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Building a Strong Company Culture through your Corporate Headquarters

When it comes to establishing a strong company culture, the physical space of your corporate headquarters plays a crucial role. It serves as the central hub where employees gather, collaborate, and work towards achieving common goals. A well-designed and thoughtfully planned corporate headquarters can help foster a positive work environment, boost employee morale, and attract top talent. In this article, we will explore the ways in which you can build a strong company culture through your corporate headquarters.

Creating an Inspiring Workspace

The design of your corporate headquarters should reflect the values and mission of your company. An inspiring workspace not only enhances productivity but also contributes to employee satisfaction and engagement. Consider incorporating elements that inspire creativity and innovation, such as open concept layouts, natural lighting, and comfortable breakout areas. By providing employees with an environment that stimulates their senses and encourages collaboration, you can create a positive work atmosphere that fuels their motivation.

Promoting Collaboration and Communication

Your corporate headquarters should be designed to promote collaboration and communication among employees. This can be achieved by incorporating spaces that encourage interaction, such as open-plan offices or designated collaborative areas equipped with whiteboards or brainstorming tools. Additionally, consider implementing technology solutions like video conferencing systems to facilitate communication between teams located in different offices or remote locations. By fostering open lines of communication and creating opportunities for collaboration, you can strengthen teamwork within your organization.

Incorporating Employee Amenities

A well-equipped corporate headquarters should offer amenities that cater to the needs of its employees. This could include amenities such as recreational spaces like gyms or game rooms that promote work-life balance and overall well-being. Additionally, providing on-site dining options or access to healthy snacks can contribute to employee satisfaction by saving time during lunch breaks and promoting healthy eating habits.

Investing in employee amenities not only shows that you value their well-being but also helps create a sense of community within your organization. Employees who feel valued and supported are more likely to be engaged and committed to their work, ultimately contributing to a positive company culture.

Showcasing Company Values

Your corporate headquarters should serve as a visual representation of your company’s values and culture. Consider incorporating branding elements throughout the space, such as logo displays, mission statements, or wall art that reflects your company’s core values. This not only reinforces your company’s identity but also serves as a constant reminder to employees of the values they should embody in their work.

In addition to visual representations, consider hosting events or activities within your corporate headquarters that align with your company’s values. This could include team-building exercises, workshops, or guest speaker series that promote personal and professional development. By showcasing your company’s values through various mediums, you can reinforce a strong sense of identity and purpose among employees.

In conclusion, your corporate headquarters plays a vital role in building a strong company culture. By creating an inspiring workspace, promoting collaboration and communication, incorporating employee amenities, and showcasing company values, you can cultivate a positive work environment that fosters employee satisfaction and engagement. A well-designed corporate headquarters not only attracts top talent but also helps retain existing employees who are proud to be part of an organization with a strong culture.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


corporate presentation companies

Presentation Geeks

The Top 10 Presentation Companies in 2023 (Including Pricing)

Table of contents.

Making decisions when it comes to choosing a presentation design company is difficult. There’s no shortage of options available to you and everyone is saying the same thing, or some variation of it. Whatever your challenge is, they just so happen to have a solution, even if they don’t!

So how do you determine which presentation design agency is the right one for you? Your quick search has provided a wealth of results and you’re not sure which way to turn!

In this article, we aim to feed you the information you need to know to help you choose a presentation design agency that fit’s you!

What Is A Presentation Company And What Do They Do?

corporate presentation companies

A presentation design company is a group of professionals, be it presentation designers, presentation consultants, communications specialists or marketing experts who work together to create eye catching designs that tell a compelling story.

Stand out presentation designers aren’t limited to one presentation software. Although PowerPoint may be the most common, presentation design firms should be offering their services in Prezi, Google Slides, Keynote and many more.

Essentially, presentation design companies take what you already have (Or don’t have) and bring it to life in a logical and impactful way.

Is It Worth Outsourcing To A Presentation Design Agency?


Outsourcing presentation design is becoming the new norm due to the impact it can have on your business. Here’s why:

A) It saves you money…

Yup, you heard us correctly. Just think of how long it would take you to put a presentation together yourself. OK, it’s not rocket science to jump on PowerPoint and whip a few slides together, but you will be taking time away from internal departments within your organization who’s time is better spent on doing what they do best: THIER JOBS!

B) Custom presentation design. The impact a custom PowerPoint presentation design has on your audience is incalculable. Settling for basic slides can cost you credibility, confidence, respect and professionalism in the eyes of your audience.

Just look at the difference between this before and after:

C) You have flexibility. You may already have sales presentations, marketing presentations or corporate presentations that just need an update. You may be starting from scratch and need support. Your presentation might be in 3 days and you need it turned around fast. A good presentation design agency should be able to work with you to suit your needs.

We will dive into it below, but you really need to be asking the right questions when choosing to go forward with presentation design services. Now let’s look at some of the leading options you have to outsource your next presentation.

10 of the Best Presentation Companies for Outsourcing PowerPoint Presentations

We’ve been around for a decade and keep our finger on the pulse. Below we’ve curated a list of 10 presentation design agencies that we consider are the leading the way in the industry in 2023:

1) Presentation Geeks

Presentation Geeks is leading the pack when it comes to presentation design agencies and is a service designed for professionals who value their time and understand the importance of a well-designed presentation. They believe everyone deserves a beautiful and professionally designed presentation, and their team of experts specializes in helping busy professionals create impactful presentations without sacrificing valuable time.

With over 8 years of experience in the presentation design industry, Presentation Geeks has a team of 16 professionally trained designers with over 50 years of combined presentation experience. They have designed over 50,000 slides and have received 100% 5-star reviews from their satisfied clients.

Timing: Typically 2 weeks; same-week services available.

Pricing: Starting at $999

2) 24Slides

With over 200 team members across the world, this presentation design company is the largest of its kind. They support thousands of professionals and companies each month in creating powerful, on-brand presentations. Their headquarters are in Denmark, with development teams in Ukraine and design teams in Indonesia and Peru.

Timing: 24 Hours

Pricing: Starting at $11 per slide

Ethos3 is an award-winning presentation design agency that has been assisting the world’s most reputable brands since 2006. Ethos3 offers services in template design, helping clients determine which slide types work best for their use cases, representing their brand, and creating a user-friendly design for their entire company.

Timing: 4 – 6 weeks

Pricing: Starting at $2,000 per project

4) Bright Carbon

BrightCarbon is a presentation and eLearning agency with a specialty in creating compelling and effective visual communications. Their expertise lies in finding the right information to communicate clearly, creating memorable visuals and illustrations, and getting the message across in a persuasive manner. They create presentations and eLearning modules because of the significant overlap between the two in terms of skills, tools, and business needs.

Timing: Around 4 weeks

Pricing: Starting at $2,500 for 10 slides

5) Buffalo7

Buffalo7 is a UK-based presentation design agency specializing in creating visually stunning and engaging presentations. They offer a range of services, including presentation design, content creation, animation and video production, and training and consulting on presentation skills. Buffalo7 has worked with clients across a range of industries.

Timing: Depends on the scope of the project

Pricing: Approximately $5,000 for ~ 10 slides

6) Slidebean

Slidebean is a presentation software company which provides an easy-to-use platform for creating professional-looking presentations. Slidebean offers a range of customizable templates, design tools, and automation features to help users create engaging and effective presentations quickly and efficiently. Their platform also includes analytics and tracking tools to help users measure the success of their presentations which is a unique feature.

Timing: Depends on the project

Pricing: $228/yearly for the DIY software – consulting extra

7) SlideGenius

With offices in the United States and Asia, SlideGenius has a team of experienced designers, writers, and presentation specialists who work to deliver engaging and effective presentations. SlideGenius has worked with clients across a range of industries, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and is committed to delivering presentations that are both visually appealing and effective in communicating the intended message.

Timing: Depends on project size but anywhere from 8 – 10 business days

Pricing: Minimum $1,000 project cost

8) Mr. Prezident

Based in Amsterdam, MrPrezident has a team of experienced designers, developers, and storytellers who work together to deliver engaging and memorable presentations. They offer a range of services, including presentation design, content creation, animation and video production, and training and consulting on presentation skills. MrPrezident has worked with clients across a range of industries.

Timing: Depends on project size

Pricing: $6,000 for ~ 10 slides

9) Stinson Design

Stinson Design is a creative design agency offering various design services to businesses and individuals. Their expertise lies in creating visually appealing and effective designs, including brand identity, website, packaging, print, and presentation design. Stinson Design is known as a trusted partner for large, enterprise businesses looking to solidify their brand and design presence in the market.

Pricing: Depends on project size – free quotes available

10) Fully Decked Up

Fully Decked Up is a design agency that specializes in creating PPT presentations for businesses and individuals. Their team of designers is based out of India and offers a range of services, including custom template design, content creation, and animation and infographic development. They also provide training and consulting on presentation skills to help individuals and organizations improve their overall presentation delivery.

Timing: Delivered in 48 hours

Pricing: $38 – $86 per slide (approximately)

How Do I Choose The Right Presentation Design Partner?

corporate presentation companies

Well, we started to touch upon it above, but now it’s time to dish the dirt on those hard hitting questions you need to ask and checks you need to complete when you are in the market for a new presentation design.

Browse Their Presentation Design Portfolio

It may seem obvious, but you need to look at what they are capable of. Established presentation design agencies should have a portfolio of work they have completed.

If you’re interested, here’s what our presentation design portfolio looks like.

Your eyes aren’t going to lie to you, what you see is what you can expect to receive. The feeling that seeing the work gives you is a great initial indicator on whether you should proceed with contacting.

Check Their Reviews & Testimonials

You’d do it for a restaurant or a dentist, so why should it be any different for a presentation design agency?

93% of users say online reviews had an impact on their buying decisions. Exploding Topics

Reviews give you a window into what it’s like to work with a presentation design service. The good, the bad and the down right ugly. This insight should be a part of your “Should I Contact Them” checklist.

Just keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you, not all reviews are genuine! But you’re savvy, you’ll sniff em’ out pretty quickly!

corporate presentation companies

Ask The Right Questions That Suit Your Specific Needs

Without sounding like a proud relative, you and your situation are unique!

Whether you need a sales presentation, you deliver keynote presentations, you need business presentations, a PowerPoint presentation, a Prezi presentation (You the the idea) You need to ask questions that will reflect what you need. Below are a couple of examples:

What Are Your Turnaround Times?

Do you need a maximum impact pitch deck by tomorrow? Is your final presentation in an hour? (Ok, we might not be able to swing that one) But you should know what presentation agencies are capable of.

