1. Components of a Computer System ppt.pptx

    computer hardware assignment ppt

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    computer hardware assignment ppt

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    computer hardware assignment ppt

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    computer hardware assignment ppt

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    computer hardware assignment ppt

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    computer hardware assignment ppt


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  2. Hardware assignment

  3. CCCN221-Computer Architecture-Lecture 3(Instructions)/slide#1-14

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  6. 從零學習電腦硬體知識 記憶體條❤️ Learn computer hardware knowledge from scratch with memory modules


  1. PDF Lecture #4-5: Computer Hardware (Overview and CPUs)

    In the next two lectures we will focus entirely on Hardware. Computer hardware components can generally be broken down into three categories: Processing - Processing components are responsible for actually carrying out actions in the computer. The main processing component is the Central Processing Unit (CPU).

  2. Computer hardware and software an assignment

    Computer hardware and software an assignment - Download as a PDF or view online for free. Computer hardware and software an assignment - Download as a PDF or view online for free ... CPU computer fundamental ppt References = computer fundamental book published by = P.K Sinha Course= BCA ,Sem=1,Yr=1 presentation- 13 slides contents=all the ...

  3. PDF Chapter 3 Computer Hardware

    3.3 Computer Hardware Basics Computer hardware is divided into two main categories: the system unit and peripherals. The system unit contains the electronic components used to process and temporarily store data and instructions (Figure 3.2). These components include the central process-ing unit, primary memory, and the system board.

  4. PPT

    Step 2: The scanner converts the document content to digital information, which is transmitted through the cable to the memory of the computer. Step 3: Once in the memory of the computer, users can display the image, print it, e-mail it, include it in a document, or place it on a Web page.

  5. Hardware assignment

    Hardware Assignment - Eastern Michigan. Education. 1 of 19. Internal & External. Internal Hardware. Optical Drive Where CDs, Hard Drive A device. RAM Random Access Memory: the. Power Supply Supplies power.

  6. PPT

    The Motherboard • Motherboard: The place where most of the electronics including the CPU are mounted. The Central Processing Unit • The Central Processing Unit ( CPU) • Often referred to as the "brain" of the computer. • Responsible for controlling all activities of the computer system. • The two major components of the CPU are: 1.

  7. PDF CS/ECE 752: Advanced Computer Architecture I Lecture 1. Introduction

    Course Prerequisites. Basic Computer Organization (e.g., CS/ECE 552) Logic: gates, Boolean functions, latches, memories. Datapath: ALU, register file, muxes. Control: single-cycle control, micro-code. Caches & pipelining (will go into these in more detail here) Some familiarity with assembly language.

  8. Bba i-introduction to computer-u-1-computer hardware system

    1. Computer Hardware SyStem Course: BBA Subject: Introduction to Computer Unit: I. 2. History of Computers • Charles Babbage - father of computer - 1800's planned analytical engine • ENIAC - developed at end of WW II • 1951 - 1963 1st and 2nd generation - very large, used unreliable vacuum tubes • 1963 - present - 3rd and 4th ...

  9. Chapter 1 Computer Hardware.

    Physical devices (aspect) of a computer. Computer hardware can be classified into two: CPU (Central Processing Unit) and Peripherals. 5 X Place a cpu and system unit. 6 COMPUTER PERIPHERALS Input/output (I/O) devices. Usually electromechanical devices Online devices vs offline devices. 7 INPUT DEVICES.

  10. PPT

    Presentation Transcript. Intro to Computer Hardware Digital Basics. Computer Hardware Hardware - the physical parts of the computer system that you can see and touch. System Unit • The system unit is the box which holds & protects the electronic components of the computer. • It is sometimes called the "tower".


    1 UNIT 14: INSTALLING & MAINTAINING COMPUTER HARDWARE. 2 FROM THIS UNIT THE LEARNER WILL: A understand the benefits and implications of installing and maintaining hardware in technology systems B plan installation and maintenance of hardware in a technology system C install, maintain and test hardware in a technology system D review the ...

