A List of 339 Problem Solution Essay Topics & Questions

A problem solution essay is a type of persuasive essay. It’s a piece of writing that presents a particular problem and provides different options for solving it. It is commonly used for subject exams or IELTS writing tasks.

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In this article, we’ll take a look at how to write this type of essay. We will also provide ideas of good problem and solution essay topics to ease students’ writing process. But first: check out our custom writing service in case you need academic assistance!

  • 🔝 Top 10 Topics

✅ How to Write a Problem Solution Essay

⭐ top 10 problem and solution essay topics for 2024.

  • 🧑🤝🧑 Topics about Society
  • 🏫 Topics on Education
  • 💵 Business & Finance Topics
  • 🍎 Health & Psychology Topics
  • 🌎 Environment Topics
  • 🐶 Topics about Animals
  • 🔬 Science & Technology Topics
  • 🏠 Local Problem Solution Topics
  • 😄 Funny & Easy Topics
  • 🤔 Other Problem Solution Topics

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🔝 top 10 problem solution essay topics.

  • The best way to improve logistics
  • How to prevent drunk driving
  • How can we prevent stroke?
  • Ways to promote independent music
  • How to prevent teen pregnancy
  • Can schools help with childhood obesity?
  • Ways to teach children financial literacy
  • What can we do to stop human trafficking?
  • Can teaching self-defense reduce violence?
  • Building dams to fight the flooding problem

When starting to write an essay, think about a problem in the community that needs to be resolved. Sometimes, you will get a ready topic, like at an IELTS exam.

The topics might vary, but the outline of an essay will remain the same. First, write a list of actions that can help to solve the problem. Then, pick the three that you like best and evaluate them.

Once you get your solutions, start writing.

Any essay, whether it’s for high school or college, should be well-structured. Problem solution essays consist of two paragraphs: problem description and solution . The first section is generally divided into several parts:

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  • Introduction. Provide the definition of the problem, some general background, and thesis statement with possible solutions.
  • Situation. Give clear examples on the issue so that readers can understand it better.
  • Problem. Describe the issue and its effect on people.

In the solution section, you need to identify several potential solutions and evaluate their effectiveness. It should include:

  • Two or more possible solutions .
  • Evaluation and critical assessment of the solutions.
  • Conclusion with a summary of the main points of the text.

Now, you have a general idea about the writing process. To help facilitate your writing, take a look at the topic ideas below.

  • Is group therapy effective against BPD?
  • Can smart fridges prevent binge eating?
  • Can having remote workers decrease costs?
  • Sustainable homes as a way to save energy
  • How nature reserves prevent wildlife extinction
  • Reducing education costs with online education
  • Is gun control a way to stop mass shootings?
  • Can class discussions help fight youth violence?
  • One-child policy as a way to stop overpopulation
  • Is car sharing effective for decreasing CO2 emissions?

🧑🤝🧑 Problem and Solution Topics about Society

Social issues are problems of every level that influence the members of our society. They may refer to various factors, such as racial inequality or bullying, that affect the well-being of people or the community as a whole. Here are some problem-solving topics that will help you start writing.

  • A part of the world’s population lives in conditions that don’t meet their basic needs. What are the ways to alleviate or prevent poverty ?
  • There were several instances when social media websites were accused of gathering people’s private information . What are the ways to ensure privacy in the digital age?
  • A vast number of girls get pregnant and give birth before the age of 20. What are some ways to reduce the teenage pregnancy rate in your country?
  • Body shaming is one of the biggest problems of today’s society. What are the ways to solve this issue?
  • Despite an increase in public awareness about the adverse effects of racism , the issue persists. How can we eliminate it?
  • Unemployment negatively affects the living conditions of many people. It also facilitates such issues as domestic violence and depression. How can unemployment rates be improved in your country?

John Dewey quote.

  • Education is a fundamental human right, yet many people in some developing countries remain illiterate. How can we solve this issue?
  • Habits such as smoking and overeating negatively affect people’s health. How can we better promote healthy lifestyles ?
  • Victims of domestic violence often develop physical disabilities, chronic health problems, and stress. In what ways can we reduce domestic violence in our society?
  • Inequality in payment, sexual harassment, and difficulty getting promoted are some of the issues women face at workplaces. What can our society do to increase equality ?
  • Celebrities often appear to look flawless, which affects people’s body image . How can we promote healthier beauty standards ?
  • When children observe violent behaviors , they become more aggressive. In what ways can we prevent them from witnessing violence?
  • Health care is a major social issue, as many people don’t have access to high-quality services. How can we improve this situation?
  • The ownership of guns increases the chances of unintentional shootings, which can result in casualties. How can gun control policies be improved?
  • The consumption of illegal drugs often leads to overdosing. In what ways can people be persuaded not to do drugs?
  • Drunk driving is the leading cause of vehicle accidents. What is the best way to restrict people from doing it?
  • Human trafficking is a grave problem that affects countries all over the world. How can it be prevented?
  • Women often report being sexually assaulted while in college. What can we do to reduce this problem?
  • Homeless people are more likely to engage in abuse or violent behavior. What can be done to solve the issue?
  • Parental divorce is a traumatic experience for a child. How can its adverse effects be eliminated?

🏫 Problem Solution Essay Topics on Education

The educational system is riddled with issues. You can think of numerous drawbacks that need to be addressed to make education better. Below are several examples of problem solution essay topics that will inspire you to write.

  • In the pandemic environment, many students had to resort to online education , often with questionable quality. What are the ways to make e-learning effective?
  • Many schools fail to provide adequate sex education programs. How can we reduce the stigma around this topic?
  • Numerous students get bad grades due to reasons other than laziness. How can we help struggling learners?
  • For many students, a strict schedule remains a big issue. Should students be offered the possibility of flexibility?
  • Many private and public schools require a strict uniform . Are there ways to express one’s individuality without violating the dress code?
  • A majority of students in schools and colleges admit to cheating . What are the ways to put an end to this behavior?
  • Technology usage in education can be beneficial, as it might improve engagement and individual learning. How can schools become more adaptable to digitalization?
  • Learning a foreign language can help students develop additional mental abilities. Should it be mandatory in all schools?
  • Students often find themselves delaying or postponing tasks. It leads to lower grades and health issues, such as headaches or insomnia . How can we reduce the levels of student procrastination ?
  • Obesity is associated with the leading causes of death in the US. Should the educational system include more physical education classes to build a fitter community?
  • Students with learning disorders may have a feeling of frustration when mastering a subject. In what ways can colleges adapt to their needs?
  • There are many subjects in school, and not all of them are equally useful for everyone. How can we make sure that students are learning what is best for them?
  • Schools often put more funding into science, mathematics, and humanities. Should they also fund physical education (PE)?
  • Gifted education allows talented students to learn more and move ahead at their pace. At the same time, it creates inequality. How can these programs be improved?
  • Disruptive children usually prevent themselves and other students in class from working. What are the ways to deal with these students to make the work effective?
  • The core curriculum for all schools allows all children to be taught all subjects but can be a bit strict. Should all schools have the same curriculum?
  • Students are often provided with college preparation classes that don’t prepare them for work. Should schools focus more on getting students job-ready?
  • Bullying and violence are the major issues at school that affect mental and physical health. What can teachers do to prevent these behaviors at school?
  • The majority of students don’t perform equally well in all subjects. Instead, they excel in certain ones and fail in others. Should learners be allowed to choose their courses?
  • Printed books are not easy to update, as new editions are often costly. Should schools move to digital textbooks ?

💵 Business & Finance Problem Solutions Topics

A significant number of issues can arise while managing a business or creating a startup. It can be related to anything from cybersecurity to marketing strategies. If you are into entrepreneurship, consider choosing a problem solutions topic from the list below.

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  • Raising minimum wages might result in the loss of jobs. What are the alternatives?
  • Job dissatisfaction often stems from issues related to wages, career progression, and leadership approach. How can we increase job satisfaction?
  • The high unemployment rate brings an economic loss to the government, as well as causes individual sufferings. What are the possible methods to reduce it?

Suggesting solutions.

  • A large number of startups fail in the first year of functioning. How can governments ensure their sustainability?
  • Low employee productivity can create serious setbacks for businesses. What are the ways to increase productivity?
  • Bad customer service damages the company’s reputation and leads to the loss of clients. What are the steps to fix this issue?
  • The lack of teamwork might result in efficiency and productivity drop. How can we improve team cooperation in the company?
  • Inflation negatively affects people with fixed wages and large amounts of cash savings. How can it be avoided?
  • Carrying a student loan debt and failure to repay one may result in serious financial troubles. How can we solve the problems associated with student credit?
  • The lack of performance monitoring might lead to unintended behaviors within the organization. How can we persuade people to start using a set of performance indicators?
  • A significantly high number of people live from payday to payday, failing to accumulate savings. What is the best way to save money monthly?
  • Bad investments rarely bring any profit. How can people avoid poor investments?
  • Financial crisis can lead to mass job losses and businesses shutting down. How can we overcome recessions effectively?
  • The biggest challenge for small businesses during a pandemic is staying open and making a profit. How can governments support small businesses in case of another epidemic?
  • Poor marketing might result in financial problems and low customer volumes. How can you improve an average marketing strategy ?
  • Imagine a company whose cash flow is adequate, yet there aren’t enough financial resources for it to grow. What are the ways to manage a strapped budget?
  • Employee turnover has immediate consequences for a company. How can we reduce it?
  • Business competition can harm small businesses through price factors and labor costs. How can they handle the competition?
  • Poor workflow directly affects the revenue of the company. How can companies manage it effectively?
  • Unsatisfied customers might spread the word about the ineffectiveness of the company. How can organizations increase customer satisfaction ?

🍎 Health & Psychology Problem Solving Topics

Problems related to health and mental well-being are common in the modern world. It’s not surprising, considering the influence of consumerist culture and environmental factors. You can address any issue you’re particularly concerned about. The following problem solution essay topics will give you an idea of where to start.

  • There are several reasons for poor mental health among older people in the US. What are the ways to improve it?
  • Substance addiction affects individuals because of the stigma associated with it. In what ways can we help people in recovery?
  • A significant number of people suffer from eating disorders , which affects their mental and physical states. How can society prevent it?
  • Depression is a common disorder among teenagers. How can teachers and parents help them manage it?
  • Birth order can impact the way parents treat their children and children’s behavior. Can we, as a society, raise more awareness about the effects of birth order ?
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder is experienced by people who suffered from trauma. How can society help those who have it?
  • Peer pressure forces people to do things that they might not want to do. How can we reduce its influence?
  • Romantic relationships often fail due to misunderstandings. How do we raise awareness about the possible difference in love styles?
  • Schizophrenia is a complicated mental illness that has a severe impact on one’s life. How can society help people seek treatment for this disorder?
  • Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) might isolate themselves from peers. How can teachers and parents help kids with social skills impairments?
  • Alzheimer’s disease affects intellectual and physical abilities, memory, and personality. How can people prevent its development?
  • Somatization disorder is a tendency to feel psychological pain in the form of physical. What is the best treatment for its symptoms?
  • Prolonged use of defense mechanisms makes people feel as if they aren’t in control of their own emotions. How can we help people overcome these feelings?
  • A significant percentage of children have ADHD . How can we help children with this disorder?
  • Nowadays, many people have sleep disorders. How can insomnia be prevented?
  • The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 caused many children to feel lonely and detached. What can parents do to help their kids in case of another pandemic?
  • Suicide is a growing problem among people of all ages. What can we do to prevent it?
  • Constant stress negatively affects sleep quality. What techniques can help improve it?
  • It’s natural for parents to help their children as much as possible. But because of this, they often put them under too much pressure. How can we help parents find the right balance?
  • Constant stress increases the chances of stroke . What are the ways to reduce the risk?

🌎 Problem Solving Topic Ideas about Environment

Today’s most significant environmental issue is climate change, but it’s not the only one. There are more global problems that need to be resolved. If you’re concerned about the environment, here are some problem-cause-solution topics for you.

  • Drinking water has become an uncommon thing in many countries due to pollution. What can people do to help with this problem?
  • Climate change has numerous adverse effects, such as shifting seasons and new sicknesses. How can this issue be effectively addressed?
  • Vehicles release a significant amount of greenhouse gases , which contributes to global warming. Should there be a rule about reducing car usage to facilitate the solution to the environmental problem?
  • Woodlands produce oxygen and help regulate the temperature. Unfortunately, a vast amount of wooded areas is lost due to deforestation . What are the possible ways to solve this problem?
  • Marine life is suffering because of the amount of carbon in the water. How can people protect it?
  • Air pollution poses a serious danger to people’s health . How can we reduce its adverse effects?
  • Overpopulation results in a deficiency of assets like water, food, and fuel. How can we control it?
  • Ozone depletion leads to an increase in the amount of ultraviolet. It results in cancer and other skin diseases. How can we solve this problem?
  • Due to overpopulation , people use natural resources faster than nature can replenish them. How can we prevent its depletion?
  • Leftover food is a massive problem, as it wastes water and farmland. How can we reduce it?
  • Pesticides used to grow fruits and vegetables might cause health problems. How can we promote organic farming ?

Modal verbs.

  • Polluted soil contains chemicals dangerous to humans, animals, and plants. Is there something that can help to avoid soil pollution ?
  • Using bicycles reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. How can governments promote the usage of bicycles to reduce air pollution ?
  • Natural disasters result from Earth’s processes and negatively affect people’s lives. What can we do to prepare for natural hazards?
  • Fluorinated gases used in refrigerators and hair sprays significantly contribute to climate change. How can we minimize their impact on the environment?
  • Oil spills harm wildlife and marine life, as well as contribute to climate change. How can major companies prevent that from happening?
  • Marine life is drowning in plastic, which creates major environmental issues. How can we stop plastic pollution in the ocean?
  • The rapid loss of biodiversity threatens our health and economic stability. What can we, as consumers, do to solve this issue?
  • A significant amount of money is spent on cleaning garbage. Still, it’s not enough to get rid of it completely. What are the solutions to the problem of littering ?
  • Noise pollution creates discomfort and lowers the quality of people’s lives. What are the practical ways to reduce it?

🐶 Problem Solution Essay Topics about Animals

Animals have existed on our planet way before the emergence of humans. As time went by, many species vanished or became endangered due to people’s activities. Factory farms, fur industry, poaching— all of these issues require a solution. If you’re passionate about this topic, try exploring one of the following prompts.

  • Circus animals are often violently forced to jump through rings of fire, ride bicycles, and do other activities. How can we stop the use of wild animals in circuses?
  • Experiments on animals lead to reduced quality of their life and are often ineffective. How can we help stop this practice?
  • Hunting causes pain and suffering to animals and disrupts the patterns created in the animal communities, such as wolf packs. How can people reduce hunting?
  • The animals in zoos are deprived of natural habitat and are forced to be near people. How can we make zoos as comfortable as possible for them?
  • The fur industry takes millions of animals’ lives away. How can people stop it?
  • One of the issues animal shelters face is the lack of public awareness. What are the strategies to improve their work?
  • Many animals live in abusive environments, where they’re neglected or physically hurt. What are the solutions to this problem?
  • Dog Hunters Association argues for the right to use dogs in hunting. How can we change their attitude towards animals?
  • Dogs from puppy mills are often poorly treated and suffer from a variety of diseases. How can this practice be stopped?
  • Due to human activities, many animals are on the brink of extinction. How can we protect endangered species ?
  • Dog meat is still used for human consumption in some parts of Asia. What are the ways to stop the inhumane trade?
  • Some animal species are sold, either alive or dead, to various countries. What are the ways to stop the wildlife trade and keep animals safe in their natural environment?
  • One of the primary reasons for animal extinction is poaching . What are the solutions to this issue?
  • After adopting animals, some people decide that they no longer want them and send them to shelters. How can we prevent this from happening?
  • Killing horses for meat is inhumane, and horse meat consumption is dangerous. How can we stop these practices?
  • With more forests being cleared for farming and building, wild animals lose their natural habitats. How can people make safer environments for them?
  • Ring fighting leaves animals with severe wounds that might lead to death. What can we do to stop it?
  • Some countries continue to kill whales for commercial purposes, which threatens their existence. How can we stop whaling?
  • The continuation of the ivory trade results in thousands of elephants being killed annually. What actions should be taken to stop it?
  • Factory farms work to maximize profit, which is why animals are kept in inhumane conditions. What are the ways to reduce this cruelty?

