10 Creative Company Profile Examples to Inspire You [Templates]

Erica Santiago

Published: November 28, 2023

Free Company Profile Templates

company profile advertising pdf

Outline your company profile in one simple, shareable plan.

Thank you for downloading the offer.

As a content creator , I know brand identity is everything. My audience wants to know what makes me different, why I create content, why they should trust the information I put out, and why I might promote a product or service.

A woman contemplates creating a company profile

The same is true for companies. In addition to the information above, people who find your company online want to know about your mission, vision, and how you can help them solve their problems.

The best way to convey all this and establish a solid brand identity is to do what I did with my own website — create a profile . In my case, it's a creator profile , but for you, it'd be a company profile.

Free Download: 6 Customizable Company Profile Templates

Not sure what a company profile is or how to create one? Don't worry — I got you covered with a breakdown of everything you need to know about building a company profile.

  • What a Company Profile is
  • How to Write a Company Profile

Company Overview Template

Company profile examples.

  • Company Description Examples

Company Profile Templates

What is a company profile.

A company profile introduces a business's mission, goals, vision, and history. In most cases, a profile includes an 'About Us' section that narrates how the company was founded and its whys, and a section that introduces leadership team members.

A company profile serves multiple purposes, but two of its primary goals are to connect with customers and attract investors for funding opportunities.

Why Company Profiles Are Important

As you can see on my profile, company profiles go beyond a regular About page. My profile details how I started, why I create content, and my journey to finally starting the blog.

A simple About page would typically only include a brief overview of who the company is and a point of contact.

company profile advertising pdf

  • Summarize your company
  • Dive into your history
  • Introduce your team
  • Highlight achievements

You're all set!

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Your company profile would show your company's beginnings and why you continue to serve customers. Essentially, it humanizes your brand. Additionally, a company profile:

1. Differentiates Your Brand

According to my profile, my brand‘s story started with my sister’s Sailor Moon VHS tapes. Those tapes eventually led me to create content centered around anime and different “nerdy” entertainment aspects.

My brand's story is unlike any other, and the same goes for yours. No two companies have the same founding story or reason for existing.

Your history and values are integral parts of your brand positioning strategy, and a company profile is where you can mention this information without feeling like you‘re talking someone’s ear off.

2. Can Justify a Higher Price Point.

A company profile is a perfect opportunity to show the work that goes on behind the scenes, thus justifying why your prices may be higher than others in your industry.

For example, luxury fashion house Prada's company profile emphasizes the company uses raw materials that are meticulously sourced and exclusively produced for the fashion house.

This creates a sense that you're paying more for higher-quality items. It also explains why I can never afford them.

3. Builds Your Reputation.

My content creator profile emphasizes that I‘ve been an anime fan since childhood and shows how I developed my skills for years as a journalist. My audience knows I’m an experienced creator who also happens to be a total nerd.

My audience trusts I‘ll provide quality content rooted in my passion for the medium. It’s a reputation I hold dearly.

Think about what you want your company's reputation to be. Is your company the one that started as a small family-owned shop that grew into a billion-dollar enterprise? Or is it a company that upholds sustainability and puts ethics at the forefront of its brand?

You can build your reputation through marketing, service, and sales campaigns, but it all begins with a well-curated profile.

How to Write a Company Profile in 11 Steps

  • Start with a company profile template.
  • State the purpose of the company profile.
  • Decide on your company profile design.
  • Tell your story & be authentic.
  • Add your company's mission statement.
  • Write your company's history.
  • Describe the products and services you offer.
  • Name the awards your company has received.
  • Add your customer's testimonials.
  • Include a call to action.
  • Add your company's contact information.

You didn‘t think I’d tell you what a company profile is and not tell you how to write one, did you? Have no fear, here are 11 steps to guide you on how to write your company profile.

1. Start with a company profile template.

company profile advertising pdf

The asterisk implies, "If you have a body, you are an athlete.” As you scroll, you'll see information on its internal diversity and inclusion initiative, global community impact, and sustainable business program, with very little mention of its products.

