1. Resume Examples Without High School Diploma

    how to write a resume without high school diploma

  2. Sample Resumes Without College Degree

    how to write a resume without high school diploma

  3. How To Create A Resume Without A Template

    how to write a resume without high school diploma

  4. How to List an Unfinished Degree on a Resume (With Examples)

    how to write a resume without high school diploma

  5. Resume Examples Without High School Diploma

    how to write a resume without high school diploma

  6. Resume Without Education Template

    how to write a resume without high school diploma


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  1. How to write a resume when you have no education [high school or college]

    Writing a resume with no education will take some effort, but by following these steps, yours will be done in no time. Here is a step-by-step guide to writing a resume with no education. #1. List your contact information. Your contact information should be right at the top of your resume.

  2. How to Draft a Resume for Someone Who Dropped Out

    As with other potential negatives, it's typically best to wait until the interview to discuss dropping out, only discussing it if the interviewer asks. Instead of revealing they dropped out, applicants can simply list their high school and the dates attended. Listing an unfinished college degree, however, sometimes works in an applicant's ...

  3. How to Create a Resume With No Education

    Keep your education section positive and proactive. When creating a resume with no education to list, highlight the ways you've taken the initiative to learn and grow in your field rather than focusing on an incomplete or interrupted education. List any job-related training you've completed, either through your own initiative or your company's ...

  4. Didn't Graduate High School Resume Example

    Kick-start your career & learn creative tricks to use in your resume with our free, highly instructive Didn't Graduate High School resume example. Use this resume example for free or alter it with ease in our powerful resume maker. This resume was written by our experienced resume writers specifically for this profession.

  5. How To Include Your High School Education on a Resume

    Review these steps to learn the best way to write your resume to include your high school education: 1. Create a section of your resume specifically for education. Because employers look for an education section, make sure you have one on your resume. Typically, education sections appear toward the bottom of your resume after your experience ...

  6. Should You Put High School on a Resume? (Diploma or Not)

    You should include your high school GPA on the resume if: Your high school GPA was really impressive (above 3.5). You shouldn't include your high school GPA if: Your high school GPA is lower than a 3.5. You're a college or university student long enough to potentially list that GPA. You have a couple of years of work experience.

  7. How to List Your High School Diploma on Your Resume

    By highlighting your high school on your resume, you show hiring managers that you meet the education requirements of the position. You should include your high school education on your resume if: High school is your highest degree of education. You're currently in college. You're currently in high school.

  8. Write a Winning Resume Without a College Degree

    As he worked to land a senior leadership role, we knew this experience had to be front and center on his resume. We included it in the summary section and spelled it out with clarity in his experience section. Here's how the summary bullet read: A marketing leader with authoritative knowledge of youth culture.

  9. How to Create a Resume with no Education

    Write a persuasive summary. Hiring managers will notice your lack of education, so there's no point in hiding it. Instead, take ownership of it and clearly explain it in your resume summary /bio. For example, you could write: "Responsible and diligent natural leader with 4 years' experience in hospitality and retail.

  10. How to Write a Resume with No Experience [21+ Examples]

    It's the easiest part to get right, just keep it short and to the point. In your contact information section, mention the following: First and Last Name. Phone Number. E-mail Address. A link to a professional profile (e.g. LinkedIn) or personal webpage (if you have one) Make sure to use a professional-sounding E-mail.

  11. 4+ High School Resume Examples for 2024

    1. Use a simple student resume format. If you're writing a resume for your first job, then you're probably not sure where to start.So we'll break it down for you. Start by using the standard chronological resume format.This format places your most recent experience at the top of the page (just below your resume's header section and introduction), and older experience underneath it.

