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Curriculum Ideas

creative writing ideas romans

Make Roman tile mosaics 

Create a clay sculpture of a Roman emperor or a statue of a Roman god

Design a pop up Roman landmark (we like these pop-up Colosseums )

Make your own Roman coins

Explore ways of representing exploded volcanoes using paint techniques ( check out these for inspiration)

creative writing ideas romans

Use programming software to design an obstacle course for a Roman gladiator character

Make a stop-motion animation of the story of Boudica or Romulus & Remus

Create and edit a video of your own version of one of the many  Roman story books  available

creative writing ideas romans

Design & build a Roman aqueduct model that really carries water

Make a pair of Roman sandals that fit your feet

Make and evaluate a Roman catapult (you can find instructions here )

Make your own chocolate Roman road (check out our instructions pack )

creative writing ideas romans

Make maps to show the expansion of the Roman empire

Find out about how volcanoes are formed and where they are found

Compare the capital cities of Italy and the UK

Map out where Romans built roads in the UK

Make a tourist guide to Hadrian's Wall or another Roman site

creative writing ideas romans

Find out about how the Roman Empire expanded and how the Romans invaded Britain

Follow the KS2History scheme of work for Roman Britain

creative writing ideas romans

Create your own narrative based on Escape from Pompeii (see the KS2History Escape from Pompeii planning unit )

Write newspaper reports about an aspect of Roman life (check out The Roman Record   for inspiration)

Write instructions for becoming a gladiator and making chocolate Roman roads (see the KS2History Romans Instructions Unit )

Create a diary from the point of view of a Celt during the time of the invasion.

Write book reviews for a book about the Romans (check out our book reviews to get you started).

creative writing ideas romans

Figure out Roman road routes around your school using only straight lines and right angles

Learn to count using Roman numerals

Try   this BBC Romans shopping challenge   and extend it with your own numbers

Investigate the areas of different Roman villas

Weigh out ingredients to make Roman bread.  Work out how you would need to scale up the ingredients for a class feast

creative writing ideas romans

Explore beats and rhythms for the Roman army to march to

Research Roman musical instruments

Learn a song about the Romans ( like this one ) and perform it to an audience

creative writing ideas romans

Investigate the best materials for Roman helmets or  shields

Make your own exploding volcanoes ( instructions can be found here ) and find out about the chemical reactions involved

Investigate different ways of cleaning old Roman coins. Try cola, vinegar, lemon juice or baking soda

Find out what kind of armour Roman soldiers wore to protect their bodies

Learn about our skeletons and how they are designed to act like armour for different organs

Useful Resources

Romans Planning Pack

A full planning unit for Year 3 and 4 covering the history topic Roman Britain.

Topic Starter Pack

A two-week unit of literacy work for lower KS2 based on the book 'Escape from Pompeii'.


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Home / Book Writing / Historical Fiction Writing Prompts: 35+ Ideas to Get You Started

Historical Fiction Writing Prompts: 35+ Ideas to Get You Started

Historical fiction can be a lot of fun to write. And if this is your preferred genre, then you have the benefit of being able to access a lot of history. In fact, there has never been more history than there is now! This means there's plenty of inspiration at your fingertips. But choosing a subject or time period to write about can be daunting.

This is why we're bringing you a list of historical fiction writing prompts in this article!

  • Common historical fiction tropes.
  • A list of prompts and how to use them.
  • How to vet your historical fiction novel idea.

Table of contents

  • Character is Key
  • Research But Resist
  • Events and Persons Are Common
  • Historical Romance Prompts
  • Historical Fiction Mysteries
  • Multi-Period Sagas
  • Western Fiction
  • Alternate History/Fantasy/Sci-Fi
  • Historical Action/Adventure Prompts
  • Vetting Your Historical Fiction Novel Idea

What Makes a Historical Fiction Story?

Before we get to the prompts, let's take a minute to discuss what makes for a good historical fiction story. If you're setting out to write in this genre, then you probably already read in it. If that's the case, you may be aware of the common tropes. But no harm can come from a quick refresher. 

You'll often see characters that hold modern values in historical fiction novels. These are often described as characters who are “ahead of their time.” While this is a good way to help the reader identify with the protagonist(s), it can also go a little too far. After all, readers of this genre want to be steeped in the time period. Additionally, a character that isn't “flawed” can be a little boring at times. 

So give your readers reasons to love your historical fiction character, but make sure they're not a perfect representation of someone with today's value system. By crafting a good character arc , you can provide your readers with a character that is at once authentic and enthralling.

Research is an essential part of writing good historical fiction. Even if you're planning on doing something that doesn't necessarily need to be propped up by authenticity (say your story will have a science fiction twist), you'll still want to be accurate when it counts. This is part of the attraction for readers. 

This is why it's important to resist sharing things that aren't necessarily relevant to the plot . There's the risk of narrative info dumps in historical fiction, but this also pertains to dialogue. Too much authenticity in the dialogue can slow the reader down or take them out of the story. But a few well-placed authentic words in the dialogue can go a long way!

Readers of this genre often expect to see the story center around a historical event or a real person—or both. Your main character doesn't have to be a historical figure, though . For example, in The Alienist by Caleb Carr, Theodore Roosevelt plays a major role in the story, but he’s a secondary character . 

The same can be said for a major historical event. Your plot doesn't have to do directly with the event. It can simply provide the backdrop for the story while still hitting on those tropes that readers love so well. 

Note: These are broad, overarching tropes in historical fiction. Determine your subgenre to pinpoint more specific tropes to guide your writing. 

Formatting Has Never Been Easier

Write and format professional books with ease.  Never before has creating formatted books been easier.

Historical Fiction Creative Writing Prompts

Whether you're looking to get past a case of writer's block or you're simply looking for some story inspiration, the following prompts can help! Pick a prompt and use it as-is, or tweak it to make it your own. It's completely up to you!

While I’ve split these up into different historical fiction subgenres, you can easily tweak them for use in another subgenre. If you like an idea, make it your own and change it to write the story that you would want to read.  

As one of the most popular genres out there, romance has a strong foothold in the historical genre. Whether you’re looking to write regency romance, Viking romance, or a sprawling epic like Gone With the Wind , there’s no shortage of inspiration to be had.  

1. Your main character is an advocate for Native American tribes in the 18th century. As she gathers political will among the people, she meets and falls in love with a Native American man. But their lives and worlds are just so different. Will they end up together?

2. Your protagonist is the daughter of a once-wealthy family during the Great Depression. Her father convinces her to marry a man she barely knows because his family is wealthy. At first, things seem bleak. But as she gets to know the man, she thinks it might be true love. 

3. Germany in the lead-up to World War II. Your protagonist is a man who falls in love with a Jewish woman. While all those around him are trying to convince him he's crazy, he must do what's in his heart. He must risk his life to save his love and her family. 

4. A brazen female thief sneaks into King George V's home in 1920 only to be caught by one of the king's guards. At first, he's ready to turn her in, but he soon discovers there's something between them. 

5. A young woman meets a young man on the streets of New York City during the 1939-1940 World's Fair. But before they can exchange information, they're separated. How do they find each other again to spark up a romance for the ages?

Where (or when) there are people, there’s bound to be crime. All one needs to do is look at some of the most intriguing crime stories throughout recorded history to find some inspiration. Or, take a look at the prompts below to get excited about your next thrilling story . 

6. Someone is poisoning soldiers in George Washington's army during the American Revolution. General Washington assigns your main character to solve the mystery just in time for the battle of Yorktown. 

7. Write about a fictional character who is behind the scenes during the fall of the Roman Empire. He's working to uncover the powerful cabal pulling strings to cause the empire to collapse so they can get rich in the process.

8. Write about a police officer in London in the late 19th century. While Sherlock Holmes was getting all the attention, your character was running around catching criminals that Holmes didn't have time for. 

9. Write about a Civil Rights proponent who takes it upon herself to uncover the conspiracy of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. 

10. The first detective agency is said to have been formed in Paris in 1833. Write about the formation of this agency and the bumpy road they took to develop ways to catch criminals on the crowded Paris streets.  

Historical fiction writers in this subgenre often use objects to link characters from multiple time periods . Sometimes, the characters are related by blood or circumstance, but this isn't always the case. 

11. A woman in 1970s America receives a letter from a lawyer telling her about an inheritance from a relative she didn't know she had. As she goes through this woman's possessions, she glimpses a life during the Great Depression and is surprised to find this great-aunt faced many of the same problems she now faces. 

12. A freed slave fighting in the American Civil War comes across the plantation on which he was born. His mother's diary transports him back to a time when she was a little girl—before she was ever taken prisoner and brought to America. 

13. Write about an old home that is about to be demolished. Several generations of families have lived in the home. Explore these storylines as if from the house's perspective. 

14. A young boy who's obsessed with exploring finds a magical spyglass. When he looks through the glass, he finds that he's descended from a long line of explorers who sailed around the world during different historical periods. Intertwine their stories with his. 

15. Write about an object that has been passed down through the eras. It could be a necklace, a ring, or a statue. It passes through the hands of all different kinds of people, allowing the reader to see their similarities and differences as time goes by. 

Although the western could be considered a genre of its own, it definitely deserves some story starter prompts on this list. These all take place in the American West during the early 19th to early 20th centuries. 

16. Write about a Chinese family who comes to the American West to seek work. How is their experience different from the mostly white settlers? How is it similar?

17. Write about a family who heads west to build a town with their own laws. What kind of trouble do they run into while trying to build this utopia?

18. Write about a Native American tribe who witnesses the migration of settlers into the land they've been inhabiting for generations. Write about conflict, romance, and what they think about the migration. 

19. Write about a young woman who heads to California during the Gold Rush. Explore the dangers presented by a woman traveling alone and the harsh realities of striking it rich during that time. 

