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Generate speech from text. choose a voice to read your text aloud. you can use it to narrate your videos, create voice-overs, convert your documents into audio, and more..

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  • For example: if you go over 500 AI images, but stay within the limits for AI Chat and Genius Mode, you'll be charged $5 per additional 500 AI Image generations.
  • Includes 100 AI Image generations and 300 AI Chat Messages. If you go over any of these limits, you will have to pay as you go.
  • For example: if you go over 100 AI images, but stay within the limits for AI Chat, you'll have to reload on credits to generate more images. Choose from $5 - $1000. You'll only pay for what you use.

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#1 Text To Speech (TTS) Reader Online

Proudly serving millions of users since 2015

Type or upload any text, file, website & book for listening online, proofreading, reading-along or generating professional mp3 voice-overs.

I need to >

Play Text Out Loud

Reads out loud plain text, files, e-books and websites. Remembers text & caret position, so you can come back to listening later, unlimited length, recording and more.

Create Humanlike Voiceovers

The simplest most robust & affordable AI voice-over generating tool online. Mix voices, languages & speeds. Listen before recording. Unlimited!

Additional Text-To-Speech Solutions

Turns your articles, PDFs, emails, etc. into podcasts, so you can listen to it on your own podcast player when convenient, with all the advantages that come with your podcast app.

SpeechNinja says what you type in real time. It enables people with speech difficulties to speak out loud using synthesized voice (AAC) and more.

Battle tested for years, serving millions of users, especially good for very long texts.

Need to read a webpage? Simply paste its URL here & click play. Leave empty to read about the Beatles 🎸

Books & Stories

Listen to some of the best stories ever written. We have them right here. Want to upload your own? Use the main player to upload epub files.

Simply paste any URL (link to a page) and it will import & read it out loud.

Chrome Extension

Reads out loud webpages, directly from within the page.

TTSReader for mobile - iOS or Android. Includes exporting audio to mp3 files.

NEW 🚀 - TTS Plugin

Make your own website speak your content - with a single line of code. Hassle free.

TTSReader Premium

Support our development team & enjoy ad-free better experience. Commercial users, publishers are required a premium license.

TTSReader reads out loud texts, webpages, pdfs & ebooks with natural sounding voices. Works out of the box. No need to download or install. No sign in required. Simply click 'play' and enjoy listening right in your browser. TTSReader remembers your text and position between sessions, so you can continue listening right where you left. Recording the generated speech is supported as well. Works offline, so you can use it at home, in the office, on the go, driving or taking a walk. Listening to textual content using TTSReader enables multitasking, reading on the go, improved comprehension and more. With support for multiple languages, it can be used for unlimited use cases .

Get Started for Free

Main Use Cases

Listen to great content.

Most of the world's content is in textual form. Being able to listen to it - is huge! In that sense, TTSReader has a huge advantage over podcasts. You choose your content - out of an infinite variety - that includes humanity's entire knowledge and art richness. Listen to lectures, to PDF files. Paste or upload any text from anywhere, edit it if needed, and listen to it anywhere and anytime.


One of the best ways to catch errors in your writing is to listen to it being read aloud. By using TTSReader for proofreading, you can catch errors that you might have missed while reading silently, allowing you to improve the quality and accuracy of your written content. Errors can be in sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar, but also in your essay's structure, order and content.

Listen to web pages

TTSReader can be used to read out loud webpages in two different ways. 1. Using the regular player - paste the URL and click play. The website's content will be imported into the player. (2) Using our Chrome extension to listen to pages without leaving the page . Listening to web pages with TTSReader can provide a more accessible, convenient, and efficient way of consuming online content.

Turn ebooks into audiobooks

Upload any ebook file of epub format - and TTSReader will read it out loud for you, effectively turning it into an audiobook alternative. You can find thousands of epub books for free, available for download on Project Gutenberg's site, which is an open library for free ebooks.

Read along for speed & comprehension

TTSReader enables read along by highlighting the sentence being read and automatically scrolling to keep it in view. This way you can follow with your own eyes - in parallel to listening to it. This can boost reading speed and improve comprehension.

