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Information System used In McDonalds

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Case study mcdonalds

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mcdonalds information system case study

mcdonalds information system case study

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mcdonalds information system case study

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mcdonalds information system case study

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mcdonalds information system case study

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mcdonalds information system case study

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mcdonalds information system case study

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Mcdonalds management information system case study.

mcdonalds information system case study

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mcdonalds information system case study

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mcdonalds information system case study

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mcdonalds information system case study

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mcdonalds information system case study

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mcdonalds information system case study

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mcdonalds information system case study

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mcdonalds information system case study

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Mcdonalds: Case Study Of Mcdonald's Information System

Summary of fast food nation.

He immediately was interested in doing business with them. He worked along side the McDonald brothers and helped build the first McDonald's in Des Plaines, Illinois. He eventually bought the company for 2.7 million

Texas First Whataburger History

In 1953, Joe Andrews, Sr. became the first non-founder franchise owner with a location in Alice, Texas.

Similarities Between Upton Sinclair's The Jungle: The Pure Food And Drug Law

In 1954 TV dinners were introduced, which became an instant phenomenon that is still prevalent to this day. One year later, McDonalds open their doors officially creating the new “fast food” trend. The concept of fast food became a huge success and in its wake created an extremely successful frozen food industry. Thanks to the frozen food industry, meals became easy and convenient. However, improvements were now needed in terms of refrigeration, transportation and food processing.

Case Analysis: Business Intelligence At CKE Restaurants

Business Intelligence at CKE Restaurants Nowadays, Business intelligence is becoming an essential tool for businesses to seek for strategic advantages; this is because it allows making more accurate and better decision based on current data, information and knowledge. According to Pearlson (2012), “Business intelligence is the set of technologies and practices used to analyze and understand data and to use it in making decisions about future action” (p. 345). This paper analyses case study 11-2 and provides an overview of knowledge management by answering three questions regarding CKE Restaurants’ (Hardee’s Restaurant parent company) decision to promote and distribute the Monster Thickburger based on insights derived from their business intelligence

Mcdonald's Competitive Advantages

McDonald’s is the world’s largest restaurant chain, serving a total of 69 million people a day at 34,000 restaurants worldwide. While facing a tough competition, McDonald’s has chosen to launch a new product to sustain competitive advantage as well as to attract customers in the ’18 to 32 years old’ range, which they have struggled with up to today. They launched the McWrap on April 1, invented by the 47 years old vice president and executive chef Dan Coudreaut. The McWrap is meant to be a healthier choice than the products McDonald’s are in general known for, as well as to compete with competitors such as Five Guys, Subway and Chipotle. However, people assimilate McDonald’s to junk food unlike the ”Subway buster”.

Mcdonald's Contingency Theory Case Study

They refer to Fielder’s contingency theory, path-goal theory, Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership theory, and Vroom and Yetton’s normative decision model. Each theory is distinctive and different from each other. In the case of McDonald’s, it practices each theory to a certain degree. Fieldler’s contingency theory states that in order to maximize work group performance, leaders must be matched to the right leadership situation (Williams, 2007).

Strategic Management Case Study: Mcdonald's Corporation

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT CASE STUDY: MCDONALD’S CORPORATION 1. INTRODUCTION McDonald’s Corporation is the world’s leading fast food restaurant chain with more than 34,000 local restaurants serving approximately 69 million people in 119 countries each day. More than 80% of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent local franchisees. Its revenues come from the rent, royalties, and fees paid by the franchisees, as well as sales in company-operated restaurants (McDonald’s, n.d.).

