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How to Make Homemade Paper: A Fun DIY Project

Last Updated: March 23, 2023 Fact Checked

This article was co-authored by Claire Donovan-Blackwood and by wikiHow staff writer, Aly Rusciano . Claire Donovan-Blackwood is an Arts & Crafts Specialist and CEO of Heart Handmade UK, a site dedicated to helping people live a happy, creative life. With over 13 years of experience, Claire uses art as a form of therapy and focuses on mindfulness in the making of art. She makes crafting easy and accessible for those she works with. Claire received her B.A. in Photography & Visual Imagery from The University of Huddersfield. There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 1,610,204 times.

Creating sheets of paper is a fun, inexpensive hobby crafters of all ages will love. In fact, you probably have most of the supplies already! All you need is a blender, paper scraps, water, and a DIY deckle (don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to make that too). So, keep reading to learn how to make paper at home for all your artsy needs.

Things You Should Know

  • Make a deckle out of a wooden frame and window screen so that you can mold, press, and shape your paper.
  • Blend scraps of recycled paper with water to create a slurry and base for your DIY paper.
  • Add food coloring, seeds, or glitter to your slurry to make your paper even more unique.

Pulping the Paper

Step 1 Attach a sheet...

  • This simple contraption is called a deckle and will help press, shape, and mold your DIY paper.
  • If you don’t have the materials to make a deckle, try shaping the paper by handing by pressing it between 2 pieces of cloth. [2] X Research source

Step 2 Collect about 6 cups (768 g) of recyclable paper from around your house.

  • To make white paper, collect white sheets of paper with little ink to no ink on them. Even the smallest amount of ink can turn your paper gray.
  • Avoid using glossy or shiny paper from magazines, photographs, or wrapping paper, as it doesn’t work well for papermaking.
  • 6 cups (768 g) of scrap paper can make a handful of pages, depending on the size and thickness of your paper.
  • If you’re doing this project with kids, they’ll love tearing the paper apart. Let them be in charge of this step!
  • If all your paper doesn’t fit into one pitcher or bowl, no worries! Soak the paper in multiple containers at once or in one large plastic bucket.
  • If you want whiter paper, add 1 ⁄ 2 cup (120 mL) of white vinegar to the pulp mixture to “bleach” the paper scraps.
  • Try not to over-blend the paper, as a thin, soupy slurry won’t mold into paper well.
  • Blend your soaked paper scraps in batches if you soaked them in multiple pitchers or bowls. This way, the blender won’t be too full and can blend each batch evenly.
  • This thick, oatmeal-like mixture is called a slurry and is a combination of paper pulp (blended soaked paper clumps) and water.

Adding Unique Elements

Step 1 Change the hue of your paper with food coloring for an artistic flair.

  • If you mix more than 2 colors in a single pitcher, you'll end up with an ugly brown.
  • Try adding drops of brewed coffee to color and darken your paper with a natural dye.

Step 2 Create seed paper...

  • If you'd rather not use seeds, try dropping a small handful of shredded flower petals , dried herbs , leaves, or green grass into the slurry.

Step 3 Add a pinch...

Setting the Paper

Step 1 Fill a large...

  • A large casserole pan or even a rectangular plastic bin works well for this step; just make sure the basin is a little wider and longer than your deckle.
  • The more slurry you add, the thicker the paper will be. The less slurry you add, the thinner the paper will be.
  • If you don’t even out the pulp on top of the screen, you’ll end up with an uneven paper that has thinner and thicker spots.
  • If the paper is thicker than you’d like it to be, remove some of the pulp from the top. If it’s too thin, dip it into the slurry mixture again and pile more slurry on top of the screen.

Couching the Paper

  • If you don’t have towels, try using a large sheet of felt or cloth instead.

Step 2 Lift the screen up and away from the transferred paper.

  • Try drying out and flattening a thicker piece of paper by placing another towel on top of it and pressing down on it gently with your hands.
  • Consider using a hair dryer to blow hot air on the underside of the paper for 10 to 15 seconds to help it transfer.
  • Transferring the paper from the deckle to the towel is called couching (pronounced “coo-ching”).
  • Sometimes, thicker paper doesn’t transfer to the towel easily. If your paper gets stuck, gently peel it off the screen using your fingers. [16] X Research source

Step 3 Set the paper out to dry overnight.

  • Try speeding up the drying process by blowing hot air from a hair dryer on the paper. Use the lowest setting, and keep the hot air on the paper for about 10 minutes.
  • Avoid leaving your paper to dry on a colored sheet of paper because it may take on the shape and color of the material it’s drying on.

Step 4 Store and use your DIY paper once it’s dry.

  • Send a friend or family member a letter using paper designed specifically for them.
  • Create name cards for weddings or parties.
  • Make a book or journal using the paper.
  • Print a picture or story onto the paper.
  • Scrapbook or create a collage .

Video . By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube.

Things You'll Need

  • Recyclable paper scraps
  • Window screen
  • Wooden frame (optional)
  • Shears or scissors
  • Pitcher or large plastic bowl
  • White vinegar (optional)
  • Seeds (optional)
  • Food coloring (optional)
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Large foil pan or plastic bin
  • Hair dryer (optional)

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Community Q&A

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About This Article

Claire Donovan-Blackwood

To make paper, you'll need to make a paper pulp then lay it flat to dry. Start by tearing up some newspaper or notebook paper then soaking the pieces in water for 30 minutes. Put the soaked paper in a blender with some warm water and blend it for 30 seconds. Then, you'll need to spread the paste out on a framed mesh screen to dry. If there's any excess water, soak it up with a towel. Make sure it's completely dry before peeling it off the screen and let it lay flat overnight. To learn how to add fun decorations to your paper, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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How to Make Your Own Paper in 7 Simple Steps

how to make paper school supplies

  • Working Time: 30 mins - 1 hr, 30 mins
  • Total Time: 1 hr, 30 mins - 1 day
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Estimated Cost: $20

Creating your own paper is a great way to give junk mail, magazines, and other paper products that you might have discarded a new life. Whether you're a stationary fan who just can't get enough notebooks and notepads or just someone who wants to be more environmentally conscious about their paper waste—this DIY project is perfect for you. The possibilities are endless for how much paper you can make, the color of your paper, the width of your paper, and even the style of your paper if you wish to add glitter.

