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How to Avoid Getting in Trouble for Not Doing Your Homework

Last Updated: March 7, 2024

This article was co-authored by Alicia Oglesby . Alicia Oglesby is a Professional School Counselor and the Director of School and College Counseling at Bishop McNamara High School outside of Washington DC. With over ten years of experience in counseling, Alicia specializes in academic advising, social-emotional skills, and career counseling. Alicia holds a BS in Psychology from Howard University and a Master’s in Clinical Counseling and Applied Psychology from Chestnut Hill College. She also studied Race and Mental Health at Virginia Tech. Alicia holds Professional School Counseling Certifications in both Washington DC and Pennsylvania. She has created a college counseling program in its entirety and developed five programs focused on application workshops, parent information workshops, essay writing collaborative, peer-reviewed application activities, and financial aid literacy events. This article has been viewed 98,822 times.

Homework generally isn’t that much fun. But it generally is a requirement that has a pretty decent-sized impact on your grade, so if you want (or need) to do well in a class, getting the homework done is a big deal. So what happens if you forget to do one of the assignments? You have a few options; the first and best is, of course, to not to forget to do it in the first place. But if that’s not an option, there are a few other measures you can take to try to get out of a homework scrape. Read on to find out more.

Using Good Judgment

Step 1 Tell the truth.

  • Explain why you didn’t do the homework--maybe you forgot about the assignment, got home late, fell asleep, etc. Don’t sugarcoat your reason, but do use some discretion; if you didn’t do your homework because you were at an all-night kegger, keep your reason general (ie, “I didn’t get home until late”) rather than overly specific (ie, “I was too busy doing keg stands”).
  • Apologize. After giving your reason, sincerely apologize. Don’t gloss over this part--the sincerity of your apology will impact how likely your teacher is to want to help you. If you don't feel comfortable talking to the teacher directly, feel free to send them an email or leave them a note.
  • Explain that it won’t happen again--and make sure it doesn’t. Let your teacher know that this was a rare instance of you lapsing on a responsibility and that you’ll be careful that it doesn’t happen again. And--this part is important--keep your word. If you make forgetting your homework habitual, your teacher will not only stop believing your excuses, they’ll rapidly become less sympathetic to your apologies.
  • Ask for another day to finish the assignment. The best case scenario here is that your teacher will grant you extra time to complete the assignment and won’t penalize you for turning it in past the original deadline. More likely, though, your teacher will offer to let you turn in the assignment late, for partial credit. Don’t gripe about or be ungrateful for partial-credit--it will make it less likely that your teacher will extend you a similar opportunity in the future.

Step 2 Explain that you tried but didn’t understand the assignment.

  • Ask the teacher to help you understand the assignment and to let you have another chance at completing it. This both buys you more time and has the added benefit of getting you one-on-one homework help as well.

Step 3 Be creative.

  • If the story’s creative or amusing enough, your teacher might cut you some slack simply because you didn’t give them one of the same boring excuses they always hear.
  • For example, maybe it just so happened that your parents went out last night and left you with a family friend who turned out to be a clairvoyant and burned all of your homework because he looked into the future and saw that if he didn’t destroy it all your cat would rip your homework to shreds while you slept and you would breathe in a fatal amount of air-borne paper bits and choke to death.

Avoiding Bad Excuses

Step 1 Don’t be obvious.

  • It should be obvious, but don’t use “the dog ate my homework.” You might as well not even bother coming up with an excuse at all.
  • Don’t just say “I lost it” unless you can come up with a believable set of extenuating circumstances to explain how it got lost. Saying it just got lost randomly is pretty transparent.

Step 2 Don’t blame technology.

  • Instead of blaming the printer or your laptop, etc., explain that you had trouble when you were trying to print (or whatever) the homework right before class but that you’ll email it to your teacher by the end of the day. You can buy more time with that, and quickly type it up.
  • Just be sure you actually do send it to them by the end of the day--preferably by 5 pm. [2] X Research source

Step 3 Don’t plead ignorance.

  • First, since it’s your responsibility, not theirs, to make sure you’re up-to-date on assignments, this excuse is pretty much like telling the teacher that it was your own fault.
  • Second, because, from your teacher’s point of view, an entire classroom of other students managed to find out about and do the homework, so it clearly isn’t as hard as you’re making it out to be. [3] X Research source
  • And finally, the ignorance excuse won’t work because when you’re absent, your teacher expects that you’ll find out everything you missed. If didn’t, your teacher will again see it as your own fault.