  12. How to Write a Resume With No Experience

    Write an impressive resume with no experience by focusing on your education and skills section. Read on for tips and no experience resume examples! close. ... High School Diploma. John Madison High School | Buffalo, NY. Check out this education section sample for a college graduate resume with no experience:

  13. How to Make a Resume With No Experience: Examples

    How to format a resume with no experience: Follow the reverse-chronological order (i.e. put the most recent info up top). Add section headings to make your first-job resume easier to navigate. Use professional-looking fonts that are easy on the recruiter's eyes. Stick to the 11-12pt size range for regular text.

  14. How to List an Unfinished Degree on a Resume (With Examples)

    Here's an example of how to list an unfinished degree on your resume: SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY - Syracuse, NY. 2017-2019. If you took some courses related to the job, include those under your university information. You can list them by individual courses taken or by number of credits earned in a certain area of study.

  15. How to Write a Resume With No Experience (First Job)

    Use power words. Peak the interest of recruiters with strong, powerful keywords and actionable descriptions. For example, "Attentive to detail" and "driven," "Team player" and "reliable" or "Problem-solver" and "leader.". Describe what you bring to the table. Clearly state how you bring value to the company's success.

  16. How To Craft a High School Resume in 6 Steps (With Examples)

    Here's how to write a high school resume step by step: 1. Include a career objective. A career objective is a one or two-sentence statement summarizing your career goals and how your talents and skills align with the needs of the employer. While people of any age and career level can benefit from including an objective statement on their resume ...

  17. High School Resume: Tips, Template, and Example

    Here is an example of a high school resume to give you ideas for your own. Janie Williams. 123 Appletree Lane, New Castle, Virginia. 341-212-2564 I am a motivated high school student seeking an internship opportunity in the legal field where I can apply my skills and further develop my passion for the judicial system.

  18. High School Resume

    Let's have a look at a concrete example of a resume objective for this case: Correct Example: Hard-working, responsible high school student looking to contribute a positive and collaborative attitude in the retail field. Math-oriented individual with good attention to detail. #3.

  19. When Should You Include Your High School on Your Resume?

    Include your high school details only if it's your highest level of education, or you are still in high school. Include your GPA if it's higher than 3.5. If it is lower, you might want to leave it off your resume. Include your high school details properly, depending on whether you graduated or not.

  20. 16 High School Student Resume Examples Created for 2024

    16 High School Student. Resume Examples + Complete Guide. Stephen Greet May 22, 2024. High school is one of the best times of your life, but it can also be one of the most difficult when looking for your first or second job. You've got to fill out applications, prep for interviews, and write your resume.

  21. How to Make a Resume: Beginner's Writing Guide with Examples

    Spell out acronyms (BS, MS, PhD) and school abbreviations. It is no longer customary to include graduation dates unless you're still in school or graduated within the last year. Never include high school, unless you're still in high school - listing high school doesn't say "I finished high school," it says, "I didn't go to college."

  22. How To List Education on a Resume (With Examples)

    Location of your school. The degree you obtained (if applicable) Your field of study. Graduation year (if applicable) Your GPA (Note: You may not want to include this if it's not above 3.4) Any relevant honors or academic recognition, coursework, activities or other achievements obtained during your education.

  23. Omitting lack of high school diploma from a resume? : r/resumes

    Technically yes you can leave that off resume but for application you must answer truthfully or background check might catch it. Some companies don't care to dig however this plays a huge part in pay. He can put what school he attended and years. I never put HS DIPLOMA but also had my college enrollment. The real issue at hand needs attention ...

  24. What to put on my resume with no work experience or highschool diploma

    I never graduated 12th grade. Ideally, you can put down your volunteering experience to explain any gaps. Without a high school diploma, yes your job hunt will get difficult. If you are interested, look for a high school completion program at a community college instead of testing for a GED. You'll still get your high school diploma that way. 1.

  25. 16 Good Skills to Put on a Resume With No Experience

    15. Writing. Writing is one of the best examples of technical skills to put on a resume for first job, as many professions rely heavily on it. For example, roles in social media management and content marketing require strong writing abilities. Read more: 9 High-Paying Writing Jobs for Word People: Editors, Writers, and Beyond

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