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Home » Learning Centre » What does a drug test report look like?

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What does a drug test report look like?

Marie Law Alphabiolabs

By Marie Law , Head of Toxicology at AlphaBiolabs Last reviewed: 13/09/2022

Once hair, nail, urine, and/or oral fluid samples have been collected by a trained clinician under chain of custody conditions, testing can begin at the laboratory, and the Reporting Scientist will collate the results into a clear, concise document that can be easily interpreted in court.

But how easy is it to interpret a drug test report? And what can’t be learnt from the results?

What happens in the body when a person consumes drugs?

What are the different types of drug test for court, how are drug test results reported, what will a drug test report show, what can’t be learnt from a drug test report, what is drug screen plus, where can i get a drug test for court.

When a person consumes drugs, they are broken down by the liver, and a proportion of the drug and its metabolites are released into the bloodstream.

Some of the drug and its metabolites can then be detected in the body in different ways including via sweat, urine, saliva, hair and nails.

In the case of hair and nails, a proportion of the drug and its metabolites travel to the blood vessels in the scalp and nail bed.

There are four main types of court-approved drug test that we perform at AlphaBiolabs: hair , urine, oral fluid, and nail drug testing .

The fundamental difference between each of these tests is the sample type that is collected and analysed at the laboratory.

However, each test also provides a different ‘detection window’ for drug use – that is, the amount of time that drugs remain detectable

Although methods such as urine or oral fluid testing can only show us what a person has consumed in the past couple of days, the rate at which hair and nails grow means that both hair and nail drug testing can provide us with a ‘wide window’ of detection for drugs and their metabolites (up to 12 months).

The below table shows the different test types, along with detection windows.

At AlphaBiolabs, we offer two types of drug test report:

  • Certificate of Analysis – included as standard for legally-instructed drug tests and details which substances were (and were not) detected within the sample.
  • Statement of Witness – a more in-depth report with full analytical results, interpretation, and conclusions. Available for an additional fee.

A legal drug test report will tell you whether one or more drugs were detected in an individual’s sample during a set period, depending on which testing method has been used (e.g. up to 12 months for head hair, body hair and nails), with the amount of each substance considered either above or below cut-off levels.

Unlike reports for other types of drug test (urine, oral fluid and nails ), which tell us which drugs were consumed during a set period, head hair analysis is the only testing method that gives us the potential to determine a pattern of drug use over time, using segmented analysis.

Segmented analysis works by segmenting the head hair sample into 1cm pieces, for a month-by-month profile of a person’s drug use (1cm of head hair = one month of growth).

This enables us to identify trends such as an increase or decrease in usage, depending on the length of hair selected. These findings can then be laid out in a clear, concise drug test report, that can be easily interpreted in court.

A drug test and the subsequent report can tell us which drugs are likely to have been consumed during the period prior to samples being collected.

However, there are certain facts that cannot be determined using a drug test, including:

The exact date, time, and method of ingestion

While head hair analysis can provide us with a more detailed insight into an individual’s pattern of substance misuse, we can still only say whether the drug is present in the sample during the period for which we are testing – not the exact date or time of day when it was taken.

There is also no way to tell how a substance was ingested using laboratory analysis.

Quantities that were consumed

Similarly, because of the way drugs are broken down by the body – with the parent drug and only a proportion of its metabolites excreted – it is impossible to determine exactly how much of a substance was taken prior to sample collection.

Whether hair treatments have impacted the results

It is well documented that hair treatments including bleaching, perming, dyeing and excessive straightening have the potential to affect the results of a head hair drug test .

For this reason, we will always ask for full disclosure of any recent hair treatments so that this can be taken into consideration when preparing the results.

However, it is not possible to specifically determine to what extent the treatment may have impacted the results.

Our Drug Screen Plus service is a free of charge, additional sample screening service that you can opt into when you complete the paperwork to instruct us for a hair drug test.

If you choose Drug Screen Plus when submitting your instruction, we will screen the sample for the remainder of our drug panel free of charge (i.e. for those drugs you did not initially instruct us to test for).

