 2. Charades · 3. Quizzes · 4. Memory · 5. Two

  6. 10 Free PowerPoint Game Templates for the Classroom

    One of the most popular types of PowerPoint games to use in the classroom is Jeopardy. It's a great game to use to review for a test or to

  7. Top Fun PowerPoint Games to play During a Presentation

    Top Fun PowerPoint Games to play During a Presentation ; Free Interactive Family Feud Game Template. Free Family Feud game template ; Free Interactive Who Wants

  8. Power Point Games

    PowerPoint Games · Over 170 fun games, educational games and tutorials produced on PowerPoint. Most are FREE to download and play. · Gameopoly · Announcement:.

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    Best PowerPoint Games & Activities to Get to Know Your colleagues · Table of contents: · PowerPoint Game 1: Two Truths and a Lie · PowerPoint Game

  10. Interactive Powerpoint Games for the K-2 Classroom

    1. Tic- Tac- Toe. When you open the template, you will see nine numbered squares. · 2. Mystery Squares. This is a new PowerPoint game, but it is a variation of

  11. 11 Interactive Presentation Games to Win Easy Engagement in 2023

    Presentation Games for PowerPoint – Yes or No? So, how do you feel about AhaSlides's creative ideas for presentations? Being by far the most

  12. Top 10 powerpoint game templates ideas and inspiration

    Have family fun with this interactive game template and galaxy-inspired design. Download it for Google Slides and PowerPoint. More.

  13. Top 10 powerpoint games ideas and inspiration

    PowerPoint game templates that play just like your students' favorite game shows including Jeopardy, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, and more!

  14. 10 PowerPoint Games

    10 PowerPoint Games · Download the tic-tac-toe PowerPoint · Download the Mystery Squares PowerPoint. · How to change the fill animation to a