1. Developing A Thesis

    A good thesis has two parts. It should tell what you plan to argue, and it should "telegraph" how you plan to argue—that is, what particular support for your claim is going where in your essay. Steps in Constructing a Thesis. First, analyze your primary sources. Look for tension, interest, ambiguity, controversy, and/or complication.

  2. PDF Strategies for Essay Writing

    Harvard College Writing Center 8 Thesis Your thesis is the central claim in your essay—your main insight or idea about your source or topic. Your thesis should appear early in an academic essay, followed by a logically constructed argument that supports this central claim. A strong thesis is

  3. PDF Writing Your Thesis Methods and Results

    Write a sufficient amount so that the reader can largely understand your findings without referring to the tables. ! Interpret statistics: Different from interpreting the findings more generally. E.g., explain what a particular odds ratio means in practical terms ("associated w/30% increase in the likelihood of engaging in some practice" !

  4. Dissertation

    Dissertation submission deadlines are noted in the Degree Calendar section of Policies. Help with the Dissertation Library Research . It's never too early to start planning for your dissertation. The Harvard Library can help! The Library maintains a guide for graduate students engaged in scholarly writing titled the Writing Oasis.

  5. Senior Thesis Writing Guides

    DOWNLOAD PDF. A Guide to Researching and Writing a Senior Thesis in Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality. Authors: Rebecca Wingfield, Sarah Carter, Elena Marx, and Phyllis Thompson. DOWNLOAD PDF. A Handbook for Senior Thesis Writers in History. Author: Department of History, Harvard University.

  6. Theses and Dissertations

    Generally speaking, a dissertation's purpose is to prove that you have the expertise necessary to fulfill your doctoral-degree requirements by showing depth of knowledge and independent thinking. Form. The form of a dissertation may vary by discipline. Be sure to follow the specific guidelines of your department.

  7. PDF A Guide to Writing a Senior Thesis in History & Literature

    Director of Studies to write a thesis that exceeds 20,000 words. Typical theses run somewhere in the range of 15,000-20,000 words. • All candidates for an honors degree in History & Literature must prepare a senior thesis. Students who do not complete a thesis are not eligible to graduate with honors in History & Literature.

  8. PDF A Guide to Writing a Senior Thesis in Sociology

    Harvard College. The thesis project requires research into the theories and past research relevant to the project, analysis of data, either original or existing, and a written final ... Thesis writing is great preparation for non-graduate schools careers as well—gathering informa-tion, analyzing it, and writing to persuade a reader are tasks ...

  9. Submitting Your Dissertation

    Students must submit their dissertation by the date established by their program (generally six to eight weeks prior to the Registrar's Office dissertation submission deadline) and follow the program's instructions on the number of copies to submit and format (bound or unbound). Please note: Students are responsible for notifying their ...

  10. PDF Senior Thesis Guide

    2 Q: Why should I write a Senior Thesis? A: While writing a thesis is one way to become eligible for honors, and the only way to become eligible for the summa cum laude level of honors, the best motivations are a love of research and/or a burning question. You should not consider a Senior Thesis if your primary motivations are not intellectually based, but are instead more practical—i.e ...

  11. A Guide to Writing a Senior Thesis in Engineering

    Writing a thesis is an opportunity to showcase the skills and knowledge you've acquired during your undergraduate career. It allows you to demonstrate depth of knowledge as well as ownership of a research ... writing in different fields. Harvard Writing Project writing guides: These guides provide advice on writing in the specific ...


    ¡ "the culmination of the literature review should be a discussion of how your thesis fits into past research" ¡ 10-20 pages "A Guide to Writing a Senior Thesis in Sociology." 2015. Department of Sociology, Harvard University. p.18-20, 42-43.

  13. Guides and databases: Harvard: Thesis or dissertation

    Harvard; Thesis or dissertation; Search this Guide Search. Harvard. This guide introduces the Harvard referencing style and includes examples of citations. ... Title of thesis (in italics). Degree statement. Degree-awarding body. Available at: URL. (Accessed: date). In-text citation: (Smith, 2019)

  14. PDF The Thesis Writing Process and Literature Review

    This puzzle leads to your research question and clarifies which literature(s) you should draw on at the beginning of your literature review. Theorize that tokens in the workplace experience isolation and obstacles to advancement. They attribute this to the the tokens low numbers and low status.

  15. PDF A Guide to Writing a Senior Thesis in Government

    A Guide to Writing a Thesis in Government | page 1 preface The Government Senior Thesis The decision whether or not to write a senior thesis and to pursue an honors degree in the Government Department will have important conse-quences for your final year at Harvard. Since writing a thesis will be quite

  16. PDF A Brief Guide to Writing the Philosophy Paper

    some thesis or argument, often a thesis or argument that has been presented by another philosopher (a thesis is argument, you may be asked to do one or more of the following: explain it, offer an argument in support of it, offer an objection to it, defend against an objection to it, evaluate the arguments for and against it, discuss

  17. How to Write a Dissertation

    The structure of a dissertation depends on your field, but it is usually divided into at least four or five chapters (including an introduction and conclusion chapter). The most common dissertation structure in the sciences and social sciences includes: An introduction to your topic. A literature review that surveys relevant sources.

  18. HLS Dissertations, Theses, and JD Papers

    Originally, the degree required completion of a major research paper, akin to a thesis. Since 1993, most students have the option of writing the LL.M. "short paper." This is a 25-page (or longer) paper advised by a faculty supervisor or completed in conjunction with a seminar. Fewer LL.M. candidates continue to write the more extensive "long ...

  19. PDF Thesis

    Harvard College Writing Center 1 Thesis Your thesis is the central claim in your essay—your main insight or idea about your source or topic. Your thesis should appear early in an academic essay, followed by a logically constructed argument that supports this central claim.

  20. How to Cite a Dissertation in Harvard Style

    In Harvard, the following reference list entry format is used for the dissertation: Author Surname, Author Initials. (Year Published). Title of the dissertation in italics. Level. Institution Name. For example, reference list entry for the above source would be: Darius, H. (2014).

  21. Harvard Citation Style: A Detailed Guide From Experts

    Harvard style dictates the overall layout of the paper, including margin sizes, preferred fonts, and more. Harvard referencing style is often used in these fields: Humanities. This includes subjects such as history, literature, philosophy, and cultural studies. Harvard referencing helps cite various sources like books, articles, and web pages ...

  22. Tips and Resources for a Successful Summer of Dissertation Writing

    Once you have a clear goal that you have discussed with your committee, the hard part begins: you have to actually write. The Graduate Writing Center offers several resources to make that process easier: The Graduate Writing Community. This is a totally remote, two-month program that is based on a model of "gentle accountability.".

  23. Graduate Profile: Kenton Thomas Goldsby, MDiv '24

    Favorite Class or Professor My favorite class by far was "Lutheran Confessions" with Pr. Alissa Oleson and Pr. Robin Lütjohann. It is so important, in a multifaith institution like HDS, to have access to classes and resources from our own specific traditions. Being able to take a whole course devoted entirely to reading and understanding the Book of Concord (the confession of the Evangelical ...