Dziggyfoto / Getty Images

This paper project consists of supplies you already have in your home: used/junk paper (such as mail), something to cut your paper with, cloth, a flat surface for drying, and a sponge! How easy does that sound? It's time to gather your supplies and get started on these simple steps for making your own paper at home.

What You'll Need

Equipment / tools.

  • Scissors or a shredder
  • Baking Sheet
  • Hair Dryer (optional)
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Food Coloring (Optional)
  • Glitter (Optional)
  • Essential Oil (Optional)


Cut your paper into small pieces.

Gather the paper you would like to use—using either a shredder or scissors, and cut your paper into small, manageable pieces. The smaller the piece, the better for later on in this process.

Soak Paper Overnight

You want your paper to be as saturated as possible for the best results. Using either a mixing bowl or vessel of your choice, place as many paper pieces as possible into the bowl and completely cover them with water. Press down on the water paper pieces to make sure they absorb as much water as possible before leaving them to sit overnight.

Make sure to use either junk mail, magazines, or other printed paper for this project. Toilet Paper and other softer paper materials may not work well past this step.

Transfer Wet Paper Into a Mixer

After letting your paper sit overnight, it's time to mix! Add your soaked paper pieces to a mixer with a bit of water from your mixing bowl. You don't need to add too much water, just enough to give your finished product a paste-like consistency. The more water you add, the longer your paper will take to dry, so keep that in mind at this stage.

Add Color, Glitter, or Essential Oils (Optional)

Here's a fully customizable part of this DIY project. Whether you intend on using these pages to take notes or make your own notebook, there are a few ways that you can spruce up your pages to make them even more interesting. Add food coloring, paint, glitter, or essential oils to give your homemade paper a little extra style.

Strain Water and Place Pulp on a Baking Sheet

Once your paper mixture is the right consistency, strain out the water. Line a baking sheet with a cotton cloth and pour the mixture directly onto the cloth, then place another sheet on top of your pulp mixture. Using a sponge, drain out as much excess water as possible to make the drying time faster. Remember: the thinner the pulp layer, the quicker your paper will dry.

Feel free to add additional drops of essential oil at this step if you want your paper to have a stronger scent.

If you want your paper to have a more uniform shape, consider using a straight edge or other tools to give your paper the shape you want.

Let the Paper Dry

Carefully peel the top layer of cotton cloth away from your paper pulp and let it dry. You can either leave it alone for a few hours to air dry or you can use a hair dryer to speed up the process.

If you want your paper to dry faster without using a blow dryer, consider buying or making your own DIY paper press. Not only will using a paper press force the water out of your paper faster, but it will also ensure that your paper's surface will be as smooth as possible

Use Your Paper

Once your paper is finished drying, it's time to put it to use! Keep your paper for simple note-taking, to-do lists , grocery list-making, or bind pages together to make a DIY notebook perfect for daily use or even gift-giving.

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17 DIY School Supplies Perfect for Back to School

17 Amazing DIY School Supplies Perfect for Back to School

via Dream Green DIY // Delineate Your Dwelling // Make & Tell

It can be a bit sad when summer comes to an end and the start of school approaches. But, instead of dreading it, start to look forward to it by making some DIY school supplies that are perfect for back to school. You can make your own adorable pencils, notebooks, school organizers and more!

1. DIY Pencils with Washi Tape

Washi tape is amazing at dressing up boring everyday objects like these pencils with fun patterns. Plus, it is so cheap & easy to do! ( via Passion Shake )

2. DIY School Supplies Containers

Every time you reach into your bag to grab a paper clip, these adorable school supplies containers will make you smile. This is such a cute a easy way to upgrade your storage pots. While this tutorial uses custom stickers made on a Cricut, you can easily use any stickers from the store too. ( via Fall For DIY )

3. Homemade Paper Clips Shaped Like a Heart

Using some pliers and inexpensive wire, you can create your own heart-shaped DIY paper clips for back to school. They are so cute you will be sure not to throw them out! Store them in a DIY storage pot like above or in a repurposed match box. You can even wrap your match box in washi tape to add a fun pattern. ( via I Spy DIY )

4. Hand Stamped DIY Pencil Pouches

You can easily recreate the patterns on these cute pencil pouches using cheap DIY stamps. Check out the tutorial for all the details. These hand stamped pencil pouches are super functional for all storing your school supplies while also looking cute. ( via Almost Makes Perfect )

5. DIY School Supplies Video Tutorial

If you haven’t already, subscribe to Nim C’s Youtube Channel for so many cute DIY school supplies projects. She has the most creative ideas and always creates playful designs with little faces drawn on them. Her creations remind me a lot of Japanese stationary you can find at specialty stores but so much cheaper when you make them yourself!

