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Why an Album Photo Book Should be Your Next Family Keepsake

When it comes to preserving memories, nothing beats a photo album. But with advances in technology, traditional photo albums have been replaced by digital ones. While digital photo albums are convenient, there’s something special about flipping through physical pages filled with memories. That’s where album photo books come in.

An album photo book is a modern take on the traditional photo album. It’s a bound book filled with high-quality printed photos, perfect for displaying your family’s most precious moments. Here are four reasons why an album photo book should be your next family keepsake.

Album photo books are designed to last for generations. Unlike traditional photo albums that can easily tear or fade over time, album photo books are made with high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear. The pages are thick and sturdy, and the binding is strong enough to keep everything together.


With an album photo book, you have complete control over how your photos are displayed. You can choose the layout of each page, add captions or quotes, and even include background colors or patterns that match your family’s personality or theme of the event you’re documenting.


Creating an album photo book is easy and convenient thanks to online printing services that offer customizable templates and layouts. You simply upload your photos to their website, choose your preferred layout and design elements, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Sentimental Value

An album photo book is more than just a collection of photos; it’s a tangible representation of your family’s story. Looking through an album photo book can bring back cherished memories and spark conversations about past events or loved ones who may no longer be with us.

In conclusion, an album photo book is a durable, customizable, convenient way to preserve your family’s most treasured memories in a physical format that will last for generations. So why not make an album photo book your next family keepsake?

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milk photo books review

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milk photo books review

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Wedding blog, 8 reasons why milk books is the superior wedding album company.

MILK Books Premium Photo Book

When the DJ has left, and the confetti has been swept away, what do you get to take home and cherish once your wedding has ended? When it comes to keepsakes, you’ll have your beloved gown (albeit tucked away in a garment bag in your closet.) And your wedding bands , of course, which will be your daily reminder of the vows you took on that special day. But when it comes to tangible mementos from your celebration, there aren’t many other things you can have and hold.

This is why your wedding photos are so important. Though delivered digitally, the last thing you want your memories to do is float around in the cloud or sit on a flash drive in your desk drawer. Those photos full of your most beloved moments spent laughing and crying with family and friends deserve a worthy display. One that can be physically held, shared, and experienced. So if you’re currently searching for the best home for your photos, MILK Books is your answer.

softcover photo book

1. A Compelling Origin Story

Geoff Blackwell, the founder of MILK Books, is a part of a family that has been in the bookmaking business for over half a century. His exposure to publishing deeply impacted his view of the world and led him to begin the MILK project–standing for ‘Moments of Inspiration, Love and Kinship.’ The project was a worldwide call for amateur and professional photos that celebrated the very best of humankind. It was a global success, leading to books and exhibitions that shared these impactful photos.

Ten years after the MILK project, Geoff had an idea while attending his dad’s 70th birthday party. He dreamed of offering high-quality, print-on-demand photo books to the world, allowing anyone to celebrate their own personal moments of love and kinship. Soon after, MILK Books was born and the brand continues to expand their mission to this day.

holding a wedding day photo album

2. Multiple Options

MILK Books has endless book and album options, allowing you to find exactly what you want. On their Compare Our Range page, you get a comprehensive look at every product, feature, along with subsequent price, all in one place. We recommend their best-selling wedding album–the MILK Premium Photo Album . It has every feature you could want when it comes to a luxury photo album: 24-64 sturdy board pages, stunning 6-color printing, and designer cover options. The pages are 1mm thick and are flush mounted to lay completely flat.

If you are hoping for a longer book, the MILK Premium Photo Book range offers up to 200 paper pages. These books have a stitched spine which allows the book to lay near-flat and is sewn for lasting strength.

3. Premium Materials

Carefully selected materials are used for every book and album to ensure their durability and excellence. The paper used by MILK Books is sustainable, acid-free, and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This certification means that not only are the papers good for the planet, but they won’t decompose or discolor with age, either.