It if aligns with your requirements, that’s another check mark!

Industry Insider Tips: Just be sure you ask if there’s a premium with short turnaround times, as there usually is!

Are You Willing To Sign Nondisclosure Agreements?

Does the presentation design agency you’re looking to use sign NDA’s to protect the proprietary information they are going to see?

Do You Offer Comprehensive Customer Support?

Every client should feel like they’re the only client.

Do you get a dedicated project manager? Are your questions answered in hours, days or even weeks?

You need to know!

I'm A Startup/Corporate Giant, Are You Able To Service My Business?

No matter the size – big or small, we help tackle presentation design projects of any size!

Do Your Outsource Your Work Overseas?

corporate presentation companies

Don’t get us wrong, there’s plenty of visually appealing presentation work coming from all corners of the world, but all of our presentation designers are based in North America. It’s where we are based and easier for us to ensure the highest level of creativity and quality.

Does Your Presentation Have To Be In PowerPoint?

No, definitely not. Your presentation agency should offer specialized design services in a multitude of presentation softwares . There are specialized PPT Presentation companies who only work in PowerPoint, but we aren’t one of them.

Our philosophy is that big ideas, great presentations and a compelling narrative make all the difference. PowerPoint presentations are great, but so is other presentation software. We’re here to serve your needs, not our own!

How Much Is A Professional Presentation Design Agency Going To Cost?

We’re not going to beat around the bush here, custom presentation designs don’t come cheap. A minimum project cost is likely to set you back $1,500 for a simple presentation cleanup.

Want to read a little more on how much a pitch deck will cost?

View it as an investment in your company. Persuasive presentations created by presentation experts will elevate your sale and marketing efforts, without question.

You can view our presentation pricing grid here .

Do Presentation Companies Offer More Than Just Presentation Design Services?

corporate presentation companies

It’s a bit of a mix . Some presentation design companies offer just that, presentation design.

Others branch out into consulting and data analytics, and others will leverage the graphic design talent they have to branch out into other avenues to produce rich media presentations.

Here are just a couple of supporting services that we offer:

E-Learning Solutions

Online learning has become an integral part of many organizations’ Learning and Development plans. Nothing beats a face-to-face course from an engaging facilitator, but an online learning experience developed by the Presentation Geeks comes close. With professionally designed online course content immersed with video, narration, interactive activities , and quizzes, taking part in self-directed learning has never been so engaging.

Outstanding Motion Graphics

Every presentation project can benefit from professionally executed motion graphics and we will see a rise in the use of motion graphics in 2023 . We collaborate with our clients to build custom motion graphics animations that help build brands and elevate traditional presentations. If you’re looking to create a unique motion graphics video that can enhance your brand and marketing tactics, you’ve come to the right place.

Sizzling Sizzle Reel Production

We help our clients create punchy sizzle reels that showcase their unique personality and professionalism within 90 seconds. Our team works with our clients to create a captivating demo reel that leaves long-lasting positive impressions over a short amount of time. Our sizzle reels allow you to promote a product or brand in a unique, exciting way.

Engaging Motion Graphic Design

We create visually interesting infographics that display information and statistics using visual elements designed by our team of experts. Our infographics make learning fun, but also bring a cohesive message to life. We collaborate with our clients to ensure accuracy in our infographics and we strive to create appealing, eye-catching materials.

Wrapping It Up

So, you’re now armed with the information you need to go out there and confidently select the best presentation design company for your specific requirements. Remember to do the following:

Ask questions that pertain to your unique circumstance

Take a look at their presentation design portfolio

Read online reviews about your selected presentation design agency

But most importantly, go with your gut! If it feels like it’s going to be a good fit from the interactions you’ve had, you’re putting your best foot forward!

Ready To Partner With A Presentation Powerhouse?

Make an impression that lasts with your next presentation. Use our presentation design service that will not only save you time and money, but create powerful sales tool that will make the right first impression.

If you’re ready to begin working with award winning designers that have an established reputation, contact Presentation Geeks today by clicking the button below.

Author:  Content Team

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corporate presentation companies


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From one corporate PowerPoint template design back in 2015, our partnership with CrowdStrike has evolved into creating branded templates and collateral, and keynote presentations for their executive team.

We helped this financial services group redesign their existing investor presentation to better resonate with their audience. The resulting pitch deck is sleek and tells their business story to captivate investors.

We simplified dense scientific findings into a compelling narrative for healthcare professionals. Using graphics, photography, and brand elements brought the data-heavy presentation together into an easy-to-understand story.

The LearnWell Projects seeks to help colleges and universities eliminate academic-related retention problems. We helped them visualize complex and abstract concepts using animations and custom-made illustrations.

Concordia's Faculty of Fine Arts needed help visualizing survey data in way that is easy to understand and engaging to its readers. We developed an infographic to help educate the faculty staff and inspire action.

A very creative and collaborative process that made me change my thinking and approach; a worthwhile and rewarding experience.

Stinson is an expert at understanding information to visualize complex data and design clear text-heavy slides. They've helped improve the consistency of our presentations using a keen sense of brand and attention to detail. I'd recommend Stinson to anyone!

Stinson has a real talent for creating and honing presentations into first-class communication tools. We've used them repeatedly and are very happy with their skills and abilities.

We knew we had situations where our internal designs were no longer going to cut it. Finding and working with Stinson has elevated our external communications. The process is pain-free and quick. We have used Stinson on multiple designs, and plan to keep using them for upcoming design needs.

Whether helping to build a presentation deck, brochure, or short video, the Stinson team has been great to work with. They are creative problem solvers who help us take the complex and make it easier to understand. We really appreciate their initiative and level of service.

The team at Stinson did an excellent job and were able to turn our materials around within our tight timeline. The team catered to our specific needs and were a great partner. The updated design is fantastic and bold.

The team at Stinson understood so quickly what I was trying to show in my story, and made it so easy to tell it through graphics. I would use them again in a heartbeat.

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corporate presentation companies

Top 10 PowerPoint Companies to Elevate Your Presentations

The top 10 powerpoint companies to outsource your presentation design projects (with pricing).

Choosing a PowerPoint company offering presentation design services can be overwhelming, with so many options. Determining which PowerPoint Company fits your presentation design needs can be challenging—looking for the  Top 10 PowerPoint Companies  to outsource your presentation design projects?  Discover a comprehensive compilation of the Top 10 PowerPoint Companies to outsource your presentation design projects, accompanied by detailed pricing insights, to facilitate your discernment process.

If you are seeking a presentation design agency that aligns with your desired design style or level of expertise, look no further than this comprehensive list. Save yourself the frustration of endless search results and trust our expertly curated recommendations to guide you towards the ideal agency for your needs.

This blog covers the Top 10 PowerPoint Companies, choosing the right fit presentation design agency and other key aspects. Read through the blog entirely and apply these valuable insights before finalizing a particular presentation design agency.

The Power of Presentation: How Top 10 PowerPoint Companies Can Help Businesses Stand Out

A group of proficient experts, comprising presentation designers, communication consultants, marketing specialists, and skilled professionals, form a presentation company that aims to produce visually captivating designs that effectively communicate a powerful message. These seasoned designers possess a range of proficiencies across diverse presentation software platforms like PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, and Keynote, ensuring their ability to deliver exceptional results.

Top 10 PowerPoint Companies to Elevate your Presentations

Top 10 PowerPoint Companies to Elevate your Presentations

PowerPoint presentations are widely used across industries

PowerPoint designs are widely used in business settings across industries. In the following paragraphs, we shall try to understand the significance of Microsoft PowerPoint and how presentation designs help presenters to deliver successful presentations.

PowerPoint slides, also known as PowerPoint presentation slides or ppt slides, are an essential tool for delivering effective presentations. PowerPoint slide design or ppt slide design is vital, as it can make or break the presentation deal. Even a great content will not be understood and appreciated by audience, if the PowerPoint presentation slides design is not so impressive.

With the availability of PowerPoint online, users can easily access and collaborate on presentations from anywhere. The presentation format in PowerPoint is highly versatile, allowing to make PowerPoint integrating text, images, videos, and charts to effectively convey information. Additionally, the integration of Google PowerPoint has made it even easier to create and share presentations with others.

With options for pre-designed templates and the ability to customize designs, PowerPoint design allows for professional and visually appealing presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint continues to be the leading software for creating dynamic and impactful presentations in the corporate world.

PowerPoint Templates saves time and effort

PowerPoint templates or PowerPoint presentation templates are pre-designed slides with set of design layouts. These presentation templates save time and effort. Templates for PowerPoint come in a variety of styles, colors, and layouts, allowing users to choose the one that best fits their needs and preferences.

Many design agencies offer services involving the customized designing of presentation templates or PPT slide templates. A well-crafted presentation ppt template can enhance the overall impact of your presentation delivery. Presentation templates power point offers a wide range of design options, from simple and sleek to bold and creative, to suit any presentation style.

A PowerPoint presentation or PPT presentation comes with multiple design themes. Expert designers choose professional design themes and build PowerPoint samples for presentation covering wide range of design inspirations.

Many businesses look out for PowerPoint templates presentation customized to their industry and branding identity. Be it PowerPoint templates for IT presentations or templates for educational meetings, expert design agencies discussed here provide best design support.

Top 7 Benefits In Hiring a PowerPoint Company Offering Presentation Design Services

1. professionalism.

Hiring a PowerPoint company offering presentation design services ensures that your presentation looks professional and polished. Presentation design agencies have proficient designers with expertise in crafting visually captivating and impactful presentations that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

2. Time-saving

Crafting an exceptional presentation necessitates painstaking effort and attention to detail. Engaging the services of a distinguished PowerPoint firm from the Top 10 PowerPoint companies given in this list saves valuable time and enables you to concentrate on pressing matters. The Top 10 PowerPoint companies shared in this blog have the expertise and resources to create a presentation quickly and efficiently.

3. Customization

An adept PowerPoint Company can tailor your presentation to address your requisites and criteria. They are proficient in integrating your corporate identity, communication strategy, and additional components to fabricate a distinctive and tailored display that accurately embodies your enterprise or association.

4. Expertise

The Top 10 PowerPoint Companies to elevate your Presentations, as discussed in this blog, boast a seasoned team of experts with extensive knowledge of the latest design trends, techniques, and technologies. These skilled professionals can craft aesthetically captivating presentations and are strategically effective in conveying your message to your intended audience.

5. Cost-effective

Engaging the services of a PowerPoint Company offering presentation design services support can prove to be a prudent investment in the long haul. A polished and compelling presentation has the potential to captivate your audience, augment your earnings and fulfill your objectives. The benefits of such an outcome far outweigh the costs associated with engaging the services of a professional presentation design agency.