Nike's company profile portrays a larger, grander vision, compelling an audience to believe in its brand before purchasing a product.

6. Seattle Cider

Seattle Cider Company Profile

It’s a great example of how to quickly and succinctly convey your message to site visitors.

The Cru Company Profile

8. Custom Collaborative

Custom Collaborative Company profile

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Outline your company profile in one simple, shareable PowerPoint or Google Slides plan.

Marketing software that helps you drive revenue, save time and resources, and measure and optimize your investments — all on one easy-to-use platform

How to Write a Company Profile (Plus Samples and Templates to Aid You)

Writing a company profile can be intimidating. Start with these simple tips and company profile PDF templates for an easy start.

If you've never written a company profile before, the first time can be a little intimidating. A company profile's purpose, after all, is not just to include basic details about the brand. It must also highlight the strengths of your company clearly and confidently. Consider it to be something akin to your company's resume.

To help you create this incredibly important document for your business, you're going to need some expert advice. In this article, we have tips, templates, and samples to help get you started.

What Is a Company Profile? Meaning, Basics, and More

A couple of colleagues celebrating their latest win.

A company profile is a professional summary that describes a business and what it does. You'll need a professional company profile if you're trying to hook investors, but you can also use it to pacify other stakeholders, including clients and people visiting your site for the first time.

The style and length of a company profile can vary depending on the nature of the business. For new start-ups, a concise two-page profile might be sufficient, highlighting the core aspects of the company. Established organizations, on the other hand, may include additional sections showcasing their achievements, such as awards, certifications, and an extensive client portfolio.

Ultimately, the profile should reflect the company's identity, mission, and notable accomplishments. Above all, a company profile is an opportunity to let your brand's true colors shine. It is your gateway to showcasing your company's strengths and leaving a lasting mark on the minds of your audience.

What to Include in Your Company Profile

A well-written company profile is clear, concise, accurate, and completely up-to-date. Good spelling and grammar are crucial—be on the lookout for typos, and be sure to read it through several times; you might even consider using a proofreading tool as another check.

Aside from these two points, your company introduction should also include the following elements:

1. The Business Details

Company profile template by FormBirds

It's called a corporate profile for a reason—company or business profile content should pull double-duty as an easy-to-read report that details all the most important aspects of your brand, business, and goals.

This most certainly includes extremely basic information, such as contact information for your company. We've listed some of the most important things that any business profile needs to include. These tidbits should be readily available and easy to find:

  • Company name
  • Established date
  • Physical address per location
  • Phone and fax numbers
  • Website URL
  • Email address

2. The Company Basics

These items will vary depending on your industry and what you happen to do specifically; skip anything that's irrelevant to your company, picking and choosing only what you need to include.

This is one area where you can really showcase what your company has done and where it would like to take itself in the future. Invite the reader into your legacy. Show them the world that you're trying to build with your team.

  • Description of the business, including its mission and/or vision.
  • Product descriptions
  • Description of services
  • History, expansion, and growth
  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • Industry information
  • Safety, health, and environmental policies
  • Core team details
  • Client portfolio

3. The Highlights

Company highlights in business profile

Now: your bragging rights. We've shown the reader where the company has been. Now, it's time to prove to them that you're already a team of winners.

  • Certifications
  • Special programs and projects
  • Testimonials
  • News or media recognition

4. Client Portfolio

If possible, you can include a list of the prominent clients or customers you have served and highlight any major partnerships. You can add testimonials or success stories from satisfied customers to build trust and confidence in your company's ability to deliver quality products or services.

5. Optional Items

You may see the following items in other company profiles or within the samples and templates below. If you've got the data or the pedigree to back any of the following up, these extra details might be of particular interest to your audience, especially to potential investors.

  • Annual sales
  • Financial targets
  • Number of employees
  • Photographs

With all of these different key details in mind, you can start to build a business profile template that includes them all. Fill in the blanks, and you've got the perfect foundation on which to build your company's profile.