The same quality is ensured for their cover fabrics. With a wide range to choose from–including linen and vegan leather–every fabric MILK Books offers was made to not only last generations but to look beautiful, too.

MILK books premium album opening

4. Easy-to-use Interface

If you’re concerned about the building process, don’t worry. MILK Books’ Design Studio is completely intuitive, so you can easily build and customize your wedding album. The Design Studio is conveniently available on desktop, tablet, or mobile device, with no need to download a separate app.

To start, just create an account within the MILK Books site. Then simply upload your photos and build your album as you see fit. Having a registered account allows you to save your progress and edit your album at your convenience. With 1000s of designer templates and a smart Autofill function, designing your own album is easier than ever before.

5. Brand New Wedding Magazine Option

For any editorial lovers, MILK Books has a brand new book format you’re sure to appreciate. The MILK Wedding Magazine presents your love story in the form of a high-end fashion magazine. The magazine format offers modern cover templates, elegant typeface, matte-finish paper, and 6-color printing (versus the industry standard 4-color CMYK). And with 100-200 pages, you’ll be able to fit all of your favorite wedding images for a complete, incomparable story.

Wedding magazine stack

6. Satisfaction Promise

When you combine Geoff’s family’s history in high-end publishing with a passion for celebrating life’s best moments, you get MILK Books. Every book and album is handcrafted, using traditional binding techniques and digitally printed using the latest technology and top-quality inks. Truly the best of old and new world bookmaking. 

But, if for whatever reason you aren’t 100% happy with your MILK Books product, you have 14 days through their Satisfaction Promise to reach out and let them know. They’ll do what they can to make the error right.

7. Excellent Reviews from Customers

If you still have any lingering doubts, you’ll be pleased to learn MILK Books has an outstanding reputation with past customers. With a 4.6 TrustScore on TrustPilot from over 4,500 verified customers, it’s clear the majority of MILK Books purchasers would recommend and buy their products again.

premium photo album open to bride and daughter

8. Special Offer: Up To 40% off

This might be our favorite reason to purchase your wedding album through MILK Books. Right now, Junebug Weddings readers can get up to 40% off their purchase. Just visit this page to complete your discounted purchase. So you truly have no reason to hesitate–head to MILK Books right now to start designing your dream wedding album. 

There you have it–eight reasons why MILK Books is the best choice for your wedding album. We hope you customize your album to be everything you imagine and cherish it for years and years to come. Looking for other wedding keepsake ideas? Check out these five ways to preserve your bouquet.

milk photo books review

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milk photo books review

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milk photo books review

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MILK Books Wedding Album Review

Meg takes MILK Books for a spin

Premium Sqaure Photo Book or album album with presentation box

This post is part of our wedding album review series . To see all of our wedding album review posts, click here .

Y esterday, we talked about how important it is to get your wedding photos out of the cloud and into a photo book (but really). Back when I was getting married, there were very few options for albums that didn’t cost a fortune (or feel really cheap). These days there is almost the opposite problem: So many album companies, where do you start? Beyond that, there is still pressure from wedding photographers to buy those fancy-shmancy albums, so… are the ones you can make yourself anywhere near good enough? We’re taking the best photo book companies for a test run over the next few months and removing the guesswork of figuring out which wedding album is right for you.

The first album company we’re starting with is MILK Books , with the goal of doing a comprehensive MILK Books Wedding Album Review. (Disclaimer: While this is not a sponsored post, we did receive a free album, mostly because we’re not made of money and can’t afford to buy a dozen $300 wedding albums.) MILK Books is a family-owned business whose founder comes from a family of bookmakers with half a decade of experience, and they tout handcrafted albums which are purported to last more than a hundred years. (Will they? We won’t actually find out in this review, because we did not have a hundred years.) They offer both photo books and photo albums, with premium photo albums starting at $199. While I didn’t know much else about them going into this process, I did know that they share my minimalist and modern vibe, and I wanted to start with a product I was drawn to, to see if it stood up to the hype.