This blog highlights the Top 10 PowerPoint companies that offer comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire presentation design process, starting from the initial design phase and culminating in the final delivery. These companies possess the ability to provide insightful feedback and recommendations on how to enhance your presentation and guarantee that it aligns seamlessly with your objectives and aspirations.

7. Affordable pricing plans

For those seeking to delegate their presentation design projects, The Top 10 PowerPoint companies discussed in this blog provide bespoke pricing plans to cater to your specific requirements. By entrusting the creation of your slides to seasoned professionals, you can allocate your precious time towards the core areas of your profession. With an array of pricing packages available, you can opt for the plan that aligns with your budget and demands.

The Art of Persuasion: How Professionally Crafted Presentations Can Influence Your Audience

Mastering persuasive communication through captivating presentations is an essential skill that businesses must acquire. A meticulously crafted presentation can indelibly impress decision-makers, foster confidence, and proficiently communicate vital information. Whether it is demonstrating a product or service, disseminating research discoveries, or inspiring a team, presentations provide a formidable platform for information dissemination and credibility establishment.

By effectively using visuals, presenting complex topics clearly and concisely, and demonstrating critical thinking skills, businesses can enhance their credibility and efficiently convey their message with precision and impact. In today’s competitive business world, mastering the art of persuasive presentations is essential for success.

Top 10 PowerPoint Companies - Persuasive Presentations

Top 10 PowerPoint Companies – Persuasive Presentations

List of Top 10 PowerPoint Companies to Elevate Your Presentations

Are you looking to elevate your presentations? Check out our Top 10 PowerPoint Companies to Elevate Your Presentations list. We have thoughtfully compiled essential details on each PowerPoint Company, encompassing their Pricing and service offerings, to facilitate your decision-making towards the optimal fit for your requirements. A meticulously crafted presentation can significantly enhance your organization’s standing.

So, use this blog to choose one of the Top 10 PowerPoint Companies that can deliver high-quality presentation designs for your project. Whether you want to match the standards of top consultants like McKinsey, BCG, and Bain or simply want to make a lasting impression , our Top 10 PowerPoint Companies to Elevate Your Presentations has got you covered.

1. Visual Sculptors

Top 10 PowerPoint Companies - Visual Sculptors

Top 10 PowerPoint Companies – Visual Sculptors

Visual Sculptors  is a global provider of PowerPoint Presentation Design Services led by Ex-McKinsey Presentation Designers having 10+ years experience at McKinsey (design support). Our core strength lies in the slide design that enhances customer experience. A Top Rated Plus PPT Presentation Design agency in Upwork with 4,080 jobs, and 28,254 billed hours. We offer excellent Management Consulting Presentation Services for clients globally, delivering top-notch presentations in PowerPoint/PPT. Our services includes Business Presentation, Consulting Slides specializing in McKinsey, BCG, and Bain-type Business Presentations, including think-cell charts .

Affordable & Flexible Costs – Lucrative pricing plans to cater your different needs.

Starting at $16 / Hour – Platinum Plan

2. ChilliBreeze

ChilliBreeze offers services on three levels. Level 1 – Fit & Finish. Level 2 – Design Magic. Level 3 – Visualize. We format, design and create presentations as per your needs.

Pricing: The Account starts at $8,000

3. Buffalo7

For an effective, persuasive presentation that resonates with your audience, changes mindsets, and meets desired objectives, it is essential to consider all the necessary components.  Buffalo7 offers presentation creation, PowerPoint templates, infographics, and print design services. Their presentation types include pitch decks, investor, marketing, conference, finance, and product presentations. Ranking among the Top 10 PowerPoint companies discussed here, this agency also offers training in virtual presentation skills, PowerPoint templates, and storytelling.

Pricing: $5000 for 10 slides (est.)

4. BrightCarbon

Bright Carbon focuses on crafting compelling content that effectively communicates your message. The comprehensive services encompass offered by this esteemed organization encompasses animation, eLearning, training, and graphic design. The team of proficient professionals, adept in using of cutting-edge tools and techniques, strive to craft visually enthralling and influential presentations that enable clients to accomplish their objectives easily.

Pricing: Starting at $2500 for 10 slides

At  Ethos3 , we provide comprehensive presentation design services for the most popular presentation platforms, such as PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, and Prezi. Our services include template-based presentations and specialized assistance with content creation and storytelling.

Ethos3 is a presentation design agency that creates visually stunning and effective presentations for businesses and individuals. Being one among the Top 10 PowerPoint companies mentioned in this curated list, Ethos3 provides a comprehensive selection of services, encompassing presentation design, training and coaching, and content creation. Their adept team of designers, writers, and strategists work with clients to construct compelling and lasting presentations that leave a significant impression on the audience.

Pricing: Starting at $2000 per project

6. Bharath Group Online

Bharath Group Online  takes pride in their ability to redesign existing PowerPoint presentations, or create entirely new ones for your business needs.

Pricing Plans:

  • Golden Frame Presentation – Starting from $1500
  • Corporate Business – $30 Per slide onwards
  • SMB – $22 Per Slide onwards

7. Slidebean

Slidebean is a powerful platform for creating and delivering presentations and pitch decks. It features customizable content blocks and eye-catching templates that provide a great starting point for various presentation design services, from sales pitches to client presentations. They offer multiple benefits, including custom design, content creation, and presentation coaching.

Pricing: Starting at $39 per slide

8. Slidewalla

Slidewalla  is a professional presentation design agency that helps you accelerate your projects with thousands of ready-to-use products. Hand picked templates that are easy to customize in tools like PowerPoint, Illustrator, Photoshop and Canva.

The pricing of the ready-to-use products, templates varies.

Slidor is a presentation design agency located in Paris, offering varied presentation services including sales presentations, PowerPoint templates, event presentations, financial reports, interactive presentations and other related Presentation designs along with training.

Pricing: On Request

10. Infographia

Infographia offers premium fully customizable infographics and offers the best infographics collection into one package with suitable pricing options. It covers varied options like timeline, dashboard, charts, tables, agenda, funnels and other types of infographic collections that can be used in for PowerPoint presentations.

Pricing: Offers 3 different pricing plans – 1. Unlimited Access (1 User) 2. Team – Unlimited Access (5 Users) and 3. Team Unlimited Access (10 Users) with pricing plans.

Eight Proven Tips for Selecting the Right PowerPoint Company For Your Next Project

1. look for experience.

In selecting a PowerPoint Company, it is paramount to seek out a team with a wealth of experience in crafting presentations. Taking the time to peruse their portfolio and assess whether they have undertaken projects akin to yours is crucial. Seasoned designers possess an elevated comprehension of effective presentation techniques and are thus able to offer invaluable insights aimed at enhancing your presentation’s efficacy.

In this curated list of Top 10 PowerPoint companies, we considered the agency’s experience as a prime factor in ordering the companies. Before finalizing to partner with a presentation design agency, it is essential to check for customer reviews, relevant industry experience and the affordable pricing plans.

2. Check their design style

Every PowerPoint Company offering presentation design services support has its unique style . Look at their previous work and see if their design style matches your vision for your presentation.

In the case of uncertainty regarding one’s design preferences, it is advisable to solicit the services of a presentation design firm, requesting a selection of design options to peruse and select from them.

3. Consider their communication skills

Communication is vital when working with a PowerPoint Company that handles your presentation design project. It is essential to verify their responsiveness to e-mail requests and call inquiries and their willingness to consider your concepts and input. A reputable presentation design company will inform you of project advancements and remain amenable to modification suggestions based on your feedback.

The Top 10 PowerPoint Companies enlisted here, exhibit a professional communication in all their design projects, ensuring prompt responses and effective delivery of designs aligned to client’s feedback and suggestions.

4. One-Stop Solution: Finding a Company that Meets All Your Needs

When choosing a PowerPoint company for your upcoming project, it is crucial to consider the full spectrum of services they provide beyond the mere design of presentations. Opting for a company with a diverse range of services will enable you to meet all your design requirements under one roof, optimizing your operational efficiency.

It is highly recommended to seek out a company proficient in graphic design, social media post design, MS Word report formatting, pitch deck design, brochure and flyer design, and an array of other marketing material designs.

5. Check their pricing

When contemplating a PowerPoint company, pricing proves to be a critical consideration. It is incumbent upon one to comprehend their pricing framework and the services incorporated therein. Notably, certain companies may levy supplementary charges for revisions or design work. Thus it is paramount to be aware of what one is receiving in exchange for their financial outlay.

6. The Power of Testimonials

Before selecting a PowerPoint company offering presentation design services support, one should peruse reviews and testimonials from past patrons. Doing so will provide insight into their level of expertise, the caliber of output, and dedication to client satisfaction.

7. Ask for references

If you are still unsure about a PowerPoint Company, ask for references from previous clients. This allows you to engage in dialogue with an individual who has previously collaborated with the organization and can furnish invaluable perspectives regarding their tenure.

8. Weighing the Benefits and Costs of a Professional Presentation Design Agency

The pricing structure for professional presentation design agencies is contingent upon a multitude of factors, including but not limited to the project’s scope, the extent of customization required, and the level of expertise the agency possesses. Generally speaking, clients anticipate a cost range between $500 and $5,000 to acquire top-tier presentation design services. However, some agencies may charge more for complex projects or rush orders. Getting a quote from the agency before starting any work is essential to ensure you are comfortable with the cost.

What is your take on finalizing a design partner for  your next presentation design project

We encourage you to thoroughly analyze the varied parameters including affordability in pricing, flexibility to handle quick deadlines with prompt responses for these Top 10 PowerPoint companies and come to a decision in finalizing your presentation design partner.

Wrapping It Up

Developing a thorough and impactful presentation has the potential to amplify your likelihood of achieving success. Integrating expertly designed infographics and engaging content can significantly elevate the impact of your pitch decks and investor presentations. When finalizing one among the Top 10 PowerPoint companies mentioned in this list, consider their packages and assess whether they are within your budget and match your quality expectations, delivering on time every time.

To ascertain the selection of an appropriate presentation design agency for your requirements, it is imperative to bear in mind these crucial points. Initially, pose pertinent questions that are pertinent to your individualized circumstances.

Subsequently, evaluate the agency’s portfolio to determine if their artistic approach coincides with your vision. Thirdly, peruse online feedback to discern their standing in the industry. Lastly, rely on your instincts – if your interactions with the agency have been favorable, they will probably be a compatible match.