6. DIY Book Jackets

There is not much to enjoy about a calculus textbook, unless you cover it with these adorable DIY book covers! You’ll fall in love with textbooks from even your least favorite classes when they look this cute. If you are covering large textbooks, you can use kraft paper or wrapping paper with a cute design. ( via Fellow Fellow )

7. Geometric Pencil Cup DIY Project

For a cute, colorful addition to your desk, try making this DIY pencil cup. You can even get the free templates online (linked in the post). She uses a mat board which you can probably find at a craft store, but you can also use a thin piece of cardboard or balsa wood. ( via Tiny Prints Blog )

8. Modern DIY School Supplies Organizer

With this multipurpose desk organizer, you can store your binder clips, scissors, pencils or other school supplies all in one. It is super easy to make from foam board and washi tape too! ( via Lovely Indeed )

9. Homemade Hanging Desk Organizer

Don’t you love when projects that look super complicated and expensive turn out to be quite the opposite? That is definitely the case with this gorgeous DIY hanging organizer. It is perfect to store all your DIY school supplies, especially if you have limited desk space. You could even make and sell these on Etsy as gorgeous as they look! ( via The Lovely Drawer )

10. DIY Mud Cloth Notebooks

You’ll be excited to take notes when your notebook looks this cute! I adore the mud cloth pattern and it could not be easier to make. ( via Idle Hands Awake )

For more DIY notebook ideas, check out our post:   15 DIY Notebook Ideas Perfect for Back to School

11. DIY Rattan Pencil Case

These adorable DIY rattan pencil cases are actually an Ikea hack! She got them for less than $5 and simply painted them with fun but easy designs that anyone could do. Such a brilliant and inexpensive back to school project. I am definitely going to pick some of these up on my next trip to Ikea. ( via Delineate Your Dwelling )

12. DIY Clipboard Ideas

Spruce up a boring clipboard with this fun, gold leaf brushed design! Clipboards are not just for writing on either. You can use them an an inexpensive way to hang wall art or your various to-do lists and calendars. ( via Lovely Indeed )

13. Clipboard Makeover in Minutes

In less than 5 minutes you can turn a plain clipboard into a fun statement piece. Literally all you need is a clipboard and colorful alphabet stickers. Write out your favorite quote or a fun phrase to motivate you through your school work. Beyond easy, right? ( via Dream Green DIY )

14. DIY Confetti Pencils

Interestingly enough, this DIY school supply project uses other school supplies to make it. Having Inception flash backs? Don’t worry, they’re not the least bit complicated to make. With binder hole reinforcement labels and some paint you can easily recreate these fun, confetti pencils in no time. ( via Make & Tell )

15. Marbled Pencil Cup Tutorial

If you’ve never used liquid gilding for a DIY project, prepare to fall in love. You will be shocked at how easy it is to make this luxe-looking marbled pencil cup. When your friends find out you made it, they will definitely be asking you to make them one. ( via Lovely Indeed )

Caught the marbling fever? You can use this same technique to make countless other DIY items. Find out how to create a DIY marbled coffee mug here .

16. Free Printable Pencil Box

Simply download the template for this free printable pencil box, print out on card stock, and you’ll have it assembled in minutes. Doesn’t get much easier or cheaper than that! ( via Design is Yay )

17. Easy DIY Mouse Pad

You will undoubtedly be spending some long hours at the computer screen working on essays, so why not spruce up your space. This DIY mouse pad is just what you need and it is completely customizable. You can pick out a piece of fabric or specialty paper so it fits your style perfectly. ( via The Crafted Life )

Before your hectic school schedule starts, take advantage of your free time and try some of these fun DIY school supplies projects!

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' src=

15 DIY Stamp Ideas With Repurposed Everyday Objects

17 best diy monogram projects you’ll regret missing, related articles, aztec healing clay mask review, 12 christmas tradition ideas to try this year, 22 diy hanging shelves to maximize storage in..., 35 best diy gift baskets perfect for any..., 16 bullet journal header ideas to look like..., 15+ brilliant bullet journal ideas you’ll want to..., 15 organization hacks using upcycled everyday objects, texture app review: worth the money, 31 best kitchen hacks nobody told you about, 11 easy diy wall hanging ideas for your....

Easy Peasy and Fun

Paper School Bag Craft

School is back in session and now is a great time to make this Paper School Bag Craft.

When you want to create a mini craft but also want to stuff it with treats, this is the ideal school craft to do. It doesn’t require a lot of supplies either, which is the best part.

Paper School Bag Craft

If you are looking for a fun craft to do with the kids, then this school bag craft is fantastic. 

Mini School Bag Paper Craft

Kids love anything that is “mini” and that they can do on their own!

DIY Mini Paper School Backpack

How to Create a Paper School Bag Craft

What you need:

  • Black marker
  • Scissors (blue, purple, yellow)
  • schoolbag template (optional)

Step-by-Step Tutorial

You can’t go wrong making this Paper School Bag Craft! It’s so fun for students to make because it’s school-themed. Add some fun treats to complete the tutorial. Start by cutting out the template.

Step 1

On the light blue paper draw around the bag template and cut it out. Glue it together.

Step 2

Draw the rectangle shape on the purple paper and cut it out.

Step 3

Write your name on it and stick it in the front of the bag.

Step 4

Start folding the template into the shape of a backpack.

Step 5

Now is a great time to put the name tag on the front of the backpack.

Step 7

Start glueing everything to make it officially a paper backpack.

Step 8

Cut two longer and one shorter thin strip from the yellow paper.

Step 10

Glue the two longer strips to the back of the bag.

Step 11

Look how cute this backpack looks!

Step 13

Make sure you take the time to add both strips to the backpack.

Step 15

Go ahead and add the shorter strip to the top of the bag.

Step 17

Now it looks as though the backback has a tag.

Step 18

Go ahead and cut a small rectangle.

Step 19

This is going to act as the opener and closer for the backpack.

Mini Paper Bag Craft

The final result is this adorable backpack that you can stuff full of treats. You just can’t go wrong.