If any other substances are detected outside of those you instructed us to test for, additional reporting fees will apply.

Drug Screen Plus can be used when testing hair samples for any combination of the drugs listed below:

  • Amphetamine
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Buprenorphine
  • Ecstasy (MDMA)
  • Methamphetamine
  • Phencyclidine

AlphaBiolabs has been providing court-approved drug testing for the legal sector for over 15 years, including sample collection and analysis at our UKAS-accredited and award-winning UK laboratory.

Our drug test results are accepted by UK courts including Family Drug and Alcohol Courts.

We also offer free sample collection for legally-instructed drug tests from our 11 nationwide walk-in centres .

To request a quote for a court-approved drug test, call our Legal team on 0333 600 1300 or email [email protected] .

drug test report sample

Drug testing for court

Request a quote for court-approved drug testing now, direct from our accredited laboratory.

Marie Law

Head of Toxicology at AlphaBiolabs

A highly-skilled and respected scientist with over 13 years’ experience in the field of forensics, Marie joined AlphaBiolabs in 2022 and oversees the company’s growing toxicology team.

As Head of Toxicology, Marie’s day-to-day responsibilities include maintaining the highest quality testing standards for toxicology and further enhancing AlphaBiolabs’ drug and alcohol testing services for members of the public, the legal sector, and the workplace sector.

Prior to joining AlphaBiolabs, Marie held roles with LGC Forensics, Cheshire Constabulary and Eurofins Forensic Services.

Connect with Marie on LinkedIn

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Privacy Overview

drug test report sample

10 Panel Drug Test

10 Panel Drug Tests help identify multiple drugs in a person's system. Download a free template to record and analyze test results.

drug test report sample

What is a 10 Panel Drug Test?

Drug use can range from recreational to addiction, and it's crucial to identify multiple drugs in an individual's system. A 10 Panel Drug Test is a diagnostic procedure that helps detect the use of various drugs by analyzing bodily fluids. This test can be done using urine, blood, or saliva samples and is a valuable tool for employers, law enforcement, and healthcare providers to screen for drug use.

During the examination, the subject provides a sample, which is then analyzed for drugs, including but not limited to marijuana, cocaine, opioids, amphetamines, and more. The results of this analysis are documented in a 10 Panel Drug Test Report, which serves as a record of the individual's drug use history.

A 10 Panel Drug Test is instrumental in helping individuals address substance abuse issues and for organizations to ensure a drug-free environment, especially in safety-sensitive industries. This test is also used in legal proceedings, such as probation or court-ordered drug testing.

Downloadable 10 Panel Drug Test

Check out our free downloadable 10 Panel Drug Test

How Does it Work?

Carepatron's printable 10 Panel Drug Test Report is designed for easy use, allowing you to document and organize test results effectively. Follow these steps to get started:

Step One: Download the template

Access the free 10 Panel Drug Test Report via the link provided on this page or through the Carepatron app. Alternatively, you can find it in our general practice management software 's resources library.

Step Two: Fill out personal information

Enter the subject's name, date of birth, and any other relevant personal information in the designated section of the template. This is crucial for accurate identification and maintaining a record of the individual's drug test history.

Step Three: Record clinical history

Note any medical conditions or drug-related issues known to the subject. This information can provide important context for the test results and help identify drug use patterns.

Step Four: Record substance use

Document the results of the 10 Panel Drug Test in the designated section. This test covers ten commonly abused substances, including amphetamines, benzodiazepines, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, and more.

Step Five: Review and analyze results

Carefully review the test results to determine if any substances were detected. If so, compare them to the individual's clinical history and discuss any potential concerns or next steps with them.

Step Six: Maintain a copy for future reference

Save a copy of the report in the subject's electronic health records for reference. This can help with monitoring and tracking substance use over time.

10 Panel Drug Test Report Example (sample)

Our team has prepared a 10 Panel Drug Test Report PDF sample to illustrate how test results are typically presented. Please note that this is a sample report for educational purposes only and does not contain real subject data. You can view the sample here or download a PDF copy.