Maximizing Your Impact: Partnering with a Ex-McKinsey Presentation Designers Team

Partnering with an Ex-McKinsey Presentation designers team can help you maximize your impact and create a lasting impression with your audience. Our presentation design service offers award-winning Ex-McKinsey designers with an established reputation for creating powerful sales tools that make the right first impression. Not only will this save you time and money, but it will also ensure that your presentation is designed to perfection, matching McKinsey standards. Contact Visual Sculptors today by clicking the link to get started.

  • What is the best presentation company for slides?

10 of the Best Presentation Design Agencies for Outsourcing PowerPoint Presentations are: 1. Visual Sculptors 2. ChilliBreeze 3. Buffalo7 4. BrightCarbon 5. Ethos3 6. Bharath Group Online 7. Slidebean 8. My Business Visual 9. Visual Spiders 10. Prezentium

2. Why Keynote is better than PowerPoint?

Keynote is often considered better than PowerPoint because it offers more creative freedom and has a more intuitive interface. Keynote also has better integration with Apple products and allows for easier collaboration with others. Additionally, Keynote presentations tend to have a more polished and professional look.

3. Why consultants extensively use PowerPoint?

Consultants use PowerPoint extensively because it allows them to present complex information in a clear and concise way. It also allows them to create visually appealing presentations that can help to engage their audience and convey their message effectively. Additionally, PowerPoint is a widely used tool in the business world, so consultants who are proficient in using it can easily share their work with clients and colleagues.

4. How is Canva different from PowerPoint?

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create visually appealing designs and graphics for a variety of purposes, while PowerPoint is a presentation software that is primarily used for creating slideshows and presentations. Canva offers more design flexibility and a wider range of templates and graphics, while PowerPoint is more focused on creating professional presentations with a more limited range of design options.

5. Why Management Consultants prefer Thinkcell software?

Thinkcell is a popular software tool used by management consultants for its ability to create professional-looking charts and graphs quickly and easily. It saves time and allows consultants to focus on analyzing data and creating insights rather than spending hours formatting and designing presentations. Additionally, thinkcell offers a range of customizable features and templates, making it a versatile tool for any consulting project.

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10 Best Presentation Companies And Design Agencies

While the internet is filled with a number of presentation companies, it is still difficult to choose one when you need one. Selecting a good presentation design company/agency should be handled with utmost seriousness and diligence. We have you covered! We have compiled a list of the best companies for presentation services and guide you through each and every aspect of these agencies.

10 Best Presentation Companies And Design Agencies

According to Hinge Research Institute, an effective presentation can lead to 20.1% accelerated growth and 24.8% higher profits for a company. Well, it is rather truer than ever, especially in today’s digital era. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to pitch your innovative idea or a corporate professional aiming to impress stakeholders, the way you present can make all the difference. 

In addition to that, when it comes to bolster professionalism and retain the audience’s attention, an engaging presentation becomes pivotal in every meeting. Research shows that well-crafted presentations can lead to a 30% increase in audience engagement and comprehension. And this is where the presentation design companies/agencies come into play. 

Outsourcing your presentation needs to a standard presentation agency has become a common practice across industries. In this blog ,we will delve into the aspects and functions of these presentation companies, their importance in a corporate setting that goes beyond cost-savings and a list our 10 best companies for presentation services worldwide.    

What Is A Presentation Design Company?

A presentation design company is a specialized services firm dedicated to creating visually appealing and effective presentations as per the needs of a client. They collaborate with individuals and corporations/organizations across industries to enhance their communication efforts. 

PowerPoint presentation design companies utilize storytelling and narrative techniques, advanced AI tools and  graphic design principles to transform ordinary slides into compelling visual experiences. Some of the best companies for presentations have recently gained recognition for their ability to serve professionals across industries.

What Does A Presentation Company Do?

Presentation companies provide specialized design services to professionals to enhance their visual communication. Whether you need to re-create your slides to improve their visual appeal or convert your raw data into PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations, presentation design firms help you at every step. They incorporate graphics, charts, icons, images, and other elements to make your content visually engaging. PPT presentation design companies:

  • Understand your needs and requirements, and make a timeline and strategies to serve you. 
  • Assist in logical structuring the presentation’s content.
  • Ensure that the presentation aligns with the company’s branding guidelines, reinforcing brand consistency. 
  • Maintain visual and branding consistency throughout the presentation, using cohesive color theory, typography, storytelling techniques, AI and design elements. 
  • Share the first draft and work on your feedback to modify or add things to the presentation until you are fully satisfied. 

In essence, a presentation company is like a close colleague who helps you with every aspect of your work when it comes to enhancing your communication. Whether it’s for sales pitches, business pitches or marketing and project-based presentations, the expertise of presentation design companies improve the quality and effectiveness of your presentations.

Before And After Outsourcing to a Presentation Company

But how would you find the perfect company to satisfy all your needs? The internet is filled with PowerPoint presentation companies that offer these services which might be overwhelming for you. Worry not, we have compiled a list of the best companies for presentation services in 2023 that you can choose from.

10 Best Presentation Design Companies

Finding the right presentation design company that prioritizes you and serves you diligently is essential if you decide to outsource your presentation needs. Here are the 10 best presentation design companies that do the same for you: 


Stinson design, slidesgenius, fully decked up, deck sherpa.

  • Puffingston


Mr. prezident, big fish presentations.

SlideUpLift is a leading presentation company serving corporations around the globe. We have over 30+ years of collective experience in creating visually stunning presentations for professionals across industries. What makes us stand apart is that we apply the principles of vision sciences and color theory to create and re-create branding guidelines, marketing and sales decks, business pitches, project-related presentation services. We are also known to transform alternative documents (PDFs, Excel Sheets, Research findings, etc.) into visually engaging presentations in no time.

In addition to this, we offer a unique feature that allows you to integrate uniform presentation guidelines across all departments in a company. In short, we create decks and presentation templates using tools like PowerBi that can be used by every department of your company, be it sales, marketing, IT, web development, HR, etc. 

  • Provides complete solution, with content creation, presentation design within a given time frame.
  • 24/7 customer support team on your command.
  • Helps you build narratives in your presentations using advanced storytelling principles.
  • Guaranteed delivery within 1 business day if you chose custom-slides services.
  • Offers personalized analytical services and solutions.
  • Make use of AI and other tools such as PowerBi to turn your data into visually aesthetic slides.
  • BONUS:   40,000+ customizable PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes
  • Requires login to download free templates.

SlideUpLift has a vast clientele across different industries. Some of the clients we have served and worked with are:

  • Starbucks , 

Pricing Model:  

  • Pay Per Slide:  

Design or redesign your content/slides on our custom-slides portal, and your slides will be delivered to you within 1 Business day.  

  • Pay Per Hour:

Pay for the time dedicated to your presentation. Get top-quality presentation slides within deadline, accompanied by continuous communication. 

  • Pay Per Month:

Our presentation development services work as your extended partner in delivering engaging presentations. Get unlimited access to our team of experts for all of your presentation needs, from brainstorming and scripting to designing and delivering.

Stinson Design, one of the most renowned presentation-making companies/agencies, is known for its innovative and visually captivating design solutions. What sets Stinson Design apart is its commitment to create compelling visuals that not only captivate the eye but also convey a meaningful message. Whether it’s for marketing teams, sales professionals or founders or thought leaders, Stinson Design approaches each presentation with a unique blend of creativity and strategy.

  • Makes use of both AI and human creativity to make presentations.
  • Helps with the entire storytelling and narrative building process for your business. 
  • Diverse portfolio including organizations like Twitch, Zebit, Swox, etc.
  • Time-consuming when it comes to multiple revisions.
  • Limited scope of expertise and services when it comes to industries.

Pricing Model:

Pricing varies significantly based on:

  • Visual complexities
  • Timeline/urgency
  • Project scope

Known for its over the top pitch decks portfolio, SlidesGenius is a US-based presentation design agency that primarily focuses on enhancing startups’ visual communication. SlidesGenius has garnered a reputation for excellence in the field of presentation design. 

  • Includes aspects of creative storytelling techniques.
  • Delivers right on committed time period.
  • Incorporates multimedia elements such as animations, videos, and interactive components, enhancing the overall impact of presentations.
  • Time consuming when it comes to multiple revisions.
  • Expensive when compared to other agencies.

SlideGenius works on, both, per hour and retainer basis. Depending upon the project scope, it charges between $50 to $125 per hour, or $1,000 per project (estimated).

Fully Decked Up is one of the leading presentation companies from India that specialize in sales, finance-related and fundraising presentations. It is also known for making visually stunning presentations for conferences and workshops. With 10+ years of experience, they have a keen understanding of market trends and consumer behavior, ensuring that every design is effective in achieving its intended goals.

  • Makes their own designs and are not dependent on templates. 
  • Delivers presentations in 48 hours
  • 500+ PPTs made in the last 10 years. 
  • Depending on their policies, the revision process may involve additional time and costs.
  • May not provide a wide range of other design or marketing services, limiting their versatility for comprehensive projects.

Fully Decked Up has different pricing for these categories:

  • Visual Makeover
  • Visual touchup
  • Re-packaging 

Having served companies like Vivo, Samsung, Tata, Sodexo, DBS, Mahindra, etc, Deck Sherpa is one of the leading presentation services companies in Asia. Known for its visually stunning pitch decks and sales pitches, Deck Sherpa has made a name for itself in the field. It combines creativity, strategy, and innovation to produce outstanding visual solutions that leave a lasting impression in the world of design.

  • Strict privacy and confidentiality policies.
  • 100% positive track record from vast clientele.
  • Time consuming as compared to other agencies.
  • Makes presentations only on PowerPoint, and not Google Slides or Keynote. 

Pricing varies based on your requirement. Deck Sherpa has different pricing for these categories:

  • Investor pitch decks
  • Presentation creation
  • Slide revamp
  • Financial reports

Puffingston Presentations 

Puffingston Presentations, situated in Austin, USA, is one of the highly recognized presentation companies/agencies. Established to help organizations communicate their ideas more effectively, Puffingston has become a trusted partner for businesses seeking to elevate their visual storytelling. They specialize in crafting custom presentations that are tailored to client’s unique needs, branding, and objectives. Their designers work closely with clients to ensure each slide tells a compelling story.

  • Offers training and development to clients to empower them to become more effective presenters.
  • Guaranteed quality deliveries in a committed timeline. 
  • Recognized and awarded by many corporations and institutes.
  • Extra payment for multiple revisions.
  • Pricing depends on the scope and complexity of a project, not a particular model. 