Related Post

I ordered their Premium Wedding Album, which at 34 (beautiful, flat lay) pages came in at $299. Here is how the album and the album making process stacks up:


Price: MILK Books start at $199 for an 8″x8″ album with 24 pages, and their most premium products start at $299. The price increases based on the size of your album and number of pages, with the most expensive album topping out at just under $600.

Premium Leather Album 1 for Milk Books

Overall Book Quality: A+

When I unwrapped my album, I was genuinely shocked by how nice it is. It must weigh ten pounds (get this if you want a serious art book feel for your album). It’s the kind of wedding album that would have cost a few thousand dollars (no joke) a decade ago. The pages are lay flat, and they’re done so well that photo spreads across pages look flawless. In fact, after looking at a bunch of albums, I’d say that MILK Books has some of the most truly lay flat pages. It’s a book that we’ll treasure for decades (and I’m sure will look good for that long).

Overall ease of use of software: C-

I really struggled when it came to using MILK’s software. Maybe it’s that I only watched five minutes of video tutorials, not fifteen minutes of video tutorials… but also, I don’t want to have to watch fifteen minutes of video tutorials to make a wedding album. I mean, at this point I’ve made enough wedding albums I shouldn’t have to watch any video tutorials, so there you have it. I could not get the layouts to work in any sort of intuitive fashion, and it took me about ten minutes to figure out a somewhat improvised system to get things to (generally, kind of) work the way I wanted. I struggled to add photos to a layout, something that should be super easy.   Those ten minutes involved a lot of curse words, if we’re being honest.

milk photo books review

Photo Upload: A

MILK Books let me upload photos from Dropbox, which I really appreciated. I keep all my photos organized and backed up on Dropbox these days (see above sad story about corrupt files). And it’s really nice not to have to re-download them, and then re-upload them.

milk photo books review

Quality of design: A+

That said? Once I got the layouts to work, they were beautiful . They are among the best layouts I’ve encountered, and multiple other times in my subsequent album making journey, I wondered why I couldn’t just have those MILK Book layouts on everything. MILK’s are minimal, they’re well designed, and they had just enough variation to keep me happy, without having so much variation I was overwhelmed. Even among the minimal album companies (because if you like bells and whistles, there are plenty of companies that provide those), their layouts were the most beautiful. They also had well designed options for adding text to your spreads. It wasn’t something I wanted to do (photos are enough for me to handle), but if you want to create an album with some text, MILK Books provides gorgeous options.

Premium Leather Albums

Cover quality & Options: A

I would give MILK Books an A+ on cover quality if they offered foil printing on the cover (because I love foil printing). But with that small caveat, their cover is exceptional. I ordered a book on a heavyweight blush fabric, with a photo on the cover, and everyone who has seen it has audibly gasped.

MILK Books offered enough cover options to give you variety, but the selections are curated enough so you know that whatever you get is going to look excellent. (Please, give me ten designer approved styles, not a hundred that look like I could have made them myself in Photoshop.)

Premium Leather Photo Album with Presentation Box

Quality of Photos Printed In Album: A+

When my album arrived, I was shocked by just how good the photos were. I’ve been making photo books for a decade (and have all the results stacked on my shelf for comparison). And I can say that overall, quality of photo printing in books has come light years in that time, but it remains really inconsistent from album company to album company. MILK books’ photos were amazingly good and printed on high quality paper designed for photos (don’t get me started on how many companies print photos on paper designed to look artsy, not to take photo color properly). I had zero complaints—and I always have complaints.

Overall color accuracy: A+

The color accuracy of the photo was spot on. The blacks were black, the whites were white, and the colors were accurately reproduced.

Cost per page: $8.80 (Pro-tip: If you sign up for their newsletter when you create your account, you can get 25% off your first order. So if you’ve never made a MILK book before, that’s a super easy way to save a bunch of money.)