10 Panel Drug Test Report Example (sample)

When Would you use this Test Report?

The 10 Panel Drug Test Report template applies to any individual who has undergone a 10 Panel Drug Test. This report offers essential information and recommendations, whether conducted for employment purposes, legal requirements, or personal health management. It can be used to:

Facilitate discussions about substance abuse and its impact

You can use this template to discuss the subject's drug use patterns and potential consequences. The results section provides an overview of substances detected and their respective levels, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the individual's substance use. This can help identify patterns and discuss any concerns or risks associated with substance abuse.

Monitor changes in substance use over time

The 10 Panel Drug Test Report can be used as a reference for future drug tests and compared to previous results. This can help track changes in substance use patterns, identify any improvement or worsening of the situation, and inform treatment plans accordingly.

Support decision-making processes

The report's interpretation and recommendations provide valuable insights into the subject's substance use status. Employers or legal authorities can refer to this information when making decisions about hiring, disciplinary actions, or legal proceedings. Health professionals can also use this to guide treatment plans and interventions.

Collaborate with addiction specialists and healthcare professionals

Healthcare providers and addiction specialists can use the 10 Panel Drug Test Report to collaborate on patient care, ensuring appropriate interventions are in place.

What do the Results Mean?

The results of a 10 Panel Drug Test provide insights into the presence or absence of various drugs in an individual's system. Here are some potential implications of the results:

●  Positive results for certain substances may indicate recent or ongoing use and may require further testing or intervention.

●  Negative results do not necessarily guarantee abstinence as some drugs are only detectable for a limited time. However, they can still provide useful information about an individual's substance use patterns.

●  Inconclusive results may occur due to various factors such as the use of adulterants, low drug levels, or human error. It is important to have a follow-up test if this happens.

Note that the results of a 10 Panel Drug Test should be interpreted in conjunction with other relevant information, such as an individual's medical history and behavior.

Why use Carepatron for your 10 Panel Drug Test app?

Are you a healthcare professional or organization needing an efficient solution to manage your clinical practice? Look no further than Carepatron.

Carepatron is a comprehensive practice management solution that simplifies administrative tasks while enhancing the quality of patient care. With the Carepatron 10 Panel Drug Test app, you can streamline scheduling, automate billing, and efficiently manage patient records, among other features.

What sets Carepatron apart is its customizable, user-friendly, and HIPAA-compliant software. With our robust reporting capabilities, you can make data-driven decisions that lead to improved patient outcomes and a more efficient practice.

Don't let administrative tasks hinder your ability to provide quality care or maintain drug-free environments. Discover how Carepatron's state-of-the-art software can transform your practice management, giving you more time to focus on patient care and ultimately improving healthcare delivery.

Take the next step towards efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence with Carepatron. Your practice and your clients deserve the best!

Clinical documenttion software benefit

Commonly asked questions

A 10 Panel Drug Test is often requested by employers for pre-employment screening, as well as by law enforcement agencies during criminal investigations. Healthcare providers may also request it for individuals with a history of substance abuse or as part of a medical assessment.

The frequency of 10 Panel Drug Testing varies depending on the specific circumstances. It may be conducted as a one-time pre-employment requirement or regularly for individuals in substance abuse treatment programs.

The duration of a 10 Panel Drug Test can vary depending on the type of test and the number of substances being screened. In most cases, it takes a few minutes to provide a sample, but the analysis may take several days to yield results.

Ericka Pingol

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Drug test results, how to read drug test results.

The results of a drug test can be either positive or negative. A positive result indicates that drugs were detected in the sample, while a negative result indicates that no drugs were detected. If the test is positive, further testing may be necessary to confirm the results.

A negative drug test result 

If you just get a Control line (C) and a Test line (T) on a drug test kit result within the specified time then this is a negative drug test result.   ie no drug detected

A positive drug test result

If you just get a Control line (C) but no Test line (T) on a drug test kit result within the specified time then this is a positive drug test result.

The image below shows two drug test results. The first result is positive ie the C line is present and the T line is absent. 