Puffingston has different pricing models based on:

  • Presentation type
  • Number of slides

SlidesRabbit is one of the most recognized presentation companies in the industry. It provides business presentation design services including custom presentation templates, slide design, and support to help you craft the perfect presentation narrative. Not just this, it also offers content consultation to its retainer customers to hone their skills. Through its workshops and development programs, clients are learning how to communicate their ideas visually.

  • Delivers in PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote and iSpring. 
  • Uses storytelling techniques to understand and create visually appealing presentations. 
  • Not the most budget-friendly option for some clients.
  • Delivery is usually dependent on the scope and slides. 

Pricing Model: 

Depending on the scale of your project, SlideRabbit charges you between $1,500 to $10,000.

With their diversified portfolio and expertise they bring to the table, they describe themselves as “The Presentation Partner of Ambitious Organizations”. Mr. Prezident takes pride in tailoring presentations to meet the unique needs, branding, and objectives of each client. Their dedicated team collaborates closely with clients to ensure that each slide tells a compelling story.

  • Provides presentation services across all platforms including Keynote, Google Slides and PowerPoint.
  • Served clients like AstraZeneca, Hyundai, Universal Pictures, etc. 
  • Delivers right on time. 
  • Expensive and not-so-budget-friendly quotations as compared to other presentation services. 
  • Multiple revisions may add extra expenses, depending upon the plan you have chosen. 

Mr. Prezident charges you on hourly basis, dividing the time/hours spent on:

  • Storytelling 
  • Development

Big Fish Presentations is a prominent presentation design agency recognized for its expertise in creating compelling and memorable presentations. Founded on the belief that presentations should be engaging and impactful, they have made a name for themselves in the field of visual storytelling. Big Fish believes in tailoring presentations to unique needs, branding, and objectives of each client. Their team of skilled designers collaborate closely with clients to ensure that every slide effectively conveys the desired message.

  • Offers copywriting and training services apart from presentation designs. 
  • Guaranteed delivery within a given timeline.
  • May have limitations in handling a high volume of presentations simultaneously.
  • Depending on the project and scope, the revision process may involve additional time and costs.
  • Pricing depends on your project requirements. 

Using storytelling and narrative-building techniques, PitchWorx excels in crafting customized presentations that align with client’s unique branding, objectives, and messaging. Their team of skilled designers work closely with clients to ensure that each slide tells a persuasive story. They offer content enhancement services, helping clients refine and improve the quality and effectiveness of their presentation content. PitchWorx seamlessly incorporates multimedia elements, such as animations, videos, and interactive components, to enhance the overall impact of presentations.

  • Served clients like Dooshdarshan, Gravy Media, Indian Podcast Channel, Unacademy, Wipro, etc. 
  • Delivers presentation decks within a given committed timeline. 
  • Can be time-consuming.
  • Pricing may vary based on the project requirements. 
  • $10 per slide for customization, designing and redesigning. 

We have hand-picked these 10 best companies for presentations based on their ability to be consistent, professional and extra-ordinarily creative in the presentation space. Whether you’re looking for customization, visual storytelling, content enhancement, or multimedia integration, there’s a presentation service company on this list that can cater to your specific needs. Now, all you have to do is to pick one  from these PPT presentation design companies that you see to be fit for your requirements. 

How To Choose The Right Presentation Company?

In a wha irlpool of number of presentation design companies/agencies in the market, it is always a headache to choose one for your professional needs. It is essential to choose a presentation design company that not only meets your requirements but also acts as a guide when it comes to things you are not specialized in, such as color theory, data representation, etc. So, how do you choose the right presentation company? We have compiled a list of factors you should take into consideration while looking for the best presentation design services . Consider these points while hand-picking a presentation outsourcing company:

  • Experienced Team and Tools: Ensure it has skilled graphic designers and cutting-edge AI software tools for top-notch design.
  • Professional Expertise: Look for professionals knowledgeable in vision sciences, knowledge management, and business ethics in particular. 
  • Pricing: Check their pricing options and plans and conduct an analysis as per your needs. Discuss affordability plans in detail before having them on board. 
  • Transparency: Confirm what’s included in the cost and inquire about any extra charges for revisions or additional services.
  • Reliable Deadlines: Choose a company with a strong commitment to meeting deadlines and maintaining confidentiality.
  • Track Record and Reviews: Seek a well-known company with a solid portfolio, positive reviews, and testimonials. Ask for sample work or consider a trial period to evaluate their skills.
  • Customer Support: Make sure they have a responsive customer support team available 24/7 to address your queries.

Outsource Presentation Services V/s In-house Design Team

Big corporations and individuals often grapple with the decision of whether to outsource presentations to outside presentation design firms/agencies/companies or to hire an in-house team or a professional. Each choice has its merits and considerations, and understanding the advantages of outsourcing can help in making an informed choice. Let’s explore some of the compelling reasons why outsourcing presentations to companies can be a strategic move, that goes beyond cost savings.

Outsourcing presentation design services bring expertise in design, storytelling, narrative and communication techniques that may not be readily available in-house.


Hiring and training in-house staff, purchasing software and tools, and maintaining design resources can be expensive for any company. Everest Group’s study shows outsourcing presentations to PowerPoint presentation companies helps you with 30-40% cost savings, meaning $30,000 – $40,000 less yearly for every $100,000 spent in-house. Plus, outsourcing allows you to pay for services as needed on a per-slide basis, hourly basis and retainer basis.  

Focus on Core Competencies:

Outsourcing to PPT presentation design companies/agencies frees up your team to focus on core roles and responsibilities. Teams thrive when they don’t feel pressure to make their slides visually engaging as it eliminates the need for employees to divert their attention from their primary roles.

Knowledge Management and New Perspectives:

The best companies for presentations bring new and creative ideas to the table while serving you. Outsourcing promotes fresh perspectives in your slides and prevents stagnation to ensure a competitive edge in the market. 

Advanced Tools and Scalability:

Apart from their theoretical and practical expertise, presentation companies also have access to updated AI tools and design technology that take your presentation to new heights every day. Not just this, outsourcing PPT presentation design services allow you to scale up or down based on demand without the burden of hiring or laying off employees.

In short, outsourcing presentation services offer logical benefits including cost savings, expertise and technology access, time efficiency, scalability, etc. You can also choose to have an inhouse expert but there are drawbacks, especially when it comes to cost and training. Outsourcing relaxes you from these burdens while ensuring your presentations are professionally crafted and impactful.

The best presentation services company for you will depend on your unique requirements and objectives. It’s about finding the perfect fit to bring your ideas to life and leave a lasting impact. So, take the time to explore these companies, discuss your vision with their experts, and choose the one that resonates most with your goals.

If you are still in doubt, let’s get this straight: No matter your needs, budget, or creative vision, we, at SlideUpLift , have got your back. We are here to transform your ideas into engaging visual stories. Explore our presentation design services and custom slides to have a deeper understanding of our work ethic and how we can assist you with achieving professionalism to the fullest. And see for yourself, why we are the best presentation design agency!

Is outsourcing to presentation companies better than hiring in-house designers?

Yes, presentation design agencies/companies employ storytelling and narrative building techniques along with AI and analytical tools to transform complex ideas, data, and information into clear and compelling visuals for various purposes, including business meetings, marketing campaigns, and educational presentations.

How were the 10 best companies selected?

The selection process involved thorough research, considering factors such as service quality, customer reviews, reputation, pricing models and industry expertise. Our list of 10 best presentation companies represents the top performers in the presentation services industry.

Are SlideUpLift's presentation services suitable for individuals?

Absolutely! We offer a wide range of services catering to a wide range of clients, from individuals looking to improve personal presentations to businesses seeking professional executive-level presentations. For individuals looking for help on 1 or more slides, can try our custom-slides service. For businesses, who need our help on a monthly basis, can opt for our presentation services . Get in touch to know more.

Can I request customizations or unique designs for my presentations?

Yes, many of these companies including SlideUpLift offer customization options to tailor presentations to your specific requirements. You can discuss your preferences and expectations with us. Explore our Custom Slides services to see for yourself.

How do presentation companies/agencies charge you?

Presentation Companies charge you based on various factors depending on number of slides, designing and re-designing aspects, number of hours, urgency, etc. We, here at SlideUpLift have a simple and unique price model. We offer our presentation services on:

  • Per slide basis
  • Per hour basis
  • Monthly/retainer (long term partner) basis

Schedule a call with us to know more.

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The 10 Best Presentation Design Agencies in 2023

Presentation quality is key to a winning business pitch. It is important to note that high-quality presentation designs have many advantages over text papers or lengthy PDFs. 

If you want to improve your company's reputation or boost sales as a startup or an established business, having a clean and professionally made presentation design is key. That can only be achieved with the help of presentation design services.

What are the presentation design services?

In today's world, it's so hard to keep people's attention. If you want to inform and engage your audience effectively, your presentation must be well developed, illustrated, and organized, whether it's a sales pitch, a training session, a large conference, or an investor update.

By using presentation services, the ideas and concepts in any presentation will be made much clearer and more appealing.

Some presentation services include

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Pitch deck Presentation
  • Sales Presentation
  • Pitch Presentation, and more. 

A Presentation Design Company bring your slides to life, transforming them into professional slides that will win investors. Also, through presentation services, every subject is presented more perceptively and intelligibly. 

How much does making a PowerPoint presentation cost?

In front of your audience, your PowerPoint presentations serve as your resume. As a result, since this is one of the first things they see, this is where they will form an impression of you, either satisfactory or not.

If you want to outsource your PowerPoint presentation design to a design agency, knowing how much it will cost will help you get prepared.

The cost of a PowerPoint depends on various factors. These factors include

  • The number of slides.
  • The timeline.
  • Preliminary work
  • The complexity of the project.
  • Animation requirements
  • Content and design elements

At Slidebean, a presentation design costs $39 per slide, depending on how quickly you need it; design improvements can cost up to $400 to $799 for less than 20 slides in a 5-7 business day delivery. The price increases if the presentation is needed urgently.

The prices vary with different agencies, but the factors remain the same.

Slidebean Users get a 10% discount on their presentation redesign services

What Do Presentation Design Agencies Do?

If you really what to get people sitting on the edge of their seats and hanging onto your every word, telling a story has the power to do just that. That is what presentation design agencies bring to the table – great storytelling. 

The main goal of presentation design agencies is to help businesses to communicate effectively through their presentation. 

To help businesses and professionals improve the look of their presentations, presentation design agencies offer a wide range of specialized design services. These services range from organizing the information and visuals you already have in your presentation to starting from scratch.