Mcdonald's Food And Beverage Industry Case Study

Introduction The company selected for this research is McDonald’s Australia Holdings, a patented public company in Australia. The company specializes in food and beverage products such as burgers, coffee, sandwiches, McCafe beverages, and soft drinks, among others. The primary activity of the company, which generates most of its revenues from food and beverage services, entails establishing and operating a chain of family restaurants that offer quick services throughout Australia. While the company owns and runs a smaller number of the McDonald’s Australia Holdings’ restaurants, a larger number of the restaurants is owned and ran by franchisees, who shell out the company’s service fees and rent (Buchan, 2012). The 2013 annual revenue of the

Five Moral Dimensions Of The Information Age

MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM 1. Management information system is an organized portfolio of a precise system for getting, processing, and giving information in anchor of the business operations and management of an organization. Types of Management system that is able to employ competitive advantage: • Transaction processing system for operational data processing that is desired, for example, to register consumer orders and to outturn invoices and payroll. • Management reporting systems competent of making reports for limited time periods, designed for managers culpable for limited functions in a firm. • Decision support system expressly designed for the support of individual and conjoint decision making.

Mcdonaldization In The Workplace

As people have issues about Mcdonalds’ low food quality toward people’s health. However, there is another important area that we have to consider seriously about is how its system, so-called “Mcdonaldization”has influenced and continuously effecting our society. From the article “McJobs: Mcdonaldization and the Workplace” by George Ritzer, he distributes the idea of how Mcdonaldized system has changed our society into scripted and “programmized” places (Ritzer 1998:140). He has specifically analyzed the McJobs’( job that has been Mcdonaldized) into four elements,which is its efficiency, calculation, prediction and control. As the nature of the world is made of a full of colors, diverse opinions of people naturally exist toward the term

Management Principles Of Krispy Kreme UK And Dunkin Donuts UK

There are four management functions; to forecast and plan, to organize, to command or leading, and to coordinate. As mentioned in task, I chose two similar industries (confectionaries) in United Kingdom. Hereby, I chose Krispy Kreme UK and Dunkin’ Donuts UK to determine the both organizations. 1.1 Introduction of KRISPY KREME UK Krispy Kreme UK is the United Kingdom subsidiary of an American company (Krispy Kreme Doughnuts). The UK headquarters are

Mcdonald's Theory Of Scientific Management Of Mcdonalds

In the beginning, McDonalds was run by two brothers named Richard and Maurice McDonald who not only owned but ran a hamburger restaurant in San Bernardino ,California in the 1950’s. Ray Kroc saw the potential in McDonalds and had ideas to expand it globally so he founded the McDonalds Corporation in 1955. Today, there are more than 33,000 McDonald’s restaurants globally in 119 countries (REFERENCE/web). McDonald’s applies Scientific Management by Frederick Taylor in their management. Frederick Taylor proposed four principles in scientific management that is ‘‘ the replacement of rule of thumb methods for determining each element of a worker’s job with scientific determination, the scientific selection and training of workers, the cooperation

Case Study: Human Resource Planning, Staffing, And Selection

During this case study, we were asked to answer three (3) questions. First, we were to describe McDonald’s

Mcdonald's Core Competencies Analysis

McDonald’s got a unique recipe which cannot be easily copied by its competitors. Only some people may knows about the secret recipe. The people who wanted this secret recipe information need to sign a confidentiality contracts. Besides that, economies of large scale and cost leadership are also core competencies of McDonald’s. McDonald as a company who enjoys economies of large scale, they can reduce their cost with the successful in large operations by making the product cheaper while maintaining its quality.

Mcdonald's Strategy Analysis

McDonald’s is the largest fast food restaurant chain in the United States and represent the largest restaurant company in the world, both in terms of customer served and revenue generated. In 2014 IBISWorld market research estimated MCD held an 18.6 % of market share of the entire global fast food industry; Burger King in at just 4.6%. Under franchising visionary Ray Kroc, McDonald 's became the world 's premier food brand by selling the rights to operate a McDonald 's store. With this model, MCD keeps overhead costs down and lets local owners deal with individual units, while food costs remain low and service remains fast for a culture increasingly on the go.