DIY Paper School Bag Craft

Want instant access to all of our printable crafts, activities, and resources?

how to make paper school supplies

With thousands of crafts, activities, worksheets, coloring pages, and drawing tutorials to print, you will always have just the resource you need at your disposal. Perfect for parents and teachers alike!

Sign Up Now and Start Printing!

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How to Make Paper

Blend cotton rag and natural fiber pulps with fresh leaves, petals, and seeds to make homemade paper..

How to Make Paper

Recently the Studio hosted our annual full-day summer class for children, Animals, Art & Imagination.  It's one of my favorite weeks of the summer because of the range of art activities we get to do with the kids in the Museum and outdoors.  One of the morning activities we added to the week-long program this year was making paper! We blended cotton rag and natural fiber pulps with fresh leaves, petals and seeds.  I purchased the cotton rag pulps , natural fiber pulps , reusable couch sheets ,  and the Arnold Grummer's Classroom set of Hand Molds from Nasco Arts & Crafts catalog . The classroom kit includes a set of 6 mold sets, which was plenty for us.  I also really love the size of the molds in this set, they're the perfect size for even our youngest students to hold by themselves.

how to make paper school supplies

The other supplies for this project: kitchen blender, sponges, containers for water (yogurt cups, deli containers and jars worked well) and trays we had on hand to help the water from going on the floor. You could bring this project outside by connecting the blenders to a heavy duty extension cord.

how to make paper school supplies

I talked with the students about the history of papermaking, where paper comes from, and passed around sheets of handmade paper and dry pulp for everyone to feel.

how to make paper school supplies

I went through each of the papermaking steps, turning the blended mash of pulp into a finished, pressed sheet of paper. We used the "pour" method of printmaking for this activity, where the pulp and water is mixed and then poured in one quick motion over the mesh mold.

how to make paper school supplies

The dip method is another way; you scoop the frame into a large tub of the watery pulp mix and pull it up, collecting the fibers on top of the screen and letting the water drain out the bottom.   I chose the pour method because it's easy to make as many sheets of paper as you need without any waste. I think it's best for working in smaller groups or in indoor spaces where it's not an option get the space very wet. I took papermaking in college, and the lab was designed with water drains built into the painted concrete floor and we had to wear rubber boots to keep our feet dry and prevent slipping on all the dripping water.  Needless to say, papermaking is a very wet (but fun) media!

how to make paper school supplies

When it was the students' turn to make paper, they eagerly picked from the flowers, plants and seeds (collected from a nearby farm) and mixed them with the cotton rag and natural fiber pulps in apple sauce to-go cups (any yogurt or small plastic cup would also work). 1/2 a cup of dry pulp = One sheet of 5.5" x 8.5" paper.

how to make paper school supplies

As you can see, no two sheets of paper were alike!

how to make paper school supplies

I put the blender at a big table so everyone could watch each other blend the pulp while they waited for their turn.  You want plenty of water mixed with the pulp (we used about 3 cups) to help distribute the pulp evenly over the paper mold and keep it from clumping.  Because the pulp was purchased pre-shredded, it only needed to be blended for about 10 seconds on low. Basically you want to mix it to the consistency of a thick smoothie.

how to make paper school supplies

I assisted with pouring the pulp mix over the mold & deckle to make sure the pulp spread evenly across the mold.  The oldest children poured the pulp themselves.

how to make paper school supplies

After removing the deckle, the wooden frame that helps give the sheet its form, we put a piece of screen on top of the pulp (it comes with the class kit) and used a large sponge to absorb as much water as possible, ringing out the sponge between presses.  It's hard to see in these photos, but the blue mold is sitting on top of a white plastic grid that came in the classroom kit, which helped give the mold its structure and made the water drain  more quickly.  

how to make paper school supplies

With most of the water drawn out by the sponge, the pulp sheet was transferred from the mold onto a couch sheet (very absorbent paper or material designed to draw any remaining water from the paper without sticking to the wet pulp). We helped them press out any additional water.

how to make paper school supplies

The next morning, the kids proudly showed showed off the paper we left drying on trays overnight. All of the paper sheets were completely dry and ready to bring home by that afternoon. So, total drying time indoors was 2 days, if you dry it in the sun they will dry even faster.

how to make paper school supplies

For this activity we worked with a group of twelve children, ages 6-10, and I had an assistant, helping me supervise the stations.  It would have been very tricky to supervise everything myself.  If I did papermaking with a larger group of children (classroom size), I would pre-blend the pulp in large buckets that we could scoop from and pour over the molds, instead of using the blender.  The children could still make their paper unique and colorful by adding petals, leaves or seeds between poured the layers of pulp. I'm by no means a papermaking expert, but having some previous experience from college made me more confident with trying papermaking with a multi-ages class.  I would recommend testing out all of the steps yourself a few times and watched some videos online to see the different variations.

Variations: If you don't want to buy paper pulp, you could shred newspaper or printer papers instead.  Someone told me shredded comics make fun, colorful paper! You could make your own set of hand molds with cheap picture frames from the craft store and a few supplies from the hardware store. Paper Slurry has a great tutorial here . Our blenders are specifically for making paper, so you may want to find an old blender at a thrift store if you plan to make paper regularly, or just run your mixer through the dishwasher to thoroughly so you don't get bits of paper in your next smoothie!

If you want to learn more about how to make paper, I encourage you to do some research, take a class, or watch some demonstrations of the pour and dip methods online.  Below are a few quick videos that I found helpful: Here's a 4th grade teacher demonstrating the dip method to his class. Here's a version of the pour method by PaperStudio.com . Here's how they make paper in Nepal from the Lokta plant. Have you ever made paper at home or in your classroom? Which techniques worked best for you?

26 Back-to-School DIY Crafts That Earn an A+ For Creativity

Give your kids' boring school supplies a decorative upgrade.


