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This vidcast provides a quick overview of several common elements of punctuation, including commas and semi-colons. Punctuation is not just a matter of correctness; it also contributes to meaning by helping readers understand how pieces of information within a sentence relate to one another. The accompanying handouts discuss in further detail how punctuation contributes to meaning and emphasis in sentences and share strategies for taming comma usage. 

Note:  Closed-captioning and a full  transcript  are available for this vidcast. 


The Meaning of Punctuation (PDF)

Proper punctuation plays an important role in well-constructed sentences, be it a dash to add emphasis to an idea or a semi-colon to signal the closeness of two independent thoughts. This handout explains the purpose and use of the semi-colon, colon, dash, and hyphen, as well as offers suggestions to practice proper punctuation. 

Taming Commas (PDF)

The comma is a common punctuation mark that occupies an important place in well-constructed sentences. This handout outlines the proper use of commas and explains the role of the commas in connecting such things as coordinating conjunctions, independent and dependent clauses.


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