🔬 Science & Technology Problem Solutions Topics

Scientific and technological processes are complicated and riddled with issues. Advances in these fields increase as well as worsen the quality of human life. In case you’re interested in science or technology, have a look at these problem solution essay topics.

  • With the widespread use of technology, students can find everything online, which affects their critical thinking . What are the most effective ways to preserve this ability?
  • There’s a price we have to pay for living in a digital age . It includes the loss of online data privacy. What is the best way to maintain it?
  • To run research, scientists need large amounts of money, which often becomes an issue. How can they get more funding?
  • A significant percentage of research papers contain wrong results due to poor study design . What is the best way to improve it?
  • Scientists rarely want to replicate existing research. The results might turn out insignificant, and some studies are too hard to replicate. How can scientists be encouraged to do it nevertheless?
  • Peer review is meant to prevent poor-quality works from being published. Yet, it doesn’t always work. How can the peer review system be fixed?
  • Often, not everyone can access a published study due to journals being expensive. How can we make knowledge more accessible?
  • Many people are unaware of scientific research in crucial areas such as nutrition . What is the best way to communicate scientific facts to a larger population?
  • Cyber attacks are a significant threat to many businesses, as they involve the theft of large amounts of information. What are the ways to prevent them from happening?
  • Artificial intelligence implementation creates new challenges, such as the risk of unemployment. How can we solve emerging technological problems?
  • Technological advances allowed some countries to transition to cashless societies . While it has many advantages, it also creates some security concerns. What is the best solution for these issues?
  • With technology advancing at a quicker pace, it is harder to find talented personnel to work with it. How can you help the employees to adapt to new technologies?
  • While many researchers have ideas for studies, only a few get financial support for them. How can the government support scientists more effectively?

Albert Einstein quote.

  • Mobile apps, social media, and games distract people from the real world. How can we stop smartphone addiction ?
  • Many graduating Ph.D. students have limited training for jobs outside of academic research. What can universities do to change the situation for the better?
  • Wearable computers, such as Apple Watch , have become very convenient. Yet, they create additional privacy and security issues. How can we overcome the challenges of body-borne computers?
  • Cyberbullying victims might experience psychological issues, such as depression, anxiety, and social exclusion. What is the best way to prevent it?
  • Environmental issues, such as air and water pollution , negatively affect the quality of life. How can technology help us save the environment?
  • Scientists are often obligated to publish research only with statistically significant results. How can bias towards certain studies be eliminated?
  • The constant stress and underpayment cause talented people to quit their careers in science. How can they be encouraged to continue working in their field?

🏠 Local Problem Solution Essay Topics

Another excellent idea for your essay is to write about the problems in your community. Think about the issues that need to be resolved, and start your writing. These topics will facilitate your creativity.

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  • A significant number of people view affordability of healthcare as a pressing problem, as it is quite expensive. How can healthcare costs be reduced in your community?
  • Children may be exposed to hazardous labor, which can harm their health. What can be done to stop child labor in your country?
  • Youth violence increases the possibility of future behavior and mental health problems. How can people stop this type of violent behavior in your community?
  • The rise in rent prices makes housing hard to afford. How can housing in your country be improved?
  • People who leave school or college often feel unprepared for work. This makes them feel anxious about getting a job. How can school leavers in your country be helped to get employed?
  • When they get older, many young adults struggle to manage their finances. What is the best way to improve financial literacy in your community?
  • A good internet connection has become a necessity for many people. This also made access to high-speed internet a major issue. How can you solve this problem in your local community?
  • Drug addiction is a public health problem that affects many people, especially youth. What are the solutions to the drug abuse problem in your country?
  • Traffic congestion causes environmental issues, as well as vehicle breakdowns. What is the best way to stop this in your country?
  • Poverty leads to a lack of education, malnutrition, social exclusion, and limited access to other essential services. How can this problem be solved in your country?
  • Crime can cause short-term problems, like an injury , and long-term ones, such as depression or PTSD . How can illegal behavior be reduced in your community?
  • After graduating from college, many students face difficulties in finding a job. How can educational institutions in your country help graduates get employed?
  • Public transportation can be frustrating with its inflexibility and delays. How can it be improved in your country?
  • Lack of car parking areas is a common problem in urban areas. How can people solve this issue in your city?
  • Junk food advertisements target children, which later leads to an increase in childhood obesity. How can we protect young people in your country from being affected by these advertisements?
  • Hate crime affects the security of individuals and societies as a whole. How can such crimes be prevented in your community?
  • Corruption is a global issue that negatively affects the economic and political systems of the country. What are the measures to resolve this issue in your state?
  • Low fertility rates reduce the population size of a country. If your country has low birth rates, how can it be improved?
  • Media propaganda has the potential of promoting violent behavior and reducing trust in the government. How should this problem be dealt with in your country?
  • The number of acts of domestic violence against women, men, and children continues to grow drastically in many societies. How should these cases be handled in your country?

😄 Funny & Easy Problem Solution Essay Topics

Problems are not always serious and yet require a solution. Whether it’s a choice of cereal or a friend zone, it’s an issue that has to be dealt with. Take a look at the funny problem solution essay topics list, and choose the one you like the most.

  • We often buy items that we never use afterward. How can we prevent ourselves from buying unnecessary stuff ?
  • Your favorite soccer team keeps losing, and it’s affecting your mood. What’s the best way to cope with this continuous disappointment?
  • You’ve invented a cool, new nickname for yourself. How do you get people to use it?
  • You love playing League of Legends with your friend. They’re the worst support, but they insist on having this role. What should you do about it?
  • Santa Claus is a beloved figure for many children. But they can’t believe in him forever. How should parents tell their kids that Santa isn’t real?
  • Water is crucial to human survival. Still, some people don’t like its bland taste. How can you stay hydrated without resorting to unhealthy, sugary drinks?
  • Happiness matters, as it makes people feel at ease. What can you do to make your community happier?
  • Your partner loves jazz while you prefer death metal. How do you overcome this musical discrepancy?

The two main types of problems.

  • A sturdy case can ruin the appearance even of the most beautiful phone. How can one compromise effectively on this issue?
  • House parties are fun, but your neighbors probably disagree. How can you throw a noisy party without upsetting those who live close by?
  • It’s hard to keep up the spark in long-distance relationships. Conversations via Zoom quickly get boring. What are fun things a couple can do together on the internet?
  • Many people believe that legalizing marijuana will reduce its consumption levels and solve social and economic issues. What are the other solutions to cannabis use?
  • Taking a perfect selfie requires much patience. How can you make creating a fantastic picture of yourself easier?
  • Pizza is great, but it’s not particularly healthy. How can you upgrade your favorite junk food to make it more nourishing?
  • Studies have shown that growing houseplants is good for the mood. But what do you do if you simply don’t have a green thumb?
  • Exercising is important, but it’s not fun for everyone. What can unathletic people do to stay fit without suffering?
  • Being the funny one among friends often prevents people from taking you seriously. What can change people’s attitude towards you?
  • Some people face the issue of “having a lot of clothes, but nothing to wear.” How can we fix this problem?
  • Your friends want to go on a trip soon, but you’re broke. What are the best strategies for students to save $100 in four weeks?

🤔 Other Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • What can we do about the problem of smoking in teenagers?
  • Obesity as a global problem of modern society
  • Reading problems and how to help students with reading disabilities
  • The solutions to environmental effects of e-waste
  • Potential solutions to noise pollution
  • The migration issue and how to solve it
  • The discussion and solution of COVID-19 ethical dilemma
  • The problem of lack of parking in big cities and how to help it
  • Nursing shortage as a national healthcare issue
  • Agriculture in Honduras: existing challenges and possible solutions
  • The issue of patient safety
  • The problem of safety and efficiency amidst staff deficiency
  • The problem of substance abuse and mental health issues within the homeless African American community
  • The issue of medically assisted suicide
  • The problem of obesity in India
  • Medicare challenges and issues facing America
  • The problem of institutional racism: effects and possible solutions
  • Contemporary issues in health care delivery
  • Solution of every-day problems: scientific method
  • The issue of genetically modified crops
  • Librarian management consultancy: challenges and solutions
  • The software patent issues in China
  • The solution to compassion fatigue and related issues in nursing
  • Is e-cigarettes smoking a solution?
  • Problems in a contemporary health environment and how to overcome them
  • American government contemporary issues
  • Can obesity problem be solved by proper nutrition and exercise?
  • Diversity and cross-cultural issues in the global workplace
  • Ethical issues and dilemmas in business
  • Finding solutions for ethical dilemma
  • Translating Emirati proverbs: problems and solutions
  • How to solve traffic congestion in my school district
  • The Rock Blocks company’s recruiting issues and solutions
  • Staffing problem solution: HR metrics and workforce analytics
  • Solving the health problems of the United States
  • Possible solutions to health disparities
  • Problems of sitting for long and their solutions
  • Will banning plastic bags not solve pollution problem?
  • Problem of predicting fluid responsiveness and its solution
  • Escalating drug prices: the ways to avoid the problem
  • The best way to address obesity in the United States
  • Solution to the world poverty problem
  • Gun violence: the ways to overcome the issue
  • Design solutions for improving website quality and effectiveness
  • Is simplification the best way to express ideas?
  • Fairtrade: better solution to underdevelopment
  • The problem of drug addiction in America and the solutions to it
  • Can charging children as adults solve juvenile criminal problems?
  • Stress in law: reasons and solutions
  • The ways to solve the increasing incidence of criminals reverting
  • Communication solutions for atmospheric scientist
  • Are financial rewards the best way to increase work motivation?
  • The environmental effects of the deforestation problem and how to solve it
  • Recycling: finding the solution
  • The use of the Internet to solve crimes
  • The solution to social inequality and discrimination
  • Encryption as a corporate security technological solution
  • Principal threats to a building efficiency research and ways to overcome them
  • Lack of social tolerance as the cause of discriminatory behavior problem and its solutions
  • Environmental problems and their potential solutions
  • Why technostress is harmful to psychological well-being and ways to reduce it
  • Infant’s health: growth problems and solutions
  • Community policing: the alternative solution to youth crime
  • Strategies to overcome the organization’s problem due to community losses
  • Metropolitan police service: identity management solution
  • The problem of sexual harassment in the army and the ways to eliminate it
  • Reasons of anti-Asian crimes and ways to deal with the problem
  • Green logistics: implementation issues and solutions
  • Technological solutions for effective communication
  • Ways to defend against cyber terrorism
  • Workplace conflict problem and its solutions
  • Doha negotiations: possible solutions and outcomes
  • Handling difficult conversations and ways to avoid conflict escalation
  • Healthcare in Canada: problems and solutions
  • Problem of verbal orders in medicine and how to overcome it
  • Law contracts and ways to break the contract
  • Cinemark USA, Inc.: problems and solutions
  • Air pollution solutions: how to improve air quality
  • The problem of homelessness in Los Angeles and the ways to reduce it
  • Jamaica’s economy: problems and solutions
  • Solutions to poverty in urban areas
  • Australian economy: economic problems and ways of its solving
  • Decrease the disparity between rich and poor solution
  • Lebanon’s environmental problems and solutions
  • Ways of treating obesity in older patients
  • The global water crisis: issues and the ways to avoid them
  • The Bauer school’s parking problem and solution
  • Ways of reducing human trafficking of children
  • Heartland payment system data breach problem solution
  • Immigration policy in US. problem and how to solve it
  • The ways to overcome the investment problem
  • The problem of dysfunctional companies and its solution
  • Du Bois vs. Washington: racist problem solution
  • Fad diets’ impact on human health: problem solution
  • Environmental challenges for NAFTA and how to solve them
  • Three solutions to the problem of pollution externalities
  • Buying things to solve personal problems
  • Remington Peckinpah Davis Inc.’s problem solution
  • Problem solution: best snacks INC.
  • Solutions to the problem of steroids in sports and athletics
  • Problem solution: global communications
  • The problem of global warming and ways of its solution
  • Cyber-bullying and ways to solve the problem
  • Losses of personal data: problem and solution
  • Obamacare: the solution to the healthcare problem
  • The problem of Palestinian-Israeli conflict and viable solution
  • The problem of coral reef depletion and how to address it
  • Social security long-term solvency problems
  • Economic crisis: bailout plan as solution
  • The problem of anterior spacing in dentistry female patients and possible solutions
  • Rising sea levels: how to reduce the global concern
  • Organ trafficking problem and policy solution
  • Cultural issues and their solutions in project management
  • Transforming the Texas plant: possible solutions to the problems
  • Nursing understaffing and evidence-based solution
  • Critical thinking to solve hard problems
  • Healthcare disparities and the ways to overcome them
  • Pressure injury prevention: evidence-based solution
  • Nursing stress solutions: benefits and support
  • The problem of violence in nursing and its solutions
  • What is the best way to stimulate economic growth?
  • Decision making process in management: problem solving
  • Pressure ulcers issue and defense of solution
  • Land pollution and ways to minimize pollution in the US
  • Vancouver’s housing crisis and solution
  • The problem of stress and solutions for working students
  • Seven ways to find help in starting a business
  • Courtelaney Pass police department: potential problem solutions
  • The problem of plagiarism, its reasons and solutions
  • Ways of managing conflict
  • Political corruption and how to address it
  • Low wages and inequality problem and its solutions in the USA
  • Child abuse and ways for its elimination
  • The problem of infant mortality issue in India: possible solutions
  • Domestic violence problem and the ways to overcome them
  • Ways of avoiding cross-cultural miscommunication
  • Risk incidence solution to the problem of substance use disorder
  • Is assisted suicide a humane solution?
  • Successful ways of preventing crime by Blundell
  • Iron seeding oceans: global warming solution

Thank you for reading this article! Hopefully, these topics will help you write your problem-solution essay. Also, don’t forget to send this article to your friends, who might find it useful!

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Writing a Proposal Solution Essay Tips

Writing a Proposal Solution Essay Tips

An essay with solutions can be a difficult and challenging task to complete. Tutors when proposing a solution essay as an assignment, want to check student’s critical thinking and ability to solve issues. A problem-solution essay is a type of argument, it’s an essay where students analyze and write about a topic by identifying and explaining a problem proposing one or more solutions to the problem, and trying to convince the reader to take a specific approach. We gathered a few tips for you to ease your problem-solving writing process. Let’s take a look at them.

Create a Problem-Solution Pattern

Create a problem-solution pattern that will divide your writing process into two parts – one will represent the problem and another – the solution, and focus on trying to change the reader’s opinion or behavior. Begin with a little brainstorming, collecting your thoughts and ideas, organizing them, and planning them out into a problem-solution essay outline or a map according to the reader’s mind.

  • Spot a good topic
  • Specify the problem. Engage the target audience in the problem by assuring that the problem is important and needs to be solved
  • Define the solution proposal
  • Offer on the best solution
  • Explain that the solution you offer is the best
  • Oppose objections

Writing an Excellent Essay

Choosing a good topic is an important part of the writing process. Choosing one might seem not an easy thing to do but try to think about situations or people that bother or irritate you. If you’ve thought about a solution for that you may use it as a topic for your essay. Consider also groups (family, friends, college students, hobby and sports clubs, library, hometown community, culture, or language groups, etc.) that you think you belong to and the problems they have; generate a list of the problems and think of solutions that didn’t work or those that could be improved.

When structuring a persuasive solution essay follow the basic essay structure that includes an introductory paragraph with a hook, body paragraphs that analyze data, and a conclusion.