20. Your character is in charge of getting a long stretch of railroad built in the American West. But he has to navigate the politics and the people who are trying to sabotage him every step of the way—not to mention the dangers inherent in the wilderness.  

Most of the subgenres above are considered realistic fiction. But with this historical fiction subgenre, you can get a little more creative with your story idea.

21. American history is full of pivotal moments that could've changed the country's direction if things had turned out differently. Choose one of these moments—the Civil War, World War II, Civil Rights Movement, Suffrage Movement, or any number of Supreme Court decisions. What would it look like if things had gone the other way?

22. Fantasy creatures came across our world through a mysterious portal in the early 19th century. Now it's 100 years later. What does the world look like?

23. Nikola Tesla succeeded in making a renewable electric energy source, transforming the world and accelerating the use of robots. Now it's the 1940s. What is the world like?

24. Your main character is a slave living in a modern world in which the Confederacy won the Civil War. But there's another civil war brewing, and this one looks to be even more brutal than the first. 

25. What if dinosaurs never went extinct? What would human society look like if we'd had to evolve while dinosaurs roamed the earth?

From swashbuckling pirates and fighter jet pilots to adventurous explorers and brilliant inventors, there are plenty of story ideas to explore in this subgenre. 

26. A restless teenage girl sneaks aboard a ship in 17th-century England. The ship is headed for the Caribbean and a lifetime's adventure for the young girl. 

27. A band of misfits sets out from Alexander the Great's army, determined to find a secret stash of riches located somewhere on the coast of the Mediterranean. 

28. Your character is among the Vikings who venture with Leif Erikson to North America. 

29. A group of knights set out to retrieve a sacred religious totem during the Crusades. They must battle enemies and form unexpected bonds to survive and accomplish their mission.

30. Write a story detailing the daring and costly St. Nazaire Raid by British commandos on the German-occupied Normandie dry dock during WWII. 

Whether you're writing a novel or a short story, crafting a historical fiction narrative can really help your research and writing skills. As a fiction writer, these skills are incredibly important. But if you're planning on writing a novel to share with the world, then it's a good idea to see if there's an audience for it (and one that you can break into) . Thankfully, this is easy to do with Publisher Rocket. 

With Publisher Rocket , you can get data in seconds that would otherwise take you hours if you were to comb through Amazon yourself. The main PR tools allow you to:

  • Learn what keywords Amazon customers use to search for historical fiction books like yours—and how many searches a given keyword (or phrase) receives per month.
  • See what's working for other authors in your historical fiction subgenre with data on book price, monthly sales, ranking, and book cover styles.
  • Find niche categories with the right amount of demand and competition for your books.
  • Gather keywords to use in your Amazon Ad campaigns.

Check out Publisher Rocket here to get started.    

Dave Chesson

When I’m not sipping tea with princesses or lightsaber dueling with little Jedi, I’m a book marketing nut. Having consulted multiple publishing companies and NYT best-selling authors, I created Kindlepreneur to help authors sell more books. I’ve even been called “The Kindlepreneur” by Amazon publicly, and I’m here to help you with your author journey.

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Creative Writing Club - members' area

Creative Writing Club – members' area

² navigation, resources to print – romans, printable writing frame.

Doing Robin’s Escape from Gladiator school workshop? Download this Roman writing frame: roman_story_printable

(Note – this is the one Robin will be using in the Facebook workshop )

TIP: There are lots of ways to use Creative Writing Club. You can let the kids loose with it in a lunchtime club, you can get the class into pairs using iPads. One very simple way is to demo the story using the App and then switch over to pen and paper (with one writing frame between two). To make this simple we’ve created a printable version of the activity for you. (Remember to print them out in advance – one between two).

LEVEL: Roman story is a PURPLE activity (blue = easiest, purple = medium, green = hardest)

How to use in class (Demo using App followed up by pen and paper).

  • Log onto Creative Writing Club. Use your Interactive White Board to do a demo of the story writing activity to the whole class. (Get the class to vote on the options as you go. Use the ‘next’ button in the bottom right of the screen if you need to move on).
  • Get the class into pairs and hand out a printed version of the writing frame.
  • Tell students to write the story one line each – from the most exciting part.
  • Tell them to put their hands up if they are going to write the first line. ‘First liners’ should write a line of speaking.
  • ‘Second liners’ should write a line of describing.
  • After this they can write anything they like: speech, description, action etc.
  • At the end of the session, choose some pairs to come up and share their work with you.

Tip: If you are working on paper, you can still submit work to our Hall of Fame . Take a picture of the story and email it to us.

Border to print


creative writing ideas romans

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Top results

creative writing ideas romans

Story ideas – Creative writing prompts and story starters

creative writing ideas romans

Inspire sophisticated stories with these cross-curricular suggestions, designed to get children's creative juices flowing wherever they’re learning…

Sue Drury

It was terrifying. As they all stared at it, a feeling of intense dread grew in the pits of their stomachs and swept throughout their bodies.

Their hands started to shake. Beads of icy sweat began to blossom on their brows. Their eyes swam in and out of focus. What could they do? Where could they start? How could they overcome the horror of… THE BLANK PAGE!

As any writer, or artist of any kind, will confirm, probably the most difficult part of any creative exercise comes long before you put pencil to paper or brush to palette. If you need a spark to get your creative motor running, the same will probably be true for your class.

So, what can you do if your dream machine has a flat battery? The following tips, pointers and creative writing activity ideas might provide the jump-start you need.

Sometimes, a great idea just pops into your head. If you’re lucky enough to have this happen to you, don’t be afraid to run with it – just check that your potentially great story has legs first.

Some story ideas simply don’t have the staying power to sustain a whole narrative so, first, see if you can quickly sketch out in your mind, or as a rough plan on paper, a coherent plot.

This will be true whether it’s your own project or a stimulus for your class.

7 story plots

According to an idea most famously popularised by Christopher Booker, there are only seven basic story plots:

  • Overcoming a monster
  • Rags to riches
  • Voyage and return

Story idea generator

If you consider it prudent to constrain the imagination still further (and there are very good reasons for doing so with pupils), you might like to consider the type of story that you want to be written. Will it be a historical tale, a fantasy adventure, a mystery or a spooky story, for example?

Whatever you have decided, this will usually help to focus the mind on the sort of plot that will work well and offer guardrails to avoid the ideas becoming too outlandish.

Short story ideas

Another consideration is whether the narrative is going to serve any other learning purpose. Most obviously, you could be aiming for stories that fit in with a particular period you’re studying in history. This is a great chance to stimulate pupils’ imaginations while securing teaching points.

For example, maybe your main character is a soldier in WWII, or you have a protagonist involved in a romance story in Tudor Britain.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that a new story idea has to come from a new story. Creativity doesn’t necessarily equal complete originality.

Just think of the many successful books, plays and films that have been based on well-loved stories or characters. After all, you wouldn’t condemn Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim for lifting the plot of Romeo and Juliet when they wrote West Side Story .

Many tales are completely compatible with a creative retelling, especially legends. A prime example is Beowulf, especially when you are covering Anglo Saxons as a history topic – but of course, you can also look to Greek or Roman myths and folk tales and fairy stories from around the world.

Supply a writing prompt or story starter

Sometimes, all it takes to get the creative juices flowing is an opening sentence. These are particularly good for finding out how imaginative your pupils are. Just make sure your story starters are sufficiently intriguing.

Even simply suggesting story titles can be enough to get the inspiration flowing. Just like with starters, they do need to offer some clue as to which direction a plot could lead. If not using it as a creative stimulus, however, it is usually best to decide on the title after the whole thing has been written.

Character, voice and perspective

Finally, a quick word of advice about helping your class decide on their great idea: the concept alone is not enough. As well as a solid plot, they also need to think about the perspective from which they are writing the story as well as the ‘voice’.

That means that the person (first or third, most likely) has to be consistent and the reader needs to be clear in which direction the author’s overall sympathies lie. Even though this is more of an objective for higher level writing, it’s not a bad thing for younger writers to start thinking about.

With any luck, you and your class will now feel fully equipped for slaying the beast of the blank page. As the old saying goes, the pen is mightier than the sword.

Resources to support outstanding creative writing outcomes

  • This two-week writing unit for Y6 is based on an original model text by Jon Mayhew about a child chimney sweep in Victorian Britain.
  • Link creative writing to science with a Y4 unit of work focused on the safe use of electricity.
  • Share the story of Beowulf with Y5 pupils , then encourage them to create their own legend.
  • Inspire short bursts of creativity with 200 original and inspiring writing prompts from teacher and published author Hayley Scott.

Download these, and 1,200+ other literacy resources, from Plazoom .

Sue Drury is literacy lead at Plazoom , the specialist literacy resources website for primary schools. Book a free live demo here . Follow Plazoom on Twitter at @plazoomshop .

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Wax tablet fragment

Roman Writing

Carved stone

Carved stone

Roman people wrote in Latin from an alphabet consisting of 21 letters -(ABCDEFGHIKLMNOPQRSTVX); Y and Z being later additions. J, U and W were not used. V stood for both u and v so it is not uncommon to see words such as SERWS (a slave). Most Roman inscriptions are written in “Roman capitals”, with the changing styles of individual letter forma being a useful guide to dating a text. Lettering for inscriptions is called scriptura monumentalis (script for writing on “monuments”), but letters made with a brush have more pronounced serifs and are known as scriptura actuaria (writing for “formal or public notices”). Casual writing was written in a simpler form known as “cursive” script.

Roman cursive script is divided in to two families; Old Roman Cursive ORC and New Roman Cursive NRC. ORC (sometimes called capital cursive) was dominant during the first three centuries AD. In the late third century it was replaced by NRC (sometimes called minuscule cursive).