More about Mcdonalds: Case Study Of Mcdonald's Information System

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Information system used in mcdonalds


mcdonalds information system case study


Mcdonald's mis

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  • 1. 1 | P a g e Information System used In McDonalds
  • 2. 2 | P a g e Information system McDonalds being the world’s largest fast food restaurant requires what may be referred to as an extra ordinary information system in order to handle the daily sales and customer orders and so on. It is also the world's number fast-food company by sales, with more than 32,500 restaurants serving burgers and fries in 117 countries. A human being could never be able to keep track of such transaction on their own. McDonalds use several types of information systems to help ease such complicated processes. As mentioned above, the headquarters being in the United States means that, most of the work is done there itself. McDonalds use several types of information systems to help it shine and assist in the process of it being one of top fast food restaurants  An information system (IS) collects, processes, stores, analyzes, and disseminates information for a specific purpose.  An information system includes inputs (data, instructions) and outputs (reports, calculations).  It processes the inputs and produces outputs that are sent to users or to other systems via electronic networks and a feedback mechanism that controls the operation.
  • 3. 3 | P a g e Types of Information Systems: There are basically Five types of information systems. 1. Transaction Processing System 2. Office Information System 3. Decision Support System 4. Management Information System 5. Expert System
  • 4. 4 | P a g e 1. Office Information System: Uses hardware, software and Networks to enhance workflow & facilitate communications among the employees. 2. Transaction Processing System: The information system that captures and processes the data generated during an organization's day-day transactions 3. Management Information System: An Information system that generates accurate, timely and organized information so managers & other users can make decisions, solve problems 4. Decision Support System: An information System designed to help users reach a decision when the decision making situation arises 5. Expert Systems: The information system that captures & stores the knowledge of human experts & then imitates human reasoning & decision making process for those who have less expertise.
  • 5. 5 | P a g e Types of information systems That are used in McDonalds are: 1. Transaction Processing System 2. management Information system 3. Decision Support System 4. Made for You system 5. Hyperactive bob system 6. Point of sale System 7. Touch Interface Operating System
  • 6. 6 | P a g e 1. Transaction Information System (TPS) First transaction takes place either when two people make an exchange or while they are collecting data. Transaction processing refers to nothing other than collecting, storing, modifying, and retrieving the transactions of an organization. It helps in answering routine questions, and in conducting business transactions such as payroll, employee record keeping or paying an employee. The data brought about by TPS must be stored safely as in most cases it involves the exchange of money which could be very critical to an organization. Transaction processing system also helps McDonalds in keeping track of their suppliers as it record relevant information about suppliers such as supplier name, address, the quality of the items purchased and finally the invoice amount. This helps in reducing the possible complexity that the employees may face in physically keeping contacts with all the suppliers and so eases process of ordering when in need 2. Management Information System (MIS) Management information system is a system that provides the information needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively. Management information systems involve three primary resources: technology, information, and people, and the most important resource are people, as people are the customers and no business would mean anything without its customers. The information resulting from this system supports the routine decision making in the functional areas. It is of great significance as it produces periodic reports such as a daily list of employees and the hours worked, or a monthly report of expenses as compared to a budget. The main reason why McDonalds uses Management Information System is because the purpose of it is to provide profitability and information to help the managers and the staff