So, from defining clear objectives and selecting captivating themes to the final presentation, presentation design agencies help their clients communicate clearly, effectively, and memorably through a visually-appealing presentation.

How to choose The Right Presentation Design Agency for You?

Choosing the right presentation design agency can be tricky and challenging. This is partly because numerous agencies are available to help you design a presentation, but not every agency is the same in terms of quality.

When choosing the right presentation design agency, here are some things to consider

  • What kind of service do you need?

Before looking for a presentation design agency, know what kind of service you need and what type of presentation you want. This is because many presentation design agencies offer various services that are not relevant to your needs.

For instance, some only provide the slide designs, paying little attention to the texts. In contrast, other agencies, in addition to helping with the aesthetic designs, would also help you improve your texts and use stronger and more persuading.

Therefore, knowing your presentation's goals and what kind of service you want would help you find the right agency.

  • Do they have the skills?

Ensure that the agency you want to choose has what it takes to meet your needs. A good presentation design agency should be capable of a variety of skills. First and foremost, look out for design skills. It is a necessary skill set for a design agency to possess. Also, check out some of their skills before you make a decision.

Check Slidebean Case Studies

  • An impressive portfolio?

A portfolio is self-explanatory. You can see what the agency can design after looking at two or three presentations. Therefore, looking at a presentation design agency's portfolio may help you determine whether or not they are a good fit for your needs.

There are a few things to consider when you check the portfolio. 

  • Are there samples you like?
  • Are the designs good? 
  • Do the design style and content fit your needs?

Answer these questions when going through their portfolio. Hire a design firm only after reviewing their past projects.

  • Are they worth their asking price?

"Are they worth their asking price?" Some agencies charge high design rates but deliver low-quality designs. Therefore, check out their portfolios or chat with their previous clients to determine if they are worth the asking prices. 

  • Diversities

Finally, know diverse they are when making presentations. An agency should cover sales presentations, investor-related presentations, webinars, product launches, fundraisers presentations, and much more. Alongside this, apart from PowerPoint, they should work on different platforms like Google Slides, Slidebean, and Keynote.

Top 10 best PowerPoint presentation design services online

The best approach to acquiring innovative, expert, and high-quality presentation designs is by working with the best presentation design agency. 

Here are the top 10 PowerPoint presentation design service

#1. Slidebean

slidebean presentation design examples

Slidebean presentation design agency

They also prepare effective presentations for fundraising, sales and more, making them a good fit for both startups and established businesses. Slidebean pitch deck services has been able to help its clients to raise over $300m combined.

They also provide finalized and exquisitely created templates, making replacing the contents easier. One of the best things about Slidebean is their ability to get their clients a winning pitch deck .

Start a project

How much is a pitch deck.

Instead of working on a lengthy 20–100 page detailed business plan that only a few individuals get to see, more firms and startups choose the adaptable Pitch Deck approach. That's because a Pitch Deck is a streamlined and more functional version of your business plan/strategy, containing only the information that will motivate and drive action.

Your Pitch Deck will act as the basis for all forms of communication, including your website, advertisements, and others, which is why getting the best agency to build your pitch deck is essential.

Freelancing platforms like Upwork or Fiverr advertise their top pitch deck professionals as charging between $35 and $250 per hour for people with no expertise.

However, the average starting price for a comprehensive pitch deck at professional agencies like Slidebean ranges from less than $1,500 to $10,000. What you will get is a polished and expertly made entire pitch deck. Slidebean works on writing the content, designing the slides, and building the financial models as well. 

Therefore, if your business is something you are passionate about and compelled to do, make a sizeable financial investment in constructing a high-quality pitch deck.

#2. Buffalo7

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This PowerPoint design agency uses storytelling to create a powerful pitch deck to set you and your ideas apart. In addition to creating investor pitch decks, they also create keynote and marketing presentations.

#3. BrightCarbon

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Bright Carbon pays a lot of attention to the message you want to deliver. They create content to be compelling and visually explain your ideas.

They provide services that fall into animations, eLearning, training, and graphic design and have clear pricing plans.

#4. 24 Slides

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24Slides is an agency that provides numerous presentation design options and helps with business PowerPoint designs. With their visual communication skill, they specialize in presenting difficult information to your clients in a clear and simple-to-understand way.

#5. Mr.Prezident

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Mr. Prezident is a premium presentation design agency representing itself as "the presentation partner of optimistic enterprises."

They offer various services and provide templates, training, videos, slide management, and creative services. They use Prezi, PowerPoint, Keynote, and other presenting software to create their presentations.

#6. Fully Decked Up

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Fully Decked Up takes PowerPoint design to the next level. They provide PPT touch-ups, a full-blown visual makeover, and bundles for prepackaging presentations.

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Ethos3 believes in using the three Es' to help you engage, energize, and empathize with your audience. They offer content creation and presentation design for corporate presentations.

#8. SlideRabbit

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From straightforward slide design to intricate animations and interactive visuals, infographics, and visualizations, SlideRabbit's presentation design agency offers exceptional creative innovation to any business.

SlideRabbit creates presentation graphics for legal services and marketing materials using PowerPoint slide designs, Keynote presentations, and infographics. 

#9. Big Fish Presentations

corporate presentation companies

To properly communicate your brand message, Big Fish blends design, copywriting, and presentation skills into one. Big Fish helps clients make emotional and meaningful presentations. Something that has an impact and inspires.

#10. SlideGenius

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SlideGenius creates stories in images. They give you the chance to expand your customer base and revenue dramatically. 

Slidebean believes that captivating stories make for persuasive presentations, and captivating stories make unforgettable experiences.

Amazingly, Slidebean pitch decks achieved high conversion rates in the past few years! Compared to other PowerPoint design services on the market, they are better suited for sales meetings. The Slidebean team has been involved in the drafting and designing of hundreds of investor decks. We’ve helped companies raise $250 million combined !

Get started today with the best presentation design agency if your business is ready to experience all the benefits of a top-notch presentation design service!

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A presentation outline is a roadmap to a successful business pitch. It lets you organize your thoughts and present your material logically.

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Popular revenue models provide different benefits. We just need to pick the one that’s best suited for our company. In that sense, even a revenue model template can be a great way to find the model that’s just right for our business.

Slidebean logo

This is a functional model you can use to create your own formulas and project your potential business growth. Instructions on how to use it are on the front page.

Financial Model Example

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Expert help with design presentation to achieve your goals


We help business owners, startups, marketers, and educators present their ideas in the most appealing way.

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Our presentation design services

Have your presentation redesigned, improved or created from scratch by our powerpoint service.

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Explore our custom slide samples

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Ballard Power Systems

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Mixpanel Pitchdeck

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Blood Donation

Our services

At SlidePeak, we work with start-ups, managers, marketers, analysts, and other individuals to find their voice and tell their story through great designs in any software.

What is the power of a presentation design?

Your idea deserves a brilliant presentation design and pro help.

Whether it’s an academic project or business proposal, we can create a presentation that perfectly serves its purposes.

Delivering well-made presentations for all fields

Powerful, effective, and customized to your needs.

For business

From designing one-page infographics to creating pitch decks — we cover all business-related topics and visualize data of all kinds.

We create custom-made presentations tailored specifically to your niche, precisely following your corporate style guide, tone of voice, and requirements. And a completely editable format allows you to update the delivered presentation by yourself.

For teachers

We help educators present their study material in a more engaging way, accompanying lectures with professional, good-structured presentations.

Attention to detail, proper data visualization, clear structure, embedded videos, topic-based illustrations, and easy to edit slides is what makes our presentations so unique.

Having accumulated expertise while working with teachers of different disciplines and teaching for different academic levels, we know how to deliver a presentation that will meet all your needs.

For students

We create presentations for almost all disciplines and academic levels: from Business to Healthcare, from BA to Ph.D.

If you need to present your research in the best way, meeting all academic standards, we can help you succeed. Our designers can organize your thoughts and your research in a clear and concise way by structuring slides, creating contrast, adding charts, graphs, and other visuals.

We can also advise you on content, edit, proofread, or redesign your presentation, and help with speaker notes.

Our customers' testimonials

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Frequently asked questions

How fast can you do a powerpoint presentation.

The minimum possible deadline is under 12 hours. It is best suited for small orders, such as redesigning 3-5 slides without complex graphs and visuals. Sometimes, we can fulfill a larger order but must check your instructions first. In case of such a request, please get in touch with our 24/7 support team, and they’ll tell you whether it is realistic to accommodate it before your deadline.

A 24-hour deadline is perfect for urgent orders of approximately 10 slides. However, if you need 20-40 slides done within such a period, we’ll typically divide the order among several designers who’ll follow one style to ensure design consistency.

If you’re not in a rush, the recommended deadline for standard presentations of 10-20 slides is 3-5 days . This time is enough to approve the draft with you, finalize the presentation and, if necessary, make additional changes. Remember, the longer the deadline, the lower the cost of work.

Can you redesign a presentation in a language other than English?

Yes, that’s not a problem for our professional presentation company. We have extensive experience redesigning presentations in Spanish, French, Chinese, German, and other languages. However, as long as we don’t offer translation services, the content has to be provided by you.

I'm not sure about the style. How can you help me in such a case?

You can review the completed works on our website or request our portfolio to check other work samples not available online. Also, if you have any examples of the style you like, you can provide us with a link to the website or materials or describe it in writing.

In case you have any preferences regarding the color scheme or the list of colors that should not be used, upload it with the instructions, and the designer will consider your wishes. However, if you don’t know what exactly you would like to see, you can opt for a premium business presentation design service, and our experts will prepare several design options for you to choose the one that best fits your vision.

If you have a large presentation but are not sure that the final result will satisfy you, you can first order several slides, check the result, and then assign the rest to that designer.

Can I get a draft to approve the style?

Yes, of course. For non-urgent orders of 5 or more slides, we try to provide drafts for preliminary approval by default and take into account all comments before the order is completed. Therefore, if you want an initial draft of the PowerPoint presentation design, just indicate it when placing an order.

Please note that “draft” means 2-3 redesigned pages in PDF format.

What if I don't like the draft?

Such cases are extremely rare. However, should it happen, we clarify what exactly you don’t like about the draft and offer to let another designer redo it following your comments. In most cases, this is enough to hit the target.

What if I need to change something in the completed presentation?

If these are minor changes relating to the initial instructions, we will revise the presentation to perfection at no cost. That is the main reason why we usually provide a draft for general stylistic approval. Besides, in case of large orders, we can ask you to approve the completed presentation in parts so that the final result meets your expectations.