Company Profile Samples and Templates

If you're hesitant to simply throw it all down at once, you can also borrow your company profile format from any successful brand that you follow, adapting it loosely to your needs. You can also find a free business profile sample online—plenty of business influencers and template services offer their take on the matter for you to exploit.

Read on to find the perfect company profile PDF for your small business. You'll need a PDF editing tool, converter, or application to open or edit some of these; we can suggest a few browser-based PDF editors if you're stuck.

1. Keeping Your Business Profile Format Short and Sweet

Startup company profile from TidyForms

This first template (from TidyForm ) is short and sweet. If this is your first time creating a company profile, it might be a good one to start with. It's clean and simple; the sections in blue help prompt you with what should be included in each area.

Henkel company profile

This basic business profile template (from FormsBirds ) offers the reader a breath of fresh air with just a splash of color. With this option, you can put your own company logo at the top and edit the color theme throughout the document to match.

Company profile template

Another great business profile template (from FormBirds ). It begins with a useful table of contents; you can go through the index and simply add what you need to add as you go. If you prefer crisp, clean, and structured documents, you'll like this one a lot.

2. A Slightly More Involved Company Introduction

Business company profile template by TidyForm

This company profile format (from TidyForm ) uses an outline instead of a table of contents. You can read through each page quickly; each section and level shows you exactly what you should include. It's also available as a DOC file, as well.

Professional company profile template

This business profile format (from FormBirds ) is stunningly visual—it takes the reader on a vibrant and illustrative adventure, all while informing them about your company's charter vision and achievements. If you have the media to flesh it all out, it's one of our top recommendations, especially for pitches.

Business profile template by FormBirds

Another great option if you prefer a visual theme is this template, also from FormsBirds . You can add company and team photos for a personal touch, along with graphs and charts that show off your numbers.

TidyForm template

This business profile template (from TidyForm ) is as simple and attractive as it is useful. If you're worried about overloading your audience with information, the style of this company profile PDF will be able to help you organize it into something much more approachable and readable.

3. Telling It Like It Is: The Full Monty

Another company profile template by TidyForms

If you're at the helm of a company that is constantly growing and evolving, you're going to need a corporate profile of corresponding proportions. This option (from TidyForm ) is more than capable of containing even extremely abundant accounts of accomplishments and other information.

Company profle

This stylish company profile PDF (from FormBirds ) is completely stunning in terms of graphic design, straight-up. You'll find visual motifs and charming thematic elements throughout all 33 pages, and any of them can be customized around all the information pertaining to your company in particular.

No matter how much you have under your belt already, you'd be hard-pressed to run out of room here.

Write a Perfect Company Profile: First Impressions Matter a Lot

With any luck, at least one of the corporate profile samples mentioned here gives you just what you need: the perfect canvas upon which to base your own.

Once you've gotten all the clerical stuff out of the way, we encourage you to make your own profile. The goal is to reach out and touch the reader with what you do; a well-written corporate profile is a perfect way to win.

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Profile image of adkey advertising Limited

adkey Limited first specialised in general corporate signage. From this position we were early to recognize the opportunity for digital imaging, and its specific application to large format printing for both internal and external applications. OUR MISSION As a leading marketing agency, our mission is to provide valuable and timely indoor signage and outdoor signage advertising branding digital printing solutions and marketing support which help our clients grow their businesses and realize their corporate goals. OUR VISION Our vision is to lead in creation and delivering innovative solutions and service that enable our clients to share their vision and achieve their sales and marketing objectives.

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Anil Kalotra

For writing help, reach me on: [email protected]

Linda N Williams

Advertisement is any paid for form of communication that organizations use to pass information concerning their products and services to customers and prospected customers (Fill, 2005). For any company seeking to be successful in the current business world through gaining a competitive advantage, it is essential to set a budget for advertisement. The advertisement created needs to be informative, creative and easy to understand, which helps customers to easily understand, or comprehend. For advertisement to be successful there is a need for the company to perform the process of branding.