Roman cursive script

Roman cursive script

Roman writing materials can be classed as “hard” or “soft”. “Hard” generally means stone, pot, metal, ivory or plaster, and “soft” refers to cloth, leather, parchment or papyrus. Alternatively letters could be categorised as those which are incised and those which are written (with a brush or pen). Wooden tablets are usually filled with wax which is then incised with a stylus, and are categorised as “soft”. However wooden tablets may be written on with pen and ink and could thus be described as “hard”.

Wax tablet fragment

Wax tablet fragment

Arveri tile

Arveri tile

Stylus tablets normally consist of two or three tabellae which are bound together by thongs passed through holes in the rim. The front of the tablet is hollowed out to receive wax whilst the back is usually smooth. Sometimes the back of one of the tablets in a set has a strip hollowed out in the centre, parallel to the short edge. This would carry the seals of the witnesses in a legal document, the signatures being written in ink on one or both of the panels formed on either side of the strip.

Septimius stone

Septimius stone

Latin inscriptions frequently use abbreviations, due to the need to make the best use of the space available on the stone, and to maximize the information imparted on what was often a restricted area. Common words could be abbreviated lo just two or three letters or even a single letter. Common names such as Marcus, Quintus and Lucius could be written as M, Q and L respectively. Numbers too, could be abbreviated. There were just seven symbols in every day use: I (one), V (five), X (ten), L (fifty), C (100), D (500) and – (1t>DO). The modern use of M for 1000 was not used by the Romans in combination with other numerals. There was no symbol for zero. A bar above a group of numerals may indicate multiplication by one thousand. A typical example of a Roman inscription using abbreviations is the tombstone of Aurelius Igennus found in Cirencester in 1971.


“To the spirits of the Departed. Aurelius Igennus, aged six years less six months. Aurelius Euticianus , his parent placed this here”.

In This Section

creative writing ideas romans

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144 Roman Empire Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 best roman empire topic ideas & essay examples, 💡 interesting topics to write about roman empire, 📑 good research topics about roman empire, 📌 simple & easy roman empire essay titles, 👍 good essay topics on roman empire, ❓ roman empire essay questions, 💯 free roman empire essay topic generator.