If changes are more significant and do not pertain to the initial instructions or require extensive amendments following updated guidelines, including designing extra slides, there can be an additional payment for the designer’s time and effort.

The significant advantage of our approach is that we always try to do our best so that you remain 100% satisfied with the final product.

What about the rights to images and illustrations? What sources do you usually use?

At our ppt presentation design company, we usually use images and illustrations that are provided by the client. Other sources generally include photo stocks (both paid and free) and open sources.

If the client has special requirements regarding copyright and use of images (e.g., commercial presentation design), we can either select images/illustrations that are allowed to be used for such purposes, buy the rights for such use, or provide the client with links to rights purchase.

I'm not a native speaker. Can you proofread the content for a presentation?

Yes, we can. We have experienced copywriters and editors on our team who can proofread the content, improve it, create content based on your materials, or, if necessary, do research, collect additional information, and write content from scratch.

For such a task, we recommend choosing the “Presentation from your material” option and describing your wishes regarding proofreading.

Do you help with content writing? What exactly can you do?

Yes, we have experienced copywriters who can help with writing, adaptation, and summarizing of content, both the one provided by the client or created from scratch by our team.

Please note that it is very important to choose the right type of work for such services. Here’s a brief description of available options:

  • Presentation based on your material. This option is a good fit for cases when you have all the required information and just need to adapt it to the presentation, shorten it, identify the key ideas, summarize the data, or slightly refine the content.
  • Presentation from scratch. As the name suggests, this service covers writing content from the ground up. It’s a perfect option for cases when the content needs to be radically revised or rewritten. As this type of work requires research, please ensure there’s enough freely available material on the topic before placing an order for PowerPoint presentation design services. However, should the creation of a presentation need narrow expertise in a specific niche, we recommend that you submit a preliminary request so that we can confirm whether we can fulfill the order.

Is it possible to incorporate my branding into a presentation redesign?

Yes, of course. Simply mention it in the instructions and provide related materials. It can be a link to the website, brand book, previously made slides, or a logo with a note to create a presentation in similar complementary colors.

Can we sign my company's NDA, or do you have your own agreement?

Yes, we can sign your company’s NDA or provide our agreement for signing. The advantage of our NDA is that it takes less time to approve it with the legal department, and both parties can sign it within 1-2 business days.

Please note that our legal department does not work on Saturdays and Sundays, so if you have an urgent presentation that needs to be designed over the weekend, our presentation design agency can take on the work and sign the agreement after the order is completed.

To sign our NDA, we require the following information from you:

  • Company name (e.g., Trust Limited)
  • Country of registration (e.g., USA)
  • Registration number (e.g., CS513192014)
  • Address (e.g., 205 East 42nd Street, New York)
  • Printed name (e.g., John Smith)
  • Title (e.g., Marketing Manager)
  • Email address (e.g., [email protected] )

Signing your company’s NDA can take 2-4 business days, depending on the terms of the agreement and the comments of our lawyers.

Can I pay in installments?

Certainly! You can pay for just a part of the slides, wait for us to complete them, and then order the rest from the same designer.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes, you can download the invoice from the customer area, which will become available once you place an order. Here’s where you can find it:

corporate presentation companies

Alternatively, you can contact our support team , and they’ll email it to you.

SlidePeak presentation services: creating a story for your business

As an owner of a business idea, project, or service, you put a lot of time and dedication into every detail. Planning, analyzing the market, bringing a team of experts together – that’s always a tough challenge even for a seasoned pro.

So, by the time you have to pitch your huge project to investors or your target audience, you might already be quite exhausted and deeply buried in details. Recruit presentation design service to bring a fresh perspective and highlight the essentials in your custom slideshow.

corporate presentation companies

Who will do my presentation content and design?

SlidePeak design services is a professional team with extensive experience in the market. We work as your partners, striving to boost your performance and provide you with the best visual representation of any project.

Who will be my copywriter? Our copywriters are experienced in producing short, on-point texts for any industry, topic, or project. They are here to make your speech memorable, well-argued, and convincing. Provide us with anything you've got – an old presentation, pieces of material, or just an inspiring idea – and they will help with crafting a whole story behind your project.

Who will be my designer? Our designers are well-trained experts in their field, able to create the best visuals of any complexity, impress your audience and make your presentation 100% engaging. They can integrate your corporate branding and your organization’s philosophy into the PPT slides, so it will be no different from in-house production. Also, if you are not sure what design style you are looking for, they can suggest options and help you choose the right style that meets your specific design needs.

Never lose your listeners’ attention with the A-level slideshow created under your custom request. Work alongside the presentation professionals and take over your target audience.

corporate presentation companies

Light up the essentials with custom presentation design

Leading PowerPoint design services exist to create a solid ground for your presentation. What we do is take your brilliant idea and transform it into a well-crafted custom visual. The industry you work in, your target audience, the keynote, and your company – that’s what creates our framework. SlidePeak experts develop on-point content and perfect visuals to highlight the most important parts of your speech. Get the perfect balance of text and visuals crafted for you in due time by professional presentation design services.

Expertly-designed presentations tailored to your specific needs

7 Presentation Design Agencies You Should Bookmark

7 Presentation Design Agencies You Should Bookmark

Imagine that you have a crucial business partnership pitch coming up. If your meeting is successful, your company could benefit from it multifold. In such a situation, you would likely want to give your best in every way possible–gather all the relevant data, practice your speech, dress well, and be punctual. However, most of your company will be judged by its presentations. So, why not give your all to excellent presentation design?

Hiring a presentation design agency is the perfect way to get your hands on creative, professional, and high-quality corporate presentation design solutions . Presentation agencies offer you their team of experts for every aspect of your presentation–from captivating graphics to great copy and a brand-oriented design.

So, we made this guide to help you with the best presentation design agency– actually, 7 of them. But before we get started, let’s see what kind of a difference a good presentation makes to your company.

The Importance of Impressive Presentations

As compared to text documents or tedious PDFs, high-quality presentations have multiple benefits. Especially if you are a corporate company, neat and professionally made corporate presentations can uplift your company’s reputation. The following are the benefits of good presentations:

● When it comes to the corporate world, well-designed presentations have a higher success rate.

● According to a study, average, text-based presentations have a callback value of only 10%-20%, while visual representations help people remember 65% of the information.

● Companies get judged by their presentations in the first instance. If you meet with investors or other companies, well-made presentations can show sincerity, professionalism, and intent.

Top 7 Presentation Design Agencies in India and Abroad

Here is a list of some of the finest presentation design agencies that can help you elevate your corporate presentation design.

1. Graphi Tales

Graphi Tales is a presentation design agency based out of Jaipur, India. Their services include multimedia presentation design, infographics, animated videos, and social media graphics. They claim to bring a 467% increase in impact through their presentations.

GraphiTales claims to have delivered more than 30,000 thousand presentation designs, with over 200 clients so far. You can explore their presentations on brands such as Airbnb, Adidas, and Pfizer on their website to understand their work quality.

2. Big Fish Presentations

Their expertise combines design, copy, and presentation training to deliver your brand message effectively. Their work is varied and adheres to your brand’s visual language, thus making your presentations customized.

Big Fish claims to turn presentations into experiences. The design service provides a holistic solution to brand presentations through attractive designs, witty copywriting, and professional videos. They also offer creative direction for training, workshops, and conferences. So, if your company is looking for a one-stop solution for all your presentation needs, Big Fish Presentations is a good choice.

As one of the industry leaders, Big Fish has worked for several reputed global companies. These include Ted Talks, Pepsi, Paramount Studios, General Electric, and even NASA.

3. Fully Decked Up

Fully Decked Up takes the corporate PowerPoint design to the next level. They offer packages for presentation prepackaging, a full-blown visual makeover, and even PPT touch-ups.

Fully Decked Up is a known name for preparing presentations for sales or financial PPTs. However, their services also extend to preparing powerful presentations for fundraising and conferences, which makes them apt for both start-ups and more prominent companies.

Fully Decked Up has worked with giants across varied industries, thus showing that its team is skilled at making presentations for brands, businesses, and companies. Their clients so far feature names such as Sleepwell, KFC, Microsoft, and Kotak.

4. 24Slides

24Slides is an agency that helps with corporate PowerPoint designs and offers multiple presentation design solutions. Their highest selling point is that instead of spending hours on PowerPoint, they enable companies to focus on solving other challenges, thus saving them time and bringing efficiency to the business.

You can opt for their automated templates, which can be quickly reviewed and adjusted. Alternatively, they offer dedicated teams for you to collaborate with.

The easiest way to get professional presentations with 24 slides is by directly uploading your PPT, opting for one from their many packages, reviewing the design, and downloading it.

On the other hand, their dedicated teams treat your project as their own. You can hire these designers, writers, and presentation professionals to take up your bulk presentations.

Merck, Carlsberg, and DSV are some of the many companies that have opted for the dedicated design service offered by 24 slides.

Their automated presentations are valuable to companies that cater to healthcare, finance, consumer, and business services. Some of their past clients include Loreal, Cognizant, and CVS Health.

Ethos3 believes in engaging, energizing, and empathizing with your audience. This principle reflects in the presentations they create. Their services for corporate presentation design include content, design, and custom training programs.

Ethos3 works with all the major PPT platforms, including PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, and Prezi. They offer both templatized presentations and custom services for content and storytelling development.

Ethos3 also offers presentation training programs that industry experts conduct. It helps businesses achieve presentation greatness and further escalate their growth.

As an award-winning agency, Ethos3 has worked with brands like Coca-Cola, Google, eBay, and Nike. Their solutions have impacted the hospitality, technology, healthcare, and entertainment-sports industries, among others.

Synapse offers storytelling solutions to businesses. Their offerings range from creating a brand’s design and voice to content creation, sales/marketing, and creating presentations.

Synapse offers holistic solutions that amp up your company’s marketing and sales. With a team of content writers, designers, and storytellers, they do everything from the ideation and strategy of presentations to their fruitful execution.

The agency has clients from all over the world, including four of the world’s top 10 technology companies, two of the world’s biggest fast-food chains, and two of India’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

7. Buffalo7

Buffalo7 works towards “getting big ideas heard that your competitors probably don’t know about.” Not only do they rethink the art of presentations, but they also customize all your presentations from scratch to offer uniqueness and authenticity to your company. They cater to some of the world’s biggest companies.

Buffalo7 offers presentation creation, PowerPoint templates, infographic design, and print design services. Their presentation types include pitch decks, investor presentations, marketing presentations, conference presentations, finance presentations, and product presentations. The agency also offers training in virtual presentation skills, PowerPoint templates, and storytelling.