These DIY school supplies and crafts are easy to make at home and some even use items you may already have around the house. School supplies can be expensive and making them at home will cost you less money and time in the long run, and your kids will appreciate having their unique supplies stand out. Plus, making them at home will give them more time to pick out their highly anticipated first-day outfits .

Whether you’re looking to send your kids to school with personalized backpacks and decorated bookmarks, memorable gifts for their teachers , or get them organized with the help of a DIY homework caddy, these DIY school supplies hacks will start your kids’ new school year off on a high note.

Apple Paper Lunch Sack

diy school supplies

Make lunchtime at the beginning of the school year fun with this easy-to-make, apple painted lunch bag. Take it a step further and personalize it with your kiddo’s name.

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built .

What you’ll need: Floral wire ($5, Amazon)

Fruit Stamped Lunch Bag

diy school supplies

We all know you should eat your fruits, but you can also make art with them too! If you’re looking for a reusable lunch bag for the school year, gather up some of your children’s favorite fruit slices and release your inner Picasso.

Get the tutorial at hello, Wonderful .

What you’ll need: Foam brushes ($7, Amazon)

Pencil Holder

Sure, you could buy a holder from the store, but there’s more fun in making one at home! Use washi tape to decorate or really DIY by painting your own design.

Get the tutorial at Crafts by Courtney .

What you’ll nee d: Unfinished wood box ($10, Amazon)

Upcycled Organizer

With just a couple common household items, you and your kids can make this colorful organizer to keep all their supplies in.

Get the tutorial at Typically Simple .

What you’ll need: Paint ($9.50, Walmart)

Pencil Bookmark

For the little bookworm in your family, fun bookmarks can make reading even more exciting. This pencil bookmark is simple to make and only requires a few supplies to make it.

Get the tutorial at Powerful Mothering .

What you’ll need: Jumbo craft sticks ($7, Amazon)

Pencil and Pouch Canvas Bags

The world is your canvas, and so are these pouches that are perfect for letting your kids’ imaginations run wild. With a little paint and some cool stencils, storing pens, pencils, and erasers just became a whole lot easier.

Get the tutorial at Color Made Happy .

What you’ll need: Animal stencils ($11, Amazon)

Bulletin Board

It can be hard for kids to keep track of all their assignments and tasks, but with this super customizable bulletin board, they’ll be organized in no time.

Get the tutorial at DIY Candy .

What you’ll need: Fabric ($9, Amazon)

Fabric-Lined Tray

An all-purpose organizer, this tray is perfect for doing homework on the couch or tidying up school supplies.

Get the tutorial at Alice & Lois .

What you'll need: Floral fabric ($8, etsy.com)

School Bus Paper Chain

The countdown until the first day of school is on, and the best way to mark off the days is with this school bus paper chain.

Get the tutorial at Happy Home Fairy .

What you’ll need: Construction paper ($2, Amazon)

Washi Tape Dry Erase Board

Give an extra dose of encouragement for that big test with a simple DIY dry erase board that can easily swap out messages.

Get the tutorial at I Heart Naptime .

What you'll need: Washi tape ($10, amazon.com)

Drawer Organizers

Old cardboard boxes turn into perfect drawer organizers when they're wrapped in patterned paper.

What you'll need: Wrapping paper ($24 for 6 rolls, amazon.com)

French Fry Pencil Case

Number two pencils have never looked better than in this cute French fry-themed case.

Get the tutorial at Aww Sam .

What you'll need: Letter stickers ($6, amazon.com)

Drink Stirrers

Get your kids excited about the school year and help them get their daily serving of milk with these "pencil" drink stirrers.

Get the tutorial at The Sweetest Occasion .

What you'll need: Crepe paper ($7, amazon.com)

Desk Organizer

Say it with me: no more messy desks in 2021! This colorblock organizer will keep you and your kiddos tidy all year.

Get the tutorial at Lovely Indeed .

What you'll need: White foam board ($4, amazon.com)

Homework Caddy

Your kids are sure to stay on top of their homework assignments with this handy kit that keeps all their supplies in one place.

Get the tutorial at Laura's Crafty Life .

What you'll need: Shower caddy ($14, amazon.com)

School Lunch Bag Labels

Upgrade boring lunch bags with fun stickers. You can even surprise them with a new one each day of the week.

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY .

What you'll need: Brown paper bags ($7, amazon.com)

Crochet Backpack Flair

Add some spunk to their backpack with these fun crochet pins.

What you'll need: Colored yarn ($12, amazon.com), Hot glue gun ($9, amazon.com)

Boss Lady Notebook Covers

For once they'll actually want to take notes, even if it's just to show off these stylish covers.

What you'll need: Spiral notebook ($6, amazon.com)

Back to School Kids Art Display

Back-to-school season means there will be plenty of art projects coming home. Show them how proud you are of their creations with this on-theme display.

Get the tutorial at A Night Owl .

What you'll need: Pants hangers ($19, amazon.com), Craft paint ($12, amazon.com)

Sharpie Bundle Teacher's GIft

Help them break the ice with a new teacher by stringing together this thoughtful gift that they'll put to good use.

Get the tutorial at Artsy Fartsy Mama .

What you'll need: Sharpie markers ($17, amazon.com)

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25 DIY School Supplies to Do for Back to School Kids

Back to school season is quite fun and exciting, especially for kids as they are eager to buy new supplies and books for their new year. However, it can get very hectic too as the supplies list keeps increasing every year for the kids. So, here we are with an article about how you can DIY school supplies this year and save lots of money! These crafts can be very fun to make and you get the chance to spend quality time with your family. You can personalize the ideas according to your preference and use them as you like. These cute back to school supplies will help you to get more organized so you don’t spend your time finding all your lost things. If you are someone who loves making DIYs and is also a stationary lover then this article is not to be missed in any case.