Friederike Klippel

Advances in Computers

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FREE 10+ Marketing Company Profile Samples [ Social Media, Agency, Services ]

marketing company profile

Marketing is a very broad term that encompasses all the strategies that help a company, brand, or individual retailers to help achieve their objectives. It is a whole process that involves research, promoting, selling, and distributing all kinds of products and services in the market. The discipline centers on studies of market and behaviors of the consumers. It also covers all actions a company takes to draw in customers and maintain a strong relationship with them.  It may involve social activities, letters of gratitude, honorariums, fast and quality customer service, and any other activities that attracts clients and customers to keep them coming back. At its most basic level, it is an activity that a company undertakes to endorse , promote, and sell their product or service. Seeking to match their products and services to customers who wish to access those products, and in turn, ensure profits. These days, marketing is one of the most important aspects in business.

Marketing Company Profile

10+ marketing company profile samples, 1. marketing company profile sample, 2. printable marketing company profiles, 3. marketing company profile format, 4. marketing agency company profile, 5. formal marketing company profile, 6. strategic marketing company profile, 7. professional  marketing company profile, 8. creative marketing company profile, 9. general marketing company profile, 10. editable marketing company profile, 11. basic marketing company profile, what is a marketing company profile, how to write a marketing company profile, how many pages should a company profile have, is a company profile necessary, how do you introduce a company.

Marketing is already  a massive industry and part of business that, not only are there tons of competitors, most independent companies tend to leave the marketing aspects of their business to themselves. To help you and your company stand out, a well written company profile will go a long way to attracting prospective clients and help establish a stronger relationship with your existing customers. Listed below are several marketing company profiles samples that can help you draft and design your own.

marketing company profile sample

Size: 887 KB

marketing company profile format

Size: 18 MB

professional marketing company profile

Size: 216 KB

general marketing company profile

Company profiles act as the introduction to your company and to your business. Its main objective is to tell the audience what products and services you sell and why you sell them. For a marketing company profile, you want to attract prospective clients and investors to avail your services and compel them enough to build a lasting business relationship that can ensure constant flow of profits for your company. Company profiles often include a compelling story about how your company started and how it became the company that it is today, as well as your company’s mission-vision and values.

Writing and designing a company profile can be quite challenging for some. You have to make sure that the content are coherent and easy to follow, and that all the information in it is presented in a professional manner. You also have to keep in mind that the goal is to engage the readers, not bore them. We want them to be intrigued enough to check out your services in more detail, and most importantly, choose your business over other competitors.

Here is how you can write an effective and compelling company profile:

  • Establish your purpose Different companies use company profiles for a variety of circumstances. It can be used for marketing initiatives, trade reports , investment plan, advertisements, and even for website use. Establishing the purpose can help develop the overall style your company profile will have.
  • Pick a style After setting the theme or purpose of your profile, setting a style will be much easier. The style dictates how the information on your profile is presented. You can tabulate the information, or present them in a bulleted form. In the end, this is up to you to decide. Sticking to a single style all throughout can help with the coherence and organization of your profile. This makes sure that it is easy to follow and understand, and that the readers don’t get too confused with too much information and content.
  • Tell a story Storytelling is a good way to connect with your readers. Tell them how your company began, how it grew to the status that it is in today. Only include important milestones and achievements, we don’t want them to get overwhelmed with too much information. Just the right amount, enough to get them to know your company and its services and to make them want to know more. You can also include your company’s mission and vision values, and the quality of service you wish to offer. All in all, a good story can ground the readers and would make them easily connect with your company.
  • Include contact details Make sure that after reading your company profile, your audience have someplace to reach out to if they want to know more and avail your service. Include contact numbers, address of your base of operations, and website if you have one.

Pages of a company profile may vary from one company to another.  Some bigger businesses, who have earned a lot of  achievements over the years, can have a company profile with 30 or more pages. While some smaller companies may only have a few pages on their company profiles.

Yes. Company profiles give an overview of your company to potential clients and investors and convinces them to choose your company over other competitors.

Company introductions are simple to make when following an overview of your company. Only include basic details such as the services that you offer and the overall goal or purpose of your company.