  • 7. 7 | P a g e in understanding the business performance and to plan its future direction 3. Decision Support System (DSS) "Decision support system is used to model data and make quality decision based on the data, making the right decision is usually based on the quality of the data and one's ability to analyze the data, Decision Support Systems are usually computer applications with a human component. They can sift through large amounts of data and pick between the many choices and supports the non – routine decision" McDonalds implemented the use of wireless internet in their restaurant in order to gather information about certain categories such as customer practice, length of stay and sales’ levels that are then later studied and analyzed with the help of the Decision Support System to come up with a decision that could help in the betterment of the restaurant. 4. “Made for you” system Made for you system is a type of information system which was, first introduced to McDonald’s restaurants in 1998 across USA. In MYS modern technology is utilised to operate the functions within the restaurant. It starts as soon as an order is made, it appears on the kitchen screen in the appropriate workstation (there are different workstations in the kitchen such as grill side, chicken side, fries etc.). This systems also allows to store information regarding the quantity of each product that was sold, the hours a particular item was sold mostly etc. These information can be used to forecasting and preparation for another similar day. However, the MYS is mainly used to raise the productivity and to guarantee customer satisfaction by providing quality fresh products. The MYS also plays a vital role for the better communication between the front counter and kitchen staff.
  • 8. 8 | P a g e 5. POS system " Scale of Point system " A cash register can be regarded as a primitive form of POS system. The main drawback or limit of a cash register is the fact that in can only monitor cash flow. This is where the POS system comes in handy. POS system can categorize data into sales by type, taxation status and provide the information regarding inventory as well .POS system functions by using a combination different hardware and software. In most case it requires, manual data entry however, it can functions using a scanning device, but it is not possible with the current operation system that exist within the restaurant. In McDonald’s restaurant POS system is attached with in the computerised electronic cash registers, which are capable to read and process electronic cards such as a debit card easily .It processes and stores vital information and it can retrieves data or transmit information to the main computers, when it is necessary for decision making purposes. Apart from the electronic cash registers there are other electronic mobile devices, which are also used for the same purpose, but from the outside of the store. They are usually when there is huge number of cars within the “drive-in through” section. McDonald’s POS system is designed to reduce and avoid complex data clogging up and causing confusions to an inexperienced staff. An inexperienced part-time staff might be able to perform the transaction on a sophisticated menu in a matter of seconds. The POS system is mainly used to ensure customer satisfaction by increasing the speed of the process and reducing the possibilities for the error. POS and MYS works together for maximum efficiency within the kitchen. Every input that is comes in, POS helps to covey them to appropriate workstation instantaneously. It enables the payment due and also shows the time duration after an order is made, this enables the staff to understand if any customer is waiting on something or not.
  • 9. 9 | P a g e 6. Hyperactive Bob system Hyperactive Bob System or HBS is a simple information system which provides very vital information for the staffs and employees of a restaurant. HBS basically is nothing more than few roof mounted CCTV cameras and few appropriately placed television screen connected to the camera. The cameras are fixed outside the restaurant, and the screens are at different stations inside the kitchen (generally only 2 screens inside the kitchen), there is one screen inside the office as well. The cameras scans for incoming vehicles and the visuals are 9 transmitted to all screens simultaneously in real time. On viewing the traffic the staffs and kitchen employees start to prepare for the orders. For example, if there is a visual showing a huge number or cars coming in through the “drive in through” section or parking in the “parking lot”. Kitchen staffs will ensure everything is ready, as soon as orders come in. For this purpose they make sure, there are enough frozen food in their freezers, buns sauces and packing materials all are ready. In some cases, employees are re-arranged by staffs according to the speed and ability to perform at busy environment. The same system is also used to find out how many cars has gone through the “drive in through” section and parked at the parking lot. These information is later used to forecast what kind of business to expect on similar days or situations. 7. Touch-Interface Ordering System (TIOS) This a very new system that has the potential to transform the fast food industry. Even though this particular system still haven’t reach Llantrisant branch it is available for customers at Cardiff branches and therefore the author beliefs it must also worth mentioning. This is a machine looks very similar to an ATM or a ticket machine at railway station. The machine allows the customer to make an order by selecting
  • 10. 10 | P a g e the desired item on a touch screen and pay for it debit or credit card to the slots attached to it. McDonald’s believes this will help them to reduce the labour cost, and very recently the organisation decided to fit 7000 such machines around UK.