In the introduction, it’s essential to define the issue first and present your solution or hint at the solution in a thesis. Try to explain the problem in detail if it happens to be unfamiliar, or create a bright image of the issue in case it is well-known. Mention those who should be concerned about it. The goal is to prove that the problem is very important before the stage of proposing a solution. Here are some tips for you to create an introduction to your essay: portray a realistic story about the issue, give a specific example of a problem from your personal experience, and state facts and information about the problem to make it more vivid for the target audience, specific case, you may use information from TV, books, movies, etc., how people were affected by the problem, and emphasize why it needs to be solved and worth dealing with. After the reader understands the problem the thesis statement proposes the solution and summarizes the solution. Ask a thesis question and propose a valid solution idea you think is the most suitable clearly in one solution sentence that would lead to the body of the essay.

The body of your paper will conclude with three or more paragraphs in which you need to explain the solution of the problem and how it will be solved in detail. Arriving at the solution depends on the way of thinking. Every individual does it differently according to the level of knowledge of the problem, attitude towards the problem, and even profession or field of study. That is why it is crucial to do good topic research. Examine the problem in detail further. Do not jump to conclusions without considering the details. Deciding on the best solution is an important part of writing your paper. Think of the solution that could be achieved effortlessly. Name a person, if necessary, who will be in charge, and provide some confirmation about how your solution will work (opinions of experts, cases when it has worked before, facts, arguments). If it requires some steps or actions to be taken, explain them putting them into a problem-solution order. Try to prove that the solution you offer will solve the problem in the best possible way; and that it is reasonable, cost-effective, sustainable, reliable, and better than other solutions. Analyze alternative solutions by explaining in detail their processes and results, and identify the fragility of the alternative solutions. Oppose objections with clear pieces of evidence. The final sentence of each paragraph should have a suggestion – a description of other solutions that didn’t work, or a further review of the problem.

When writing a conclusion of one or more problem solution paragraphs, mention the negative sides of other solutions, try to back up your argument with facts, and convince the reader that your solution is the best by describing benefits and how the situation will be changed if the plan is supported.

To convince the target audience you need to find an area of agreement with the audience. Try to distinguish your audience for your paper by asking some questions, such as: Who represents your target audience? What do they understand about the issue? What values do they have regarding the issue? What values do you have regarding the issue? What values, principles, and needs do you share? What motivates the audience and how effectively it can be appealed to in your paper?

As with any other essay, every sentence of a solution essay is valuable and all of them should be connected. Edit your writing attentively. Check if an accurate description of a situation was provided which is helpful for the readers to comprehend the issue. Reading the paper aloud might help to spot mistakes and phrases that don’t sound too well. Ask a friend to take a look at your work for possible mistakes, spelling, or any other errors that you’ve missed.

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Problem Solution Essay

Nova A.

Problem-Solution Essay - Writing Guide, Topics, & Examples!

10 min read

Published on: Dec 7, 2019

Last updated on: Nov 21, 2023

Problem-Solution Essay

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Feeling stuck when it comes to writing a solid problem-solution essay?

You're not alone—many students find it challenging. This essay type requires careful consideration and skillful execution, which isn’t always easy.

But fret not! This guide is your go-to solution. We've got all the crucial steps, structures, and examples to make essay writing a breeze for you.

So, keep reading!

On This Page On This Page -->

What is a Problem-Solution Essay?

A problem-solution essay is a form of persuasive writing that delves into a specific issue, providing a detailed examination of the problem and proposing effective solutions. 

Unlike other essay types, it places a strong emphasis on presenting practical remedies to real-world problems. 

The main aim is not just to explain the problem but to get readers interested in practical solutions. This makes it a unique and impactful type of academic writing.

Why Write a Problem Solution Essay 

There are significant reasons to write a problem solution essay. First and foremost, this type of writing encourages the practical application of knowledge . You are required to address real-world issues and propose practical solutions. This helps develop a deeper sense of the problems around you.

Additionally, this process refines analytical skills , encourages you to approach problems with a solution-oriented mindset.

Also, working on a problem-solution essay helps you become better at communicating . You have to explain complicated problems and solutions in a way that's clear and easy to understand.

Writing problem solution essays is more than just an academic essay exercise. It serves as a platform for intellectual growth, developing a practical and impactful approach to societal challenges.

Problem Solution Essay Structure

In crafting a problem-solution essay, the structure plays a pivotal role in presenting ideas coherently and persuasively. 

Two commonly used structures for this type of essay are the block structure and the chain structure. Each has its unique approach to organizing information, offering writers flexibility in presenting their analysis and proposed solutions.

Block Structure

The block structure, also known as the whole-to-whole or one-side-at-a-time structure, is a straightforward organizational method. 

In this type of structure, the writer dedicates separate blocks of text to first presenting the problem comprehensively. The solutions to the problems are presented in the next sections subsequently. 

This structure allows for a clear separation between the problem and solution sections, providing a systematic and easy-to-follow presentation.

Here is an outline for block structure problem-solution essay:

Chain Structure

Contrasting the block structure, the chain structure takes an interconnected approach. 

In this format, the essay addresses a specific problem and promptly proposes a solution. 

The pattern repeats as each problem is introduced, followed immediately by its corresponding solution. This structure aims to maintain a continuous and engaging flow, presenting a transition between problems and solutions. 

Here is a chain structure template:

How to Write a Problem-Solution Essay?

A problem solution essay requires taking a systematic approach. Here are the basic steps for writing this type of essay:

Step 1 - Topic Selection

Choosing the right topic is the first crucial step in writing a problem-solution essay. Pick a real-world issue that genuinely interests you. 

Consider problems that have personal significance or affect your community. The goal is to engage with a problem that allows for meaningful discussion and exploration.

Step 2 - Understanding the Problem

Before diving into solutions, take the time to fully grasp the intricacies of the problem at hand. 

Research the issue thoroughly, aiming to comprehend its various aspects and implications. This step is essential for presenting a well-informed analysis in your essay, ensuring a solid foundation for proposing solutions.

Step 3 - Explore Viable Solutions

Once you've identified and understood the problem, brainstorm possible solutions. 

Think about practical, achievable, and effective ways to address the issue. Consider different angles and perspectives, aiming for solutions that are not only feasible but also have the potential to make a positive impact in real-world scenarios.

Step 4 - Create an Outline

Organize your thoughts and structure your essay by creating a clear outline. 

Allocate specific sections for introducing the problem, proposing solutions, and crafting a conclusion. A well-organized outline serves as a roadmap, guiding you through each step of the writing process.

Step 5 - Write the Introduction

Begin your essay with a captivating introduction . Start with an attention-grabbing hook that draws your reader in. 

Clearly state the problem, emphasizing its significance. Conclude the introduction with a concise thesis statement that outlines the solutions you will explore in the essay.

Step 6 - Craft Body Paragraph

Dedicate individual paragraphs to each problem and its corresponding solution. Elaborate on the details of the problem and present practical solutions. 

Support your ideas with examples, evidence, or real-life scenarios. This section forms the core of your essay, providing a comprehensive exploration of the issues at hand.

Step 7 - Address Possible Objections

Acknowledge and address potential counterarguments to your proposed solutions. 

Anticipating objections adds depth to your essay, showcasing a thorough consideration of alternative viewpoints. By addressing possible objections, you strengthen the overall persuasiveness of your solutions.

Step 8 - Conclude The Essay

Conclude your essay by summarizing the main points without introducing new information. Reinforce the importance of the proposed solutions and leave a lasting impression. 

Consider ending with a call to action or a thought-provoking statement that resonates with your reader. The conclusion should provide a sense of closure to your essay.

Problem-Solution Essay Example 

We know that writing this kind of essay could be a challenge. Here are some problem solution essay samples:

Problem Solution Essay Sample PDF

Financial Problem Solution Essay

Garbage Problem Solution Essay

Problem Solution Essay IELTS

Problem Solution Essay Topics

When picking a topic for your problem-solution essay, think about a few important things. 

Choose something that matters to your audience and is important in society right now. Pick issues that really affect people or communities and need attention. 

Make sure the problem can be realistically solved with practical solutions. Here is a list of problem solution essay topics you can use:

  • Tobacco should be banned to control lung cancer. Discuss.
  • Obesity is caused by genetically modified and processed food. Discuss the solution.
  • Movie scripts should be censored to control violence in youth. Discuss.
  • How to tackle the lack of resources in urban homeless shelters?
  • Government should propose some policies to deal with illegal immigration. Discuss.
  • How can we use social media to improve awareness?
  • Propose some ways to keep your friends and family safe.
  • College students in the United States are overburdened with homework.
  • How to improve the quality of education in high school?
  • Providing equal opportunities to under-privileged children is important. Discuss.

These are some good problem-solution topics that you can tweak to use as your own. 

Problem Solution Essay Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure your problem solution essay is well-crafted and effective:

So, wrapping up, with this guide and checklist, you can now write a problem-solution essay that fulfills its purpose. Just remember to be clear, practical, and interesting. 

But if you still feel unsure or want extra help, our essay writing service is here for you. 

Our experts know how to handle any type of essay, making sure it's top-notch. If you need that extra boost, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're here to make sure your essay shines and gets the job done.

So, why wait? Place your order today!

Nova A. (Literature, Marketing)

Nova Allison is a Digital Content Strategist with over eight years of experience. Nova has also worked as a technical and scientific writer. She is majorly involved in developing and reviewing online content plans that engage and resonate with audiences. Nova has a passion for writing that engages and informs her readers.

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Table of Contents

Collaboration, information literacy, writing process.

  • © 2023 by Joseph M. Moxley - University of South Florida

Learn how to improve your problem-solving and persuasive skills. Employ your writing and reasoning skills to make a difference in the world. View samples and write a proposal to conduct research, develop a Web site, solve a problem, or provide a service. Proposals are persuasive texts that articulate ways to solve a problem, conduct needed research, or provide a service.

Proposals may attempt to persuade readers to act or they may seek funding. Writers of proposals support claims with reasoning, library and Internet research, and original research, including questionnaires, interviews, and ethnographers. Ironically, even a proposal that seeks funding to conduct research needs to be firmly grounded in research. In other words, you often have to conduct research in order to craft a proposal, even if your ultimate goal is to secure funding for additional research.

Why Write Proposals?

In school, your instructors may ask you to write proposals to solve or improve a problem. For example, you could write a proposal to better meet the needs of students so 50% of them don’t fail to complete their degrees. Or you could attempt to solve that age-old problem of parking on overcrowded campuses. Instructors across the disciplines may ask you to write research proposals, outlining a topic, describing its significance, and presenting a schedule for more thoroughly researching the topic. In business classes, your teachers may assign business plans or your teachers may seek proposals to improve the curriculum.

Proposals are arguments that seek particular outcomes from the readers of the proposals. Proposals can offer to trade services for money or goods, proposals can seek funding to conduct research, and proposals might present a call for action.

Diverse Rhetorical Situations

In general, proposals address three distinct purposes:

  • Research Proposals : Students and professionals often write research proposals, describing research they’d like to complete in college classes, professional settings, and laboratories. For example, a student might write a proposal to conduct a full-length research report, essentially outlining the topic, describing the significance of the topic, and explaining when and how the research would be conducted.
  • Essay Proposals : People write proposals as editorials or essays, hoping to influence people about various topics. The proposals go beyond arguing one side of a topic: They present a call for action. For example, a student might write an editorial in the student newspaper calling for a task force to explore ways to create healthier food choices on campus. An activist might write an article for a magazine, advocating particular health care reforms. A terrorism expert might argue for enacting certain policies in airports.
  • Consulting Proposals : Did you know that billions of dollars are awarded to successful proposals every year? People write proposals seeking funding for necessary services. For example, an environmental consulting business might sell its services to the EPA, offering to conduct a water contamination report, or an accounting firm might sell its services as an independent auditor.

In the U.S. much of the research conducted by university faculty and scientists is funded by government agencies and private foundations. Professional researchers often refer to the Community of Science, a funding source database, which identifies $33 billion in funding opportunities. Another popular funding source database is IRIS.

As suggested by the table below, proposals are a remarkably diverse genre, coming in all shapes and sizes. Proposals can be page length or book length, covering hundreds of pages. Proposals can be presented in essay form and published in trade magazines. Alternatively, proposals can be submitted in an internal memo format or in an external report format. Some large organizations, such as the National Science Foundation, have online submission procedures.

Rhetorical Analysis of Online Readings

Consider the context, audience, purpose, and media invoked by the following readings. Also examine how ideas are developed in these texts. Are assertions grounded in personal experience, interviews with authorities, questionnaires, Internet and library research, or empirical research?

  • DECA , an association of marketing students, calls for a variety of proposals, which can be entered into a nationwide competition.
  • The Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry publishes Children and TV Violence to warn parents about the effects of violence on TV on their children, as suggested by the research of their members.
  • The American Psychological Association, the leading professional group of psychologists, has published Childhood Exposure to Media Violence Predicts Young Adult Aggressive Behavior , According to a New 15-Year Study.
  • NSF, the National Science Foundation , offers many sample proposals on its Web site, helping to guide future proposal writers.
  • NEH, National Endowment for the Humanities , publishes successful proposals (in DOC and HTML and PDF formats) on its Web site; see sample proposals.
  • EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, provides hundreds of proposals on its site; see sample proposals.
  • Preventing AIDS: An Investment in the Future by Lawrence H. Summers. Representing the United States government as the Secretary of the Treasury, Lawrence H. Summers explains the importance of thinking globally when it comes to infectious

What Are Proposals?

Proposals typically outline a problem, detail solutions to the problem, and define the costs for solving the problem. Proposals provide information about the qualifications of the person or people suggesting the solution. When funds are sought to conduct the promised work, a detailed budget is provided. More formal proposals contain evaluation information–that is, a plan to evaluate the success of the proposal once it’s implemented.

Key Features of Proposals

A proposal designed to affect readers’ opinions about public policies differs from one seeking funding for research or to conduct research. Accordingly, the following analysis of key features is presented as a series of considerations as opposed to a comprehensive blueprint.

Proposal writers bring focus to their proposals by highlighting the urgency of the problem and by providing the evidence readers need to believe the proposed solution can work.


It’s true that some proposals are won on appeals to emotion. But ultimately, an argument needs to be based on reason. You need to conduct research to find the facts, opinions, and research that support your proposal. Reading sample proposals can help you find and adopt an appropriate voice and persona. By reading samples, you can learn how others have prioritized particular criteria. Below are some additional suggestions for developing your proposal.

Define the Problem(s)

Obvious problems can be defined briefly, whereas more subtle problems may need considerable development. For example, Michael McManus details the problems with divorce for over five pages in Why Is It in the Government’s Interests to Save Marriages? Thus, this part of your proposal may be as short as a sentence or many pages long. Occasionally writers will view the problem as so obvious to their audience that they won’t even introduce it; see, for example, What You Can Do About Global Warming by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

When they read the introduction to your proposals, readers are likely to ask these two questions:

Who benefits from the proposal? Will the project have significant impact? Who is submitting the proposal? What is their interest in solving the problem? Is this person or organization qualified to solve the problem?

In order to answer these questions, provide specifics including statistics, quotes from authorities, results from past research, interviews, and questionnaires. Notice how the following excerpt stuns readers in its introduction with gruesome statistics. These statistics provide the background information that readers may need to understand the proposal:

Three hundred million people live on less than US$l per day. Life expectancy is 48 years and falling. More than one-third of all children are malnourished; more than 40 per cent have no access to education. Twenty-eight million people live with HIV/AIDS, and for over 100 million people, war is a part of daily life. And yet, in spite of these grim statistics, there are still grounds for optimism. The spread of democracy and the growing strength of African civil society, combined with the efforts by some African leaders to chart a new course, offer a real chance to tackle the root causes of poverty and conflict.

Define Method(s)

How will you gather information (secondary research or primary research)? In the humanities, writers do not explicitly mention their methods, whereas in the sciences and social sciences writers often explicitly mention their methods.

  • If you are proposing to conduct research, your readers will want information regarding how you propose to conduct the research. Will your research involve Internet and library research? Will you interview authorities?
  • If your proposal calls for laboratory research, your readers will want to see that you have access to the laboratory and tools needed to carry out the research.
  • If you are proposing a service, readers will want to ensure you can actually provide the service.