  12. Topic B: Computer hardware and software

    System Software. System software - it is designed to run a computer's hardware and application software, and make the computer system available for use. It serves as the interface between hardware, application software, and the user. Main functions of system software - allocating system resources, managing storage space, storing and ...

  13. Computer Hardware

    Computer hardware includes the physical parts of a computer, such as a case, central processing unit (CPU), random access memory (RAM), monitor, and mouse which processes the input according to the set of instructions provided to it by the user and gives the desired output. The computer has mainly has two major components:

  14. Free PPT Slides for Hardware Training

    Unlock a Vast Repository of Hardware Training PPT Slides, Meticulously Curated by Our Expert Tutors and Institutes. Download Free and Enhance Your Learning! ... Computer Hardware Is The Physical Parts-Basics. Hardware Training (16 Slides) 3657 Views. by: Prantik. Computer Hardware Basics. Hardware Training (8 Slides) 3449 Views.

  15. Computer hardware: a class presentation

    COMPUTER CASE Computer case is the enclosure that contains most of the components of a computer. It also provides the framework of the whole computer system & it includes the power supply that will run the computer. 23. Most computers contain the following devices inside the case: 1. System board 2.

  16. Assignment: PowerPoint

    Welcome to Computer Applications and Concepts Reference: Blackboard Tutorials Overview of Assignments Course Textbooks and Software. Computer Hardware. Computer Hardware Learning Objectives Reading: Hardware Additional Reading: The PC Video: Basic PC Parts Video: Binary for Beginners Video: An Overview of Storage Devices Video: Computer ...

  17. Computer hardware PowerPoint templates, Slides and Graphics

    This image slide displays desktop hardware computer icons. This image slide has been designed with graphic of circular hardware icons. Use this image slide, in your presentation to express views on networking, communication, storage and technology. This image slide will enhance the quality of your presentations. Slide 1 of 2.

  18. Computer Hardware Learning Objectives

    Learning Objectives. Indicate the names and functions of hardware ports and the parts of the motherboard. Identify the names and distinguishing features of different kinds of input and output devices. Describe how the CPU processes data and instructions and controls the operation of all other devices. Identify the names, distinguishing features ...

  19. Hardware and Software Presentation (teacher made)

    Use this interactive Hardware and Software Presentation to introduce your students to hardware and software in an easy to understand way. Students will be guided through the definition and examples of computer hardware and software before trying the quiz at the end. Perfect to introduce the different components of a computer and for students to understand the difference between hardware and ...

  20. Hardware & Software

    It is divided into two main categories Hardware Software. 4. HARDWARE Hardware is the physical aspect of computers, telecommunications, and other devices. It includes not only the computer proper but also the cables, connectors, power supply units, and peripheral devices such as the keyboard, mouse, audio speakers, and printers. 5.

  21. computer hardware Powerpoint templates and Google Slides themes

    computer hardware Powerpoint templates and Google Slides themes -Slidego. computer hardware Powerpoint templates and Google Slides themes -Slidego. is an independent website that offers free powerpoint templates and is not part of Freepik/any particular brand. Read the privacy policies. Menu.

  22. Introduction to Computer Hardware slides ppt

    Download now. Introduction to Computer Hardware slides ppt. 1. Abdus Salam Computer Application. 2. 5 Lec-I, II & III Introduction to Computer Hardware System Unit Motherboard BIOS Basic Unit of Measurement Processor Memory RAM ROM Storage Devices Magnetic Storage Devices Formatting Optical Storage Devices. 3.

  23. PDF Computer hardware problems and solutions ppt

    press windows r to open windows run dialog type msdt exe id devicediagnostic in run dialog and press enter to open hardware and devices troubleshooter click next to run hardware and devices troubleshooter it will automatically detect problems with your computer hardware and devices.