Analysis Of Mcdonald's Management Information System

mcdonalds information system case study

Show More 1. Introductions: Management information system (MSI) is the integration between people and technology. Over the years, management system has significant impact on developing organizational productivity, efficiency and most importantly financial growth. Though, management information system is the catalyst to increase business operation flow by relating people with technology but immensely incurred additional cost on its implementation within organization . During World War II, McDonald started business in 1940 California founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald but after World War II, In 1955 McDonald incorporated as McDonald Corporation by Ray Kroc. The company generally entered into retail-market to sale fast food items (such as, hamburger, …show more content… McDonald makes sure every outlet have all the necessary resources to facilitate this work flow. 2.2 Transaction Processing System: Introducing electronic payment (i.e. eftpos payment) system allows McDonald to receive daily transaction report from every outlet in worldwide. Recent addition of eOPS in McDonald’s restaurant, analyze million of record throughout its network as well as enabling user to access on web based system from easy access environment(Fujitsu Australia Software Technology, 2014). Figure 2: Transaction Processing System in McDonald 2.3 Management Information …show more content… This awareness strategy for McDonald’s products was proven successful for capturing target market at the very initial stage. 9.2 Exploration: During the exploration stage, McDonald started to increase promotional campaign, corporate marketing, personal sailing, direct marketing using web based marketing strategies i.e. promotion with communication. More and more consumers able to know about McDonald products via newspaper, online email subscription system (i.e. newsletter, discount coupon, event booking for kids) and radio. This was in mid 1950-1960 of the year when McDonald launched franchise options to expand the business in United States of America. As the business is expanding, consumers began to have more interest of McDonald’s information. 9.3

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Case study of p & g's total order management system.

1. Define acronyms CRP, EDI, OSB, ECR and explain. CRP - Continuous Replenishment system - the purpose of this system is to streamline the logistic system, reducing inventory, and improve overall ordering and service quality for the channel customers. EDI - Electronic data interchange - P&G system involves a lot of data transfers from their retailers to P&G on warehouse product shipments to each store. This system also paved a way to determine the quality of the products to be shipped.…

Mcdonalds Rhetorical Analysis

McDonalds started in 1955 and has been growing its company over the decades. The company’s advertising has adjusted to maintain their appeal to the ever changing generations, from the 1960’s slogan; “McDonald’s is your kind of place”, to the more popular “I'm lovin’ it” slogan that began in the early 2000’s and is still currently present throughout many McDonald's commercials. The McDonalds empire has utilized almost every form of rhetoric possible to keep up with the changes in society. McDonald’s used the rhetoric form of Ethos and Pathos in their advertising by creating the famous Ronald McDonald which showed a friendly and happy environment that is now associated with their establishment. Shortly after the year 2000, McDonald's phased…

Mcdonald's Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research is primarily exploratory research. It is used to gain an understanding of underlying reasons, opinions, and motivations. It provides insights into the problem or helps to develop ideas or hypotheses for potential quantitative research. Qualitative Research Methods gives would-be practitioners enough practical instruction to allow them to undertake, analysis and report research (Edwards, 2008, p. 238). The tow companies that I have been consistently doing research on are McDonalds and Walmart.…

Anthony Weiner

One must think before they speak. It is very easy for messages to get misconstrued or taken out of context. In many cases, a miscommunication can be easily fixed, but in the public and professional settings, the damage can be harder to fix. Sent messages cannot be undone.…

Tim Hortons

Cost High, given that new equipment / software will be required. Training for staff needed. Budget Tim Hortons Inc. are a highly successful fast food company so budget should be high enough for procurement. Time Scale of work plan is large and also involves international marketing so procedure can take up to a year.…

Ray Kroc Entrepreneur

Ray wanted to take the business farther, expand as much as possible due to the efficient method of delivering quality fast food to customers. In 1955, Ray created McDonalds System Inc., later known as McDonalds Corporation and opened the first restraint in Des Plains, Illinois,…

Erp Operational Plan

Operations Plan Globalization in the modern world, as well as the advancement of information technology, has prompted every business to embrace information systems in all their activities for their ultimate success. Decisions require the collection of information to enable the accumulation of assets in the long run. Information processing, on the other hand, requires the business to embrace information systems of the advanced technology. Where a company applies information system technology in its operations, the organization is open for new opportunities and also benefits from having improved decision making by the management. Information systems have a critical role in management decision making.…