Present Your Solution(s)

Successful proposals are not vague about proposed solutions. Instead, they tend to outline step-by-step activities and objectives, perhaps even associating particular activities and objectives with dollar figures–if money is sought to conduct the proposal. Critical readers are likely to view proposals skeptically, preferring inaction (which doesn’t cost anything) to action (which may involve risk). As they review the solutions you propose, they may ask the following three questions:

  • Is the solution feasible?
  • How much time will it take to complete the proposal?
  • Will other factors resolve the problem over time? In other words, is the problem urgent?

Appeal to Character/Persona

People often imply or explicitly make “appeals to character.” In other words, they attempt to suggest they have credibility, that they are good people with the best interests of their readers in mind.

The persona you project as a writer plays a fundamental role in the overall success of your proposal. Your opening sentences generally establish the tone of your text and present to the reader a sense of your persona, both of which play a tremendous role in the overall persuasiveness of your argument. By evaluating how you define the problem, consider counterarguments, or marshal support for your claims, your readers will make inferences about your character.

When reviewing proposals, reviewers are particularly concerned about the credibility of the author. When an author is advocating a course of action, critical readers wonder about how the author(s) benefit from the proposal–or why they are presenting the proposal. Notice, for example, when the Brown American Civil Liberties Union rewrote the Code of Student Conduct, they were quick to agree with doubting readers that they also dislike “hate speech,” yet they thought stifling free speech on campus wasn’t the best way to counteract hate speech:

We at the Brown American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are proposing the following changes to the Code of Student Conduct in an effort to ensure a consistent, unambiguous, and Constitutionally acceptable disciplinary code that does not consider protected speech a violation or an aggravating factor under any circumstances. We fully support the University’s efforts to promote tolerance, understanding, and to prevent discrimination and prejudice. However, we strongly disagree with the assertion that the current Code prohibits only “behavior” and not Constitutionally protected speech. In addition, we believe that although hate speech may be offensive, it should not be censored. The solution to hate speech is more speech, not less. Brown must insure that all opinions, no matter how unpopular, can be freely stated and challenged within a free and open University. The current “behavior” guidelines, no matter how well intentioned, can potentially still be used to punish unpopular, yet Constitutionally protected speech. The potential for the current code to be wrongly interpreted by the University Disciplinary Council (UDC) is great, and has been used in the past to justify harsher penalties for speech-related violations than for actual physical confrontations. We seek to rectify this situation, and we feel our proposals should satisfy both the desire to protect the Brown community and to protect the rights of community members. We urge the timely and respectful consideration of our reform proposals listed below. [Brown University: Revising the Code of Student Conduct]

In less formal circumstances, writers will speak personally about the importance of the proposal. Consider, for example, this excerpt from one of the students’ proposals featured at MIT’s site on Undergraduate Research Proposals:

I am very enthusiastic to continue working with the multidisciplinary team of researchers involved with this project. As a student, I am excited to be able to supplement my education with out-of-class research. While learning about the organizations that are perceived to be on the “cutting edge,” those that have incorporated the best technologies and most innovative organizational approaches into their management structures, I will gain a better understanding of the overall business environments of both our society and of our world. Because the scope of this initiative is greater than what current consulting firms have to offer, this project is particularly attractive. Having an interest in the field of professional consulting, work on this project would allow me to explore in greater depth the subject material that a future career in consulting would involve. In addition, I will have the honor of working with a distinguished group of faculty and staff members that are under the direction of [faculty supervisor’s name].

Because I am a student majoring in economics, minoring in psychology, and I possess a strong interest in management science, this multidisciplinary research initiative, which draws upon all three of these fields, really feels like a “nice fit” in terms of what it has to offer and by what I can give back. [Sample UROP Proposals]

In circumstances when a service is being proposed or when a research project is being proposed, they want to ensure the author has the resources, skills, and experience necessary to successfully provide the service.

Appeal to Emotion

Proposals are more firmly grounded in appeals to logic and character than appeals to emotion. Often, appeals to emotion would seem unethical or unprofessional. Critical readers tend to emphasize facts and qualifications when assessing proposals. However, because of the power of emotional appeals, you may want to slip them into the introduction and conclusion of your proposal. Just be discreet and careful. Most modern, well-educated readers are quick to see through such manipulative attempts and they prefer the bulk of a proposal to be grounded in research and logic. Additional emotional appeals include:

  • Appeals to authority. (According to the EPA, global warming will raise sea levels.)
  • Appeals to pity. (I should be allowed to take the test again because I had the flu the first time I took it.)
  • Personal attacks on the opposition, which rhetoricians call ad hominem attacks. (I wouldn’t vote for that man because he’s a womanizer.)

Appeal to Logic

Successful proposals are firmly grounded in logic. You need to provide evidence if you hope to sway educated readers. Your description of the problem must be firmly grounded in research. You can add depth and persuasiveness to your proposal by citing authorities, interviewing experts, and researching past attempts to solve the problem. Trained as critical readers, your teachers and college-educated peers expect you to provide evidence–that is, logical reasoning, personal observations, expert testimony, facts, and statistics.

Consider Counterarguments

Typically, proposal writers are under severe word-length restrictions. In professional contexts, they may be competing with hundreds, perhaps thousands of writers who each have five pages to sell their solution. Accordingly, each word is precious so proposal writers do not want to give significant air time to articulating counterarguments or counter solutions.

Even so, at some point in your proposal, you may need to present counterarguments or consider the wisdom of alternative solutions. Essentially, whenever you think your readers may think your alternative solutions are more feasible, you need to account for their concerns. Elaborating on counterarguments is particularly useful when you have an unusual claim or a skeptical audience.

Consider, for example, Jonathan Trager’s “Libertarian Solutions: How Small-government Solutions Can Successfully Stop the Terrorist Threat.” Addressing the best ways to protect our airports in light of 9/11, Trager spends the bulk of his proposal critiquing other people’s solutions. In particular he critiques these three recommendations:

  • Have government bureaucrats man x-ray machines in airports.
  • Regulate immigration more effectively.
  • Grant more power to law enforcement.

Using an inductive organization, it really isn’t until the middle of his proposal that he cites his four solutions:

  • Stop disarming pilots.
  • Dismantle the drug war.
  • Return to a non-interventionist foreign policy.

Prohibit the American government from giving weapons–or money to buy weapons–to foreign nations.

Use Visuals

Readers love visual representations of proposals because they enable readers to see the proposal, engaging readers at a visual level.

Chunk Your Contents

Consider “chunking” your proposal. For example, some proposals call for a 50-word abstract and a 500-word executive summary. Many of the proposals linked in this section provide brief and extended examples


Most proposals to conduct research or provide a service are organized as classical arguments: The author briefly presents the problem and then proposes the solutions. Occasionally, writers will employ a more inductive organization, particularly when the proposed solution may seem controversial.

You can make your proposal more persuasive by using unambiguous, concrete language, appealing to the reader’s senses and relating the subject or concept to information that the reader already understands, moving from given to new information.

Brevity - Say More with Less

Brevity - Say More with Less

Clarity (in Speech and Writing)

Clarity (in Speech and Writing)

Coherence - How to Achieve Coherence in Writing

Coherence - How to Achieve Coherence in Writing


Flow - How to Create Flow in Writing

Inclusivity - Inclusive Language

Inclusivity - Inclusive Language


The Elements of Style - The DNA of Powerful Writing


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Other Topics:

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Citation - Definition - Introduction to Citation in Academic & Professional Writing

  • Joseph M. Moxley

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Collaboration - What is the Role of Collaboration in Academic & Professional Writing?

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Genre may reference a type of writing, art, or musical composition; socially-agreed upon expectations about how writers and speakers should respond to particular rhetorical situations; the cultural values; the epistemological assumptions...


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Featured Articles

Student engrossed in reading on her laptop, surrounded by a stack of books

Academic Writing – How to Write for the Academic Community

proposal to solve a problem essay ideas

Professional Writing – How to Write for the Professional World

proposal to solve a problem essay ideas

Authority – How to Establish Credibility in Speech & Writing

Problem Solution Essay

Caleb S.

Learn How to Write a Problem Solution Essay in No Time

16 min read

Published on: Feb 1, 2022

Last updated on: Jan 31, 2024

Problem Solution Essay

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Are you facing difficulties when it comes to writing problem solution essays? 

You're not alone!                          It's a critical skill to master, as these essays provide opportunities to address real-world issues and propose practical solutions.

Well, CollegeEssay.org is here to save the day!

In this blog, we will provide you with invaluable insights, expert tips, and a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the challenges of problem solution essays.

With our comprehensive strategies and examples, you'll learn to craft powerful essays that propose innovative solutions and captivate your readers.

Get ready to conquer the essay-writing battlefield and make a difference with your words.

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What is a Problem Solution Essay?

A problem-solution essay is a type of academic writing that requires the writer to analyze a problem, propose a viable solution, and support their ideas with relevant evidence. 

The primary objective of this essay is to address real-world issues and provide practical solutions to those problems.

In a problem-solution essay, the writer typically begins by describing the problem, highlighting its severity and impact. The writer then proposes a solution to the problem, providing a detailed explanation of how the solution will work. 

The essay may also include a discussion of the potential challenges or limitations associated with the proposed solution.

Importance Of Problem Solution Essays

Problem-solution essays play a crucial role in academia and beyond. Here are some reasons why these essays hold significant importance:

  • Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills

Writing a problem-solution essay enhances critical thinking abilities by requiring the writer to deeply analyze and understand complex problems. It encourages the development of analytical skills to assess the root causes, consequences, and potential solutions to a given problem.

  • Practical Application of Knowledge

Problem-solution essays provide an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world issues. By researching and proposing solutions, students bridge the gap between theory and practice, making their education relevant and meaningful.

  • Problem-Solving Mindset

Engaging in problem-solution essays cultivates a problem-solving mindset. It encourages individuals to identify problems, think creatively, and propose effective solutions. This mindset is highly valuable in various academic disciplines, professional settings, and everyday life.

  • Awareness And Social Impact

Problem-solution essays promote awareness of social, environmental, or political issues. By addressing pressing problems and proposing solutions, these essays contribute to raising consciousness and fostering positive change within society.

  • Persuasive Communication

Crafting a compelling problem-solution essay hones persuasive communication skills. Writers must effectively communicate their ideas, present logical arguments, and convince readers of the feasibility and effectiveness of their proposed solutions.

  • Empowerment and Personal Growth

Successfully tackling problem-solution essays instills a sense of empowerment and personal growth. As students overcome challenges and present innovative solutions, they gain confidence, expand their knowledge base, and develop essential skills for future endeavors.

Features of Problem Solution Essay

A problem-solution essay possesses distinct features that set it apart from other essay types. Let's explore some key features of a problem-solution essay:

Problem Identification

The essay begins by clearly identifying and defining the problem . It is essential to provide a comprehensive understanding of the problem, its scope, and its impact on individuals or society. 

The writer should establish the urgency and significance of the problem to capture the reader's attention.

Solution Proposal

The heart of a problem-solution essay lies in proposing a feasible solution.

The writer must present a well-reasoned and practical solution that directly addresses the identified problem. The proposed solution should be logical, realistic, and supported by evidence or expert opinions.

Evidence-Based Approach

A strong problem-solution essay relies on evidence to support the proposed solution. This may include statistical data, research findings, case studies, or expert testimonies. 

The writer should provide convincing evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness and viability of the proposed solution.

Consideration of Limitations

Acknowledging and addressing any potential limitations or challenges associated with the proposed solution is crucial. This demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the problem and a realistic approach to solving it. 

By acknowledging limitations, the writer shows a balanced perspective and invites further discussion or alternative solutions.

Call to Action

A problem-solution essay often concludes with a call to action, urging readers to take steps toward implementing the proposed solution or supporting related initiatives. This call to action encourages readers to reflect on the problem and motivates them to contribute to positive change.

Problem Solution Essay Format

Like other essays, problem-solution essays also follow a format. Creating a problem-solution essay outline will make the essay writing process smoother. 

Have a look at the problem-solution essay structure:

H3- Introduction

An introduction is important because you will not be able to write a good essay without one. You need to describe the problem and then show why it is important. If it is a new or uncommon problem, you will need to explain how it works and its consequences. 

If it is a common problem, you will need to tell us about what happens when the problem isn't solved and how people feel about that. Whatever the case may be, you want to convince readers of its importance.

Order Essay

Tough Essay Due? Hire Tough Writers!

  • Brief Thesis Statement

The thesis statement serves as a concise and informative sentence that outlines the main focus of your essay. It provides the readers with an understanding of the knowledge they will gain by reading it.

For example, if you're writing an essay about how to solve a problem, your thesis statement should be: 

"This essay explores the impact of social media on mental health and proposes strategies to promote a healthier digital environment, enabling readers to understand the potential risks and empowering them with effective solutions for maintaining their well-being in the digital age."

You can also add other solutions that did not work before explaining your solution in detail.

An essay usually has three paragraphs, one for each problem and solution. When working on each solution, it is important to review these things:

  • Explain the problem in detail
  • Propose your solution and explain it properly
  • Explain how this will help solve that problem
  • If you want to show why your solution is best, use an expert or personal experience, statistics, other people's work, or examples.


The last part of an essay is as important as the first. It is often the strongest part, and many people think it doesn't matter because it comes at the end. But that's wrong! 

If you don't do a good job on your conclusion, you might fail to earn a good grade. Here are some tips for writing a strong conclusion for your essay: 

  • Make sure that you summarize what was said in your introduction 
  • List the main points of your argument 
  • Give advice to someone who has similar problems

This was all for the Problem solution essay format. Now it’s time to get started to write an essay. 

How to Write a Problem Solution Essay? 5 Easy Steps

A good problem-solution essay should propose a solution that is easy to implement, reasonable, and solves the problem. Make sure your essay stays focused on the main topic. 

Below are steps for writing a good and impressive problem-solution essay.

1. Choose the Topic

Think about the issues that are bothering you. These could be anything, but they need to be big enough for them to affect people. Make a list of these issues or problems that are facing some groups or your community.

2. Think How to Implement Solution

To make a great solution, it needs to be easy to understand and do. Good solutions can be done easily, solve the problem well, and are not expensive.

One of the common ways people try to solve problems is by getting rid of what is causing the problem. 

For example, if someone does drugs, they may stop doing them. It can also help if you educate people about how it works or use advertising to motivate them. 

Final ly, you might be able to change something that is not working, like an old law, or introduce new ones. Of course, there are other solutions too, so think about all of them!

3. Create an Outline

An outline is important in writing. It helps you to remember what you were going to say, and it also tells your readers what they will learn from the essay. When you write an outline, divide the information into sections or paragraphs.

Pick a topic and then add all of your points in order to make the essay easier for the reader.

Here’s a generic outline for a problem solution essay.

4. Start Writing Your Essay

Now the outline is created, it’s time to fit in the extensive detail. A problem-solving essay follows the structur e of having an introd uction paragraph, three supporting body paragraphs, and a concluding one. 

Start adding the details as discussed in the outline section. 

5. Revise Your Essay

The last step in the process of writing an essay is to proofread it. Proofreading means that you go through it a lot of time to ensure there are no mistakes or errors in your essay. 

Ensure that the vocabulary, grammar, spelling, citation, facts, syntax, and format are accurate and appropriate. If you find any errors during this step, then correct them before submitting your essay to your instructor.

Paper Due? Why Suffer? That's our Job!

Problem Solution Essay Examples

We know that it can be hard to write this kind of essay. We have a sample essay below to help you understand.

Below are additional examples of problem solution essays that can serve as sources of inspiration for your writing.

Problem Solution Essay Sample pdf

Garbage Problem Solution Essay

Problem Solution Essay Topics

When you write about a problem solution topic, make sure it is something important to you. Usually, people write about things that are happening around them or in the world.

Below are some topics to choose from when writing your essay.

  • What can be done to stop body positivity from going too far?
  • How can we encourage people to adopt children in real life?
  • How can we reduce domestic violence in our society?
  • How to prevent people from drinking alcohol while driving?
  • What are ways to reduce racial violence? 
  • What is the best way to solve cybercrime? 
  • What are the best ways to reduce fraud in real estate deals?
  • How can the government solve the problem of immigrant assimilation in the United States?
  • What steps should the government take to increase voter turnout?
  • What legislation can be used to limit sources of campaign financing for political candidates?

