Synonyms of short stories

  • as in tales
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Thesaurus Definition of short stories

Synonyms & Similar Words

  • bedtime stories
  • fairy tales

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short stories

short story

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Short-story Synonyms

Words related to short-story.

Related words are words that are directly connected to each other through their meaning, even if they are not synonyms or antonyms. This connection may be general or specific, or the words may appear frequently together.

Short-story Sentence Examples

In 2007, he will co-star in Keith, an independent coming-of-age film based on a short story by Ron Carlson.

Tell a short story about the individual as an experience you shared with them.

Create a short story or bullet points to identify the problems which your product or service will solve.

Online might be the best way for a new short story writer to break into the market.

Another good resource for finding contest information is the Novel and Short Story Writer's Market; a new edition of this reference book for writers is released each year.

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Words near Short-story in the Thesaurus

  • short sleep
  • short subject
  • short-sighted
  • short-spoken
  • short-staffed
  • short-story
  • short-temper
  • short-tempered
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What is another word for short story ?


[ ʃˈɔːt stˈɔːɹɪ], [ ʃˈɔːt stˈɔːɹɪ], [ ʃ_ˈɔː_t s_t_ˈɔː_ɹ_ɪ]

Synonyms for Short story:

  • reminiscence
  • arrangement
  • dissertation
  • literary work
  • literary works
  • prosaicness
  • reading matter

Other synonyms:

  • black comedy
  • cock-and-bull story

Other relevant words:

  • composition
  • detective novel
  • epistolary novel
  • erotic novel
  • historical novel
  • novel of ideas
  • penny dreadful
  • picaresque novel
  • psychological novel
  • roman a clef
  • roman-fleuve
  • sentimental novel
  • short-short
  • long and short of it
  • old chestnut
  • short stories
  • short story

How to use "Short story" in context?

Short stories are an excellent way to learn about a topic in a condensed amount of time. The best short stories are those that are rich in detail and character development.

Short stories can be read in one sitting or over the course of a day or two. They are perfect for picking up when you want to read something quickly and they are also great for finding new authors to read.

There are many different types of short stories, including ones that are set in the present day and ones that take place in the past. Some stories are humorous while others are heart-wrenching.

Hyponym for Short story:

  • communication story .

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  • Rhymes with Short-story
  • Short-story in a sentence

noun. ['ˈstɔri'] a message that tells the particulars of an act or occurrence or course of events; presented in writing or drama or cinema or as a radio or television program.

  • subject matter
  • fairy story
  • nursery rhyme
  • discontented
  • estorie (English)
  • historia (English)

Rhymes with Short Story

Sentences with short-story.

1. Noun Phrase The erotica section, however, allows for short story manuscripts around 25,000 to 40,000 words.

adjective. ['ˈʃɔrt'] primarily temporal sense; indicating or being or seeming to be limited in duration.

  • momentaneous
  • short-dated
  • short-range
  • short and sweet
  • abbreviated
  • intelligible
  • short (Middle English (1100-1500))

noun. ['ˈstɔri'] a piece of fiction that narrates a chain of related events.

  • heroic tale
  • culmination
  • adventure story
  • mystery story
  • short story
  • natural object
  • immoderation

adjective. ['ˈʃɔrt'] (primarily spatial sense) having little length or lacking in length.

  • short-snouted
  • distributed

noun. ['ˈstɔri'] a structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale.

  • mezzanine floor
  • ground floor
  • ground level
  • first floor
  • construction

adjective. ['ˈʃɔrt'] low in stature; not tall.

  • half-length

noun. ['ˈstɔri'] a record or narrative description of past events.

  • case history
  • historical paper
  • ancient history
  • historical record
  • historical document
  • life history

noun. ['ˈstɔri'] a short account of the news.

  • urban legend
  • news report
  • disassembly

noun. ['ˈʃɔrt'] the location on a baseball field where the shortstop is stationed.

  • baseball diamond
  • piece of ground
  • parcel of land

adjective. ['ˈʃɔrt'] not sufficient to meet a need.

  • insufficient
  • anticyclone

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Short stories synonyms

What is another word for short stories .

  • novelette short work of fiction
  • tale short work of fiction
  • narrative short work of fiction
  • yarn short work of fiction
  • novella short work of fiction
  • short story
  • creative writing
  • compositions
  • works of fiction
  • made-up story
  • best seller

Synonyms for short stories


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  1. What Are Short Story Themes?

    The theme of a short story is essentially the way that a writer is able to communicate with the readers on a common ground. The theme can be different if the short story is meant to be a moral story or if the short story is one that is fict...

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  3. What Does the Bazaar in the Short Story “Araby” Symbolize?

    The bazaar in the short story “Araby” symbolizes the disillusionment that accompanies the journey from childhood to adolescence.

  4. 7 Synonyms & Antonyms for SHORT STORY

    synonyms for short story · narrative · novella · tale · account · novelette · yarn. Compare Synonyms. See also synonyms for: short stories.

  5. SHORT STORY Synonyms: 23 Similar Words

    Synonyms for SHORT STORY: tale, story, novella, narrative, yarn, history, joke, fairy tale, novelette, bedtime story.

  6. 7 Synonyms & Antonyms for SHORT STORIES

    synonyms for short stories · tale · narrative · account · yarn · novella · novelette. Compare Synonyms.

  7. SHORT STORIES Synonyms: 25 Similar Words

    Synonyms for SHORT STORIES: tales, novelle, stories, novellas, narratives, yarns, novelettes, bedtime stories, fairy tales, histories.

  8. What is another word for "short story"?

    What is another word for short story? ; tale · narrative ; story · account ; yarn · novelette ; novella · fable ; parable · fiction.

  9. What is another word for "short stories"?

    What is another word for short stories? ; tales · narrative ; stories · accounts ; yarn · novelettes ; novellas · fables ; parables · fiction.

  10. 6 Synonyms and Antonyms for Short-story

    Synonyms for SHORT-STORY: account, novella, narrative, tale, novelette, yarn.

  11. Synonyms for SHORT STORY

    Synonyms for SHORT STORY: fiction, literature, adaptation, black comedy, classic, cock-and-bull story, comedy, detective, drama, composition.

  12. Short Story synonyms

    Another way to say Short Story? Synonyms for Short Story (other words and phrases for Short Story).

  13. Another word for SHORT STORY > Synonyms & Antonyms

    Synonyms · message · fairytale · content · fairy tale · narrative · tale · folk tale · folktale · sob stuff · subject matter · tall tale · fairy story

  14. Short stories Synonyms

    More 110 Short stories synonyms. What are another words for Short stories? Novelette, tale, narrative, novel. Full list of synonyms for Short stories is