Avoiding the Situation in the First Place

Step 1 Make a homework game-plan.

  • Start by writing down every assignment and its due date as soon as it’s assigned.
  • Be sure to write all of your assignments down in the same place so you don’t miss any or have to go on a desperate search every time you want to know what’s due. A day planner, dedicated homework notebook, or scheduling app are all good options.

Step 2 Have a homework...

  • Whenever you get an assignment, estimate how long it will take to complete and set aside the necessary time accordingly.
  • If it’s an assignment that will take several days or even several weeks, set aside as many blocks of time as you’ll need to complete it over that span of time.

Step 3 Make homework a routine.

  • Don’t procrastinate on homework--don’t let yourself play video games or chat on Facebook until you’ve finished your night’s assignments.
  • Do the harder assignments first. Getting the harder work out of the way first is a more efficient and rewarding use of your time.

Step 4 Use free or in-between times to do homework.

  • If you have a study-hall period, a free period, a few minutes between classes, a 10-15 minute bus ride home, etc., use that time to work on homework. Sure, you’d rather be talking to friends or playing on your phone, but if you want to have your homework done, you’ll need to actually take the time to do it. [4] X Research source

Step 5 Ask for help.

  • Start by approaching the teacher. Explain your difficulties and ask for their help. That’s what your teachers are there for, after all--to help you learn. (And if they show any reluctance to help, remind them of this fact.) They’re the best source of help since they’re the ones making and grading the homework, and having the help of an insider is often invaluable.
  • Get help from a classmate. If your teacher isn’t able to give as much help as you need, supplement their help with help from a classmate who understands the material and is doing well in the class. If you aren’t sure who that might be, ask your teacher for suggestions.
  • Get a tutor. Many schools offer free peer-tutoring services that can be a significant help. Ask your teacher or an administrator whether such services are available. If not, consider looking into hiring a tutor. There are a number of professional tutoring services to choose from, or you might try hiring a local college student for tutoring help.

Step 6 Cut out distractions.

  • Even if you think you’re a great multi-tasker, trying to do homework while also texting, catching up on Facebook, and tweeting about how much you hate homework is actually hurting you more than helping you get through the process.
  • Moreover, though multitasking can be an asset for some activities, it isn’t an asset when studying. When you’re multitasking, your mind leaves your current train of thought (like, say, trigonometry) and takes up a new train (maybe texting a friend about tomorrow’s plans), and the result is that you end up doing worse on both.
  • Find a quiet, distraction-free space to do your studying. The better you’re able to concentrate, the better you’ll do on your work and the more quickly you’ll get through it. Put away or turn off anything you know will distract you (your phone, Facebook alerts, whatever). [6] X Research source
  • If you find yourself being distracted by thoughts of other things you should or want to be doing, keep a piece of paper next to you where you can write down those thoughts as they come up. Don’t dwell on them, just write them down and know you can get back to them later. [7] X Research source
  • Set small goals and reward yourself when you achieve them. For example, set a goal to study for 15-20 minutes straight and then reward yourself with a small treat when you do so. [8] X Research source

Expert Q&A

Alicia Oglesby

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Dear Therapist: My Mom Won’t Stop Pressuring Me to Get Better Grades

I’ve wanted to address this with her for a while now, but I’m afraid she’ll scold me.

An illustration of a girl surrounded by octopus tentacles, which hold dumbbells, a book, and a laptop

Dear Therapist,

I’m 14 years old and I’m having problems with my mom. She constantly nags me about my grades not being high enough, even if I have gotten the highest in the class. She also keeps telling me to go out and run or to eat less to lose weight. I am heavier than some of my friends, but I’m not overweight. I remind her that my weight is fine because I’m strong and I dance a lot, but she doesn’t listen to me.

Even though she wants me to get top grades, when I study instead of going out and exercising, she criticizes me for being lazy. I study a lot, and I have a lot of hobbies, like making videos, singing, dancing, and much more. But I never have time for any of these, because I’m always being forced to work.

I’ve been wanting to address these issues with my mom for a while now, but I’m afraid I will be scolded by her. What should I do?

Dear Anonymous,

I’m glad that you reached out, because so many teenagers feel exactly as you do. They’re experiencing extreme parental pressure but believe that they either can’t or don’t know how to address it. And it absolutely should be addressed.