Premium Square Photo Album in Linen


The one downside to MILK Books is the photo layout software was not super intuitive. Beyond that, however, this is one of my favorite album companies. Their layouts are the best in the business, the book is incredibly high quality, and the price is affordable—and in fact shockingly affordable, given just how good the book is.

I would, without hesitation recommend a MILK Book album. But I’d also warn you to spend fifteen minutes watching instructional videos before you dive in. A little bit of a pain, but well worth it, since once you get an album, you’ll likely use MILK Book again. (Their new moleskin photo books look legit, and perfect for documenting travel or art.)

MILK Books was not an album company I had a tremendous amount of brand awareness about prior to making an album, but it is hands down one of my now favorites.

This post is part of our wedding album review series . To see more of our wedding album review posts, click here .

This post is not sponsored, however we did receive a free album from MILK Books, mostly because we’re not made of money and can’t afford to buy a dozen $300 wedding albums. As always, we monetize some of the links on our site, so if you choose to make a purchase from any of our album reviews, APW may receive a commission. APW only links to products and services that will add value to our audience. All opinions are our own. To take a look at all of our album reviews you can click here or search Wedding Album Reviews.

' src=

Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Meg is the Founder of APW, and has been the sites EIC for the past twelve years. She has written two best selling wedding books:   A Practical Wedding   and  A Practical Wedding Planner .  Meg’s work has been referenced in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, Jezebel, and Refinery29 . She’s also written hugely viral wedding articles for Buzzfeed. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two children. For more than you ever wanted to know about Meg, you can visit MegKeene.com .

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Category: MILK

milk photo books review

New! Luxe Softcover Books by MILK | Review + 25% off

I’m sure you have have seen the gorgeous, new Luxe Softcover books by MILK which were launched on the 17th March. I was quick to get myself one to add it to my collection. If you didn’t get a change to get one or you are just curious about what makes them so luxurious, then…

milk photo books review

TOP 10 BEST Lay Flat Photo Books [2020]

Hey guys, it’s that time of the year again when I put my hand into the magic hat and pull out the names of the top 10 best photo book choices of 2020. I would call this a tradition but I completely forgot to do my picks in 2019 and by the time I realised…

milk photo books review

Top 10 Best Wedding Photo Books under $100

As promised last week, here are my top picks for wedding photo books under $100. In last week’s article I showed you some my top luxury picks but I know not everybody wants to spend $500 of a book, so here are some really great photo books that won’t rob the bank. Some of the…

milk photo books review

BEST Wedding Photo Books 2020 | High End

I get lots of emails about photo books but the one question you guys have been asking the most is – what’s the best photo book for weddings? – so I thought it’s time for me to address this question in detail. In this article I will show you my favourite High End photo books/albums…

milk photo books review

MILK Handcrafted Photo Book Reivew + Swatch Kit

Hey guys! It’s time to show you another gorgeous, artisan photo book. I just got my first MILK book and I am very happy with it. It’s one of those companies that not everybody has heard of, but if you like pretty things (who doesn’t?), you need to make a MILK book. They put so…

Privacy Overview

A Review of Milk Photo Books

Because the experience was so painful it justified a site.

milk photo books review

Why I Would Never Purchase Another MILK Photo Book

Early this year, my husband and I purchased a 3 Milk Original Medium Landscape Photo Books with excitement and high hopes. Like many other newlyweds, we wanted to commemorate our special day and after some research online, we found Milk.

The process was easy enough to go through and the Design Studio was fairly user-friendly. Before you are allowed to send your book to print, the Studio ensures that you have cleared any errors that it has identified – such as low image resolution or having an incorrect number of pages. We worked on our album on two different computers, an iMac with a retina display and an IBM display. Everything looked great on both monitors, and after clearing the Studio’s errors, we sent our albums to print and eagerly awaited the finished product.