Marketing is any strategy that helps a company achieve their goals and increase their profits. In the business world, marketing has and always will play a part in it, as long as business is done, marketing is involved as well. Offering quality marketing services may not be simple, but when done right and favorable business relationships are established, it can easily be a very successful venture.

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OpenAI teases an amazing new generative video model called Sora

The firm is sharing Sora with a small group of safety testers but the rest of us will have to wait to learn more.

  • Will Douglas Heaven archive page

OpenAI has built a striking new generative video model called Sora that can take a short text description and turn it into a detailed, high-definition film clip up to a minute long.

Based on four sample videos that OpenAI shared with MIT Technology Review ahead of today’s announcement, the San Francisco–based firm has pushed the envelope of what’s possible with text-to-video generation (a hot new research direction that we flagged as a trend to watch in 2024 ).

“We think building models that can understand video, and understand all these very complex interactions of our world, is an important step for all future AI systems,” says Tim Brooks, a scientist at OpenAI.

But there’s a disclaimer. OpenAI gave us a preview of Sora (which means sky in Japanese) under conditions of strict secrecy. In an unusual move, the firm would only share information about Sora if we agreed to wait until after news of the model was made public to seek the opinions of outside experts. [Editor’s note: We’ve updated this story with outside comment below.] OpenAI has not yet released a technical report or demonstrated the model actually working. And it says it won’t be releasing Sora anytime soon. [ Update: OpenAI has now shared more technical details on its website.]

The first generative models that could produce video from snippets of text appeared in late 2022. But early examples from Meta , Google, and a startup called Runway were glitchy and grainy. Since then, the tech has been getting better fast. Runway’s gen-2 model, released last year, can produce short clips that come close to matching big-studio animation in their quality. But most of these examples are still only a few seconds long.  

The sample videos from OpenAI’s Sora are high-definition and full of detail. OpenAI also says it can generate videos up to a minute long. One video of a Tokyo street scene shows that Sora has learned how objects fit together in 3D: the camera swoops into the scene to follow a couple as they walk past a row of shops.

OpenAI also claims that Sora handles occlusion well. One problem with existing models is that they can fail to keep track of objects when they drop out of view. For example, if a truck passes in front of a street sign, the sign might not reappear afterward.  

In a video of a papercraft underwater scene, Sora has added what look like cuts between different pieces of footage, and the model has maintained a consistent style between them.

It’s not perfect. In the Tokyo video, cars to the left look smaller than the people walking beside them. They also pop in and out between the tree branches. “There’s definitely some work to be done in terms of long-term coherence,” says Brooks. “For example, if someone goes out of view for a long time, they won’t come back. The model kind of forgets that they were supposed to be there.”

Impressive as they are, the sample videos shown here were no doubt cherry-picked to show Sora at its best. Without more information, it is hard to know how representative they are of the model’s typical output.   

It may be some time before we find out. OpenAI’s announcement of Sora today is a tech tease, and the company says it has no current plans to release it to the public. Instead, OpenAI will today begin sharing the model with third-party safety testers for the first time.

In particular, the firm is worried about the potential misuses of fake but photorealistic video . “We’re being careful about deployment here and making sure we have all our bases covered before we put this in the hands of the general public,” says Aditya Ramesh, a scientist at OpenAI, who created the firm’s text-to-image model DALL-E .

But OpenAI is eyeing a product launch sometime in the future. As well as safety testers, the company is also sharing the model with a select group of video makers and artists to get feedback on how to make Sora as useful as possible to creative professionals. “The other goal is to show everyone what is on the horizon, to give a preview of what these models will be capable of,” says Ramesh.

To build Sora, the team adapted the tech behind DALL-E 3, the latest version of OpenAI’s flagship text-to-image model. Like most text-to-image models, DALL-E 3 uses what’s known as a diffusion model. These are trained to turn a fuzz of random pixels into a picture.

Sora takes this approach and applies it to videos rather than still images. But the researchers also added another technique to the mix. Unlike DALL-E or most other generative video models, Sora combines its diffusion model with a type of neural network called a transformer.