Generate audio files from text

TTSReader enables exporting the synthesized speech with a single click. This is available currently only on Windows and requires TTSReader’s premium . Adhering to the commercial terms some of the voices may be used commercially for publishing, such as narrating videos.

Accessibility, dyslexia, etc.

For individuals with visual impairments or reading difficulties, listening to textual content, lectures, articles & web pages can be an essential tool for accessing & comprehending information.

Language learning

TTSReader can read out text in multiple languages, providing learners with listening as well as speaking practice. By listening to the text being read aloud, learners can improve their comprehension skills and pronunciation.

Kids - stories & learning

Kids love stories! And if you can read them stories - it's definitely the best! But, if you can't, let TTSReader read them stories for you. Set the right voice and speed, that is appropriate for their comprehension level. For kids who are at the age of learning to read - this can also be an effective tool to strengthen that skill, as it highlights every sentence being read.

Main Features

Ttsreader is a free text to speech reader that supports all modern browsers, including chrome, firefox and safari..

Includes multiple languages and accents. If on Chrome - you will get access to Google's voices as well. Super easy to use - no download, no login required. Here are some more features

Fun, Online, Free. Listen to great content

Drag, drop & play (or directly copy text & play). That’s it. No downloads. No logins. No passwords. No fuss. Simply fun to use and listen to great content. Great for listening in the background. Great for proof-reading. Great for kids and more. Learn more, including a YouTube we made, here .

Multilingual, Natural Voices

We facilitate high-quality natural-sounding voices from different sources. There are male & female voices, in different accents and different languages. Choose the voice you like, insert text, click play to generate the synthesized speech and enjoy listening.

Exit, Come Back & Play from Where You Stopped

TTSReader remembers the article and last position when paused, even if you close the browser. This way, you can come back to listening right where you previously left. Works on Chrome & Safari on mobile too. Ideal for listening to articles.

Vs. Recorded Podcasts

In many aspects, synthesized speech has advantages over recorded podcasts. Here are some: First of all - you have unlimited - free - content. That includes high-quality articles and books, that are not available on podcasts. Second - it’s free. Third - it uses almost no data - so it’s available offline too, and you save money. If you like listening on the go, as while driving or walking - get our free Android Text Reader App .

Read PDF Files, Texts & Websites

TTSReader extracts the text from pdf files, and reads it out loud. Also useful for simply copying text from pdf to anywhere. In addition, it highlights the text currently being read - so you can follow with your eyes. If you specifically want to listen to websites - such as blogs, news, wiki - you should get our free extension for Chrome

Export Speech to Audio Files

TTSReader enables exporting the synthesized speech to mp3 audio files. This is available currently only on Windows, and requires ttsreader’s premium .

Pricing & Plans

  • Online text to speech player
  • Chrome extension for reading webpages

$10.99 /mo OR $39 /yr

  • Premium TTSReader.com
  • Premium Chrome extension
  • Better support from the development team

Compare plans

Unlimited text reading
Online text to speech
Upload files, PDFs, ebooks
Web player
Webpage reading Chrome extension
Ads free
Unlock features
Recording audio - for generating audio files from text
Commercial license
Publishing license (under the following )
Better support from the development team

Sister Apps Developed by Our Team


Dictation & Transcription

Type with your voice for free, or automatically transcribe audio & video recordings

Buttons - Kids Dictionary

Turns your device into multiple push-buttons interactive games

Animals, numbers, colors, counting, letters, objects and more. Different levels. Multilingual. No ads. Made by parents, for our own kids.

Ways to Get In Touch, Feedback & Community

Visit our contact page , for various ways to get in touch with us, send us feedback and interact with our community of users & developers.

Realistic Text-to-Speech AI converter

how to get text to speech voice

Create realistic Voiceovers online! Insert any text to generate speech and download audio mp3 or wav for any purpose. Speak a text with AI-powered voices.You can convert text to voice for free for reference only. For all features, purchase the paid plans

How to convert text into speech?

  • Just type some text or import your written content
  • Press "generate" button
  • Download MP3 / WAV

Full list of benefits of neural voices

Multi-voice editor.