25 diy school supplies to do for back to school kids

In this article, we have listed down 25 different ways in which you can make DIY school supplies. We have a wide range of options like 5 minutes pen holder for notebooks, back to school classroom wreath, paper book cover, sewn zipper pencil case, rainbow resin flamingo paper clips, unicorn notebook, glittery graphic pencil cases, back to school polymer clay pens, school supply cake, school supplies tote with cork, supplies organizer, erasers, no-sew colored pencil roll-up, reusable snack bags, color block gratitude journals, kawaii mini-notebooks, cute pen and pencil pouches, pencil toppers craft, harry potter school supplies, mason jar holder, binder storage and much more – we have it all easy diy school supplies here for you!

These DIY back to school supplies are very simple to make and won’t let you lose your mind in their crafting process. Moreover, we guarantee you that your kids will definitely love these crafts and end results.

1. 5 Minutes Pen Holder for Notebooks

5 Minutes Pen Holder for Notebooks

Are you someone who always loses their favorite pen? If yes, then here we have an easy and interesting solution for you. You can DIY this 5 minutes penholder for your notebooks and never lose a pen ever again! This idea is very easy to execute and you only need supplies like a ⅝″ wide elastic ribbon, scissors, thread, and a needle. pressprintparty

2. DIY Back to School Classroom Wreath

DIY Back to School Classroom Wreath

It’s back to school time! So, welcome your students by DIY-ing this super cute and creative back-to-school classroom wreath. You can hang it on your classroom door on the first day of school. It can also be hanged in the classroom and is very easy to make. You just need some pencils, colors, and crayons glued together to make this wreath. Pretty simple, right? orientaltrading

3. DIY Paper Book Cover

DIY Paper Book Cover

Spruce up your boring notebooks with the help of this book cover DIY we’ve mentioned here. It will not only protect your book but also give a new look to it in cheap! You can recycle any paper bag or gift wrap and make this DIY easily on your own within minutes. To make this, you will need some basic supplies like textbooks, a paper bag, Kraft paper, gift wrap, and a pair of scissors. dreamalittlebigger

4. Sew a Zippered Pencil Case

Sew a Zippered Pencil Case

You can never have too many pouches for your beloved stationery, right? Here we have a quick and super simple idea to sew a zippered pencil case. You can customize this plan according to yourself by using any type of fabric that you like. However. You can also gift a customized one to a friend on their birthday too! To make this pouch you will need materials like ⅓ yard exterior fabric, ⅓ yard lining, ⅔ yard heat n bond lite, ⅓ yard canvas duck fabric in natural, 12” zipper, sewing machine, scissors, thread, and fabric markers. akailochiclife

5. Rainbow Resin Flamingo Paper Clips

Rainbow Resin Flamingo Paper Clips

These rainbow flamingo paper clips DIY is a super cool idea to add some fun to your stationery items. You can also use these clips as a bookmark if you are someone who loves to read. It makes a nice gift for a friend too! You might feel like it is very difficult to make but it’s rather too simple and easy. Supplies for this craft include enviro Tex lite, mixing cups, transparent resin dye, silicone flamingo mold, hot glue gun, and paper clips. madincrafts

6. Easy DIY Unicorn Notebook

Easy DIY Unicorn Notebook

Is your kid a big fan of unicorns and they love everything made out of it? Well, here is a quick and fun DIY unicorn notebook that you can make and gift them on their big day. It will be a fun activity to try out with your kid this summer and teach them about arts and crafts. Moreover, you need some basic supplies for this project including unicorn printable, composition notebooks, cover stock in various colors, glue stick, school glue, duct tape, ruler, and scissors.  cutefetti

Paper Plate Crafts for Kids: You’re going to love these paper plate crafts for kids ! Get tons of ideas for animals, fish, dinosaurs, flowers, cool crafts, and more.

7. Glittery Graphic Pencil Cases

Glittery Graphic Pencil Cases

If you are a stationery lover you would know that sometimes buying fancy stationery can be quite expensive! So, this summer season, try out this DIY glittery graphic pencil case plan with your kids and get the chance to make stationery items at home on a low budget! This plan Is really easy to make for which you will need supplies like pencil cases, paints, paintbrushes, label or adhesive paper, scissors, mod podge, glitter, confetti, and printable stencils. studiodiy

8. Back to School Polymer Clay Pens

Back to School Polymer Clay Pens

Now you can use clay to make interesting and fun DIYs too, just like this back-to-school polymer clay pens idea. It is quite easy to make and adds a unique touch to your boring pens. You will surely have a lot of fun making this craft. The supplies needed for this DIY include polymer clay, ballpoint stick pens, tissue slicing blade, clay shaping tools, roller, craft mat glass baking pan, and glass seed beads. kitkraft

9. Make a School Supply Cake for Teacher

Make a School Supply Cake for Teacher

This school supply cake craft idea is an amazing gift option for Teacher’s day. Now you can appreciate your favorite teachers with this super fun cake with useful supplies that your teacher can use for their school work. It is quite simple to build and is also a very budget-friendly option! The materials that you need for this plan are a metal pizza pan, spray paint, empty ice cream bucket, rubber bands, hot glue gun, glue sticks, 4″ foam cube, dowel or wooden chopsticks, school supplies, and printable teacher thank you tag. thecraftpatch

10. School Supplies Tote with Cork

School Supplies Tote with Cork

Now organizing school supplies has become a lot easier with this DIY school supplies tote with cork. You can learn how to sew this adorable tote and keep all your supplies safe in one place so you don’t have to worry about losing them all the time. It is quite sturdy and is really easy to make as well. This cost-effective idea can be executed using materials like cork fabric ½ yard, quilting cotton ½ yard, printable pattern, one zipper, clips, and hook & loop closure. lifesewsavory