Dunkin Donuts: Company Overview

It is based in the United States and has been operating in the quick service restaurant chain industry for almost 80 years (Bhasin, 2017). It has consistently changed into a main fast food restaurant by developing branches in various sections of the country and also in the foreign markets. McDonald’s is a major brand that is recognized globally considering that it has constantly sustained its standards in the delivery of quick services regarding their food serving to their consumers. A recent study has approximated that in the United States only, the company serves not less than 60 million consumers each month, a determinant of how huge McDonald’s is in the industry (Bhasin, 2017). McDonald’s is among the major fast food chains in the industry and the top competitors of Dunkin…

George Ritzer's The Mcdonaldization Of Society

According to the recent news in Japan, there is a sushi restaurant with conveyor belt. It lays out in an “E” shape, allowing more dinners to be served with a conventional loop arrangement. The restaurant can serve 196 customers, with kitchen staffs no more than 50 and there are no chefs. Everything is automatic, provides everything high quality at low price. The kitchen receives a personal order from a dinner, it is delivered along a high speed lane straight to the table.…

Mcdonalds Organisational Structure Analysis

McDonald’s uses divisional departmentalization (where the jobs are being grouped by product, services and geographical location) (Hassan et al. 2018) due to its variety of products, services and its geographical location. McDonald’s consists of various products such as burgers, fries, ice-cream even fried chicken and so on. Besides, McDonald’s also provides 24-hours services in all the franchise branches so that customers can eat anytime, and this service also helps in increasing the sales of the company.…

Analyse The Fast Food Industry Of South Africa Case Study

(Source: Google images) (Source: 3. Analyse the Fast Food Industry of South Africa by providing statistics and recent facts on franchise/companies operating in the industry (Source for Wimpy image: AFKinsider) (Source for Nando’s image: AFKinsider) (Source for Chesa Nyama image: How We Made It In Africa) South Africa loves fast food.…

Mcdonald's Scientific Management Case Study

By all means, Astute’s solutions provide convenient to McDonald’s by giving speedy respond to the company when the system is not match to the organization standard and forming the solution to help the company to make changes eventually. Furthermore, by using the Astute’s solution, it enables McDonald’s to collect information of customers and understand their needs and wants, thus it help McDonald’s to maximize the satisfaction of customer to the company by fulfill their…

Case Study: Mcdonald's To Whittle Down Menu

We felt this measure was right in the sense they want to become more technologically advanced and compete against their competition, but we also found this to be an issue. The issue we had with this implementation is that this system integration would make McDonald’s more of a mass customization process unit than their already repetitive process focused unit. We do not think this…

Case Analysis And Summary Of Mcdonald's

Summary of the Article and McDonald’s McDonald’s is the largest fast-food restaurant chain in the world and was originally founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald as a barbecue restaurant. It primarily serves regular fast foods like burgers, chicken, soft drinks, French fries, breakfast products and a recent influx of healthier alternatives in an effort to boost sales. Target customer of McDonald’s includes families, teens, young professionals and business customers. The companies’ major competitors included KFC, Wendy 's, Burger King, Taco Bell, and many others. McDonald’s Corporation earns revenues by investing in properties, collecting fees paid by franchisees and sales in company-operated restaurants.…

Social Media Influence On Mcdonalds

Without the strategy that it employs, people may not have been as keen to the company with some of the setbacks it has had. The long partnership shows loyalty to a common good, while also bringing investors and creditors into the mix of their company. McDonald’s true goal in everything that they do is to promote themselves, no matter which way it has to be done. The millions raised for their specific charity is a promotion to their image, almost like a tool at their disposal. Promotional events are another tool added on to the already great image, through events like fundraisers that show the two corporations involved with each other.…

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