When the albums arrived, we quickly noticed that the image quality of the cover was p-o-o-r. Some of the images within the album also fell short of our expectations, but they were still acceptable – the cover image was not. In saying this, I don’t just mean that the image was not as vivid (with respect to saturation and contrast) as what we saw on our two screens. Rather, it appeared that the resolution was extremely low.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of our printed album cover vs the original photo that was uploaded (click here  to see the FULL drop in image quality) .

Milk - Comparison

From this comparison, you can see that a significant amount of detail has been lost. This is apparent in the inner rim of the gazebo (all the carvings are gone), tops of the surrounding pillars, the dress bodice and bouquet. The worst part though, is that our faces aren’t even clear. Our noses, mouths, and face edges are all fuzzy – yet you can clearly see the linen finish of the image’s surrounding album cover, which indicates the lens was focused when I took the picture of our album cover.

So, we decided to email Milk’s customer service and ask whether the image quality of the albums we received were typical of their products or if there had been a printing issue. Below is a condensed version of the email thread. Or, click on RECAP  (scroll down to if you’re on mobile) for the 5 excuses we received:

March 16, 2017 – Jacinda writes: “I have looked over your book’s print files and can see that these images are good-quality , however it is sometimes hard to gauge the appearance of the images point-for point, unless they are viewed more closely (at around 100-200 percent scale). When editing your book, your computer monitor’s display settings can also disguise any fuzziness , which can make it hard to gauge your images actual quality.”

Our response: So the images we uploaded were of good-quality but apparently the two monitors we used “disguised fuzziness”? As in both of our monitors were misleading us? How would one prevent this in the future?

March 21, 2017 – Jacinda writes: “ The MILK Books general manager has reviewed your print result with our production consultant and have found that a few of your images (including the image on the cover of your book), have been captured with a “soft focus” or blurred focus on the subject matter of the image. Unfortunately a reprint will not improve the appearance of the images, as the soft-focus or slight blur is in the files .”

Our response (Mar 21): Our faces in the uploaded image are not blurry. But even if they were, our complaint is that the printed image is softER, blurrIER, fuzzIER than the original image. This is clear from the side-by-side comparison.

March 21, 2017 – Jacinda writes: “ The image used on the cover was sitting at 156dpi, which is just over our 150dpi limit. To avoid this in future, go by the images final dpi and also zoom in on the image to check the focus.”

Our response (Mar 21): So even though everything looks great on both of our screens, you’re expecting us to essentially mistrust what we’re seeing and zoom into each photo in the album anyway? What would trigger a customer to do this? And is the 150 dpi limit shown in the Design Studio where a paying customer would see so that they can help gauge themselves how close their image is to the minimum and avoid this issue?

March 23, 2017 – Jacinda writes: “There are so many variables that effect an image’s resolution (image size and image dpi), and the “image quality or clarity” (which are two different quality markers), that it is unrealistic to expect us to develop a software that would be able to determine all of those things and mark an image accordingly. We do supply quite a bit of information on our Support page in regards to image file size and quality, along with what to expect in print. What we can offer you, is a reprint at cost , of your books”

Our response (Mar 26): If it is unrealistic for you to develop a software that can mark an image that prints poorly, why are there so many excuses when an image does in fact print poorly despite how it looks on screen and the lack of any indicators within the Studio to take any precautionary steps? Customers also don’t generally read Support pages until they know they need support – we didn’t. As we’ve already said, everything looked great on screen and there were no errors/warnings/indicators to do things like zoom into every photo anyway or read the Support pages before checking out. Lastly, it’s ridiculous that your solution is for us to spend even MORE money on albums for which the quality you cannot guarantee.

If you’ve made it this far into my review, a sincere congratulations and THANK YOU .