The second result is negative ie the C line is present and the T line is present. 

drug test results positive and negative

Faint T line on drug test result 

A faint T line with a visible C line is always a negative drug test result ie no drugs were detected above the cut-off levels for the drug test, on the sample being tested, as long as the line appeared within the read time for the particular drug test kit that you are using. More info

What is an invalid drug test result?

If there is no C line and no T line this is an invalid drug test result. The most common reason for an invalid result on a drug test kit is i nsufficient specimen. The sample provided for testing may be too small in volume to conduct a valid drug test. This is more common in saliva testing than in urine testing.

Another possible reason is that you have not removed the cover from the drug test kit which means it is unable to absorb the sample. Most urine panel tests and direct saliva drug test kits have a cover which needs to be removed before the drug test kit can be used. 

Codes on drug test kits and what do they mean

Drug tests may use various abbreviations to refer to different substances, including:

  • THC - tetrahydrocannabinol (the primary psychoactive component in Cannabis also known as marijuana , weed )
  • MDMA - 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (also known as ecstasy)
  • KET Ketamine
  • COC - cocaine
  • AMP - amphetamines (such as methamphetamine and Adderall)
  • MOP - opioids (such as heroin, codeine)
  • OPI - opioids (such as heroin, morphine, and oxycodone)
  • BZO - benzodiazepines (such as Valium and Xanax)
  • MET - methamphetamine
  • TML Tramadol
  • BAR - barbiturates (such as phenobarbital and secobarbital)
  • TCA - tricyclic antidepressants (such as amitriptyline and nortriptyline)
  • PPX - propoxyphene (an opioid pain medication)
  • BUP - buprenorphine (a medication used to treat opioid addiction)
  • FEN - fentanyl (a powerful synthetic opioid)
  • MTD - methadone (a medication used to treat opioid addiction)
  • OXY - oxycodone (an opioid pain medication)
  • K2 - synthetic cannabinoids (also known as "Spice" or "K2"
  • GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate)
  • GAB-Gabapentin
  • CNB Cannabinol
  • DCA Cathinone
  • CFY Carfentanyl
  • MPR Meperidine
  • MEP Mephedrone
  • MQL Methaqualone
  • MDPV Methylenedioxypyrovaleron
  • PGB Pregabalin
  • PCP - phencyclidine (a hallucinogenic drug)
  • LSD - lysergic acid diethylamide (a hallucinogenic drug)
  • TZD Trazadone
  • ZOL Zolpidem

It is important to note that different drug tests may use different abbreviations, and some substances may have multiple abbreviations depending on the context. If you have questions about the specific abbreviations used on a drug test kit, it is best to consult with the drug testing kit provider. It's also worth noting that the specific abbreviations used on a drug test may vary depending on the testing company or laboratory, and some tests may use more detailed abbreviations that specify the specific metabolites or compounds being tested for. If you're unsure about what a specific abbreviation means on a drug test result, it's best to consult with the drug testing provider.

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    SAMPLE DRUG SCREEN LAB REPORT. Lab Name. Lab Address. City, State Zip. Telephone. Drug Screen Results. *See Comment. Date and time: Collected: Ordered by: (


    example, if you transmit MROs' drug testing results to DERs, you must transmit each drug test result to the DER in compliance with the requirements for MROs


    BACTERIA. 4+. H. 0 – 1+. IS A URINE CULTURE INDICATED? YES. Criteria for culture is met and a culture will be set up. Please call the Lab if you do not want one

  7. What does a drug test report look like?

    Once hair, nail, urine, and/or oral fluid samples have been collected by a trained clinician under chain of custody conditions, testing can

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  9. Specimen Collection Handbook

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  10. Medical Review Officer Manual

    The effect that occurs when a sample's result (e.g., drug concentration) has been.

  11. Pre-Employment Background Drug Test Sample Report

    This is a drug test sample report. The information in this drug test test file will not match your input request.

  12. Drug Test Results

    The results of a drug test can be either positive or negative. A positive result indicates that drugs were detected in the sample, while a negative result

  13. Reading a Drug Test

    A positive test result means that the drug concentration in the urine sample