I can imagine how stressful and confusing these messages from your mom are, and how unpleasant these interactions must be. You say she doesn’t listen to you, so let’s think about why that is, and what might help her to hear you better.

Maybe we can start here: In her mind, she’s simply doing her job as a parent. If I were to ask her why she’s putting this kind of pressure on you, she would probably say that it’s because she loves you deeply. She likely believes that getting top grades and maintaining a certain weight lead to a happy, fulfilling life, and she feels she’s helping to guide you to that future. She might even believe that what you consider pressure is well-meaning “parental guidance,” and she may be baffled by what she considers your lack of appreciation for her attentiveness and care. All of this makes it hard for her to hear you.

What she doesn’t realize, however, is that she’s showing her love in a way that doesn’t feel loving, because it leaves you feeling unseen, anxious, and inadequate. For instance, instead of respecting your desire to engage in your interests and delighting in the joy they bring you, she devalues their relevance. Instead of showing pride in your academic achievements and how hard you work to earn them, she insists that you work even harder. Instead of admiring your beauty in a body that gives you strength, she urges you to become smaller. And perhaps most frustrating, she sets you up to disappoint her: If you study, you aren’t exercising enough; if you exercise, you aren’t studying enough. No matter what you do, you can’t please her.

The good news is that it’s not your job to please her. Nor is it your job to get the highest grades or have the slimmest body. Rather, the work of a healthy human is to learn how to please yourself—not your mom, your teachers, or society’s idea of what a woman’s body should look like. It’s to figure out what matters to you and to focus your energy in those directions. For you, what matters may be balance rather than undue stress, learning rather than a letter grade, growth rather than perfection, self-defined beauty rather than a rigid aesthetic, creativity rather than a constrained existence. Let those values be your north star.

So: back to your mom. Somewhere along the way, likely in her own childhood, a certain kind of achievement and appearance became very important to her. Maybe her parents put the same kind of pressure on her that she puts on you—but unlike you, she acceded to it without examining the consequences. Or perhaps her parents didn’t pay much attention to her at all, and she wished dearly for parents who were as invested in her “success” as she is in yours. I put success in quotes because for whatever reason, she long ago developed a definition of success that you are wisely questioning. If you get the highest grades but the cost is stress, depression, anxiety, and a feeling of never being good enough, that might not be a healthy definition of success at all. If you lose weight but end up going to sleep each night hungry, weak, irritable, and insecure about your appearance, that also doesn’t seem like the kind of “success” you should aspire to.

Up to this point, you and your mom have been arguing about her rules, but the real conflict—and the one you need to discuss directly—is the difference between your value systems. It might help to write your mom a letter so that you can express yourself clearly and without interruption, and explain to her what your value system is. You might start out by saying that you appreciate how much she cares about your well-being, and that you know she believes her efforts are for your benefit.

Then you can explain that even so, if her goal is to raise you to have a fulfilling life, the way she’s trying to help is actually making it less likely that this will come to pass. Let her know that you feel constantly stressed and overwhelmed, not because you’re a poor student, but because this intense focus on getting the best possible grades is interfering with the process of actually learning. Feel free to include some research on a growth mindset, which leaves room for making mistakes and learning from them, as well as studies on the positive outcomes associated with intrinsic motivation (meaning, an inner desire to learn) over extrinsic motivation (grades, parental approval). As for her comments about your weight, tell her that you’re happy with your appearance and appreciate having muscles that give you strength to dance well, and that you find her comments to be damaging and hurtful. You can also share that her expectations are creating resentment in your relationship, because when she is fixated on perfection, you start to feel that her love and acceptance are contingent on performance.

You might end the letter by explaining that the greatest gift she can give you as a parent is the freedom to be who you are—and to be embraced for it—and that you’re someone who works hard and does your best, but who also has many interests and who values making time for relaxation and fun. Tell her that it’s okay with you if she chooses to live her life differently from yours, but that it also needs to be okay with her for you to choose to live differently from her—because ultimately, you will anyway. And not only will you become a more whole human being if she supports you in this, but the two of you will have a much stronger relationship, both now and in the future.

Hopefully your letter will open up a different kind of conversation that will help create more understanding between you. And if it doesn’t, you might consider reaching out to a guidance counselor or another adult you trust for support in helping your mom to broaden her perspective. Either way, clarifying your values and advocating for yourself will be a learning experience you can’t put a grade on: Nobody gets to live your life for you.