If you're still having trouble writing this type of essay, check out this informative video below.

In conclusion , a problem-solution essay is an effective way to address and propose solutions to issues that affect individuals or society. 

By identifying a problem and presenting supporting evidence, you can inspire readers to take action and contribute to positive change. 

However, if you still think that you could benefit more from professional essay writing aid, we've got your back!

Our team of experienced writers provides a reliable problem solution essay writing service . They will ensure to deliver you a well-written and compelling essay that effectively addresses the identified problem. 

For deadlines that are too close for comfort, consider seeking assistance from our AI essay writing tool . 

So, what are you waiting for? Hire our online essay services  today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to start the solution paragraph in an essay.

The best way to start a solution paragraph in an essay is by explaining the problem and then suggesting people to try it. 

How should I start the first paragraph of a problem-solution essay?

Start your first paragraph by following the below steps: 

  • Telling a story about the problem 
  • Then, describe what happened or your experience with it 
  • End with how you solved it. 

Caleb S. (Literature, Marketing)

Caleb S. has extensive experience in writing and holds a Masters from Oxford University. He takes great satisfaction in helping students exceed their academic goals. Caleb always puts the needs of his clients first and is dedicated to providing quality service.

Paper Due? Why Suffer? That’s our Job!

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proposal to solve a problem essay ideas

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20 Easy and Interesting Problem-Solution Essay Topic Ideas

A problem-solution essay is an argumentative essay where an individual presents a problem and argues for a solution. With 20 easy and interesting topic ideas, Penlighten wants to play a small role in helping you find an essay topic that tickles your fancy.

20 Easy and Interesting Problem-Solution Essay Topic Ideas

“I am not more gifted than anybody else. I am just more curious than the average person and I will not give up a problem until I have found the proper solution .” ― Albert Einstein

Writing an essay, regardless of the topic, is tough and requires an individual to scour through the Internet, library, and other academic database to get reliable information. Researching a topic, any topic, is mandatory because without the facts and evidence, your essay will be weak.

Now when you have to write a problem-solution essay, the process can be slightly different. Even though the structure of a problem-solution essay is quite clear by its name, when it comes down to researching, constructing, and finally writing the essay, there can be some confusion. So, before you get down to finalizing a topic that interests you, here are some guidelines you need to keep in mind.

Problem-solution Essay Format

As you go through the different topics, this format will come in handy while you brainstorm the ideas and structure of the essay.

Problem-solution Essay Structure

Basically, your task is to …

  • describe, in detail, what the problem is.
  • provide more than one possible solutions.
  • pick one of the more practical and feasible solutions.
  • explain why this solution will work.

Examples of Problem and Solution Essay Topics


More and more teens are dropping out of school.

◆ Providing one-to-one mentoring that builds a support network for the teen. ◆ Informing family members to actively engage in the situation for a direct and positive effect. ◆ Focusing on alternative schooling programs that cater to the teen’s academic requirements.


How can we encourage people to take public transportation in order to reduce air and noise pollution?

◆ Increasing number of buses/trains every hour to advocate efficiency. ◆ Using public transportation means saving money on gas and parking. ◆ Providing a discount ticket deal with offers on daily and annual tickets.

Social Media

How should parents handle their child’s social media usage?

◆ Educating their kids about the risks involved and understanding Internet safety. ◆ Having an open conversation about the issue and trusting that they will make the right decisions. ◆ Installing a tracking app to monitor the child’s Internet usage.

How can society promote marriage while allowing individuals the freedom to choose their sexual orientation?

◆ Accepting that marriage is between two people in love; letting them choose a life partner for and by themselves. ◆ Providing support for the constitution of marriage without shaming an individual’s personal choices. ◆ Helping to eliminate hatred among people who cannot or will not perceive ideas beyond their understanding.

How can a country deal with the issue of illegal immigration?

◆ Deciding between enforcing a harsher policy of deportation or providing asylum for illegal aliens already living in the country. ◆ Making them pay taxes to reduce economic burden off tax paying citizens. ◆ Restricting organizations to hire illegal immigrants in order to reduce their own expenses.

Increasing number of homeless people.

◆ Putting in measures where people can earn an income and provide support for themselves and their family members. ◆ Providing emergency shelters and programs for people who need to get by in a time of crisis. ◆ Developing a range of housing options for homeless people.

Can we prevent prejudice and racism from spreading?

◆ Speak up if you see other people passing racial comments at you or someone else; don’t take the abuse. ◆ Host an anti-racism meeting in your community where people of different races can come and meet everyone and understand each other’s cultures. ◆ Discuss the issue with your family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues, and ask them to do the same; spread the message.

The threat posed due to the change in climate is much more real today.

◆ Enforcing laws that make businesses and the general mass to pursue fuel alternatives like green technology. ◆ The government should push a variety of trade policies in order to address the issue. ◆ Along with the U.S., countries with higher population need to work together, rather than partake in the blame game.

Losing weight and keeping it off forever.

◆ Stop preaching others and get right down to it yourself. ◆ Finding a support system or group that understands and guides you to your goal. ◆ Making some lifestyle changes; what you eat, where you eat, people you eat with, etc.

Drunk driver

Is it possible to prevent drinking and driving?

◆ Publishing an article with pictures of drunk drivers; public humiliation can be quite persuasive. ◆ Enforcing stricter laws to punish offenders. ◆ Placing sobriety checkpoints throughout the year; and not just during the holidays.

Educational program

Dearth educational programs for gifted and talented students.

◆ Organizing classes, groups, and programs by teaming up with administrators and teachers who can make a change. ◆ Raising awareness in schools, colleges, and communities about the advantages of providing proper opportunities to these students. ◆ Pushing the ‘new’ study approach with not just the gifted and talented students, but with everyone who can benefit from the program.

Physical abuse

Existence of domestic abuse―physical, sexual, emotional―against men and women.

◆ Getting yourself and your community involved in educating everyone about its impact and how to intervene safely. ◆ If you see or hear anything, call 911 immediately. ◆ Along with the national Domestic Violence shelter helpline and/or the local police, have an intervention plan in motion.

How can parents prevent teen drug abuse?

◆ Discussing the values of your family, explaining them about your opinions on drugs, and letting them know your boundaries regarding the same. ◆ Getting involved in the child’s life, providing support in academics and extracurricular activities, and showing support in his/her hobbies. ◆ Helping your child understand the reason and necessity to choose a positive social group.

Playing video game

Playing video games and violence can be interconnected.

◆ Organizing a support group for parents whose kids play video games and possess aggressive and angry feelings. ◆ Educating kids about the positives of playing video games; channeling their interests to become a professional gamer, improved cognitive skills, etc. ◆ Offering programs to develop their skills in such a way that it can be put to their advantages for the future.

Couple watching romantic movie

Couples, married or dating, failing to sustain their relationships.

◆ Partaking in objective listening. ◆ Watching romantic movies together in order to save their relationship. ◆ Letting go of the relationship and finding someone else to love.

The involvement of money in politics and how it can change the face of our country.

◆ Government needs to step in and regular the amount of money a candidate spends on his/her campaign. ◆ The constitution should be improved in order to address the issue. ◆ A law should be passed which clearly defines the amount of money donated to the candidates.

Roommate drama? How to deal with a difficult roommate.

◆ Find someone else to live with. Move out yourself or throw your roommate out. ◆ Be honest about the issues you’re facing and finding a common ground. ◆ Have your roommate sign an agreement like Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter do in The Big Bang Theory.

Why should universities and NCAA make millions of dollars each year when the athletes get nothing?

◆ Including the athletes, the general student body should host a series of rallies and events in order to get the administration’s attention. ◆ More concentration should be given to academics than athletics. ◆ Instead of monetary compensation for the games, yearly tuition should be waived off.

The NSA spying scandal – Should Americans be worried?

◆ Enforcement of stricter laws that protect privacy rights of every American citizen against government surveillance. ◆ Divulging information to the public so that everyone knows what the intelligence community is up to. ◆ A more proactive approach from the government is required to monitor the intelligence community instead of harassing the general mass.

Preventing the issue of sexual assault on college campuses.

◆ Creating policies where the school should provide heightened security in and around campuses or initiate the buddy system. ◆ Encouraging female students to participate in self-defense classes. ◆ Raising awareness around the campus, sharing resources, and providing counseling for survivors.

While writing the essay, remember to back your argument for the solution with strong evidence. Trust your instincts and research, draw strength from your own experiences and observations, and justify the solution in a manner you think will be appropriate and satisfactory for the audience.

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Best 50 problem solution essay topics on web.

August 14, 2019

Problem Solution Essay Topics

The problem and solution essay topics you find online have been used over and over again by most students. Every problem solution essay topics list has been downloaded tens of thousands of times. Chances are, your classmates will pick some of these topics as well. Do you want your research paper to have the same topic as the essays of three of your classmates? Probably not! We have a solution: our list of the best 50 problem solution essay topics in 2022. They’re updated frequently, and you can use them for free!

Don’t Know How To Write A Problem Solution Essay?

But before we get to the problem solution essay topics for college students, let’s discuss this type of assignment. In most cases, students don’t know how to write a problem solution essay. As its name suggests, the problems solution essay is a writing assignment where you need to find a problem relevant to modern society and then figure out ways to solve it. You need to use your critical thinking to find the best solutions and then explain academically why your solutions are the best. Remember, you need to be very accurate in your writing and support your statements with references. You may be able to write about just one solution if it is complex enough. However, for most issues, we recommend three solutions because this number works best with our proposed problem solution essay structure.

The Simple Problem Solution Essay Structure

The simple way to organize your problem solution essay ideas is by using the five-paragraph essay structure. Here is how it looks like:

  • You start your problem solution essay with a captivating introduction that presents the problem (or the situation).
  • Then, you write three body paragraphs, each discussing a single solution.
  • You wrap everything up with a strong conclusion that reiterates the solutions and emphasizes why they are the best.

Now you see why we’ve advised you to find not just one solution to the problem, but three. If you have a more complex topic, like a breathing problem solution, you can write more than three body paragraphs. After all, there are at least five effective solutions to this problem that we can think of. And remember, always start your writing with a problem solution essay outline. You can create it in just 10 minutes by doing some research, and it will most surely prove to be invaluable. It will keep you organized and on topic – that’s guaranteed. Now that you know how to write a problem solution essay, it’s time to talk about topics.

Why Do You Need Our Problem Solution Essay Topics?

We know you’ve received a lot of different advice about writing problem solution essays. We agree, reading at least one good problem solution essay example is very important. It shows you how to organize your writing, how to present your problem and your solutions, and how to support your statements. However, we feel that good problem solution essay topics are even more important. Think of it this way: no matter how well you write, if the topic is boring, your audience will eventually get bored. It’s just a matter of time. But when you come up with amazing, captivating, and breathtaking topics for problem solution essay, your writing instantly becomes much more interesting.

Most people, including your professor, want to learn new things. They’re not interested in solutions for a simple cold problem. But they most surely are interested in solutions to the greenhouse effect – or in solutions to the obesity issue. And rest assured – there are plenty of topics even more interesting than these. Bottom line, if you want to impress from the moment you read the introduction and the thesis statement, your problem needs to pique the interest of your professor instantly. And you will get bonus points as a reward – guaranteed!

Get Free Problem And Solution Essay Topics Right Here

Remember that for each problem, you need to find at least three solutions and discuss them. You can discuss more than three if the problem is complex. However, you should avoid presenting just one solution. In most cases, this will make your professor think that you didn’t care to spend much time writing the essay. You may get penalized for this, so be aware.

And now, here are the 50 problem and solution essay topics 2022 you have been waiting for:

Problem Solution Speech Topics

  • How to tackle police brutality in America.
  • The best solutions that prevent suicides (the permanent solution to a temporary problem).
  • How can we stop mass shootings?
  • The solution to the illegal immigration problem.
  • Here is how we can stop sexual abuse in schools.
  • The policies that can stop child labor.

Problem Solution Essay Topics For College

  • How can we solve the student loans problem?
  • The best ways to control stress in college.
  • College education can be affordable. Here is how!
  • Substance abuse can be prevented on college campuses.
  • How teachers can prevent students from cheating on exams.
  • The best way to become a more efficient student.

Education Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Schools have the means to prevent suicides.
  • The effective methods that prevent cheating in school.
  • How can schools keep up with technology?
  • Schools can eliminate bullying. Here is how!
  • The solution to racial discrimination in the US education system.
  • The solution to gender discrimination in the US education system.

Best Relationship Topics

  • Here is how you can become confident in just three steps!
  • The easy solutions to an abusive relationship.
  • How can we solve the problem with overprotective parents?
  • How can we stop sexting in high school?
  • The best ways to move out of the “friend zone.”
  • Helping a depressed friend may be easier than you think.

Social Problems Topics

  • How can we eliminate racism in the modern world?
  • Ways to deal with illegal immigrants on the border line.
  • We can improve literacy in the United States.
  • The simple solutions to the huge human trafficking problem.
  • Divorce can be prevented. Here is how!
  • Solutions to the homeless people problem in the US.

College Life Topics

  • Here is how you decide on your major quickly.
  • Do you have problems with your roommate? You can solve them!
  • Here is how you instantly become an A+ student.
  • Colleges can be safer: Real solutions.
  • Why is college so expensive? Any solutions?

Crime Issues

  • How can we solve the domestic violence issue?
  • Cyberbullying can be prevented by making it a crime.
  • The solution to out-of-control gangs in the United States.
  • We can prevent racial violence. Here is how!
  • Here is how we stop people from polluting the rivers.

Economic Problem Solution Topics

  • Unemployment is not difficult to solve, actually.
  • Ways to increase the tourism rate in California.
  • The simple solutions to our waste problems.
  • The simple way to reduce consumer debt in America

Health Issues

  • Here is how you stop overeating sugar.
  • Ways to prevent substance abuse in teenagers.
  • How parents can easily promote sports to their children.
  • Child obesity is a major problem, but it has a simple solution.
  • The best alternatives to plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes.

Use Our Great Topics Today

The problem solution essay topics you choose for your academic papers are very important. You will write essays faster if you choose smart topics. You will get bonus points if the topics are interesting. You will not have to do extensive research if you pick a topic you know something about. Pick any topic on our problem solution essay topics list and use it for free . We are just happy to help!

It’s time to nail your grades! Get your 20% discount on the problem solution writing assignment with promo “ ewriting20 ” – and enjoy your college life!

proposal to solve a problem essay ideas

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  • 182 Best Classification Essay Topics To Learn And Write About
  • How To Manage Stress In College: Top Practical Tips  
  • How To Write A Narrative Essay: Definition, Tips, And A Step-by-Step Guide
  • How To Write Article Review Like Professional
  • Great Problem Solution Essay Topics
  • Creating Best Stanford Roommate Essay
  • Costco Essay – Best Writing Guide
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  • Wonderful Expository Essay Topics
  • Research Paper Topics For 2020
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List of 111 Problem and Solution Essay Topics Has Got You Covered

problem and solution essay topics

If you are struggling to pick your problem and solution essay topic , you are welcome to proceed reading this article, which will not only clarify everything you need to know about this type of essays, but will also provide a categorized list of 111 attention-grabbing and creative topics.

What Is a Problem and Solution Essay?

Writing a problem and solution essay might seem challenging at first, but once you’ve got your topic, you’re golden. The reason is that there are basically only two major things you will need to write about in your problem and solution essay, which makes it so much easier to research information and structure the paper. Problem and solution essay structure and format are quite specific and they are useful to know before you start writing. Let us cover the concepts of problem and solution at first.

Problem is a question that requires solution. Anything that demands settling is a problem, which means you have a whole lot of issues to choose from.

Solution is a process or action that settles the problem. Problem and solution go together like peas and carrots.

  Questions that contain topics for problem and solution essays usually start with “how?”