  • Roman Civilization: Senate and Augustan Regime Founded in early days, it survived events such as the split of the Roman Empire, the fall of the Roman republic and the fall of the Western Roman Empire.
  • What factors contributed to the dissolution of the Roman Empire? One of the major reasons that led to the fall of the Roman Empire was the decline in morals particularly among the emperors, nobles as well as the upper rich classes.
  • Gods and Humans: Myths of Ancient Rome and Greece Remembering the main idea of the myths which is to portray the creation of the specific natural phenomena via the God’s actions, the relationships between people and Gods cannot be rejected in the book.
  • The Western Roman Empire: The Significance of Its Collapse The fall of the Western Roman Empire was the most noticeable signal for the start of the Early Middle Ages. This collapse gave a green light for the development of many other religions and the […]
  • Ancient Rome: The Birthplace of Modern Sports The popularity of sporting competition in the modern society reflects that of the ancient Roman Empire’s vision for its society. Chariot racing was one of the most popular sports in ancient Rome, it later spread […]
  • The Fall of Roman Empire and the Rise of Feudalism Therefore, to German, the fall of the Roman Empire is significant for some of the aspects of feudalism are still present in German societies.
  • Christianity in the Roman Empire The subjects of the Empire enjoyed a high standard of living due to the accumulated wealth and the expansionary success of the Empire.
  • Greek City state and the Roman Empire Athens developed a democratic form of government that allowed the citizens to participate in the drafting of the constitution and the governance of their city-states.
  • Medicine in Ancient Rome This was after the evolution of the use of herbs as poisons that were used to kill people. Herbal knowledge in the region revolved around the army quite a bit and the soldiers gained from […]
  • Ancient Art of Rome and Greece The Augustus has a visual texture of smoothness on the body parts, but a rough texture on the clothes adorned on the image.
  • Religion in Ancient Rome, the Byzantine Empire and the Holy Roman Empire Religion in the Holy Roman Empire was a far contrast to the religion in ancient Rome. In the Byzantine Empire religion is the lifeblood of the whole society.
  • Slavery in the Roman Empire The elite were the rich people, and majority of the population that comprised of the common farmers, artisans, and merchants known as the plebeians occupied the low status.
  • Suffering in the Ancient, Roman and Greek Periods It can be noted that in all cases suffering was seen as evil in some quarters of the ancient world as is seen today.
  • Romans and Barbarians: The Decline of the Western Empire The information in the book is thoroughly researched and the author gives the reader an insight into one of the most misinterpreted period of the Roman Empire.E.A.
  • Dissolution of the Roman Empire Historians seeking to determine the actual cause of the decline and eventual dissolution of the Roman Empire have formulated several theories.
  • The Comparison of Roman and Mongol Empires Silk road supported the economy of the whole empire and was important in the transportation of porcelain, silk and tea to the outside world.
  • “Fall of the Roman Empire: The Military Explanation” by Arthur Ferill The book “fall of the roman empire” states that the fall of the Roman Empire was a due to a collapse in the military and army.
  • World History: The Roman Empire Understanding the document first requires one to understand the historical background of the Roman Empire: the formation of the Republic and its collapse.
  • Ancient Greek and Roman Myth Characters Romulus is the legendary founder of the city of Rome, a son of Rhea Silvia the Vestal and Mars the God of War.
  • Ancient Indian and Roman Civilizations Traditionally, the system had four main categories, namely ‘Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas, and Sudras.’ The Brahmins were highest in the ladder of social stratification, while the Sudras comprised the lowest group.
  • Ancient Rome: Visigoths’ and Rome’s Conflict It was evident that Rome would not be able to win the fight, and they have reached an agreement, but the problem is that it was not possible to collect the necessary resources.
  • Public Speaking in Ancient Greece and Roman Empire With this in mind, investigation of some main peculiarities of the development of art of public speaking public can help to understand its peculiarities better.
  • Persecution of Christianity in the Roman Empire Life As for the kind of persecution that was administered by the Roman government, it is possible to state that the aggression was aimed at preventing the bishops from spreading the ideas peculiar to the Christian […]
  • Ancient Roman Myth and Historical Facts Indeed, compared to the Greeks, who composed legends about the creation of the cosmos and the gods, the central place in Roman mythology is given to Rome itself and its heroic people and the specific […]
  • Cornelius Tacitus, a Roman Empire Historian His works mainly reflect on the history of the Roman Empire from the death of Emperor Augustus in 14 AD to 70 AD, which was known as the Year of the Initial War between the […]
  • Ancient History: Periclean Athens and Augustan Rome What building was connected to Augustus’ house on the Palatine through a series of ramps? Octavia is believed to be the first Roman woman who was depicted on Roman coinage.
  • Stoicism Employed in Ancient Rome Remus and Romulus were twins, the children of Rhea and Mars. Romans argue that their republic developed based on a mythical story of the Romulus and Remus.
  • Stylistic Features: Ancient Middle East and Roman There are several peculiarities of design indicating that the contemporary dress can be viewed as the adaption of the ancient stola. In Ancient Rome, this type of clothing was used to conceal the sexuality of […]
  • Ancient History: Polybius on the Roman Republic As Polybius states himself, he is so interested in the Roman Government because he wants to explain to his readers how “almost the whole world fell under the rule of one power, that of Rome”.
  • Roman Civilization’ Analysis This paper will describe the Roman civilization, some important moments in its history, and how it interacted with Islamic civilization. Some of the most important parts of Roman history are related to the changes in […]
  • Christianity in the Roman Empire and Its Spread Factors Towards the end of the first century, Christianity had spread in the Roman Empire to the extent that the government officials’ attention was drawn by this new religion.
  • Marcus Aurelius Fourteenth Emperor’s of the Roman Empire Life History The only glaring blemish was Marcus’ inordinate hatred of Christians; he considered them devious and dangerous, and as a result, subjected them to rigorous persecution.
  • Slaves and Slavery in Ancient Rome The revolt of slaves under the direction of Spartacus 73-71 BC is considered the most significant event of the period of crisis of the Roman republican regime in the first century DC and is estimated […]
  • Ancient Civilization of Rome Through innovation, town planning was very important in Rome, the roman in the city plans considered factors like the climate, purpose of the town, and the environment.
  • From the Fall of the Holy Roman Empire to Feudalism This remnant from the past reflects the time when the Franks took over the Burgundians and influenced both the language and culture of the Burgundians.
  • Life as a Soldier During the Roman Civilization The following paragraphs describe the characteristics of the Roman Civilization. This was the main entertainment of the Roman Civilization.
  • Ancient Rome: Historical Era This has led to widespread abuse of his power to the detriment of his country and its people as a whole.
  • Western Humanities: Early Roman Empire and Christianity The Latin language was one of the features of the Roman culture that the church adopted. Even after the collapse of the Roman Empire, Christianity was still widely spread and the church still insisted on […]
  • Etruscans and the Art of the Roman Republic and Empire At the time of Rome’s foundation the highest civilizations in Italy were those of the Greek in southern, and of the Etruscans in central, Italy.
  • The History of Roman Empire We know that the closeness of buildings and unawareness of people in the question of how to prevent people’s houses from fire is the basic reason, I think, in cases of every fire hazard in […]
  • The Control of Women’s Sexuality in the Roman Empire They were mostly confined to their homes, were under the authority of a male member of the family, could not work outside the house, and could not be as educated as the men.
  • Rise of the Roman Empire Romulus Augustulus who was the last emperor of the Western empire was deposed in the year 476 and this marked the end of the empire.
  • “The Fall of the Roman Empire” by Anthony Mann The plot of the film depicts the historical personalities, events and trends during the period 180 to 192 AD which is taken as the period during which the Roman Empire stopped growing and witnessed a […]
  • Ancient Rome: Augustus Caesar The main measures that he employed in the endeavor to restore religion include; regulation of private behavior, reconstruction of public monuments and public religion and creating awareness by the use of literature that discussed the […]
  • Economic Situation of the Later Roman Empire It signifies that the problem of inflation and pricing crisis were the major economic problems that were the most significant signs of economic decay of the Empire at the beginning of the fourth century.
  • Roman Civilization and Its Military Power The Roman Empire used the first systems of the republic to conquer a lot but for the interest of a few who included those living within the cities as well as those who were close […]
  • Ancient Civilization of Rome and Athens The city of Rome and the city of Athens had great influence and authority over their neighbors and allies. The city of Athens had great influence throughout the Aegean and the influence lasted for about […]
  • Roman Civilization, Christianity, and Judaism The growth and success of Christianity came from the conversion and patronage of Constantine. The early Christians of Rome were received with contempt and suspicion.
  • Germanic Invasions and the Fall of the Roman Empire As a result of unbearable conditions from the Roman administration, the Visigoths revolted and conquered the Romans and killed their emperor Valens in Adrianople in the late 4th century.
  • The Eastern Roman Empire Decline In historical importance, the Great Roman Empire was one of the very important chapters. There was also the cause of deforestation.
  • Greek and Roman Civilizations’ Input to Modern World The Greek and the Roman civilizations are two of the most influential civilizations that have ever graced the face of this world and two civilizations started in the cities of Athens and Rome.
  • Medieval Europe History: Western Roman Empire The effect of this was the mobilization of tens of thousands of Europeans citizens which led to the capture of Jerusalem and the surrounding regions.
  • Law and Society in Ancient Rome In the Roman law, the man is recognized as the head of the household owning the entire property under the family’s name.
  • Women’s Position in Ancient Rome and India Of course, in both of these civilizations, women were oppressed and limited in their rights and freedoms. Both in Ancient Rome and Ancient India, women were considered to be the centers of the household.
  • Roman Empire Entertainment Venues The theaters were free to the public and as a result the audiences were huge in numbers and noisy at times.
  • The Ancient Greek and Republican Roman Architects The ancient Greek and Roman architects sought to express cultural and aesthetic perspectives guided by the adoration of classical qualities such as maturity, moderation, order, balance, and harmony.
  • The Roman Empire and Its Fall Soon after the death of Marcus Aurelius, the last of five good emperors in Rome, the empire began to crumble. According to Longo, some of the measures that Diocletian implemented included the division of the […]
  • Women in Ancient Greek and Roman Art The ancient Greek and Roman art, both textual and visual, are a rich source of information on the social history of women in these cultures.
  • Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire With this insight into the fall of the Roman empire, we realize that there’s still a cultural line between ancient Rome and the contemporary world.
  • Roman Republic to Roman Empire Despite existing laws, the politics of Rome were at the time dominated by a few Roman leaders. This unstable alliance gave rise to a series of civil wars.
  • The Fall of the Roman Empire in the 15th Century The most significant one is the fusion of the Germanic mercenaries and fighters into the Roman troops. Leadership challenges emerged, leading to instability and the eventual fall of the empire.
  • The Roman Empire: Globalization and Religious Power The Roman Empire is the first-ever experience of world globalization, the creation of a universal multinational society, in which the main directions of historical development with its ups and downs, unprecedented progress, and wild barbarism […]
  • Christianity During the Roman Empire By leveraging the western idea of piety through the prism of equality and freedom of thought, the Christian church was able to outlive the Roman Empire and succeed as a culture-maker of the Middle Ages.
  • The Catholic Church in the Roman Empire In its ethical concepts, the Roman Catholic Church developed from Stoicism, which was in great harmony with the public mood of the Roman Empire.
  • Herodian’s “History of the Roman Empire” Since the Death of Marcus Aurelius After that, two senators, Pupienus and Balbinus, were elected as the rulers of the Roman Empire. Hence, the fall of the Roman Empire was caused by several factors that influenced both the economy and the […]
  • Multicultural Roman Empire History Furthermore, the Romans were influenced by the Etruscans, a neighboring tribe to the northwest of Rome, who were allied with and then conquering the newly formed city-state.
  • History: Roman Values in the Ancient Empire They thought that these entities had a part in the formation of Roman civilization and shaped the events of people’s everyday lives.
  • History Aspects of the Roman Empire The Colosseum was a symbol of victory for Christians over pagans, and the reason behind it preserving it is because of the martyrs who died in it.
  • The Roman Empire and the Roman Republic Among the similarities is the use of the same language, Latin, and the worshipping of Gods. As for the fundamental distinction between the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire is that the republic was a […]
  • Decline of the Roman Empire The decline of the Roman Empire in the West that began in the 5th century had multiple interconnected factors. However, the economic and military rise of Constantinople led to the crisis in Rome.
  • Silk in Ancient Rome: Annotated Bibliography In addition to the tunica, ladies wore a loose piece of clothing known as a stola to cover the remainder of their bodies. The book covers all of these women’s costumes in detail for each […]
  • History of Perpetua and the Roman Empire Successes in the military operations facilitated the development of the African province and fortified the influence of the Roman Empire’s culture and religion.
  • The Roman Empire’s Sources of Knowledge Among the sources of ancient Rome stand out the civil conflict between Catilina and Cicero; the depiction of everyday life and cultural values in the poems of Catullus; Caesar’s work Gallic wars; Virgil’s poem Aeneid.
  • The Significance of the Colosseum to Ancient Rome: Image Commentary The image shows only what survived of the arena after the collapse of the Roman empire and the end of the games.
  • The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire The purpose of this essay is to examine the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, including the influence of the Catholic Church and Kings in the secular and religious activities of the Europeans.
  • Ancient Greek vs. Roman Sculpture in the Late Classical Period The left-hand drops her clothes onto the jar of water, the head is turned to the left, and the right hand is extended in front of the pudenda.
  • The Social Expectations Of Women During The Roman Empire
  • The Reasons Why the Roman Empire Turned out to Be Very String That Other Empires
  • The Persecution of Christians during the Roman Empire
  • The Roman Empire and Its Influence on Western Civilization
  • The Roman Empire During the Reign of Tiberius
  • The Origins and Number of Slaves in the Roman Empire
  • The Roman Empire And The Ottoman Of Constantinople
  • The Roman Empire : The Most Extensive Political And Social
  • The Role and Contribution of the German Invaders to the Downfall of the Holy Roman Empire
  • The Modern Era Of The Han Dynasty And The Roman Empire
  • The Roman Empire Architecture: The Pantheon
  • The Rise Of Christianity During The Roman Empire
  • The Revival Of Christianity During The Late Roman Empire
  • The Triumph Of Christianity In The Roman Empire
  • What Caused The Fall Of The Roman Empire
  • The Role of the Praetorian Guard in the Roman Empire
  • Tracing Back the History of Christianity from the Roman Empire in 381 A.D
  • The Pantheon, the Largest Un-Reinforced Concrete Dome in the World From the Roman Empire Era
  • The Reasons for the Rise of Christianity in the Early Roman Empire
  • The Relationship Between Christians And The Roman Empire
  • The Protestant Ethic and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Religious Minorities from the Former Holy Roman Empire
  • The Role of Taxation in the Demise of the Roman Empire
  • The Roman Empire: Why Societies Decline and Fall
  • The Roman Republic And The Creation Of Roman Empire
  • Vindication in Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon
  • The Successes of the Byzantine Empire in Maintaining the Tradition of the Roman Empire
  • Understanding the Reasons for the Roman Distrust of Christianity in Ancient Roman Empire
  • The Political, Economic and Social Evolution Since the Fall of the Western Roman Empire in Europe
  • Why Homosexuality Did Not Lead to the Fall of the Roman Empire
  • The Rise of the States in the 14th and 15th Centuries: Papacy and Holy Roman Empire
  • The Roman Empire and Han China Compare and Contrast
  • The Roman Empire: What Went Wrong?
  • The Mediterranean and the Dilemma of the Roman Empire in Late Antiquity
  • The Third Century Rome in the Chaotic State and the Economic Issues for the Roman Empire in the History
  • The Objectivity of the Thorny Claims of the Restorer of the World in the Roman Empire
  • The Technological Advances in the Roman Empire
  • What Were the Most Important Reasons for the Decline of the Roman Empire?
  • Western Civilization and the Roman Empire’s Collapse
  • Understanding The Collapse Of The Roman Empire
  • The Reign Of Augustus And The Roman Empire
  • Why and How Did the Roman Republic Fall?
  • The Spread Of Christianity During Roman Empire
  • The Role of Color in Impressionism in the Ancient Greek and Roman Empire
  • What Is Roman Empire Known For?
  • What Killed Roman Empire?
  • Why Water Shortages Caused by Roman Empire and Ancient China?
  • What Are the Five Facts About Roman Empire?
  • Did the Vikings Ever Invade Roman Empire?
  • What Was the Most Famous Thing in Roman Empire?
  • What Was the Difference Between Rich and Poor in Roman Empire?
  • What Was the Difference Between the Roles of Men and Women in Roman Empire?
  • How Does Byzantine Art Differ From That of Roman Empire?
  • How Did the Circus Maximus Reflect the Values of Roman Empire?
  • How Geography Impacted Roman Empire?
  • Did Roman Empire Laid the Foundation of Modern Society?
  • What Are the Characteristics of Prostitution in Roman Empire and Pompeii?
  • Which Emperor Completed the Colosseum in Roman Empire?
  • What Was the Economic, Social and Religious Life in Roman Empire?
  • Can Scientists Explain the Ethics and Morals of Roman Empire?
  • What Was Roman Empire’s Biggest Problem in Their Empire?
  • What Social Problems Did Roman Empire Have?
  • What Economic Problems Did Roman Empire Face?
  • When Did Roman Empire Fall Apart?
  • Who Are the Great Five Poets of Roman Empire?
  • How Was Roman Empire Destroyed?
  • Did Roman Empire Fall Because of Moral Decay?
  • Did Roman Empire Destroy Itself?
  • Why Was the Size of Roman Empire a Problem?
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

IvyPanda. (2023, November 9). 144 Roman Empire Essay Topic Ideas & Examples.