11. Sew a School Supplies Organizer

Sew a School Supplies Organizer

Have you been searching everywhere for the easiest and coolest school supply storage ideas but found none? Well, don’t worry! How about we teach you to make one? Try out this easy sew school supplies organizer DIY and make your life a lot better and easier. Within a few minutes, you will have this amazing organizer that you can even customize with your own style. Supplies include felt fabric, fabric scraps, scissors, wire hangers, pink ribbon, contrast thread, and a sewing machine. theseamanmom

12. How to Make Erasers

How to Make Erasers

Who isn’t a fan of school supplies diys and that too, fun and budget-friendly ones? If you are, then you should definitely try out this DIY four ways to make erasers. This activity can be done with kids as well and you will surely have a good time. Customize the shapes as per your kid’s liking and have fun! Supplies needed for this craft include eraser clay, pencils, Exacto knife, silicone molds, rolling pin, cookie cutters, and cookie sheet. squirrellyminds

13. No Sew Colored Pencil Roll Up

No Sew Colored Pencil Roll Up

Want to make a color pencils organizer but don’t know how to sew? Nothing to worry about! Have a look at this no-sew colored pencil roll-up. It is a beginner-friendly craft so even if you have no experience of making such a thing then the steps mentioned here are easy enough to read and follow along. However, you may customize it for crayons, markers, or anything else. The supplies for this craft are ¼ yard of faux leather, 1 ½ inch wide grosgrain ribbon 1 yard, epoxy glue, utility knife, cutting mat, white colored pencil, chalk, ruler, and a lighter. makeit loveit

14. Make Your Own Reusable Snack Bags

Make Your Own Reusable Snack Bags

As we know that lunch boxes are usually made out of plastic and if you are someone who is an environment enthusiast who doesn’t want to buy plastic then take a look at this. We have mentioned a reusable snack bag DIY for you and your kid so you wouldn’t have to use plastic anymore. It can be washed and reused so that is the best thing about this bag. To make this, you need some supplies like nylon or cotton fabric scraps, polyester thread, non-adhesive Velcro, wonder tape, heavy-duty machine needle. closetcorepatterns

15. DIY Color Block Gratitude Journals

DIY Color Block Gratitude Journals

Journaling is a very healthy activity that helps the person to keep track of their habits and thoughts. You can DIY a color block gratitude journal for yourself or for a friend and gift them on their birthday. It is a super easy craft that does not need much money to make so that’s the best part. Supplies needed for this project include Darice blank cover journal, matte paper mod podge, foam brush, colored cardstock, paper trimmer, printable sticker paper, silhouette cameo or 1.5″ circle punch, ribbon, and a few more things too. consumercrafts

16. DIY Kawaii Mini Notebooks

DIY Kawaii Mini Notebooks

Everything in mini size looks super kawaii and amazing, isn’t it? Then why don’t you try making some kawaii mini notebook DIY? It is very easy to make and you need some basic supplies that are already found at home. Just grab foam, A4 paper, rubber rope, markers, ruler, scissors, and glue – you’re ready to make your own mini notebook! instructables

17. Back to School Supplies for Girl

Back to School Supplies for Girl

Do you have a little girl who is going to start school soon? If yes, then you must be looking for the perfect stationery items for her, right? Do you feel like the fancy items are quite costly and are not what your girl wants then, make these DIY school supplies for her using things already present at home? To make it, you will need some materials like Cricut joy, Cricut smart vinyl, Cricut basic toolset, Cricut access, and some school supplies to personalize. ohsolovely

18. Cute DIY Pen and Pencil Pouches

Cute DIY Pen and Pencil Pouches

Simple and plain pouches can be very boring so how about make some DIY craft and turn your pouches into new ones within minutes. Supplies for this craft include canvas pouches, acrylic ink, paintbrushes, toothbrush, paint palette, and stencils. colormadehappy

19. Back to School Pencil Toppers Craft

Back to School Pencil Toppers Craft

Make your pencils more fun with these back-to-school pencil toppers craft. You can cut out any shapes that your kid likes. It involves very basic sewing so anyone can try this plan. You need some supplies including scraps of felt, embroidery thread, embroidery needle, thin black permanent marker, pencils, and fabric glue. kidsactivities

20. Harry Potter School Supplies with Cricut

Harry Potter School Supplies with Cricut

Do we have any Potterheads here? Well, here is a DIY school project that will interest you the most. This is a Harry Potter-inspired personalized backpack that you can make for your kid at home! Yes, you heard it right! Materials needed for this project are a Cricut machine, everyday iron-on in different colors, premium vinyl, parchment paper, scissors, standard grip mat, and Cricut tools. lovelyindeed

21. Mason Jar Holder for School Supplies

Mason Jar Holder for School Supplies

Are you tired of your kid’s study area because it’s messy and unorganized all the time with a lot of pencils and colors and lying around? Are you also wondering if there is some solution to sort all the stationery properly? Why not! Let’s work on this plan and make the perfect handmade Mason jar holder for school supplies in few steps, and they will look adorable in the kid’s room. Assemble mason jars, white primer, acrylic paint, point pens, paintbrushes, green card stock, washi tapes or painter’s tape, and sealant. colormadehappy

22. Custom Management Binder Storage

Custom Management Binder Storage

Let’s craft this cute binder that will help you in organizing your stationery for the upcoming year. It is a super easy and fun craft to make which will be very useful. It is quite a cost-friendly idea and doesn’t break your bank. To make this binder, you need a scrapbook paper sheet set, vinyl pencil holder with 3 rings, Avery index maker clear pocket, mod podge gloss finish, post-it notes, markers, post-it adhesive roll, mini colored pencils, and other stationery items. homemadebycarmo