Problem and Solution Essays Topics List

In this article you will find 10 major categories of topics, which will make it quick and easy for you to decide what type of problem and solution you would like to focus on in your essay. Here is a list of these topic categories:

  • Social issues
  • Crime issues
  • Economic issues
  • Cultural issues
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Political issues
  • Health issues
  • Environment issues
  • For college students

  Below you will find 111 topics for each category that are truly topical and interesting at the moment.

Social Issues

social issues topics

  • How to improve privacy in digital society?
  • How to create a fair and ethical immigration system?
  • How can the issue of racial discrimination be solved in our society?
  • What are the ways of reducing gender pay gap?
  • How can the problem of cyberbullying be solved?
  • How can body shaming issue be solved?
  • What can our society do to reduce the impact of gender roles?
  • How can body positivity movement be prevented from going too far?
  • How to encourage people to adopt children?
  • How can domestic violence be reduced in our society?
  • What are the ways of eliminating domestic violence against elderly?
  • How is it possible to control and regulate teenage pregnancy issue?

Crime Issues

  • How can the issue of gangs be brought under control?
  • How can the increasing problem of mass shootings be solved?
  • What are the solutions to gun violence problem?
  • What are the ways to prevent white collar crime?
  • How can police brutality be eliminated?
  • How is it possible to eliminate the association between poverty and crime?
  • What are the ways to prevent large corporations from polluting the environment?
  • What are the most effective ways of reducing driving under influence (DUI) rates?
  • What are the ways to reduce racial violence?
  • How can the issue of cyber crime be solved?
  • What are the ways to solve real estate fraud problem?
  • How can wrongful imprisonment cases be minimized?

Economic Issues

economic issues topics

  • How can the problem of unemployment be settled in the long run?
  • How can monopolies be brought under control?
  • How can SMEs be promoted by the government and society?
  • How can technologies be used to reduce waste?
  • How can domestic economy be stimulated without limiting imports?
  • How can different types of unemployment be solved?
  • How can the issue of consumer debt be reduced?
  • How can domestic goods and services remain compatible in global markets?
  • What are the ways to control inflation?
  • How can tourism rate be increased?

Cultural Issues

  • How can cultural appropriation be reduced or eliminated?
  • How can cultural diversity be promoted in organizations?
  • How is it possible to increase the number of films that pass Bechdel test?
  • What are possible solutions to consumerism?
  • How can detrimental impact of fast fashion industry on consumerism be reduced?
  • How can the culture of throw-away society be eliminated?
  • How can people learn respect for other cultures?
  • How can the issue of ageism be solved in our culture?
  • What are the ways of encouraging cultural exchange?
  • What are the ways of reducing cultural impact of the ideal body image promoted in the media
  • What are the solutions to cultural issues in managing culturally diverse workforce?

Interpersonal Relationships

  • How can a person go out of abusive relationships?
  • How can trust between children and parents be built?
  • How can people fight racial discrimination on the level of interpersonal relationships in everyday life?
  • How to develop confidence?
  • How can negative effects of social media be reduced in face-to-face communication?
  • How can we as individuals increase technical literacy across all ages?
  • How can we as individuals support the elderly?
  • What are the ways to solve the issue of marital rape?
  • How can the issue of overprotective parents be solved?

Political Issues

political issues topics

  • How can piracy be stopped?
  • How can military threats in the world be reduced through diplomacy?
  • How can the government make education more affordable?
  • How can the government improve the quality of life for the disabled?
  • What are the ways of eliminating child labor?
  • What are legal ways to stop human trafficking?
  • What steps should the government take to solve the issue of immigrant assimilation?
  • How is is possible to increase the number of voters during elections?
  • How can legislation limit the sources of campaign financing for political candidates?

Health Issues

health issues topics

  • How can the issue of obesity be solved?
  • What are the ways of reducing child obesity?
  • How can people be educated about healthy food?
  • How can overconsumption of sugar be reduced?
  • What are the ways to promote physical activity and sports?
  • How can open discussion of mental health issues be encouraged in our society?
  • What are the ways of regulating the risks of increasing rates of cosmetic plastic surgery?
  • What are the ways of solving stress-related health issues?
  • How can the problem of substance abuse be solved?
  • How is it possible to minimize the issue of STDs?
  • What are the ways of reducing the number of tobacco consumption?

Environment Issues

environment issues topics

  • How can green cars solve the issue of air pollution?
  • How can the problem of greenwashing be solved?
  • What are the ways to reduce plastic pollution?
  • What are the ways we can recycle as individuals?
  • How can fracking be brought under control?
  • How can deforestation be reduced?
  • What are the ways of waste management we need to implement as a society?
  • How can reducing biodiversity be improved?
  • What are the ways of reducing population density in urban areas?
  • What are possible solutions to the issue of overpopulation and resource depletion?
  • What are the ways of transferring to alternative energy sources?
  • How can production process externalities be minimized?
  • What are the ways to solve the issue of landfills?
  • How can lack of clean drinking water be solved?
  • What are the ways of solving the issue of disruptive students?
  • How can schools improve social programs, such as art?
  • How can schools improve school security systems to ensure safety of students and teachers?
  • How can schools promote tolerance?
  • How is it possible to eliminate bullying in schools?
  • How can schools contribute to solving the issue of gender discrimination?
  • How can schools contribute to solving the issue of racial discrimination?
  • How can schools contribute to the solution of the issue of suicide?
  • What are the ways of reducing cheating?
  • How can schools encourage students to be lifelong learners?
  • How can schools adjust their education programs to the requirements of modern society (e.g. technical literacy)?

For College Students

topics for college students

  • How can the issue of student loans be solved?
  • How to increase efficiency of studying in college?
  • What are the ways college student can choose their major?
  • How to avoid procrastination in college?
  • What are the ways of avoiding cheating?
  • How to control the level of stress in college?
  • What are the ways to maintain healthy diet while studying in college?
  • How can colleges adjust their programs to the requirements of current labor market?
  • What are the ways the government can support college education?
  • How can college students avoid substance abuse?
  • How can college students avoid alcohol abuse?
  • What are the ways to make college education more affordable?

Problem and Solution Essay Structure

Now that you have selected your topic, you may proceed to learning the problem and solution essay format and structure. As soon as you read these structural elements, you will know how to write a problem and solution text:

  • Introduction of the problem

This part of the essay will uncover the issue you write about and its causes. Make sure to explain why this issue is topical and requires settlement. Also, you can review current situation with this problem and evaluate past steps made to solve it. For instance, use OECD and Greenpeace websites to research about environmental issues and World Bank resource to find out about demographics.

  • Discussion of possible solutions of the problem

  Research and discuss all possibilities available to settle the problem. This part of the essay should fully answer to the question “how to solve the problem?” and provide evidence. To research ways of problem solution, you can turn to news agency websites, such as The New York Times, The Guardian, and good old Wikipedia.

Summarize your essay here and restate your thesis. Evaluate the ways of problem solution you have found.

Problem and Solution Speech

Problem and solution speech

The problem and solution topics listed above will also make great topics for your problem and solution speech.

While preparing your problem and solution speech, you will find these tips useful:

  • Form your topic as a question that will help you communicate and engage with the audience
  • Include 4 major structural elements in your speech : introduction of the problem and its causes, discussion of solution, visuals, and conclusion.
  • Make sure to prepare visual aid that will support your speech
  • Avoid reading whole passages from your speech – pick the most essential information and present it to your audience
  • Choose a problem that you personally care about – this is how you will enjoy writing problem and solution essay and perform better too!
  • Research the causes of the problem you write about to have better understanding of it
  • Any problem has multiple aspects to it and make sure to cover them all
  • Focus on the ways to reduce or eliminate the problem.  If you feel like a problem you focus on, can’t be eliminated completely, it doesn’t mean nothing can be done.

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problem and solution essay topics

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100 Good Problem Solution Essay Topics for Firm Writing

The problem-solution essay is a popular academic assignment. It is a form of persuasive writing where you have to explain the problem to your readers, convince them that the problem is significant and worth solving, present your solution, and refute any possible counterarguments that you can foresee.

A good problem and solution essay suggests an actionable and efficient solution. It doesn't have to be easy, but it must be realistic and possible to implement. Keep that in mind while brainstorming problem solution essay topics.

The composition depends on your essay's volume. However, there are some necessary elements.

  • Introduction to the problem

In your essay's introduction, lay the problem out before your readers. If the word count allows it, you can add some background information, such as the cause of the problem, contributing issues, and its effects on a community. Include a short solution proposal as a thesis statement – just outline it in one or two sentences.

  • Explain the significance of the problem

In the body of your essay, explore the problem and the solution you propose in detail. Present relevant research data to reinforce the importance of the issues at hand. Why should it be solved? Why should your audience care? How will the solution benefit everyone? Depending on the nature of the problem you've chosen, you can build your arguments on logic and statistical data or appeal to your audience's emotions by sharing a relatable human-interest story.

  • Detail the solution you propose

Depending on the problem and word limit, you can propose several solutions. If that's the case, make sure you explore each answer in a different paragraph. Alternatively, if you have chosen to examine one solution, give each reason why this specific solution is good in a separate section.

  • Be practical

Your solution doesn't have to be a step-by-step business plan with every little thing provided for, but a healthy dose of pragmatism never hurts. If your solution requires funding, think of where the funds can be procured. What non-profit organizations can you involve in your project? What is the approximate timeline of the project? And so on.

  • Be persuasive

Don't forget that your goal is to persuade the audience that the problem is worth solving and that your solution is the most efficient. Appeal to any successful implementations of the solution if it was carried out before. If this is a new and original proposition, you may have to build your case on logical arguments. Cite any relevant data, expert opinion, studies, statistics, etc., as evidence. Explain why you are convinced your solution will be effective.

  • End on a strong note

In your concluding paragraph, reiterate the gravity of the problem and reaffirm your solution's importance by putting it into a broader context. Recap your most significant arguments for the answer you've proposed and outline the steps that should be taken immediately. End with a call to action or with a thought-provoking rhetorical question that will make your audience agree with you. For example, "Wouldn't we all benefit from living in a fairer society?" or "Isn't human life the most important value we should strive to protect?"

As you can see, writing a problem and solution essay is not rocket science. If you have basic essay-writing skills and have ever dealt with research and persuasive writing, you will do just fine.

However, for your essay to be a success, you must choose the appropriate topic you can handle. Here is where we can help. Below you will find 100 topics for problem solution essays grouped by discipline. Some of them are interdisciplinary, so if you don't find what you need in a corresponding section, look in others. You may find something suitable there. The scale skews on the larger side, so feel free to narrow the topic down if you need something less ambitious.

Note that some of the suggestions below are linked to full samples from our free database – check them out! Already written essays are illustrative, which can be more instructive than guides. However, if the topic you like isn't linked, or you have your original idea you wish to see explored, turn to our essay writing service . We will prepare a customized sample for your following all the instructions – from word count to the tone of voice.

Problem Solution Topic Suggestions on Economics and Business

This subject area is one of the most popular for problem solution essay topics: from hands-on decisions on staff and marketing to global issues of financial markets. Start exploring the field with these topics:

  • Gaining Strategic Advantage Through Customer Value
  • Problems in the acquisition of the CRM
  • Employee Attraction and Retention
  • The Fiscal Cliff Crisis and the Solution
  • Organizational Development and Change
  • Staff Communication Problem
  • Wastage and Embezzlement of Funds in an Organization
  • Ways of Gaining a Competitive Edge in Overcrowded Markets
  • Addressing Problematic Links in Your Supply Chain and Taking Social and Environmental Responsibility
  • Reputation Management in the Age of Social Media Influencers and Instant Feedback

Sociology Problem Solution Speech Topics

Strive to eradicate inequality? Dream of improving life for your local community? Hone your problem-solving skills on these sociology topics.

  • Income Inequality
  • Burglary in Your Neighborhood
  • Child Abuse
  • Crime in the Community
  • Keeping Kids Safe From Violence in Schools
  • Consumption and Food Safety
  • Sexual Assault on Campuses
  • Accumulated National Student Debt
  • Incel Subculture and Mass Shootings
  • Bringing Down Unemployment Rates in Your Area

Technology Problem Solution Essay Topics for College Students

Problem-solving in technology requires you to stay one step ahead of the curve – often foreseeing the problem even before it arises. Prepare your analytic skills for the future with these topics.

  • Linear and Integer Programming Modeling
  • Design Problem Solutions via Singleton Pattern
  • Problem Solving Using Microsoft Excel
  • A Solution to Water Cooling System Issues in the Office
  • Intelligent Lighting Condition to Solve Rising Energy Expenses
  • Improvement of Dynamic Image Recognition for Self-Driving Vehicles
  • Increasing Dexterity for Robotic Manpower
  • Cloud Storage Crunch and Cleanup
  • Technical Solutions for Organ Transplantation
  • Distributed Manufacturing for Production Decentralization

Law and Criminal Justice Problem Solutions Topics

This area is ripe with the most challenging problems and ethical dilemmas rooted in politics, social issues, and psychology. Can you propose a fair solution to these often controversial problems?

  • Felon Disenfranchisement in America
  • Reducing the Growing Rate of Black on Black Crime in Baltimore City
  • Effective Police Supervision
  • Rehabilitation vs. Incarceration for Juvenile Offenders
  • Action Plan For Addressing Political Issues
  • Racial and Gender Discrimination in Drug Courts
  • Racial Profiling and Police Brutality
  • Ways to Counteract Human Trafficking and Forced Labor
  • Inmate Abuse by Correction Officers
  • Reducing Violence Against Homeless People

Environment Problem and Solution Essay Topics

Preserving our beautiful planet in a state fit to be a home to humanity for generations to come is one of the most pressing issues today. Try your best with these topics. Who knows, maybe your ideas will save the world?

  • Reducing Waste by Upcycling
  • Air Pollution from Cars and its Impact on Global Warming
  • Climate Change as a Man-Made Problem, and its Solutions
  • Grape Phylloxera, Daktulosphaira Vitifoliae
  • Deforestation
  • How to Make Our Buildings Green
  • Overconsumption in Fashion and Textile Waste
  • Fracking, Its Effects on the Environment, and the Alternatives
  • Wildlife Endangered by Farming and Development
  • Light Pollution and Its Effects on Wildlife

Media and Communications Problem Solution Essay Topics List

We live in a watershed moment in the history of media and communications. As exciting as they are, these times always come with a host of challenges that usually accompany paradigm shifts of such a tectonic scale. You are the generation destined to grapple with problems that didn't even exist some ten years ago. Are you up to it? Try your ingenuity with these topics!

  • Newspapers as a Dying Media
  • Usage of Mobile Phones While Driving: Its Effects and Solutions
  • The Problem of Anonymous Speech Online
  • Managing Information Overload
  • Cybersecurity of Personal Information
  • Modern Problem of the Historical Context for a Right to Bear Arms
  • Online Predators and Minors on Popular Apps
  • Echo Chamber Effect of Social Media Algorithms
  • Effects of Online Dating: Consumerism Mentality in Relationships
  • Social Media Role in Terrorist Organizations

Problem Solution Essay Ideas for Nursing and Health Care

Health care has progressed far in recent years, prolonging life and improving its quality. However, the sky is the limit for such a noble endeavor. We urge you to think about these problems and push the boundaries of what is possible.

  • The Problem of Obesity Across the Globe
  • Problems of Healthcare in America
  • Reducing the Nurse Turnover and Improving Nursing Satisfaction
  • The Issues with Cardiopulmonary Bypass (CPB) Procedure and Possible Improvements
  • Ways to Reduce Catheter Association Urinary Tract Infections (CA-UTI)
  • The ER that Became the Emergency
  • Food Additives and Unhealthiness
  • Lack of Universal Quality Healthcare
  • Ways to Reduce Consumption of Tabaco and Its Substitutes by Teenagers
  • Adverse Effects of Added Sugar in the Diet and Ways to Reduce the Consumption

Psychology Problem-Solving Essay Topics

The human mind is one of the greatest mysteries of creation. We have only begun to understand how it works and what it is capable of. Care to explore the frontiers of gnosis? Start with these topics.