When it comes to high-profile clientele, fewer presentation design agencies can compare to Buffalo7. Their clients include Cartier, Unilever, Discovery Channel, Formula1, and Epson, among other industry giants.

Making great presentations can be a healthy investment for your company, especially if you are in a business where you regularly collaborate with other companies. And with this guide, you are now ready to take the first steps into scouting the perfect presentation design agency for your brand. We have tried to keep our recommendation list as comprehensive as possible. So, select a presentation design agency per your needs, industry, and budget.

Key Takeaways

● Well-designed presentations can increase your chances of success.

● Expertly made infographics and captivating content can substantially impact your pitch decks and investor presentations. Similarly, your marketing and finance presentations can benefit from concise messaging, neat figures, and exceptional storytelling.

● While selecting a presentation design agency, refer to their packages and check whether they fit your budget.

Corporate presentation designs should be concise, professional, and highly informative. Avoid using flashy colors, fonts, slide effects, or slide transitions. Simplify the design and limit the number of words on your screen. Keep the overall content short and simple, without making the corporate PowerPoint design too lengthy, bulky, or repetitive.

If you hire a reputed agency or a freelance designer , the charges for corporate presentation design services usually start at Rs. 500. The prices may vary depending on the amount of work required and the expertise of the company/freelancer.

An interior design company’s PPT should have the following information: ● The company’s mission statement and vision ● A brief history of the company ● An overview of their interior design work ● Development and growth of the firm over the years ● A detailed section on their interior design services ● Any industry recognition they have received ● A strong client portfolio with testimonials ● Essential case studies

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BluCactus Digital Marketing

  • Presentation Design Services

At BluCactus, we provide professional presentation design services so your next presentation is successful.

BluCactus is a professional presentation design company with services to cover all of your business needs. We can help you create exciting and dynamic designs for your next presentation so it’ll be successful, effective pitch decks so you can secure funding and customers and much more.

The Importance of Good PowerPoint Presentations for Your Business

Creating an effective PowerPoint presentation for your company requires a lot of work. When you’re in the later stages of your company, it is essential to develop a presentation to depict your start-up business accurately and favorably.

An effective PowerPoint presentation is necessary if you want to work with large markets or companies. Its success can act similar to a viral document that gets seen and forwarded from one person to another within organizations and facilitates. You’ll be able to spread the information in your presentation very effectively when its design is professionally constructed.

Why is it important to create good PowerPoint presentations for your business?

Creating an effective PowerPoint presentation for your company requires a lot of work. When in the ladder stages of your company it is essential to create a presentation to depict your start-up business accurately and favorably. If you want to work with large markets or companies, an effective PowerPoint presentation is necessary.

An attractive and professional design in your presentation reflects positively on the potential quality of your work and your company. It’s also a “ viral ” document that is seen and forwarded from one person to another within organizations and facilitates. A pitch deck also helps you to structure the product, define packages and create a commercial discourse for investors, customers, and suppliers.

Professional Pitch Deck Design

A pitch deck helps you structure your product, define packages and create a commercial discourse for investors, customers and suppliers. It’s a 10-20 slide presentation designed to summarize your company, your business plan and your vision as a company. Additionally, you should explain the pitch itself in a presentation sent by email.

A well-made pitch deck design can have very various uses from trying to get a meeting with potential investors to presenting in a startup competition. Although they are similar in content, each pitch deck scenario must follow a different structure.

BluCactus - Presentation Design Company - Professional Pitch Deck Design

Pitch Deck Design Agency USA

When you’re designing a pitch deck for a presentation, remember that it will likely be presented in a conference room. Therefore you should create it so that everyone can appreciate the content independently of where they’re standing in the room.

In some cases, it’s also beneficial to track the interaction of the investor with your presentation to determine if they see your slides and which ones attract the most attention. This information lets you know when and how to follow up with them.

Deciding on the right design for every situation is essential. That’s why you need a professional presentation design company to work on your pitch deck design.

The Importance of a Pitch Deck Design

A pitch deck is a great tool you can use to present yourself and everything your company represents to investors and other potential contributors. It has many benefits you can use to achieve success.

It helps you define a concept.

A professionally constructed pitch deck helps you effectively present your idea. Having a good concept is essential so that everyone watching your presentation understands where your entire project is going.

BluCactus - The importance of a Pitch Deck

Define the Problems You Solve

Like any venture, the main idea is to meet a need. The public should feel that your product is the best to help them solve the problem or need they have. Therefore, when doing a pitch deck, you must highlight the importance of your company in the entire market.

A pitch deck is crucial because it clarifies what kind of problem you solve and how you do it. As a business manager, it’s necessary to emphasize this as it’s the hook for clients to become familiar with your project.

Presentation Design Agency Aims To Establish a Robust Business Model

Now that you have specified the basic notions of your venture in your pitch deck, you must determine the type of business model you need to apply. The audience already knows that there is a problem, and they already know that you have the solution — so now, you have to specify how you intend to make money solving this problem.

Investor Presentation Design Agency

Investors, or whoever is listening to the presentation, need to know how they will benefit financially by getting involved with your project. That’s why you must make what will be sold or tell them how you will earn money to justify the investment. Talk about price, statistics and the public you will reach.

Corporate Presentation Design Agency

Commenting on how you think your venture will evolve is crucial so that everyone can understand it’s an investment with a great future and will give a high income. The business model must adapt to the type of investors you are talking about. Try to make it as personalized as possible and examine the features of each investor. The more ties and affinity you create with them, the more opportunities you will have to get an investment.

BluCactus - Strong business model

Our Presentation Design Company Helps You Stay Ahead of the Competition

Performing a competitive analysis is absolutely essential to your pitch deck design. Here you can determine if you have done your research to know who the most important players are and what their strengths and weaknesses are. By clearly identifying who your competition is , you can also define the market you’re in and the dynamics it carries out.

Presentation Design Agency

Numbers can become highly beneficial for you as long as you interpret them well . You shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself by trying a lot of numbers. The most sensible thing is to use the most recent ones. When you use a pitch deck, you’re able to analyze the income lines and see the growth your company has been having.

Financial Presentation Design Services

In the pitch deck, show how you have been funded and how quickly you have received income. Additionally, show how you have maintained and increased your income with your ever-growing experience. It’s crucial for investors to see the benefits of your work dynamic, and it’s an excellent opportunity to make them feel that they want to participate in your business model.

BluCactus - Finacial Aspects

A Plan for the Funds

The importance of knowing where your funds are cannot be overstated. The investor needs to know in a reasonable and detailed way how you plan to spend their money. Always keep in mind that what you want to do is increase the value of the company and use its capital to generate activities with a high success rate that increases revenue .

Presentation Design Company Makes You Stand Out from the Crowd

Your pitch deck design should be attention-grabbing and highly engaging — enough to differentiate you from everyone else. Show what makes your company unique and leave everyone without a doubt as to why they should invest in your expertise.

BluCactus - Stand out from the crown

The Importance of a Professional PowerPoint Presentation

A well-made PowerPoint presentation will convey professionalism and give viewers a thorough understanding of your message. A presentation that is poorly put together will have the opposite effect, so it’s vital that you construct your presentation with care and attention to detail. Ensure it’s engaging and reviews everything you need it to.

A professional presentation is the key to your business’s success.

The importance of a professional PowerPoint Presentation

A good PowerPoint presentation provides a professional image and facilitates the understanding of the message. Discover the five golden rules to create slides that positively impact the audience.

A good presentation will help you convey a professional image, facilitate the understanding of the message and help you keep the thread of the speech and not overlook any important details. A bad presentation can have the opposite effect, so a professional presentation might be the key to your business’ success.

Corporate Presentation Design

Presentation design company.

A presentation that doesn’t follow the corporate line — or a presentation that’s simply boring — will give viewers the wrong impression. Avoid this at all costs. Instead of designing slides that only have lackluster visuals vaguely hinting at what you’re supposed to cover, create each slide so it’s engaging, memorable and visually informative to those watching.

BluCactus - Corporate Presentation Design

BluCactus’ Professional Presentation Design

Professional presentation design is much more than putting titles in Word Art and the company logo in one corner of each slide. Instead, you must ensure your presentation has elements of your brand on each slide — and in other element such as typefaces, font sizes, colors and background images. When you create the visuals of your presentation around your brand, you create something memorable.

When you use professional presentation design, you’re enhancing your brand image.

Powerpoint presentations for businesses.

Company presentations are an extraordinary marketing and communication tool. Businesses can use presentations for third parties outside the company or design corporate presentations for the internal public. They can also use presentations to show results, enhance shareholder meetings, pitch product launches or introduce new strategies.

Business Presentation Design Services

PowerPoint presentations for your business need to convey your message in the clearest way possible. A well-made presentation is a flawless combination of creativity and graphic design that effectively communicates your ideas to your audience.

BluCactus - PowerPoint Presentations for Businesses

Corporate PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint is a highly beneficial and powerful tool for businesses. Companies can create presentations to help viewers understand and visually connect with the information on the slides. Compared to a slide with nothing but text, a slide with an engaging graphic that includes the text in a clever way – such as an animated transition – will impact and engage the audience much better.

That’s why PowerPoint is indispensable when it comes to tools you can use to catch the attention of your audience quickly and effectively.

Business Presentation Design

Use graphic design to create visually appealing presentations. A powerfully designed presentation can capture the attention of your target audience, whether you are in New York or Chicago or somewhere else.

Presentation designs can also incorporate visual effects or animations . However, you must be careful. Sometimes, too many visual effects can be unnecessary or saturate the presentation. Finding the right balance is essential. At times, it’s better to not use such elements at all. The most important thing is to present your concept in a simple, direct and organized way.

Corporate Presentation Design Services

Some businesses make presentations designed to be seen in meeting rooms or auditoriums. However, you might want to design your presentation so audience members can also watch it on devices such as Smartphones or tablets. Then, audience members who might not be able to attend in person can still watch and learn from your presentation. Encourage them to share it online so your presentation can increase its spread and even more people can see it.

BluCactus - Corporate PowerPoint Presentations

Do You Need a Professional and Eye-Catching Presentation For Your Next Business or Marketing Project?

If you’re looking for professional presentation design, look no further than BluCactus.

Here at BluCactus, we can design your presentation for you. BluCactus is a presentation design company fully committed to quality and professionalism. We provide customized presentation design services in PowerPoint and Keynote formats that are specifically created to meet the needs of your project.

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We are a marketing agency from Dallas, TX that serves customers throughout the United States, nationwide. It does not matter whether you are in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, or even in New York, we can help you.

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