23. High School Supplies Organizer

High School Supplies Organizer

Are you ready to go to high school? You must be pretty excited to start the new school year but want to stay organized throughout? Worry no more! We are here with this quick and easy DIY school supplies and craft organizer. It helps to maintain all the clutter and makes things easily accessible for us too. Grab wooden shadow box, mason jars, cereal box, pasta box, wrapping paper, clear tape, washi tape, chalkboard paint, paintbrush, chalk, and scissors. oldhousetonewhome

24. DIY Boho Study Kids Desk Décor

DIY Boho Study Kids Desk Décor

Try this DIY boho study kid’s desk décor if you are low on budget but high on creativity. This project involves upcycling things which is a super fun activity as you don’t need to spend much but can update your space. A Pastel color palette is used for this project but you can customize it according to your kid’s preference. Moreover, you require materials like unfinished wood cloud trays or shapes, matt acrylic paints, clear mat varnish, cork mat, chalkboard paint, paintbrushes, unfinished wood pencil holder, ribbon scraps, and hot glue. birdsparty

25. DIY Edible School Supplies

DIY Edible School Supplies

Get ready to prank your friends on the first day of school with this DIY edible school supplies plan. This super fun and interesting DIY is surely not to be missed out on. Now you can enjoy the jelly and also have fun with your friends as soon as school starts. Are you ready? Then grab all the necessary supplies like gelatin, jelly flavors, straws, tape, and a pair of scissors. youtube


We are finally at the end of our article and hope that you are quite inspired by the above-mentioned DIY school supplies and ready to try your own plan now. If you want to spruce up your study table and want to organize all your stationery then this is the right place for you. Making these fun diy back to school ideas at home will not only save you a lot of money or recycle your stuff but also let you spend quality time with friends and family.

The best part is that you can customize your plans as you like with your favorite colors. Moreover, you can also sell such handmade crafts in the market to the people who are looking for similar cheaper school supplies and have a chance to earn some money from them. So, without any further ado let’s get started with your favorite plans tight now!

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How to Make Your School Supplies Last

Last Updated: January 31, 2023

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School supplies are a major expense for students of all ages. Not only will you use your supplies daily, but you may wind up losing some. However, there are many ways to make sure your school supplies last as long as you need them. By purchasing the right supplies, staying organized, and using your supplies appropriately, you’ll make sure they last the school year or longer.

Purchasing High-Quality Supplies

Step 1 Purchase a large enough backpack.

  • Pick a backpack that appeals to you, but is neutral enough so it won't go out of style.

Step 2 Buy brands that are known for making quality products.

  • JanSport, North Face, and Patagonia backpacks. These backpacks could potentially last you the entire time you are in school.
  • Flair, Bic, and Sharpie pens.
  • Palomino, Dixon Ticonderoga, and General's Semi-Hex pencils.

Step 3 Use plastic folders and dividers.

  • Buy plastic dividers that you can relabel.
  • Use folders that are completely made of plastic. This way, paper or cardboard parts won’t break, forcing you to purchase new ones.

Step 4 Purchase pens and pencils that can be refilled.

Storing Your Supplies Properly

Step 1 Gently place your folders into your backpack.

Using Your Supplies Responsibly

Step 1 Put your supplies away when you’re done with them.

  • Whenever you’re done using a pen or pencil, put it back into your pencil box or bag.
  • Put loose sheets of notebook paper back into your notebook instead of throwing them away or letting them get crumpled in your backpack.

Step 2 Replace tops on pens and markers.

  • Don’t throw your notebooks and binders around. They’ll wear out faster and you could break them.
  • Be careful where you put your backpack. If you want it to hold up for a long time, you need to make sure you don’t throw it onto the sidewalk or let it get walked on or rained on.

Step 4 Avoid lending your supplies.

  • Be polite. For instance, say “Sorry, I don’t really have much to spare.”
  • Buy certain supplies to share. For example, buy a cheap pack of notebook paper to share with your friends. In addition, buy some inexpensive pens or pencils to lend to friends if they need one. This way, your quality supplies won’t get lost and will last longer.

Step 5 Put your name on things.

  • Pencil bags
  • Your backpack

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    To make this, you will need some basic supplies like textbooks, a paper bag, Kraft paper, gift wrap, and a pair of scissors. dreamalittlebigger 4. Sew a Zippered Pencil Case You can never have too many pouches for your beloved stationery, right? Here we have a quick and super simple idea to sew a zippered pencil case.

  20. How to make school supplies with paper?

    How to make school supplies with paper?A brief presentation of myself, Hello, I am Delphi. I can be of service in providing you with answers to your inquirie...

  21. 4 Easy, Simple Ways to Personalize School Supplies

    1. Labels Our variety of label sizes and colors makes it easy to add that extra element of design to any plain surface! Here we've cut strips of our blue full page label and stuck them on our white linen binder. If stripes aren't your style, try our circle labels! 2. Sharpies Decorate your kids' bagged lunch!

  22. How to Decorate School Supplies

    1. Use stickers. One of the easiest and best ways of decorating your notebooks, binders, and other school supplies is to use stickers. Head to the craft store or the hobby store and find some stickers that you like, and decorate your notebooks. Apply the stickers in unusual patterns for a neat effect.

  23. How to Make Your School Supplies Last: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

    Use folders that are completely made of plastic. This way, paper or cardboard parts won't break, forcing you to purchase new ones. 4. Purchase pens and pencils that can be refilled. One of the easiest ways to make your school supplies last is to use pens and pencils that are refillable.