  • Stress in the Mid-West Region of the United States
  • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for Couple's Therapy
  • Critique of Conflict Management Styles
  • Reducing Early Readmission Rates in Mentally Ill Patients By Implementing Multi-Component Transition Care Plan
  • The Contribution of a Strength-Based Approach to Counselling
  • Teenage Suicide and Possible Prevention Measures
  • Work-Life Balance and Emotional Burnout
  • Mental Health Effects of LGBTQ Youth Discrimination
  • Influence of Screen Time and Interactivity on Early Cognitive Development
  • Adverse Effects of Noise Pollution on Mental Health and Ways to Alleviate the Problem

Topics for Problem Solution Essay on Politics and International Relations

Politics is one of the trickiest subjects to handle. Polarizing and controversial, it encompasses every aspect of our existence – from money to moral values. Every solution to a political problem has wide ramifications that are sometimes impossible to foresee. Choosing the one that will satisfy everyone and will have primarily positive outcomes in the future is as tricky as treading on the edge of the sword. Care to try?

  • The Solution to Syrian Conflict
  • How Ordinary Men Became Genocidal Killers in the Holocaust
  • Solution for the Problem of Undocumented Immigration
  • European Business and Politics Are Too Close Are Often in Closed and Corrupt Relationships
  • How Critical Theory Improves The Study Of International Politics
  • Non-State Factors in Global Politics
  • Globalization and Violent Radicalization
  • Sustainable Development of Global Systems
  • Viable Theory of International Democracy
  • Peace-Making in Destabilized Regions

Problem Solution Paper Topics on Education

Solving one problem in education prevents a myriad of new issues from ever arising. This is a genuinely worthwhile endeavor, don't you think? Try solving one of these and put a stone into the edifice of a better future.

  • Implementing Multicultural Education
  • Description And Feasibility Of Solution To In The Inheritors
  • Elementary School Quality Physical Education
  • China's Problem With Graduate Unemployment
  • Promotion of Art Education in Saudi Arabia by New Curriculum development
  • Drawbacks of Fixed Mindset and Ways of Encouraging Growth Mindset in Older Students
  • Persisting Stereotypes and Gender Bias in the Classroom
  • Increasing Flexibility of Education Budgets for Sustainability and Innovation
  • Updating and Personalizing Professional Development
  • Developing Best Practices to Select and Evaluate Educational Digital Content

Jana Rooheart

Jana Rooheart

Jana Rooheart came to WOWESSAYS™ with a mission to put together and then slice and dice our vast practical experience in crafting all kinds of academic papers. Jana is an aspired blogger with rich expertise in psychology, digital learning tools, and creative writing. In this blog, she willingly shares tricks of pencraft and mind-altering ideas about academic writing any student will find utterly beneficial.

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The Research Trajectory/Proposal

Picking a topic.

Think about what problem would you like to see solved. You should pick something that will be motivating to you, something that you are passionate about. Why? For one, it will make it easier for you to research and to keep yourself motivated to do the research. For another, it will make it easier for you to write on and make your paper more engaging for others to read. Your paper and the research it documents should be impactful to those who read it.

Important: make sure that you pick a problem that really has possible solutions. The same considerations apply to picking a topic for this paper as for any other -- the topic can't be too broad or too narrow, and it has to be something that can actually be researched. For more information on choosing a topic, check out this webpage on finding problem topics and useful ways to approach finding solutions to those problems .

Forming research questions

Not sure what to research for your topic? Take the topic you have selected and turn it into a research question. For instance, if your topic is "obesity in America," you could frame that into research questions like "What are measures that prevent weight gain?" or "What are the most sustainable diets for weight loss?" (Tip: Avoid search terms like "best" or "worst" because they are very vague and subjective. Choose terms that are more specific and quantifiable in meaning.)

Still stuck on how to create a research question? Check out this video for more help:

Researching your topic

Now that you have a research question, do some preliminary research to give you direction on breaking your problem down in to feasible solutions. Choose more specific Browse the library's databases, skim through a book, or search the web for possible information.

Keep these questions in mind as you search:

  • What type of information is available on your topic?
  • Where did you find this information?
  • Who are the experts, and what do they have to say about your topic?

Creating a thesis and presenting your proposal

Using the research you gathered from your research question(s), create a claim indicating what solutions you plan to propose in your paper. What three solutions are you proposing to the problem? The topic you submit in your proposal cannot be changed, but the research process is still ongoing, so your solutions may change if you find better ones in your ongoing research. This is a tentative thesis; you can make some changes to it later if you need to.

Now that you have taken some time to seriously think about and research your topic, you are ready to present your trajectory/proposal (intentions) for the research project. The proposal must contain your final subject/topic for the research project.

Not sure how to put together a thesis? Watch this helpful video that breaks it down for you:

Outlining a Problem-Solution Paper

A problem-solution paper is exactly what it sounds like. First, an issue or obstacle is posed, then a solution or series of solutions is suggested to resolve that issue or obstacle.

Problem-solution essays can be structured differently depending on the nature of the topic. (For instance, if there is important historical information to your problem that is a bit too long for your intro, then you might want to spend a paragraph between your intro and your solution body paragraphs to give your audience that history.) Most essays, however, follow this basic formula:

I. Introduction: Communicating the Problem

  • Paint a vivid picture of the problem. Focus on the how and why: how did this become a problem? why is it (still) a problem? why is it important / why does it need to be fixed? 
  • End your intro with a thesis statement recapping the problem and providing a preview of the solution(s) you will offer in the rest of your paper.

II. Body: Communicating the Solution(s)

  • Cover each potential solution to the problem in its own paragraph, or cover each step of a multi-step solution with each step having its own paragraph.
  • Each body paragraph should have a clearly stated claim that is distinct from, though connected to, the other paragraphs.
  • Support each solution or solution step with several pieces of evidence from authoritative sources of information. (Best to go to the library catalog and article databases for these.)
  • Cite each source used to support your claims correctly according to MLA citation format , using an in-text citation that corresponds to an entry in your works cited page.

III. Conclusion: Reiterating Importance

  • Recap your thesis statement (problem + brief overview of solution)
  • Close out your paper by emphasizing the importance of solving the problem you have covered.
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  • How to Write a Problem Statement | Guide & Examples

How to Write a Problem Statement | Guide & Examples

Published on November 6, 2022 by Shona McCombes and Tegan George. Revised on November 20, 2023.

A problem statement is a concise and concrete summary of the research problem you seek to address. It should:

  • Contextualize the problem. What do we already know?
  • Describe the exact issue your research will address. What do we still need to know?
  • Show the relevance of the problem. Why do we need to know more about this?
  • Set the objectives of the research. What will you do to find out more?

Table of contents

When should you write a problem statement, step 1: contextualize the problem, step 2: show why it matters, step 3: set your aims and objectives.

Problem statement example

Other interesting articles

Frequently asked questions about problem statements.

There are various situations in which you might have to write a problem statement.

In the business world, writing a problem statement is often the first step in kicking off an improvement project. In this case, the problem statement is usually a stand-alone document.

In academic research, writing a problem statement can help you contextualize and understand the significance of your research problem. It is often several paragraphs long, and serves as the basis for your research proposal . Alternatively, it can be condensed into just a few sentences in your introduction .

A problem statement looks different depending on whether you’re dealing with a practical, real-world problem or a theoretical issue. Regardless, all problem statements follow a similar process.

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The problem statement should frame your research problem, giving some background on what is already known.

Practical research problems

For practical research, focus on the concrete details of the situation:

  • Where and when does the problem arise?
  • Who does the problem affect?
  • What attempts have been made to solve the problem?

Theoretical research problems

For theoretical research, think about the scientific, social, geographical and/or historical background:

  • What is already known about the problem?
  • Is the problem limited to a certain time period or geographical area?
  • How has the problem been defined and debated in the scholarly literature?

The problem statement should also address the relevance of the research. Why is it important that the problem is addressed?

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to do something groundbreaking or world-changing. It’s more important that the problem is researchable, feasible, and clearly addresses a relevant issue in your field.

Practical research is directly relevant to a specific problem that affects an organization, institution, social group, or society more broadly. To make it clear why your research problem matters, you can ask yourself:

  • What will happen if the problem is not solved?
  • Who will feel the consequences?
  • Does the problem have wider relevance? Are similar issues found in other contexts?

Sometimes theoretical issues have clear practical consequences, but sometimes their relevance is less immediately obvious. To identify why the problem matters, ask:

  • How will resolving the problem advance understanding of the topic?
  • What benefits will it have for future research?
  • Does the problem have direct or indirect consequences for society?

Finally, the problem statement should frame how you intend to address the problem. Your goal here should not be to find a conclusive solution, but rather to propose more effective approaches to tackling or understanding it.

The research aim is the overall purpose of your research. It is generally written in the infinitive form:

  • The aim of this study is to determine …
  • This project aims to explore …
  • This research aims to investigate …

The research objectives are the concrete steps you will take to achieve the aim:

  • Qualitative methods will be used to identify …
  • This work will use surveys to collect …
  • Using statistical analysis, the research will measure …

The aims and objectives should lead directly to your research questions.

Learn how to formulate research questions

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You can use these steps to write your own problem statement, like the example below.

Step 1: Contextualize the problem A family-owned shoe manufacturer has been in business in New England for several generations, employing thousands of local workers in a variety of roles, from assembly to supply-chain to customer service and retail. Employee tenure in the past always had an upward trend, with the average employee staying at the company for 10+ years. However, in the past decade, the trend has reversed, with some employees lasting only a few months, and others leaving abruptly after many years.

Step 2: Show why it matters As the perceived loyalty of their employees has long been a source of pride for the company, they employed an outside consultant firm to see why there was so much turnover. The firm focused on the new hires, concluding that a rival shoe company located in the next town offered higher hourly wages and better “perks”, such as pizza parties. They claimed this was what was leading employees to switch. However, to gain a fuller understanding of why the turnover persists even after the consultant study, in-depth qualitative research focused on long-term employees is also needed. Focusing on why established workers leave can help develop a more telling reason why turnover is so high, rather than just due to salaries. It can also potentially identify points of change or conflict in the company’s culture that may cause workers to leave.

Step 3: Set your aims and objectives This project aims to better understand why established workers choose to leave the company. Qualitative methods such as surveys and interviews will be conducted comparing the views of those who have worked 10+ years at the company and chose to stay, compared with those who chose to leave.

If you want to know more about the research process , methodology , research bias , or statistics , make sure to check out some of our other articles with explanations and examples.


  • Sampling methods
  • Simple random sampling
  • Stratified sampling
  • Cluster sampling
  • Likert scales
  • Reproducibility


  • Null hypothesis
  • Statistical power
  • Probability distribution
  • Effect size
  • Poisson distribution

Research bias

  • Optimism bias
  • Cognitive bias
  • Implicit bias
  • Hawthorne effect
  • Anchoring bias
  • Explicit bias

Once you’ve decided on your research objectives , you need to explain them in your paper, at the end of your problem statement .

Keep your research objectives clear and concise, and use appropriate verbs to accurately convey the work that you will carry out for each one.

I will compare …

All research questions should be:

  • Focused on a single problem or issue
  • Researchable using primary and/or secondary sources
  • Feasible to answer within the timeframe and practical constraints
  • Specific enough to answer thoroughly
  • Complex enough to develop the answer over the space of a paper or thesis
  • Relevant to your field of study and/or society more broadly

Writing Strong Research Questions

Research objectives describe what you intend your research project to accomplish.

They summarize the approach and purpose of the project and help to focus your research.

Your objectives should appear in the introduction of your research paper , at the end of your problem statement .

Your research objectives indicate how you’ll try to address your research problem and should be specific:

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Shona McCombes

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Proposal Essay Topics Ideas

The purpose of a proposal essay is to propose an idea and provide evidence or arguments to convince readers why an idea is good or bad. Consider yourself as a salesperson; your goal is to convince the customer why to buy a car, jewelry, or some product. In this case, the product is your idea and the customer is the professor. If you have never worked on a proposal essay before, you might feel insecure thinking there’s no way to pull it off. Not so fast! With a few ideas and simple strategy tips, you can complete this assignment successfully. Also, you can find college essay ideas on our site! So, let’s start!

Your Proposal Essay Should Contain

To create a high-quality proposal essay every time, you just have to follow the simple outline that revolves around:

  • Introduction – provides background information and important details the reader should know before you move on to the other parts. The introduction has to catch the reader’s attention, make him/her want to read the paper. Let’s not forget the last sentence of the introduction accounts for a thesis statement.
  • Proposal – a  statement of purpose . Generally, this is a brief section that informs the reader about your proposal i.e. the idea you want him/her to adopt. Make sure this section does not contain details about how you plan to carry out the proposal.
  • Plan of action – here, your job is to explain how you plan to achieve the proposal. What will you do to show your reader why your proposal is valid? This is the section where you have to convince the reader to agree with your ideas. For every plan of action or evidence, use a separate paragraph.
  • Conclusion – summarize the key points in a conclusion and include a call-to-action, if applicable. Make sure you don’t include new information into the conclusion because you would have to elaborate it thoroughly, and there’s no room for that in a paragraph-length section.

Tips for Proposal Essay

Carry out thorough research to find as many details as possible

  • Support all your claims i.e. ideas with evidence
  • Use only relevant sources, avoid blog posts and websites that aren’t credible
  • Cite all the sources you use to avoid plagiarism
  • Demonstrate your vocabulary skills and avoid overusing some words
  • Avoid slang and informal speech
  • Instead of including a bunch of ideas that are poorly discussed, stick to 3-5 ideas that you will develop thoroughly

But what happens when a professor allows you to choose the title for a proposal essay? What to do then?

Not to worry, you’ll find some amazing ideas below. Edusson is Ready to Help with Your Assignment Submit your requirements

100 Best Proposal Essay Ideas

Writing a proposal essay is not as hard as it may sound, it doesn’t matter how your professor or teacher describes it. Researching and choosing an interesting topic is the main point of writing an essay. You’ll easily find something suitable for yourself with the list of topics below, arranged for our readers by category.

The topic of education carries a lot of problems and solutions, old ideas conflict new ones. Someone may try and give more possibilities and chances to students; others focus on treating teachers well. You’re free to choose your side and explore these topics.

  • How can educational television shows about science receive more funding and airtime?
  • Why are foreign languages in school important for our education?
  • What can be done to improve student’s reading comprehension instead of calling words aloud without understanding them?
  • The most successful inventors were known as wrong-thinkers at school. Later they were acknowledged as risk-taking pioneers. So should a teacher give students the chance of failing and learn by making mistakes?
  • The current student grading system is flawed, but it can be fixed with these methods
  • How should students be graded?
  • How can parents, teachers, and society at large encourage more children to pursue an education in science?
  • How can teachers improve sex education courses?
  • How can teachers spot signs of bullying in their classes?
  • In what ways can foreign language courses be improved?

“Healthy mind in a healthy body.” It’s not a coincidence we always hear this phrase, as it is one of the most powerful quotes of all time. With chain restaurants growing and teenagers starting to drink or smoke earlier, writing an essay about health is a powerful move.

  • In what ways can we reduce childhood obesity?
  • How can parents make sure their children adopt healthy life values?
  • How to reduce the rates of smoking among adolescents?
  • How can the country ensure adequate health care coverage for all citizens without exceptions?
  • How can be kids be persuaded not to experiment with drugs?
  • Can antidepressant use enhance suicidal behaviors? Should it be limited or banned?
  • What should be done to increase the funding for cancer research?
  • What is the best way to prevent deaths from drunk driving?
  • The risks of birth defects are significantly higher in test-tube babies. Should couples adopt children instead of having in-vitro fertilization?
  • What would be an effective program to curb illegal drug use?

proposal to solve a problem essay ideas

Student Lifestyle

These topics may become the closest as you are a student. They will be the easiest to write and you might even use your personal experience in the process. Raise issues that your peers can relate to, and your proposal will be successful.