"144 Roman Empire Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." IvyPanda , 9 Nov. 2023,

IvyPanda . (2023) '144 Roman Empire Essay Topic Ideas & Examples'. 9 November.

IvyPanda . 2023. "144 Roman Empire Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." November 9, 2023.

1. IvyPanda . "144 Roman Empire Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." November 9, 2023.


IvyPanda . "144 Roman Empire Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." November 9, 2023.

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KS2 Romans Cross-Curricula Creative/Big Writing Complete Lesson (Multiple Genre)

KS2 Romans Cross-Curricula Creative/Big Writing Complete Lesson (Multiple Genre)

Subject: Creative writing

Age range: 7-11

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22 February 2018

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Ancient Rome for Teachers Activities and Projects

These are free activity and project ideas for kids and teachers to use in your unit study of ancient rome. these activities can be adjusted for any grade. we hope you'll find some ideas you can use..

Rome as a Republic (SPQR):  Can you save the Roman Republic?  (Roman Reforms, Donn)

Struggle for Power under the Republic: Patricians vs. Plebeians, classroom simulation, Experiencing a Struggle for Power

Julius Caesar: Gossip at the Forum (classroom play, 1-2 class periods, Donn)   See Pantomime/Theatre for how to behave at the theatre in ancient Rome (Donn)

Roman Legionary - Drill! You might want them to learn about the Roman Legion before this activity here .  Move into Groups: Make Shields and Daggers out of cardboard and construction paper - one shield, one dagger for each students, groups help each other and have a similarity in equipment, just as the ancient Romans would have. Then: March around the school in Turtle Formation. Sneak by open doors of other classrooms in groups of "turtles". (Get permission from the office first, of course.) The kids love this one. There is nothing so eye catching or so noisy as an entire classroom of 6th graders shuffling down the hall in formation without speaking a word to attract attention.

Milestone Advertising: Hand your kids the following Assignment: The Romans did a wonderful job building roads! To help people find their way, while traveling these roads, the Romans more or less invented the milestone which grew increasingly wordy, and increasingly tall, to be easily readable from a vehicle. Some are 6 feet tall. Each milestone usually gave the mileage to the nearest large city, sometimes to an intermediate place as well; and the date and perhaps who paid for the road. We're going to add business advertising! Your job is to create a business ad to add to a milestone, somewhat like billboard advertising. What would you say, to advertise your company's service or product, if you had limited advertising space on one of these ancient Roman milestones? To accomplish your job, first you must create a service or product of interest for ancient Rome, and then create an ad to advertise it. From your ad, it should be easy to figure out what service or product your company offers citizens of Rome. Remember, your ad must be very brief and to the point as you only have limited space! We used our formation skills to and from the computer lab, and one day, simply because it was that kind of day, up and down hallways.

Weigh the Evidence: Rome - Working in small groups, Research: Have students examine a series of sources to determine if Rome left the world with a positive legacy. Have students include a rating on how believable and useful each source is before making their final conclusions. List sources used to make their determination.

The Ancients Walk Amongst Us: Bring in newspapers, magazines, and old phone books. Have scissors and glue handy. Working in groups, have the kids find examples of Roman Gods and Roman Times in advertising and news articles. For example: The Venus Beauty Salon, The Mercury Cafe. Have the kids cut out the examples they find. Have each group arrange their "finds" on a large piece of construction paper or cardboard, and then post on a bulletin board or a wall. 

The Roman Gazetteer . This is certainly not a new idea, but it's always fun. Have your kids create a newspaper for ancient Rome. Put all the pieces together and print copies so that each student has one completed copy. It's great review or introduction to ancient Rome, and a nice piece for students to take home and share with parents. Editorials, Classified, Sports & Entertainment, etc. Preparation:

Take several 8½″ × 11″ pieces of paper, and plan how much room each section of your newspaper will take. (Space is limited!) Hand each student, based on the section they select, a pre-cut piece of paper. As reporters, they must accomplish their job within assigned space limits. This makes putting your newspaper together much easier! For unassigned space, or space left empty from students who do not complete this assignment, simply run an ad - this space available for advertising. Call.... And/or offer empty space as an extra credit project to interested students. As students tend to lose things, and need several copies of blank pieces of paper, have extras blanks available, based on sizing. To stay organized, number the back of various sizes with Roman Numerals. That way, you can have a blank paper stack for each size.

Under each heading, include a short paragraph of background information.

Make a sign-up sheet, that covers all newspaper headings, and post it in your classroom. Have the kids sign-up as reporters under the section they choose. For organizational purposes, note the Roman Numeral "size" next to each section. For example, the cartoon section might be called: Forum Funnies. Example: Consul Claudius sneezed today. At least he accomplished SOMETHING! The gossip section might be called "Rome Wonders"; example: New man about town! Gladiator Claudius gains freedom today! Will he replace Nero as ladies man #1? Keep your eye on this column for updates!

Information about ancient Roman daily life can be found here .

Roman Emperors: Which emperor would you choose to be your leader?

History Mystery: Cold Case Caesar  - Students investigate the assassination of Julius Caesar by weighing 8 different pieces of evidence. Visually stimulating, highly engaging and perfect for Common Core.

A Day in Rome  - A scripted lab where students are taken back in time to experience a day in Rome.[ Teacher Script ] [ Student Worksheet ]

Rome DBQ - A document based question exploring how similar the Roman Empire is to the United States is today. Documents  

Online Game Day: Ancient Rome - Games and Interactive Learning Sites for Kids - I set this activity to work by creating a scavenger hunt sheet of things for kids to find in the sites listed on their exploration sheet. The kids have to site the source for each scavenger find for verification. 

Roman Worksheets, free downloads

  • Object to Explore, Roman Statute
  • Object to Explore, Roman Toy Doll
  • Roman objects | 1107K
  • Roman kitchen | 793K and Roman kitchen - answers | 809K
  • It's all Latin to me worksheet | 1592K   and  It's all Latin to me - answers | 1282K
  • Object time line | 501K and Object time line answers | 271K
  • Explore the Romans | 894K and Explore the Romans - answers | 655K
  • Roman clothes | 1573K

Choose Your Own Adventure from over 70 different classroom activities and possible assignments

Online Quiz: Free Interactive Quiz Questions with Answers about Ancient Rome for Kids and Teachers

New Teachers: Easy desk arrangements for the classroom - I move my desks around all the time, depending upon the activites I'm doing that day. It took me forever to realize I can have the kids move their desks, after I mark the spots with masking tape. You don't want to have the kids moving desks into formations all the time, but occassionally it's a smart thing to do. Tell them you need their help prior to movement. That's trust. They will want to help you. 

Free Use Lesson Plans, Classroom Activities, and Projects:

In ancient Rome, like many of the ancient cultures, religion affected every aspect of their daily life. But so did politics. Under the Republic, they loved to hear the great orators down in the Forum, the central marketplace, while they did their shopping and visited a temple or two. It was a great place to meet friends and catch up on all the gossip.

Our Free Lesson Plans

Rome as a Republic (SPQR):  Can you save the Roman Republic?  (Roman Reforms)

Julius Caesar: Gossip at the Forum (classroom play, 1-2 class periods)

Daily Life: Compare daily life under the Republic and under the Empire - what changed and what stayed the same?

Classroom Activities: Our Classroom Activities for Ancient Rome

Ask Mr. Donn: Ancient Rome Interactive Quiz Questions with Answers for Kids and Teachers

Free Activities and Projects by many teachers

Over 90 Ancient Rome Activities and Projects   - These activities can be adjusted for any grade. We hope you'll find some ideas you can use in your classroom.

Several Free Lesson Plans under each Topic, many with activities:

Ancient Rome - Complete Units and Overviews

Geography (several lesson plans)

Vocabulary Lesson Plans and Online Activities

Romulus & Remus

The Etruscans (Rome as a Kingdom)

Roman Expansion - Roads, Legion, Provinces

Punic Wars and Hannibal

Roman Republic - SPQR

Cicero, Caesar, Fall of the Republic

Roman Empire & Emperors

Roman Empire Splits & the Fall of Rome

Gods, Goddesses, Myths - several lesson plans

Rise of Christianity - several lesson plans

Holidays and Festivals

Daily Life, Homes, Women, School (many lesson plans)

Roman Entertainment - Circuses, Coliseums, Gladiators, Theatre - several lesson plans

Art & Architecture - several lesson plans

Achievements, Inventions

Ancient Rome Unit (Mr. Roughton)

Ancient Rome Review Activity (Mrs. Masters)

Explore Ancient Rome

Ancient rome for kids.