Dialogue with AI Voices . You can use several voices at once in one text.

Over 1000 Natural Sounding Voices

Crystal-clear voice over like a Human. Males, females, children's, elderly voices.

You spend little on re-dubbing the text. Limits are spent only for changed sentences in the text. Read more about our cost-effective Limit System . Enjoy full control over your spending with one-time payments for only what you use. Pay as you go : get flexible, cost-effective access to our neural network voiceover services without subscriptions.

If your Limit balance is sufficient, you can use a single query to convert a text of up to 2,000,000 characters into speech.

Commercial Use

You can use the generated audio for commercial purposes. Examples: YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, Podcasts, Video Ads, Advertising, E-book, Presentation and other.

Custom voice settings

Change Speed, Pitch, Stress, Pronunciation, Intonation , Emphasis , Pauses and more. SSML support .

SRT to audio

Subtitles to Audio : Convert your subtitle file into perfectly timed multilingual voiceovers with our advanced neural networks.

Downloadable TTS

You can download converted audio files in MP3, WAV, OGG for free.

Powerful support

We will help you with any questions about text-to-speech. Ask any questions, even the simplest ones. We are happy to help.

Compatible with editing programs

Works with any video creation software: Adobe Premier, After effects, Audition, DaVinci Resolve, Apple Motion, Camtasia, iMovie, Audacity, etc.

Cloud save your history

All your files and texts are automatically saved in your profile on our cloud server. Add tracks to your favorites in one click.

Use our text to voice converter to make videos with natural sounding speech!

Say goodbye to expensive traditional audio creation

Cheap price. Create a professional voiceover in real time for pennies. it is 100 times cheaper than a live speaker.

Traditional audio creation

sound studio

  • Expensive live speakers, high prices
  • A long search for freelancers and studios
  • Editing requires complex tools and knowledge
  • The announcer in the studio voices a long time. It takes time to give him a task and accept it.

speechgen on different devices

  • Affordable tts generation starting at $0.08 per 1000 characters
  • Website accessible in your browser right now
  • Intuitive interface, suitable for beginners
  • SpeechGen generates text from speech very quickly. A few clicks and the audio is ready.

Create AI-generated realistic voice-overs.

Ways to use. Cases.

See how other people are already using our realistic speech synthesis. There are hundreds of variations in applications. Here are some of them.

  • Voice over for videos. Commercial, YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media. Add voice to any videos!
  • E-learning material. Ex: learning foreign languages, listening to lectures, instructional videos.
  • Advertising. Increase installations and sales! Create AI-generated realistic voice-overs for video ads, promo, and creatives.
  • Public places. Synthesizing speech from text is needed for airports, bus stations, parks, supermarkets, stadiums, and other public areas.
  • Podcasts. Turn text into podcasts to increase content reach. Publish your audio files on iTunes, Spotify, and other podcast services.
  • Mobile apps and desktop software. The synthesized ai voices make the app friendly.
  • Essay reader. Read your essay out loud to write a better paper.
  • Presentations. Use text-to-speech for impressive PowerPoint presentations and slideshow.
  • Reading documents. Save your time reading documents aloud with a speech synthesizer.
  • Book reader. Use our text-to-speech web app for ebook reading aloud with natural voices.
  • Welcome audio messages for websites. It is a perfect way to re-engage with your audience. 
  • Online article reader. Internet users translate texts of interesting articles into audio and listen to them to save time.
  • Voicemail greeting generator. Record voice-over for telephone systems phone greetings.
  • Online narrator to read fairy tales aloud to children.
  • For fun. Use the robot voiceover to create memes, creativity, and gags.

Maximize your content’s potential with an audio-version. Increase audience engagement and drive business growth.

Who uses Text to Speech?

SpeechGen.io is a service with artificial intelligence used by about 1,000 people daily for different purposes. Here are examples.

Video makers create voiceovers for videos. They generate audio content without expensive studio production.

Newsmakers convert text to speech with computerized voices for news reporting and sports announcing.