Dear Therapist is for informational purposes only, does not constitute medical advice, and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician, mental-health professional, or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. By submitting a letter, you are agreeing to let The Atlantic use it—in part or in full—and we may edit it for length and/or clarity.

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I Don’t Want to Do My Homework

I don’t know if there is any person who finds homework to be so frustrating. Personally, there is nothing I hate in my academic life than having to spent several sleepless nights doing homework. The worst bit about this is when I find myself not scoring the grade that I desired. The truth of the matter is that I don’t want to do my homework. Just read this article to find out what makes me dislike this experience.

i dont want to do my homework

The truth of the matter is that I have a better way of handling this experience. I don’t want to do my homework when I am not sure that I have the required competence.

Table of Contents

  • I Just Don’t Have the Time to do the Assignment
  • I Can’t do Homework Because I Don’t Have the Required Skills
  • No Guesswork Because I Need to Pass My College Exams
  • I Just Hate the Boring Homework Experience
  • Why Bother Myself When I can Get Reliable Assignment Help

1. I Just Don’t Have the Time to do the Assignment

One thing that makes me feel as if I can’t do homework is the fact that I don’t just have time for that. As a family person, I need to give enough time for my spouse and kids. Carrying college work to the house can be so frustrating to my family members. My children and spouse need me immediately I step in the door of my house. My kids feel so bad when they want me to attend to them and I am in books all day long. Like any other family person, I cannot take my family for granted. They are the closest relatives I have and will always run to them in the time of need. As I spend most of my day looking for their daily bread, I should use the remaining time to socialize with them. I also need to perform other household tasks as I get home. As a believer, I also need enough time to serve my creator. Homework cannot give me this time at all. I also want to get enough time to give back to my community by participating in communal activities. What I am trying to put across is that my schedule is just too busy and I don’t want to do homework any more. I don’t have enough time even if I have the will to undertake this task.

2. I Can’t do Homework Because I Don’t Have the Required Skills

One thing is dislike about homework is that the lecturer has specific skills that he or she is testing. The truth of the matter is that I have not been where he is and hence may not tell what he or she is looking for. Id rather look for a person who has walked through this journey to hold my hand. Quality is key when handling my homework and I know the instructor cannot compromise on this. Students should make sure that the content is highly engaging and interesting. Imagine having to get a thesis statement and choose at least three points to support it. I understand my weaknesses and I am sure I can’t make the essay to flow quite well. Where will I even get authentic sources to include in my paper. The worst bit of it is when I have to use the right format and citation styles. I don’t have the time to learn all this before I can produce a high-quality paper. I don’t want to do homework because I don’t have the required level of expertise to handle my homework.

3. No Guesswork Because I Need to Pass My College Exams

Homework is not just about handing in the paper for marking. I can meet the deadline but I must make sure that I meet the required deadline. One thing I dread is failure and because it will affect my career progression. One thing I understand is that the marks I score in my homework will affect my final GPA. The primary intention of doing my homework is to make sure that I give it my best and pass. Given the first two points listed above, I am sure that I will not pass if I choose to handle this task on my own. I don’t want to use trial and error then end up failing the exam.

4. I Just Hate the Boring Homework Experience

Ever since I begun my academic journey, I have never enjoyed the experience of having to do my homework. I don’t want to struggle through another experience of boring homework. In life, you cannot score highly on anything that is not motivating. The attitude alone will make me to fail because of lack of self-drive. I don’t want to do something that is not enjoyable because I will waste a lot of time to undertake the task and still produce a substandard paper.

5. Why Bother Myself When I can Get Reliable Assignment Help

One thing I like is that I don’t have to bother myself when I can get reliable help from My Homework Done . I don’t want to do homework anymore when there is a reliable partner who can sort me with my assignment. I have been using this custom service for a long period and all I have been recording are excellent scores. All my papers are received in good time and hence there are no delays. The advantage with this custom writing service is that their customer support representatives are online on a 24/7 basis. They have employed well-trained professionals who have never let me down. I don’t want to do homework when I can receive high-quality papers from my reliable writing service. This online service has surely put my academic progress on the right track. The brand has made college life for students so easy. What to do if you can find motivation to do homework? Read our wonderful article on motivation .

How To Become a Better Test Taker

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