If you need a recap of the excuses I was given in response to my fuzzy album cover, here they are:

  • Both of the monitors you used disguised the image’s fuzziness (If we can’t rely on two different monitors to show us what we’ll be getting, what should we be relying on?)
  • Your original image is blurry (it’s not.), therefore the printed image is blurry (actually, it’s significantly worse.)
  • You should have zoomed in on every photo before sending it to print… even though it looked great on both your screens in the normal view, any/all low image resolution errors had already been cleared, and there was no instruction/warning to trigger this action
  • You should have read our Support pages on image size/quality and print expectations before purchasing the albums or sending the book to print (customers generally don’t read support pages until they know they need support)
  • Milk is not responsible because it is unrealistic to expect us to develop a software that can identify when an image that may print poorly (Seriously? Isn’t that part of what customers are paying for? Why does the customer have to suffer because of your incapable software?)

How did it all end? We declined their offer to purchase replacement albums at cost, explaining that we didn’t believe the new albums would be satisfactory based on the excuses given above (and clearly, customer service wasn’t going to be of any assistance in that scenario). Also, we had no interest in giving this company more money.

Milk never responded.

Finally, the questions that matter the most:

  • Would we ever purchase from Milk Books again? No. We were so unhappy we created this blog.
  • Would we recommend Milk Books to anyone? No. Not to anyone we like, anyway.

Overall… buyer beware .

' src=

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milk photo books review

MILK Books Photo Album Review and Giveaway (International Ends 9/4)

MILK Photo Book Review and Deals

  • Check out MILK's photo books and come back here to comment below - IF YOU WON THIS PRIZE, WHAT WOULD BE THE TOPIC OF YOUR BOOK? Wedding, baby, travel etc...
  • Subscribe to my newsletter (look for light blue box at top right) AND tell me in the comment below that you subscribed and the name you subscribed under (first name is fine). If you already subscribe to my newsletter , tell me in your comment and give me your name. (Please remember for it to count, you must confirm the subscription . Sorry RSS doesn't count);
  • "Like" me on Facebook (if you are already a fan, or become a new fan, tell me your Facebook name in the comment form);
  • "Like" MILK Books on Facebook (if you are already a fan, or become a fan, tell me your Facebook name in the comment form);
  • Give your review of any photo book/canvas company you've tried on the company's main reviews page . ( Click here to give a canvas print review) . Click on the "Read Review" button. Scroll down towards the middle of the page after the Quick Specs Chart and you'll see a place to add your review for that company. Let me know which company you commented on by telling me in a comment in this post below. (Limit to two (2) entries using this method. Reviews given prior to the start of this Giveaway don't count - they must be new ones please! );
  • Blog about this giveaway on your blog . Be sure to comment on this post with a link to your blog post (Counts as 3 entries!)

milk photo books review

MILK Handcrafted Photo Books 4+

Quality photo albums & books, milk tailor made books ltd.