Transformers are great at processing long sequences of data, like words. That has made them the special sauce inside large language models like OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Google DeepMind’s Gemini . But videos are not made of words. Instead, the researchers had to find a way to cut videos into chunks that could be treated as if they were. The approach they came up with was to dice videos up across both space and time. “It’s like if you were to have a stack of all the video frames and you cut little cubes from it,” says Brooks.

The transformer inside Sora can then process these chunks of video data in much the same way that the transformer inside a large language model processes words in a block of text. The researchers say that this let them train Sora on many more types of video than other text-to-video models, varied in terms of resolution, duration, aspect ratio, and orientation. “It really helps the model,” says Brooks. “That is something that we’re not aware of any existing work on.”

“From a technical perspective it seems like a very significant leap forward,” says Sam Gregory, executive director at Witness, a human rights organization that specializes in the use and misuse of video technology. “But there are two sides to the coin,” he says. “The expressive capabilities offer the potential for many more people to be storytellers using video. And there are also real potential avenues for misuse.” 

OpenAI is well aware of the risks that come with a generative video model. We are already seeing the large-scale misuse of deepfake images . Photorealistic video takes this to another level.

Gregory notes that you could use technology like this to misinform people about conflict zones or protests. The range of styles is also interesting, he says. If you could generate shaky footage that looked like something shot with a phone, it would come across as more authentic.

The tech is not there yet, but generative video has gone from zero to Sora in just 18 months. “We’re going to be entering a universe where there will be fully synthetic content, human-generated content and a mix of the two,” says Gregory.

The OpenAI team plans to draw on the safety testing it did last year for DALL-E 3. Sora already includes a filter that runs on all prompts sent to the model that will block requests for violent, sexual, or hateful images, as well as images of known people. Another filter will look at frames of generated videos and block material that violates OpenAI’s safety policies.

OpenAI says it is also adapting a fake-image detector developed for DALL-E 3 to use with Sora. And the company will embed industry-standard C2PA tags , metadata that states how an image was generated, into all of Sora’s output. But these steps are far from foolproof. Fake-image detectors are hit-or-miss. Metadata is easy to remove, and most social media sites strip it from uploaded images by default.  

“We’ll definitely need to get more feedback and learn more about the types of risks that need to be addressed with video before it would make sense for us to release this,” says Ramesh.

Brooks agrees. “Part of the reason that we’re talking about this research now is so that we can start getting the input that we need to do the work necessary to figure out how it could be safely deployed,” he says.

Update 2/15: Comments from Sam Gregory were added .

Artificial intelligence

Ai for everything: 10 breakthrough technologies 2024.

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT reached mass adoption in record time, and reset the course of an entire industry.

What’s next for AI in 2024

Our writers look at the four hot trends to watch out for this year

  • Melissa Heikkilä archive page

These six questions will dictate the future of generative AI

Generative AI took the world by storm in 2023. Its future—and ours—will be shaped by what we do next.

Google’s Gemini is now in everything. Here’s how you can try it out.

Gmail, Docs, and more will now come with Gemini baked in. But Europeans will have to wait before they can download the app.

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    DIGITAL MARKETING Simply stated, we get results. Whether you are looking for more website traffic, more leads, more sales, more social followers, higher engagement rates, higher email open rates ... whatever your needs - we get it done. Guaranteed. ESTABLISHED BUSINESS

  6. PDF Company Profile 2021

    COMPANY PROFILE 2021 THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO INTRODUCE OUR TRUSTED MARKETING SOLUTIONS OVERVIEW 51% black owned LEVEL 2 BBBEE SUPPLIER 100% female owned 76 % PDI Staff We are in our 12th year of operation A CORE TEAM OF 20 with a network of over 100 SERVICE PROFESSIONALS The Marketing Hub team is a network of BEST OF BREED MARKETING


    PROFILE INDEX Digital Printing Signage Exhibition Stand & Gondola Digital LED Display Outdoor Media Brand Activation We have built up our reputation as one of the most reliable suppliers for all digital print, signage, LED screens & OOH media solutions on our ability to render our services on time, everytime! ABOUT US

  8. How to Write a Company Profile (Plus Samples and Templates to Aid ...

    Start with these simple tips and company profile PDF templates for an easy start. Readers like you help support MUO. When you make a purchase using links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read More. If you've never written a company profile before, the first time can be a little intimidating.

