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Materials Handling Management:A Case Study

Profile image of Gabriel Sperandio  Milan

2013, Journal of Operations and Supply Chain Management

The highly competitive environment, linked to the globalization phenomena, demands from companies more agility, better performance and the constant search for cost reduction. The present study focused on improvements in internal materials handling management, approaching the case of a large company in the automotive industry. Materials handling is intrinsically associated with production flow. Because of this, it has direct influence on transit time, resources usage, and service levels. The objective was to evaluate, in a systematic way, the impact of implemented changes in materials handling management on the internal customers' perceptions of cost, safety in service, service reliability, agility and overall satisfaction. A literature review preceded a case study in the company's manufacturing unit and the questionnaires were completed by 26 employees directly involved in the process. Analyzing the answers, it was possible to suggest that internal customers understood that the new...

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Lister Juma

case study material handling system pdf

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This research paper is the study of the impact of Service Quality on the lubricants purchase decision of metal forming industries. The researcher in his research has found different attributes of service quality which are independent variables whereas the attributes of purchase decision process are dependent variables. The study is basically to assess the co-relation that exists between these variable by using One-Way ANOVA technique. The outcome of the research and recommendation made thereafter will help metal forming industries to focus on strategic angle of this variable and use it to identify the important dimensions of service quality based on customer and /or end user perception. In recent times, there has been a tremendous shift in the structure and operation of industrial organizations. Advancements in technology and exposure to new products, have positioned the industrial manufactured to demand a very high quality products. Moreover, service quality is becoming imperative for organizations to understand its impact on the final. This research study on 282 respondents from various management levels in metal forming industries shows that service quality has a significant impact on the decision making process apart from the other variables under study. A total of 282 employees from different metal forming industries were studied and the results are presented in this paper. Implications for researchers, managers, and industries are considered.

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Global competitiveness leads industry to meet the customer needs by short lead time to market and quality products with low prices. Survival in such a market can be accomplished by either adopting latest technologies or improving the existing systems to the best possible level. Acquiring these technologies need heavy investments and consistent demands due to which small and medium industries skip this option and tend to opt for other choice that is: improve the existing system. Material handling activities contributes a significant investment in production cost. Effective handling system reduces total production cost while considering ergonomics issues improves the productivity. This paper presents a conceptual framework with material handling systems design and the effects of human factors to improve productivity by reducing cost and optimizing quality. The framework provides a general methodology for analyzing a manufacturing/production line. Procedure for its implementation is di...

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Global Business Review

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Customer satisfaction and total quality improvement is a great apprehension in every industry of the world. In highly competitive automotive manufacturing industry the success and smoothness of the business depends on customer satisfaction and the quality of the products. Customers are happy when the product meets their expectations and customer satisfaction has a positive effect on organization's economic condition. The organizations are showing their sincere interest towards the total quality improvement as a continuous improvement of products, customer satisfaction, and business excellence. The aim of the study was to capture the response of the customers how they perceive these organization efforts to improve their products and services. To meet the objective in this study 103 users of Malaysian cars owners were interviewed. In general customers are satisfied with the Malaysian car brands keeping in view the value for money. Based on customer responses this study proposes and elaborates in relation with two dimensions of quality improvement and customer satisfaction. This study is very beneficial for the practitioners in the Malaysian car companies to understand their customers, design products as per their expectations. Producing products as per customer expectation will increase companies' sales and ultimately leading towards more profit for the company. Most of the studies conducted in Malaysia are quantitative, this is the only study in which we have interview the car users, which can be very useful for academicians and coming researchers.

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Yi-Chung Hu


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