Quick Comparison: Ancient Greeks vs. Ancient Romans

Geography, Natural Resources, Maps

Three Periods in Roman History

Rome as a Kingdom

The Etruscans

Horatius at the Bridge

Rome as a Republic

Comparison, US and Roman Republic Governments

Crime and Justice

Republic Fails

Rome as an Empire

Overview of Roman Government


Status of Women

Two Roman Empires

Barbarians Attack

Rome Falls (Review)  

Patricians & Plebeians

Pater Familias, Family

Daily Life for Patricians

Daily Life for Plebeians

Daily Life in the Countryside

Roman Houses and the Atrium

Clothing & Hair Styles

Occupations and Jobs

Kids & School

Wedding Customs

Gods, Goddesses, Myths, Religion

Gods & Goddesses

Roman Council of 12 Gods

Rise of Christianity

Holidays & Festivals

Grand Pantheon

Roman Legion

Roman Letters Home, Inscriptions

Roman Roads

Provinces, Expansion

The Romans in Britain


Pantomime, Theatre

Circus Maximus, Chariot Races

Art and Architecture

Roman Architecture, the Great Builders

The Aeneid by Virgil

Hannibal and the Punic Wars

Julius Caesar

Roman Emperors - Augustus, Trajan, Diocletian, Constantine, Valens

Achievements and Inventions

How the planets got their names

Roman Mosaics

Achievements, Contributions - Concrete, Aquaducts, and more

Roman Calendar

Roman Numerals

Interactive Games

Play Free Interactive Online Games about Ancient Rome

Interactive Quiz Questions with Answers about Ancient Rome by Topic

Ancient Rome Five Themes of Geography

Ancient Rome - The Roman Republic

Ancient Rome - The Roman Empire

Daily Life in Ancient Rome

Ancient Roman Entertainment

Ancient Roman Religion, Festivals, Holidays

Ancient Rome - Rights of Slaves, Children, and Women

Ancient Roman Art, Architecture, Inventions, Achievements

Ancient Rome for Teachers

Ancient Rome Lesson Plans & Units

Ancient Rome Activities and Projects

Ancient Rome Free Use PowerPoints

Investigate Real Life Artifacts in the Museum of the Ancients

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If you've ever sat in front of a computer or notebook and felt the urge to start creating worlds, characters, and storylines — all the while finding yourself unable to do so — then you've met the author's age-old foe: writer's block. There's nothing more frustrating than finding the time but not the words to be creative. Enter our directory! If you're ready to kick writer's block to the curb and finally get started on your short story or novel, these unique story ideas might just be your ticket.

This list of 1800+ creative writing prompts has been created by the Reedsy team to help you develop a rock-solid writing routine. As all aspiring authors know, this is the #1 challenge — and solution! — for reaching your literary goals. Feel free to filter through different genres, which include...

Dramatic — If you want to make people laugh and cry within the same story, this might be your genre.

Funny — Whether satire or slapstick, this is an opportunity to write with your funny bone.

Romance — One of the most popular commercial genres out there. Check out these story ideas out if you love writing about love.

Fantasy — The beauty of this genre is that the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Dystopian – Explore the shadowy side of human nature and contemporary technology in dark speculative fiction.

Mystery — From whodunnits to cozy mysteries, it's time to bring out your inner detective.

Thriller and Suspense — There's nothing like a page-turner that elicits a gasp of surprise at the end.

High School — Encourage teens to let their imaginations run free.

Want to submit your own story ideas to help inspire fellow writers? Send them to us here.

After you find the perfect story idea

Finding inspiration is just one piece of the puzzle. Next, you need to refine your craft skills — and then display them to the world. We've worked hard to create resources that help you do just that! Check them out:

  • How to Write a Short Story That Gets Published — a free, ten-day course by Laura Mae Isaacman, a full-time editor who runs a book editing company in Brooklyn.
  • Best Literary Magazines of 2023 — a directory of 100+ reputable magazines that accept unsolicited submissions.
  • Writing Contests in 2023 — the finest contests of 2021 for fiction and non-fiction authors of short stories, poetry, essays, and more.

Beyond creative writing prompts: how to build a writing routine

While writing prompts are a great tactic to spark your creative sessions, a writer generally needs a couple more tools in their toolbelt when it comes to developing a rock-solid writing routine . To that end, here are a few more additional tips for incorporating your craft into your everyday life.

  • NNWT. Or, as book coach Kevin Johns calls it , “Non-Negotiable Writing Time.” This time should be scheduled into your routine, whether that’s once a day or once a week. Treat it as a serious commitment, and don’t schedule anything else during your NNWT unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Set word count goals. And make them realistic! Don’t start out with lofty goals you’re unlikely to achieve. Give some thought to how many words you think you can write a week, and start there. If you find you’re hitting your weekly or daily goals easily, keep upping the stakes as your craft time becomes more ingrained in your routine.
  • Talk to friends and family about the project you’re working on. Doing so means that those close to you are likely to check in about the status of your piece — which in turn keeps you more accountable.

Arm yourself against writer’s block. Writer’s block will inevitably come, no matter how much story ideas initially inspire you. So it’s best to be prepared with tips and tricks you can use to keep yourself on track before the block hits. You can find 20 solid tips here — including how to establish a relationship with your inner critic and apps that can help you defeat procrastination or lack of motivation.


How to Write a Novel

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108 Romance Writing Prompts & Love Story Ideas

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Everybody loves a good love story – here are 108 romantic writing prompts and love story ideas to inspire you!


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Everybody loves a good love story, and with these romance writing prompts for romantic fiction, you are sure to find some inspiration to write a story for the ages.

romantic love story ideas

These romantic writing prompts are free for you to take and let your imagination run wild. Use them as novel ideas, short stories, screenplays, or just try them as creative writing exercises to stretch your imagination.

creative writing ideas romans

Romantic Fiction Writing Prompts and Story Starters

Please note : We use the pronouns “she and he” in some of these examples, but of course you have the freedom to reverse and change genders as you see fit!

1. Their story begins on a bright summer morning when they both awake in bed together with no memory of who they are or where they came from.

2. She is determined to go on an epic road trip this summer. When her best friend bails out at the last minute, she talks one of her co-workers into joining her as a reluctant sidekick for the adventure of a lifetime. 

3. Write a story where one character finds the other character in their tent while camping alone.

4. Our heroine catches the hero stealing food from the restaurant where she works. Is he a bad guy or is there more to this story? What happens when she realizes she is falling for him?

5. A mysterious stranger leaves an item at the main character’s front door with a note attached saying “For a rainy day”.

6. Our hero is a jet-setter whose father has died and just left all of his possessions to someone else. He’s about to demand the rights to his inheritance when he realizes maybe he likes this person.

7. Write a romance story about an undercover cop investigating a person for a crime they didn’t commit. As the cop learns more about them, they realize they are innocent and they might be falling in love.

8. The heroine’s father warns her that she’ll be in terrible danger if she accepts the hero’s marriage proposal.

9. Our two characters are shipwrecked after an unexpected storm. They find themselves on an island where they are forced to spend their first night together under the stars.

10. An impromptu dance competition is announced at the bar where two characters are enjoying an evening of drinks. Do they have what it takes to win the contest and at love?

11. The hero is the brother of the person our heroine has had a crush on for years – who is also her best friend.

12. Write a love story where two single parents drop their kids off at the same daycare every morning. When they run into each other, will they be ready to give love a second chance?

romantic crossword

13. She has a secret thinking spot on the roof of a nearby building. When she goes there after learning she lost her job, she discovers someone sitting there.

14. Our characters are both recovering addicts. They both have had problems with alcohol and drugs – will they be able to stay clean long enough for true love to find them?

15. Our characters are on vacation in the countryside of a foreign country when they accidentally crash their cars into each other, resulting in them being sent to the same hospital where they share a room for a week.

16. Our hero and heroine meet in line at the grocery store almost every week. After constantly running into each other, he finally asks her out.

17. The heroine’s wedding is cancelled the day before she was supposed to walk down the aisle. She isn’t sure how to pick up the pieces so goes to the beach to sort herself out, where she finds herself falling for someone new.

18. The might be lawyers on opposite sides of many cases, but they can’t deny that there is something between them…

19. The two of them are in a band together, hoping to get their music heard by the world. They start falling for each other, but will it rip the band apart?

20. Our main characters are both struggling to find their places in the world – one feels like their parents never supported their dreams, and the other left their hometown behind without any plans to return. Together, they learn what it’s like to be true to themselves for the first time.

21. They’ve lived together in the same apartment building for years and have a somewhat passive aggressive relationship with each other. It sparks into something more when he asks her to try his new hot sauce recipe.

22. Our two characters find themselves thrown together and in love after they meet while on vacation in a tropical paradise – only to discover that they live in different countries on separate continents. Can they make it work?

23. He likes her… she likes him… but he’s a total ladies’ man. Can she ever get over this fear and see him as more than a player?

24. They are both running from something in the woods and help each other to escape and survive a dangerous situation. What are they running from and could it make them fall in love?

25. She thinks she’s found the perfect guy – until she discovers he has a secret identity. Will he tell her on his own or will she call him out for it?

26. After a mix-up with their reservations, the characters find they both booked the same rental for the week. Rather than forfeit the deposit and ruin their plans, they decide it to share the space together. Will temporarily living together spark romance or will it be a disaster?

27. The story begins with our heroine rescuing the hero from a life-threatening situation. After they meet, sparks begin to fly. What we don’t realize until much later is she’s the one who caused the accident in the first place.

28. The protagonist is a famous chef who is loved by everyone in the neighborhood – except the frustrating food critic who keeps writing terrible things about their cooking. Can the chef woo them over?

29. Our characters meet when both of their cars break down in the middle of nowhere, and they need to wait together until their cars are repaired.

30. The two of them are sharing the back seat of a limousine after a logistics mix-up at their job when things take a turn for the passionate…

31. They have been friends since they were kids vacationing together every summer – but now it’s getting serious. They might not be just friends anymore…

32. The heroine has been hired by the hero’s start-up company to test his new product for attracting love. However, the product is so effective that she finds herself falling for him!

33. He is a famous actor and she is a waitress at a restaurant he frequents – but they both know that he’s tired of the glitz and glamour and wants to settle down. Can she show him that romance is real?

34. One of them is a real estate agent and the other is a home buyer looking for the perfect house, but they end up finding so much more than either of them expected…

35. They go out on a blind date with the hopes of finding love. But what if one of them ends up being the other’s boss and part owner of the company?

36. They had a casual romance in high school, but they both went their separate ways and have both changed a lot. When fate has them meet again, will it spark the magic from their old relationship?