  9. PDF GMA Profile Design FINAL 2018

    GMA Profile Design_FINAL 2018 Contents Who we are An integrated international communications and advisory company with 20 years of experience and expertise in Public Relations & Media Consultancy, Events Management, Creative Services & Brands Advertising and Digital Innovations.


    Social Media Marketing Founded in 2019, Njords Ark is a Danish company that focuses on delivering high quality furniture to the cruise line industry. In a highly competitive market where trust is everything, the four young founders had the vision to make the company the most valuable and trustworthy resource for cruise furniture.

  11. PDF Company Profile

    Company Profile RC: 971946 Web Development Branding Advertising Registered in England and Wales. Number 0744592 Overview Blue Sequence Limited was registered in England and Wales in the year 2010 and in Nigeria in the year 2011.


    company's corporate image into a powerful punch. Our Vision: • We offer our clients the most effective angles to approach their marketing needs and effectively build their brand. • We offer a truly octangular marketing experience, from client service to the final product. Our Mission: • To strive for the best client service possible.

  13. PDF Face First Media Company Profile

    Outdoor advertising is a cost-effective media type that gives your brand constant, impactful exposure. It has the second highest average penetration to adults of all races and population groups (AMPS). Outdoor advertising represents ~3.5% of SA's R38.5b advertising spend (Nielsen, 2017). This is projected to increase even further towards


    LOGO DESIGN • COMPANY PROFILE / BROCHURE DESIGN • ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS • SIGNAGE • ANNUAL REPORTS DESIGN We craft and build engaging brand communications through design led thinking. We specialise in design and brand solutions to connect your brand with your customer. We adopt a collaborative approach to projects - and

  15. PDF A Simple Yet Company Profile

    Barry is a marketing and Brand specialist, with a focus on both your personal and business Brand. He is a successful business owner as well as a sought after speaker in the fields of marketing and branding. Barry started his career in marketing in a small advertising agency in the Hart of JHB, from where he


    COMPANY PROFILE adkey advertising Limited adkey Limited first specialised in general corporate signage. From this position we were early to recognize the opportunity for digital imaging, and its specific application to large format printing for both internal and external applications.

  17. Advertising Agency Company Profile Sample

    HR Consultancy Company Profile Sample. August 18, 2016. Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create ...


    period of time. Meanwhile, advertising is one tool that companies use to establish their brand in the market. Businesses typically use advertising, marketing and branding to convince consumers, clients to buy their goods and services or invest in the company. Indoor Branding Outdoor Branding Billboard Advertising Product Launch/Promotion Items

  19. PDF Social

    Worked with clients from Awarded as Australia, Aug 2016. Served 25+ brands Oct 2015 Expanded to Surat Dec 2014 Best Innovative Startup Jan 2017 Launched our own social media platform Pointsonly.com Sept 2016 Expanded to Ahmedabad. Served 5 SME s June 2014 Established in March 2014, Baroda June 2016.

  20. FREE 10+ Marketing Company Profile Samples

    To help you and your company stand out, a well written company profile will go a long way to attracting prospective clients and help establish a stronger relationship with your existing customers. Listed below are several marketing company profiles samples that can help you draft and design your own. 10+ Marketing Company Profile Samples 1.

  21. PDF Company Profile

    COMPANY PROFILE. Who we are SYNOT Group is an international structure of companies that do business in more than twenty countries all over the world and employ over 3,000 ... Within its marketing strategy, the SYNOT brand has been focusing on support of sport over a long-term basis. The selected approach helps build a strong international brand ...

  22. Bold Marketing

    Bold Marketing - Company Profile.pdf - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

  23. OpenAI teases an amazing new generative video model called Sora

    OpenAI has built a striking new generative video model called Sora that can take a short text description and turn it into a detailed, high-definition film clip up to a minute long.. Based on four ...