  • 4.2 • 290 Ratings



Preserve your treasured memories by creating a MILK Premium Photo Album or Photo Book. Create and personalize your project with ease directly within the Photos app. Bring your moments off the computer and into a hold-in-your-hands creation that will be cherished for generations to come. At MILK, we preserve your precious moments in photo albums, photo books and magazines so exquisite and enduring, they'll become treasured family heirlooms. Handcrafted using the finest materials and printed using cutting edge print technology, we create products to uncompromising standards. From wedding albums to baby photo books; from travel photo books to luxury photo albums for special milestones, there’s a MILK product for every moment. “The company specializes in beautiful, archival-quality albums you’ll treasure for years – and you can design and order them directly in the Photos app.” - Apple “I loved making this book, the app was so easy to navigate. The book was a surprise gift it arrived quickly and was wonderful quality. I can’t wait to make another one!” - Leanne “This was the easiest online album I have ever made. The clean design and linen cover are also absolutely beautiful.” - Catherine DESIGNED FOR MAC • Direct access to your photo library within the Apple Photos App. • Easily create photo albums and books from your existing Apple albums and memories. • Edit your photos with Apple’s powerful design tools and filters. • Navigate with ease using Apple gestures. CREATION MADE EASY • Designer covers and page layout templates make it easy for you to create a timeless keepsake. • We believe in the elegance of simplicity over clutter. As a Mac user, no doubt you appreciate beautiful aesthetics. So do we. PHOTO ALBUMS • 24-64 thick (stiff) board pages. • Popular for milestone moments such as wedding photo albums and anniversary photo albums. • Flush-mount, lay-flat binding, with panoramic double page spreads. • Premium Photo Albums feature luxurious archival quality cover fabrics, papers and inks. • Classic Photo Albums offer outstanding quality at a more affordable price. PHOTO BOOKS • 24 to 200 paper (flexible) pages. • Popular for family yearbooks, creative portfolios, travel photo books, baby photo books and more. • Premium Photo Books feature archival quality materials, section sewn binding, with the option of exquisite designer typography covers. • Classic Photo Books offer affordable luxury which is perfect for everyday moments. MAGAZINES • 100 to 200 matt white pages. • A luxurious and elegant format for the modern wedding story. • With vibrant 6-color printing, edge-to-edge double-sided printing and stunning cover templates your magazine will look and feel like a professionally designed editorial. • Take advantage of our bundle offers and gift copies to in-laws or members of your bridal party. MOLESKINE • 20 to 80 ivory paper (flexible) pages. • Made with genuine Moleskine materials. • Print your images into Moleskine's legendary formats. • Perfect for creative books or travel albums, or a less formal, more artistic wedding album. FREE ONLINE VERSION • Every MILK photo album or book you print comes with a free online version. • It’s easy to share (via email or social media). • Send it to loved ones to enjoy. • Access it online any time. SATISFACTION PROMISE We guarantee the quality of our products and take great pride in crafting beautiful printed products you will cherish over your lifetime. If you are not entirely satisfied with the quality of your order, we’ll make it right. Create. Print. Love. From the people who brought you the best-selling M.I.L.K. Books - also known as Milkbook, Milkbooks, MILK Handcrafted Photo Books and MILK Books.

Version 3.6.0

- Introducing our new Image Quality Tool: Effortlessly identify images that may not meet the recommended resolution for high quality printing. - Other bug fixes and improvements.

Ratings and Reviews

290 Ratings

Easy to use

I give this a 4 star because this product was very easy to use. However,it doesn't allow the flexibility of the previous Apple Books when it comes to text boxes. Most of the time I had to use the smallest font to say anything about the pictures. Also I didn't like the text options for the initial cover page or book jacket. The program occasionally had glitches where it would close down. Fortunately I never lost anything when this happened. Also sometimes the text boxes would appear as if they'd lost text, but when you click on them all the text appears. I liked the 30% Black Friday deal.

Adequate thus far

I'm rating MILK photo books soley on the app integration with iPhoto, not yet the book. I just placed my order and have to say that as long as the book is as expected, this is a 3 star service. 3 stars because the expense doesn't match the quality of the app. I've tried to run this app on 3 separate macs with different OSs, different processing power, and the same thing happens... it starts to lag, gets slow, then at some point gets unresponsive and you need to force quit. Pretty infuriating for something that was built into iPhoto just a few years ago and worked flawlessly. Besides the integration flaws, the UI was very easy to use. There was a great deal of customization available for the books. The big caveat of customization is that there is a bit to be desired for adding text. Again... a throwback to the original iPhoto when you could just do whatever you want. Overall this is nothing more than a 3 star app. Hopefully I get a 5 star book given the $125 I paid.

The photo book experience I've been waiting for

I've been purchasing various photo books from various companies for over a decade, and always been disappointed either with print quality, design options (which often were corny and cheap looking) and binding quality. I received two Milk books I ordered last month and just ordered a third. The binding is like a high quality art photo book you would purchase at a book store. Turnaround time was quick and color accuracy on the final product was perfect. And because I use Apple Photos to store and organize my photos, I don't have to export photos out separately to use with janky third-party website design software. Milk will be my photo album choice going forward.

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