37. They’ve both reached fame in their careers – but when the cameras are on at all times, how can they be honest with each other and their feelings?

space station

38. Frustrated with life on earth, our hero and heroine volunteer to go live on the space station as part of an experiment for two years. They might have escaped all their problems on earth, but can they actually make a relationship work?

39. The two main characters work together at a local animal shelter and they both have secrets to hide about themselves and their lives. When their paths cross on a daily basis, can they resist the pull to tell each other everything?

40. The story begins with two high school sweethearts who are reunited years later only to discover that they are both unhappily married to someone else. Is it too late or will their love prove to be stronger?

41. He’s a famous musician with all kinds of problem. His life is falling apart and now he starting to fall for the person who tends the gardens at his mansion.

42. They’re both on the run from the law. When they cross paths to form an unlikely bond, can they both get out of their current situations to make it work?

43. He wants his lost love back, but how can he convince her he’s changed?

44. The two of them are on a business trip in a foreign country when there is unrest in the streets – can they make it out alive?

45. A famous actor and a famous actress are both staying at the same hotel during the filming of a romantic movie. Could the sparks be more than just what’s in the script?

46. She has had a crush on him for years, but he never notices her. Will he finally realize that true love is right under his nose?

47. Our main character is always setting up their friends on dates and playing matchmaker – what happens when someone tries to match them with someone new?

48. One of them is a soldier, the other an army nurse. They meet on a helicopter ride after being evacuated from a dangerous situation.

49. They broke up years ago but then run into each other after not talking to each other anymore. When they stop and actually listen to what the other person has to say, do they realize that maybe they never really stopped loving one another?

50. Our main character’s dog is missing – but will they find love in an unexpected place instead?

online dating concept

51. Write a love story where one person is a tech mogul and the other person thinks technology is evil. When they start to fall for each other, will technology get in the way?

52. They are both running for mayor in their small town. Only one person can win the election – but can they both win in love?

53. Write a romance story where one character believes that love isn’t for them, so the other person must prove them wrong by showing them how wonderful love can be.

54. Two people meet after finding out they’ve both been dumped. As they try to plot their revenge on their exes, they discover maybe they have feelings for one another.

55. Our main character’s father is determined to find them a match and has arranged for them to have a new date everyday. Will they ever meet the one?

56. When two people who have never met before get into an argument, they end up trapped in the same room together for hours on end. Will this argument push them together or tear them apart?

57. Our main character finds themselves having vivid dreams that feel real about someone from their past. Use this romantic writing prompt to write a love story that transcends the test of time.

58. They are both avid readers who frequently go to the library but one of them believes they can read people’s future through their books. When they finally meet will they be able to read the other’s mind?

59. Our main character is an adrenaline junkie living life on the edge. When they meet someone who wants to tame them, will they be able to gain some balance in their life?

60. She lives in a world where men are forbidden. When she finally meets one face to face, will she be able to resist her feelings or fall into temptation?

61. Write a story where the main character is the president’s daughter. Can she have a relationship with the son of a political rival?

62. Two discover that both their horoscopes describe what their ideal mate would be like and how they will meet – and it’s each other!

food photography romance prompt

63. One of them is a hard working chef and the other is a photographer who wants to take pictures in the kitchen. When they meet, they find that they have more in common than just their love of food.

64. When our main character gets a new puppy, it turns out to be more than they bargained for. After the dog tears up their neighbor’s flower bed it might just turn into romance.

65. She’s an actress and he’s a cop on location providing security for the movie – but what happens when reality mixes with fiction?

66. Two lovers forced apart by war are reunited only to discover that one of them has been injured physically and the other mentally. Can they get past their scars and move forward?

67. Two people who have gone through terrible things in life meet in a support group and learn how to live again together.

68. The Civil War has just broken out – but one of them is from the north and the other is from the south. Will the war tear them apart or bring them closer together?

69. In a post-apocalyptic world, our two characters are both on the run. When their lives cross paths, they decide teaming up could benefit them both – but does their alliance turn into something more?

70. After accidentally sending an email to a stranger, they become online pen pals. When they meet for the first time in real life, will it be love at first sight or disaster?

71. Their tempers have both gotten them in trouble in the past. When they meet at an anger management class, will they finally learn to control their anger and let love in or will it all blow up?

72. Two con artists meet and decide to team up. They have great chemistry but will they ever be able to fully trust each other?

tornado prompt

73. After a tornado devastates a small town, our two characters are drawn together by their grief. Can they rebuild a new future together?

74. When two detective partners need to catch the bad guy, they go undercover as a married couple. Could it be more than just a ruse?

75. Write a romantic love story where two friends start having dreams about each other. Will will these dreams be prophetic or turn into a real life nightmare?

76. When our hero finds himself trapped in another dimension, he takes refuge in an abandoned warehouse only to discover that there is another guest who also happens to be beautiful.

77. The two are travelers who both stop at a diner at the same time. When they are served something otherworldly, they suddenly find themselves with the ability to see ghosts – and each other’s pasts.

78. After finding a wallet in the parking lot, the main character is determined to find out who it belongs to and return it. After a long goose chase of research, they finds themselves falling in love with them. When they finally meet, is the person everything they imagined?

79. A group of people are forced to live in a small bunker together when nuclear war breaks out. Can they find love with each other or will they all turn on each other?

80. Our main character starts seeing a vivid symbol in mysterious places. They try to brush it off as nothing until meeting a stranger who has a tattoo of the symbol. Could it be fate?

81. During their first date, two people receive terrible news. Can they still find happiness together despite all of their problems?

82. After being ditched by their friends at the prom, two loners meet and decide to spend an exciting evening together.

83. While skeptical of psychics, our protagonist is also desperate to find love. After being told of a terrible misfortune about to happen, will it turn out it makes them meet the one?

84. Two people from different social classes find themselves attracted to one another. Can they make it work or will it be torn apart by their differing backgrounds?

85. Two long-time friends find themselves thrown together by a terrible accident. Can they be there for each other or will their differences tear them apart?

86. A young couple find themselves responsible for protecting a powerful and ancient weapon. Will they be able to keep it together and stop the evil that is trying to destroy it?

87. A woman confronts her ex-boyfriend at the wedding of a mutual friend – and their hate for each other is unleashed. Can they make up or are they determined to destroy each other?

88. Our hero meets a woman who teaches him about true love and everything he’s ever dreamed of finding in a relationship. Before they can be together, however, she disappears – only to return mysteriously years later.

108 Romantic Love Story Ideas

89. Burned out by the dating scene, two people decide it’s best to sign up for a service that sets up arranged marriages. Will they be able to make it work?

90. They might both be rich and beautiful, but they always feel like the people they date only care about their looks and money. One decides to pretend to be poor while the other wears a disguise. Have they finally met someone who loves them with no regard to money or looks or will the truth be too much to handle?

91. They just met and really hit it off but one of them has to leave for a work project overseas for the next 5 years. Can they make a long distance relationship work?

92. Two people who hate each other become stuck on the same ocean liner together and must work together to survive a violent storm.

93. He might only be 28 and has a successful career, but he’s starting to go bald. Is it too late for him to find a partner?

94. As journalists for their school’s newspaper, they are always on assignment together. Could an innocent stop for breakfast one morning turn their casual relationship into something more?

95. The older couple in a photograph she discovers looks familiar – but she doesn’t know who they are. One of the people looks a little like her, only older. Could it be a view of the future to come?

96. Two people who have known each other since childhood must fight to survive against an army of zombies that are trying to turn them into meals. Can they make it out alive or will their pasts consume them?

97. She is out of work and lives in a trailer park with her sister. She decides she will marry someone rich and sets off to win over the heart of the local millionaire. Will she learn there’s more to love than just money?

98. They have been growing apart for years – but when they each meet someone new, they realize that maybe it’s time to stop running and face the past head on.

romantic writing prompt ideas

99. When you are born, you are assigned three potential love matches. You meet them all on the same day at the same time on your 21st birthday and must choose one by the end of the night to spend the rest of your life with.

100. They are both from different cultures, but when they meet each other for the first time, they are instantly drawn to each other. Can their love survive all the forces that want to tear them apart?

101. She is kidnapped and sold into slavery, but he will do anything to find her.

102. When he ends up in prison, will she find a way to help him or will his past always be too strong for her to overcome?

103. The two of them have been best friends since they were kids, but when they go into business together, their love for each other may become more than it was before.

104. Write a romantic love story that is inspired by whatever you ate for lunch yesterday.

105. A man travels back in time to find his true love and change the way things ended.

106. She has been sent on a mission by the king to find and return the prince before something terrible happens to him.

107. He is one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy – but when he meets someone who can be considered his greatest catch yet he realizes he is in love with them.

108. Two leaders of planets on the way to extinction decide to join forces and create a new species of people to continue their worlds. Will their attempts to play matchmaker and procreate work?

I hope these romantic writing prompts and love story ideas inspire you to write something great. If you do happen to write a story with these prompts, you know we would love to check it out so please let us know about it in the comments below!

Looking for even more great story ideas and writing prompts? Check out these other resources at ThinkWritten!

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Romancing the Beat: Story Structure for Romance Novels (How to Write Kissing Books Book 1)

Do you have any other romantic love story ideas to add to this list? Share your own romantic writing prompts in the comments below!

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Chelle Stein wrote her first embarrassingly bad novel at the age of 14 and hasn't stopped writing since. As the founder of ThinkWritten, she enjoys encouraging writers and creatives of all types.

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81 Romance Writing Prompts to Kickstart Your Romance Novel

Krystal Craiker headshot

Krystal N. Craiker

What are some romance writing prompts?

One of the biggest hurdles in writing a romance novel is figuring out what to write. It can be hard to find a plot idea or figure out how to open your story.