  • What can be done to create a more well-rounded curriculum for middle and high school students?
  • What are the measures to reduce alcohol use among adolescents?
  • How can parents encourage their children to do more extracurricular activities?
  • How can kids with divorced parents be counseled to do well in school, build successful lives and marriages, and have strong relationships?
  • How can parents help children avoid or deal with bullying in school?
  • How can parents protect their children from peer pressure?
  • What is the best way to teach children responsibility?
  • What is the most effective way to discipline a child?
  • What can teachers do to establish a balance between engaging students and letting them overtake their authority and influence among students?
  • What is the best way to impose and improve parental involvement in childhood education?


Environmental problems are discussed everywhere nowadays making this list the most interesting for the current audience. You can include a huge amount of recent research, creating a well-thought essay.

  • What can the average person do to combat global climate change? What can the government do?
  • To change the world you have to change yourself. What can you do to help the environment?
  • Should animal exploitation by the dairy and meat industries be banned? Is veganism the only way to protect animal rights?
  • What can be done for obsolete lifestyles?
  • What can we do to reduce the risk of teen pregnancies?
  • What improvements have to be made regarding sex education courses to decrease the rate of teen pregnancies?
  • While vegans require others to respect their choices, why can’t they respect someone else’s? What strategies can help solve this issue?
  • Should dog bite laws be more specific? For example, should pit bulls be banned, or should more attention be paid to the education of dog owners instead?
  • What is the best solution for the problem of plastic bags?
  • How can countries embrace the use of bicycles for short journeys?

The use of technology and the Internet has had a huge influence on society and the modern generation, making it the most progressive so far. Topics regarding this matter can differ, giving a student a wide range to choose from.

  • How can people reduce their dependence on technology?
  • How should children be taught about responsible Internet use?
  • How to protect yourself and your identity from online theft.
  • In what ways can companies and consumers keep sensitive information more secure online?
  • How can parents and teachers effectively help eliminate cyber-bullying?
  • Issues with cyber-crime and how it can be prevented.
  • Are technology changes in our libraries effective for student research?
  • Is wireless technology more cost-effective?
  • Do you think teachers over-rely on technology in the US?
  • Is technology advancing at a high rate and harming society?

We’re touching something close to the health topic. Sport is a huge part of modern life, controversies and drama nowadays provides a topic to discuss for every fan.

  • Should college athletes be paid? How can colleges better handle the combination of education, athletics, and business?
  • How can coaches take encouragement to a whole new level for athletes?
  • How can coaches and players talk to the media after losing a game?
  • Should the use of steroids be legalized and monetized instead of being prohibited?
  • Can the media do a better job at covering sports on television? If so, which sports should be shared?
  • Should it be mandatory that players chosen for a team prepare themselves for possible injuries in the future and inability to play? How about retirement?
  • Should hunting in all forms be prohibited by law?
  • Should extreme activities for entertainment be banned?
  • Benefits that daily exercise and sports bring to adolescents with physical or emotional challenges. How different activities (fitness, swimming, running, etc.) influence adolescents’ mood?
  • Cybersport: can experienced gamers be considered professional athletes?

Topics of culture don’t just touch on modern living or traditions. It’s fair to include bullying, discrimination, tolerance, and bigger problems like racism or fascism. You need to be careful, as all these topics are quite sensitive.

  • Bread and circus culture versus traditional family values.
  • Different things parents can do to ensure their child treats others with respect.
  • How can parents raise their children to have a sense of humility as opposed to entitlement?
  • How can the government or society as a whole reduce homelessness in the United States?
  • How can the government reduce the rates of discriminatory behavior toward ethnic minorities?
  • How can we promote more tolerant behavior within US society?
  • Lack of tolerance leads to erratic, racist, and fascistic behavior. Different measures to put a stop to those actions
  • Risky behaviors are celebrated while morality is considered outdated and unacceptable. How to change things around?
  • So many experts and so much bad behavior among children these days. Measures to take to turn things around
  • What can be done about the decline of morality in the media?

We can for sure say that business culture is overtaking the world today, bringing lots of issues and concerns into everyday life as well as creating false expectations. Everyone is involved in business already, whether you’re a businessman with a huge factory or just a customer at your local grocery shop.

  • What initiatives should be implemented to protect small businesses from economic problems?
  • What are the solutions to the erosion of trust contribution to the decline of the American business sector?
  • How to support local businesses and prevent them from being destroyed by huge chains.
  • Should the customer have the right to report mistreatment of companies lying to consumers?
  • What can be done to solve the problem of unemployment?
  • What is the most effective way for parents to teach their children about money?
  • What steps should be taken from restraining qualified teachers from leaving the teaching profession?
  • Employees should have the right to use their private emails at work. Should the emails remain private?
  • What is the solution of unemployment among the youth?
  • Does bankruptcy have to be an option?

Your exclusive point of view on historical background is something worth telling. You can find something interesting in the list below or customize the topics for your own taste, making it about your country or city.

  • How did strong female leaders such as Jeanne d’Arc impact the development of society?
  • An introduction to the Paleolithic Age: the development of society, fishing, hunting and gathering, and scavenging
  • A list of the most significant historical events that shaped modern society.
  • Would the possible outcome of WWII be better had the opposing side won?
  • How did the abolition of slavery influence the US? Did its influence differ from other countries?
  • What is the impact of Karl Marx on society? How were his writings abused in a variety of nominally communist parties, movements, uprisings, and nations?
  • What are the events that led to the fall of the Roman Empire?
  • Did the hippie culture of the 1960s normalize drug usage all over the world?
  • The impact of gender roles of Roman society.

Choose topics that are most appropriate for the country you’re currently living. You can explore the issue of improving the political situation in your city; try to create a new revolutionary idea and get people interested in it.

  • What measures to introduce to avoid the next economic crisis?
  • What could be done to make the electoral system more effective?
  • What can be done to prevent other countries and parties from interfering in US elections?
  • Does espionage law violate free speech? Should it be banned or improved?
  • How can the government better handle illegal immigration?
  • How can the government make programs such as welfare, Medicaid, and Social Security more effective?
  • Measures to take to provide better conditions for US veterans.
  • Should all prisoners have voting rights or only individuals on probation and those who have already served their sentences?
  • What should be done to lower the national debt?
  • Should people buy so many things using credit? What can be done to handle the culture of debt?

Art and Music

This list contains the most diverse and varied topics, it’s more relevant to hobbies which will be easy and interesting to write about. If you are looking for a quick topic– write an essay on art and music.

  • Should the government invest in funding and grants for up-and-coming musicians and artists?
  • Discuss the benefits of art for society and individuals separately
  • Which contemporary artists and musicians have had the most impact on you as a person? Explain their impact.
  • Does rap music influence the behavior of modern teenagers? Is there a difference between rap of the 90s and modern rap regarding messages for society?
  • How did the evolution of 1980s music influence US history?
  • The evolution of the film industry post-World War II that shaped the modern era.
  • Was the New Wave movement in cinema revolutionary?
  • The British music invasion into the US market: an effect on American music.
  • The transition from the 50s to 60s fashion.
  • Is “Darkness Falls” by Patrick Hughes unique artwork?

Bottom line

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proposal to solve a problem essay ideas

Tips on Proposal Essay Topics, Make Your Studies Easier

Many students realize quite clearly that in their proposal essay they need to set up some problem and then to offer a grounded solution explaining its outcomes. But they have trouble generating topics for proposal essay since they doubt their ability to develop a fresh and correct solution to global problems. But actually, they are not required to solve any global issues, at least until they want to. And they are not expected to provide entirely innovative solutions, while some problems can have no correct or incorrect solutions at all. Ideas for writing a proposal essay can be found everywhere, and we are going to show you how it really works.

How to Find Interesting Proposal Essay Topics

When searching for an appropriate topic, consider several aspects:

  • What is the subject you are writing for? Oftentimes, proposal essays are assigned to check your general academic writing skills, but sometimes they can be a part of your home task in certain sciences.
  • What is your audience? Sure, your paper will be read by your tutor, but no two tutors are alike. While one tutor may be happy with an essay on a minor or funny issue (like how to make your cat not to pee in your shoes), the other won't appreciate your joke.
  • Consider practical problems associated with your everyday life - family, friends, hobbies, city you live in and so on. That can give you a good clue, and problem solution can turn out to be self-explanatory.

Good Proposal Argument Essay Topics

Actually, you can stumble across good proposal essay topics just by studying your college environment with a critical and analytical mind. Think of things you dislike about your college (curriculum, campus life, grading system and so on), choose a topic applicable to the audience and subject you are writing for and develop a solution of the problem. Here are some examples:

  • How to reorganize the existing recycling system on campus to make it more eco-friendly?
  • Tools to adopt in college to prevent bullying.
  • How can we improve the current testing system?
  • How to promote healthier lifestyle at the college?
  • Should colleges offer online classes for students' flexibility?

The examples show that within your college life you can address issues associated with various subjects, as well as with major social problems.

Persuasive Proposal Essay Topics

Since the primary purpose of your essay is to convince the audience that you have an adequate solution to the problem set up, it makes sense to choose less challenging topics, which don't require much invention. Think of something like the following:

  • Should marijuana be legalized for medical purposes?
  • How to make large companies stop lying about their products to the consumers?
  • What measures can be taken to reduce the death toll in alcohol-related car accidents?
  • How to help home-schooled students to learn more effectively?
  • Is there any way to make our city more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly?

The trick is that topics like these are widely discussed, and so you can easily find ready-made solutions and persuasive arguments to support them.

Proposal Essay Environmental Topics

Topics associated with nature and environment are hot, and that's why they are great for your proposal essay. The more so that environmental issues affect various sides of our life, and therefore there is a wide range of topics for students with different interests.

  • What can we change in gasoline consumption and associated emissions level?
  • A responsible attitude to pets.
  • What methods can replace the radical protests of hardcore environmentalists?
  • Steps everyone can take to prevent global warming as climate change.
  • How to improve animal rights protection in our city?

Since many environmental issues have a global nature, make sure to narrow your topic to one or a couple specific proposals and their grounding.

Problem Solution Proposal Essay Topics

A lot of students start from searching for a topic and then rack their brains over arriving at a compelling solution. Try a different approach and think of solutions, which have come to your mind recently in connection with some problem you have discussed or heard being discussed. Some topics of great current interest are:

  • How can we help the homeless alternatively to government assistance?
  • Steps parents should take to protect their children from cyber-bullying.
  • Is there any perspective to concealed weapons carried by teachers to protect students in colleges?
  • What measures can reduce obesity in youth?
  • Is there an option to "Mexico border wall" to deal with illegal immigration?

56 A Modest Proposal Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 best a modest proposal topic ideas & essay examples, ⭐ good research topics about a modest proposal, 👍 simple & easy a modest proposal essay titles.

  • Review of “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift and Its Application to Solve School Violence Having analyzed violence in schools and the age of children maturity I have thus reached to a conclusion that this plan will be better applied to children under the age of 14.
  • Jonathan Swift’s a Modest Proposal: Swift’s Satire Approach Concerning the Social Problem of Dublin’s Starving Children Instead of suggesting the obvious limiting the number of children each female “breeder” should have he encourages the “breeders” to get pregnant, enjoy motherhood and nursing of their suckling infants for one year, and then […] We will write a custom essay specifically for you by our professional experts 808 writers online Learn More
  • Surprising Effect in Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” From the very beginning, the writer expressed his concern for the plight of the poor, which was central to the whole story.
  • Satire in “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift Moreover, it is known that he published it anonymously to ensure that the reader is not aware of what to expect from this proposal.
  • Rhetoric in “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift Swift does conduct some math to establish the number of miscarriages, deaths, and the number of children born in a year.
  • Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”: Response The utilization of children will reduce the number of “papists who, according to Swift, were “most perilous enemies” and also the “principal breeders of the nation”.
  • Satirical Features of “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift Indeed, he is a man who saw and is aware of the subhuman conditions of the Irish poor, both in Dublin and in the country.
  • “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift and “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell In case of the abovementioned Swift’s work it is the problem of poverty and other social problems of Ireland of the 18th century.
  • Mockery of the Life in Ireland in “A Modest Proposal“ by Jonathan Swift Jonathan Swift, the author of the famous Gulliver Travels, takes a dig at the Irish and British Bureaucracy in his masterful satire, ‘A Modest Proposal,’ which in the true sense is a mockery of the […]
  • “A Modest Proposal” and “Gulliver’s Travels” by Swift A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms is a comic satire that allows Swift to explore the subject of intolerance and thereby to convey a statement in support of his own relativistic philosophy.
  • Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” and Brady’s “I Want a Wife” As if supporting the general trend of the time towards emancipation of women, men take advantage of the situation and load the woman with both the housework and the role of the main breadwinner in […]
  • Issues in “The Rape of the Lock” and “Modest Proposal” In both The Rape of the Lock and Modest Proposal, the writers use irony to satirize and mock the socio-political attitudes and values in British society in the 18th century.
  • Jonathan Swift’s Essay “A Modest Proposal” The text begins with the description of the realities of society living in the time of famine. Since small children are not capable of work, they only constitute the source of expenditures to families and […]
  • Poverty in “A Modest Proposal” by Swift The high number of children born to poor families presents significant problems for a country.”A Modest Proposal” is a satirical essay by Jonathan Swift that proposes a solution to the challenge facing the kingdom.
  • Response to Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” In his satirical essay A Modest Proposal, Swift intends to showcase the absurdity of the economic state at the time, and the suffering already resulted from the income gap. Lastly, there is a question of […]
  • Satire in “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift Just like successful manipulative politicians, Swift carefully selects and presents facts to shift society’s attention from the proposed measure’s ethical inappropriateness to the practical benefits that it can promote.
  • Satire, Humor, and Shock in Swifts “A Modest Proposal”
  • Irish Oppression and Modern Parallels in “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift
  • Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”: Rhetorical Devices – Example-Based Argumentation
  • The Basis for Satirical News Publications: Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”
  • The Feminist Theory Throughout “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift
  • Satire: Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”
  • Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”: Religious, Political, and Social Strife in Ireland
  • Satire and the Deployment of Irony in “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift
  • Comparing Carl Sagan’s “The Demon-Haunted World” and Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”
  • “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift: The Greatest Works of Irony and Satire in All Literature
  • George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language” vs. Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”
  • “A Modest Proposal”: The Most Popular and Controversial of Swift’s Essays
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  • Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”: Excess Children and Social Problems in Ireland
  • “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift and Inhumanity of the Upper-Class English
  • Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”: Caustic Wit Becomes the Means to Critique Society to a More Receptive and Entertained Audience
  • Modern-Day American Life and “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift
  • The Concern of Poverty in Two Essays: “On Dumpster Diving” by Lars Eighner and “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift
  • Satire in Voltaire’s “Candide” and Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”
  • Jonathan Swift’s Real Argument: “A Modest Proposal”
  • How Jonathon Swift Use of Satire in “A Modest Proposal”
  • “A Modest Proposal” in the Context of Swift’s Irish Tracts
  • Similarities Between Martin Luther King’s “Letter From Birmingham Jail” and Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”
  • Social Criticism and Jonathan Swift “A Modest Proposal”
  • Analysis of the Speaker in “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift
  • The Political and Social Issues Addressed in “A Modest Proposal,” “The Diary,” “The Education of Women,” and “The Spectator Club”
  • “The Lady’s Dressing Room” and “A Modest Proposal”: The Satirical Persona of Identities by Jonathan Swift
  • Replicating Jonathan Swift’s Satire in “A Modest Proposal”
  • “A Modest Proposal” and Swift’s a Hyperbolically Heartless Tone
  • Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”: An Early Example of Western Satire
  • Desperate Times, Desperate Measures in Jonathon Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”
  • Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” and Famine in Ireland
  • The Uses for Babies in Ireland in “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift
  • “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift: A Masterpiece of Irony
  • The Surprise Ending in Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”
  • What Are Swift’s Aims in “A Modest Proposal,” and How Does He Achieve Them
  • The Imagery and Irony in the Satirical Essay “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift
  • Jonathan Swift Presents “The Marginalized” in “A Modest Proposal”
  • “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift and the British Government’s Inability to Solve the Problem of Poverty in Ireland
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