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Example sentences summary report

Who described the resulting summary report as containing 'numerous materially incomplete and erroneous representations'?
The force will publish a summary report 'to ensure transparency'.
This was not in the force's summary report .
Resulting summary report allows individual users, such as professional information consumers, to quickly familiarize themselves with information contained in a large cluster of documents.
Companies would be required to submit a summary report in electronic format.

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Definition of 'summary' summary

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What Is Summary Report? Benefits of Summary Report with Examples

What is a summary report.

A summary report summarizes data from several transactions and presents the results in a condensed document.

This is often one of the Excel Sheet deliverables in MIS (Management Information System). A summary report is a report in the datasheet to summarize some or all the data.

Definition 2

A summary report is a concise document that encapsulates data obtained from numerous transactions.

Its primary objective is to provide a condensed overview of information, making it more accessible and understandable to the intended audience. 

Understanding the Summary Report

These reports are different because they always have one or more summary columns, summing up the data in other columns. Totals, averages etc., are examples of these columns. Any report containing any such summarizing columns would be a summary report.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of summary reports is the presence of summary columns that summarize the data derived from other columns within the report. 

These summary columns can include totals, averages, percentages, or any other relevant metrics that facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the underlying data. Any report that incorporates such summarizing columns can be classified as a summary report.

For example, service providers have to make summary reports for the buyers after every purchase to summarise the services received and the account payables so the client can process the data quickly. If they provide a written report, that will take too much time to decode, so datasheets are always a good idea to opt for this kind of report. 

Benefits of Summary Reports

A summary report is a condensed overview of data derived from multiple transactions. Here are some primary benefits of summary reports.

Streamlined Data Analysis

Enhanced Decision-Making

Time Efficiency

Improved Communication

Summary reports eliminate the need to sift through vast volumes of raw data by providing condensed information. This streamlines the analysis process and allows stakeholders to focus on the most relevant aspects.

By presenting key insights and metrics, summary reports empower decision-makers to make informed choices promptly. The condensed nature of these reports enables a comprehensive understanding of trends, patterns, and critical data points.

Summary reports save valuable time for both report creators and recipients. The ability to quickly grasp the essential details of complex data sets significantly reduces the time required for data interpretation and decision-making processes.

Summary reports facilitate effective communication between parties involved in data analysis. With concise summaries, stakeholders can exchange information efficiently and collaborate seamlessly, promoting productive discussions and actions.

Practical Examples

Financial Sector

Summary reports are extensively used in the financial sector to present critical financial statements , such as balance sheets , income statements , and cash flow statements . These reports give stakeholders a concise overview of a company's financial performance, aiding investment decisions and financial planning .

Sales and Marketing

Summary reports are crucial for sales and marketing teams to analyze sales data, customer behavior , and campaign performance. By summarizing sales figures, customer demographics , and conversion rates, these reports enable teams to identify trends, assess the effectiveness of marketing strategies , and make data-driven decisions.

Project Management

In project management, summary reports are essential for tracking progress, resource allocation, and budget management. Project managers can effectively monitor project status and communicate updates to stakeholders by summarising key milestones, tasks completed, and resource utilization.

Use of the Term in Sentences

  • The report can have any number of columns, but the summary columns make it a summary report .
  • Summary reports can concisely elaborate data per the requester's convenience.
  • The committee joined the annual conference to discuss the summary report submitted by the overseas contractor.

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Meaning of report in English

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report verb ( TELL )

  • tell My friend told me you were looking for me.
  • let someone know Let me know if you'd like to come.
  • give Can you give the message to Jo?
  • communicate A 60-second TV commercial isn't always the best way to communicate a complex medical message.
  • inform The relatives of the injured have been informed of the accident.
  • notify The school has to notify parents if their children do not arrive at school.
  • Witnesses reported seeing a huge orange fireball as the oil refinery exploded .
  • Shortly before the crash the pilot had reported a malfunction of the aircraft's navigation system .
  • Her disappearance was reported to the police department's Missing Persons Bureau.
  • Do you have anything to report?
  • Several journalists have been killed or injured by stray bullets while reporting on the civil war .
  • dream sequence
  • narratively
  • omniscient narrator
  • paint a picture (of something) idiom
  • personalize
  • personification
  • world-building

You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics:

report verb ( GO )

  • access code
  • be on the scene idiom
  • infiltration
  • roll up! idiom
  • set foot in somewhere idiom

Phrasal verbs

Report noun [c] ( description ).

  • The report contains numerous demonstrable errors .
  • The prime minister issued a denial of the report that she is about to resign .
  • The content of her report is shrouded in secrecy .
  • We file these reports under country of origin .
  • The newspaper reports of the discussion only roughly approximated to what was actually said.
  • construction
  • impact assessment
  • impact statement
  • interpretation
  • job evaluation
  • prognosticate
  • prognostication
  • re-evaluation
  • value judgment

report noun [C] ( NOISE )

  • bang She slammed the door with a bang.
  • slam The window closed with a slam.
  • clash I can still hear the clash of metal against metal during the car crash.
  • clank My mechanic asked me to describe the clanks that my engine makes.
  • clang The jail door closed with a resounding clang.
  • thump He dropped his suitcase with a loud thump and sprinted up the steps.
  • bang around
  • tintinnabulation
  • white noise

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Tucking in and pigging out (Eating phrasal verbs)

report meaning summary

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CCI Paris Ile de France

Publié le 10 July 2019

5 Tips for Writing a Summary Report

Welcome to Le français des affaires 5 tips series. Here we’ll give you 5 tips on how to improve an aspect of your professional French.

Here are 5 tips on how to write a summary report ( rédiger un compte-rendu ):

Writing a Summary Report

2. Include only the key points from the event. This means eliminate filler words, repetition, small talk and anecdotes.

3. Be concise. The goal of the report is not to reproduce everything that was said, but to give a clear summary of the items discussed to someone who was not present. The key elements of the discussion need to be reformulated to be clear and concise.

4. Use bullet-points to facilitate clarity. If you set up an outline of a report before going into the meeting, you can fill in the categories with bullet points to keep your report clear and concise. Be careful: your bullet points need to follow the same grammatical pattern.

Writing a Summary Report

5. Re-read your report! Make sure there are no grammatical mistakes or incomplete phrases or sentences (including phrases in bullet-point form), and that the report clearly mentions the important information from the meeting or phone call.

Now you’re ready to go and write a stellar report!

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report meaning summary

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