If you need some fresh ideas for your next love story, check out these romance writing prompts.

What Makes a Successful Love Story?

What are the main romance-novel themes, what does a love story consist of, how do you start writing a romance, what are some great romantic writing prompts, what makes a love story interesting, may inspiration strike with our best romance writing prompts.

A good love story needs to have a memorable meet cute, a buildup of romantic tension, and a happily-ever-after ending.

Sure, there are some tragic love stories out there, but most people read and write romance so they can root for love.

It might sometimes feel like all the romance-novel ideas have already been done. That's just because people love reading those familiar themes and tropes over and over again.

You can easily take a familiar concept and change it up to create something new. No love story will ever be exactly like the one you write.

Here's a basic love-story formula you can use to create your own romance:

The formula for a love story

That may look simple, but crafting a love story might take a little more help.

Keep reading for 81 romance-writing prompts.

The main themes in romance have to do with love, of course. This might be something like love conquers all, the transformative power of love, or acceptance and belonging.

There are also hundreds of romance tropes. These are familiar story premises or plot points. Romance fans have their favorite tropes and tropes that they hate.

Here are a few popular romance writing prompts that never seem to get old. Can you see any of these as your next story idea?

Popular romance tropes

Enemies to Lovers

  • A fire marshal falls in love with a serial arsonist.
  • A tattoo artist and a florist in the same shopping center both want to expand into the space next to them. They hate each other as they compete for the lease until they fall in love.

Fake Relationship

  • Two platonic college friends marry to avoid one of them being deported.
  • A CIA agent and an MI6 agent who have never met are sent undercover together as a married couple to infiltrate a human trafficking ring.

Secret Billionaire

  • A chef falls in love with a new line cook in their kitchen who is fresh out of culinary school. The new cook is heir to a family fortune but wants to take their own path. They keep their wealth and true identity hidden.
  • Two strangers get married in Vegas and barely remember the night. One is a billionaire who refuses to file for divorce because they did not sign a pre-nuptial agreement, and their new spouse would be entitled to half their wealth. They must stay married until a post-nuptial agreement can be written and signed, but they fall in love in the meantime.


Definition of a grumpy and sunshine romance

  • A cynical, experienced teacher clashes with the bubbly, idealistic new teacher next door.
  • A doctor with a terrible bedside manner is in danger of losing their job from patient complaints. They are paired with a patient-favorite doctor who is their complete opposite.

Forced Proximity

  • Due to university budget cuts, two rival scientists are forced to share an office only to find out they aren't so different after all.
  • Two journalists from different news outlets have a chance to interview a high-profile figure who is vacationing in Dubai. Unfortunately there is only one hotel room left. They decide to share it even though there's only one bed.

Friends to Lovers

  • Two old friends who have lost touch reconnect at their high-school reunion. They now live on opposite sides of the country, but they cannot deny their chemistry.
  • Two coworkers at a bookstore always tell each other their latest string of bad dates. Eventually, they realize that the love of their life has been there all along.

Second Chance Romance

A second chance romance

  • One partner moved away, choosing their career over love. They must earn their ex-lover's trust and love once again.
  • A soldier returns from war to find his sweetheart has moved on, and he tries to win her back.

A love story consists of some basic elements: a meet cute, encounters to build romantic tension, getting together or nearly getting together, torn apart by some circumstance, and a reunion and happily ever after.

The basic elements of a romance

Here are some plot points that might work in your romance novel.

  • A barista spills coffee on the expensive suit of an ad executive.
  • They meet at a wine and paint class. One spills paint and destroys the other's painting.
  • A neighbor returns a package that was delivered to their address by mistake.
  • They share a dance at a masquerade and don't know each other's true identity.
  • One sends the other a wrong-number text, thinking they are texting their ex.

Defintion of a meet cute

Romantic Tension

  • Their hands brush when they both pick up something and sparks fly.
  • They end up under the mistletoe at a holiday party.
  • Their friends leave the bar early and leave them alone.
  • They get stuck in an elevator.
  • They are assigned a project together even though they hate each other.
  • One must betray the other to save them from a terrible fate.
  • An ex-lover shows up and drives a wedge between the two main characters.
  • One lover overhears the other say something cruel out of context and leaves them.
  • One must return to their hometown to care for an ailing parent.
  • One is given an ultimatum by their family: be disowned or break up.

The beginning of your story is crucial. The opening paragraphs of your romance novel establish the tone, the setting, and the characters. That's a lot of pressure!

Below are some story starters if you're stuck on how to begin. Or maybe you are more of a discovery writer or "pantser" and prefer a story starter to a plot idea. Then your plot can develop naturally as you write.

Possible story starters

  • Her eyes were black, blacker than my soul.
  • "Hey, mister! You dropped this!"
  • It was the best of times; it was the worst of times; it was the company holiday party.
  • Her wedding day was the worst day of her life.
  • The rain bathed the London night in a soft, watercolor glow. Like an Impressionist painting, he thought as he approached the pub.
  • "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave."
  • I met my soul mate while covered in blood.
  • When she said she wanted a fairy-tale romance, she did not mean at the checkout counter at Shoe Palace.
  • As he studied the ballroom full of members of the ton , the duke decided he would rather be mucking out the stables.
  • Once upon a time, the Queen of the Fairies escaped into the night, leaving her kingdom in chaos.
  • She stared down at the two pink lines, her mouth agape. She couldn't be pregnant, could she?
  • There he was, chained to a tree, spouting nonsense, and directly in the way of my bulldozer.
  • "I've never seen that much money in real life," she said as he counted the bills.
  • His fingers gripped the arm rests. "Is it your first time flying?" I asked.
  • She had never seen another human.
  • "You're alive?" "Last time I checked."

Here are even more great romance-story prompts. These are divided by sub-genre.

Examples of romance sub-genres

Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

Love with a little bit of magic? It's a spell for success!

  • Dragons are banned, and a prince or princess finds a dragon egg. Rather than destroying it, they hire a dragon smuggler and go on a quest to get the baby dragon to safety.
  • A warlock takes an apprentice who lied about their magical abilities. They have no magic, but the warlock is prejudiced against non-magical people. The warlock and apprentice fall in love. What happens when the warlock discovers the truth?
  • A matchmaking angel is sent to earth to make two people fall in love, but they end up falling in love with one of their targets.
  • A werewolf saves a vampire from a vampire hunter, even though their kind are sworn enemies.

Historical Romance

Definition of a historical romance

Love is a tale as old as time.

  • A German nurse falls in love with a British soldier whom she found injured and unconscious, and she nurses him back to health.
  • In 1910s Mexico, a revolutionary soldier falls in love with a girl as he raids her farm, but she is the daughter of a Porfiriato general.
  • A Mongol warrior woman falls in love with a Chinese royal.
  • A Viking warrior is set to marry a chief, but then they meet the grumpy blacksmith.

Crime Romance

Nothing raises tension like a little criminal activity.

  • A detective falls in love with a suspect whom they believe to be innocent, even though all signs point to their guilt.
  • Two young members of rival crime families fall in love in a modern take on Romeo and Juliet .
  • A bank robber gets locked in a vault with the bank manager.

Sci-Fi Romance

Even extraterrestrials deserve a chance at love.

  • Two strangers are captured by aliens and taken far away from earth.
  • She was sent back in time to stop a catastrophe. He is determined to discover this strange person's true identity.
  • An alien has studied one particular human from afar as part of their school project. They decide they must finally meet them.

Contemporary Romance

A love story set in the modern world is easy to imagine.

  • Two friends made a pact in high school to marry if they hadn’t married others by age forty. They haven’t seen each other in over twenty years, but one reaches out to the other to fulfill their pact.
  • Two single parents are at the skating rink each hosting their child's birthday. One falls on the ice, and the other helps them up. Later, they run into each other at a parent meeting at school.
  • A person believes their new neighbor is up to no good. They begin to spy on them.
  • A waitress is rear-ended on her way to work by a wayward prince of a royal family.

Classic Story Reinterpretations

There's a reason we keep seeing certain stories brought to life over and over again.

  • Write a retelling of Rapunzel where the person was kidnapped and forced to live outside of society and has no clue about modern life.
  • Retell Pygamlion / My Fair Lady with a woman who helps turn a socially awkward jingle writer at an ad agency into a superstar musician.
  • Reimagine Cinderella with a movie star and a virtual assistant.
  • Write a reinterpretation of Little Red Riding Hood where the "wolf" is a person who has stolen Red's grandmother's identity.

Recipe for romantic story success

Characters make a love story compelling. Readers want likeable, interesting love interests that they can root for. Without good characters, romance falls flat.

You can quickly create excellent characters through effective and intriguing dialogue. Don't let unnecessary dialogue tags distract the reader from your exceptional dialogue.

ProWritingAid's Dialogue Report can help you locate these pesky tags so you can keep them to a minimum.

ProWritingAid's Dialogue Report

Do you have trouble creating characters? Here are some ideas for the heroes and heroines of your next love story. Can you mix and match any of those in your story?

  • A recluse physicist
  • A baker with a peanut allergy
  • An overly excited blacksmith's apprentice
  • A librarian who moonlights as a superhero
  • A clockmaker who can tell the future
  • A conservationist who uses vigilante methods to fight poachers
  • A queen who everyone thinks is a king
  • A rakish bad boy with an affinity for romance novels
  • An action star who becomes a vocal anti-war activist
  • A shopkeeper with a secret
  • A spaceship captain
  • A petsitter to the stars
  • A pirate who puts the jolly in "jolly roger"
  • A writer who can talk to the dead

We hope you've found some inspiration for your romance novel with these romance writing prompts.

You can also take elements from different prompts and combine them into something completely new!

Playing matchmaker with fictional characters is a blast. Now, pick up the pen or open your blank document and start writing that happily ever after.

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