Students and busy professionals to quickly explore content

Foreigners. Second-language students who want to improve their pronunciation or listen to the text comprehension

Software developers add synthesized speech to programs to improve the user experience.

Marketers. Easy-to-produce audio content for any startups

IVR voice recordings. Generate prompts for interactive voice response systems.

Educators. Foreign language teachers generate voice from the text for audio examples.

Booklovers use Speechgen as an out loud book reader. The TTS voiceover is downloadable. Listen on any device.

HR departments and e-learning professionals can make learning modules and employee training with ai text to speech online software.

Webmasters convert articles to audio with lifelike robotic voices. TTS audio increases the time on the webpage and the depth of views.

Animators use ai voices for dialogue and character speech.

Text to Speech enables brands, companies, and organizations to deliver enhanced end-user experience, while minimizing costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Convert any text to super realistic human voices. See all tariff plans .

Enhance Your Content Accessibility

Boost your experience with our additional features. Easily convert PDFs, DOCx files, and video subtitles into natural-sounding audio.

📄🔊 PDF to Audio

Transform your PDF documents into audible content for easier consumption and enhanced accessibility.

📝🎧 DOCx to mp3

Easily convert Word documents into speech for listening on the go or for those who prefer audio format

🔊📰 WordPress plugin

Enhance your WordPress site with our plugin for article voiceovers, embedding an audio player directly on your site to boost user engagement and diversify your content.

Supported languages

  • Amharic (Ethiopia)
  • Arabic (Algeria)
  • Arabic (Egypt)
  • Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
  • Bengali (India)
  • Catalan (Spain)
  • English (Australia)
  • English (Canada)
  • English (GB)
  • English (Hong Kong)
  • English (India)
  • English (Philippines)
  • German (Austria)
  • Hindi India
  • Spanish (Argentina)
  • Spanish (Mexico)
  • Spanish (United States)
  • Tamil (India)
  • All languages: +76

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Text-to-Speech Voice Generator

Turn any text or script into natural-sounding speech with Descript's text-to-speech voice generator. Choose from dozens of lifelike AI voices or create your own voice clones in minutes. It’s perfect for podcast intros, voiceovers, faceless videos, and more.

how to get text to speech voice

How to turn text into realistic AI voice audio

Experience the magic of text-to-speech. Fix mistakes in your audio recordings without trudging back into the recording studio. Descript’s Overdub uses AI to create a natural-sounding synthetic version of your voice that you can use in any audio or video you’re creating.  

In a new Descript project, type out your script in the text editor or paste in the text you want to generate speech from. You can also use the  Ask AI  command in the Actions menu to write a script for you based on whatever criteria you want. 

Press ‘@’ to assign a speaker to your script. You can enter a new speaker name and then  Enable speech generation  to start the process of cloning your voice. Or  you can select  Browse stock AI speakers  to choose from a library of realistic stock voices, emotions, and styles.

The script will flash briefly to indicate your speech is being generated. Once that’s done, you can play back your newly generated voice audio, continue in an audio or video project, or export it by clicking  Publish .

Create natural-sounding speech with Descript

Turn text into sound with Descript by creating a high-quality text-to-speech model of your voice or selecting one from our ultra-realistic stock voices.

  • Ultra-realistic: Descript’s Overdub is constantly being improved to sound more and more natural, with human inflections and contextual adjustments.
  • State of the art: Descript’s Lyrebird AI represents the world’s most advanced speech-synthesis technology. It’s so real that androids often mistake it for their missing families.
  • Privacy & security: Descript verifies that every Overdub Voice belongs to its owner. We do not allow cloning of voices that don’t belong to the account owner. We won’t share the data underlying your Overdub Voice with anyone outside Descript.
  • Multiple voices: You can create multiple versions of your own voice to reflect different performance modes or emotional states, such as sad, excited, or Pittsburgh.
  • Sharing: Descript allows you, and only you, to share your Overdub Voice with trusted collaborators or legally titled androids.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone else use descript’s overdub tts to clone my voice.

No. When creating an Overdub Voice, Descript users must positively affirm their identity and give Descript their express consent to train and generate a synthesized version of their voice.

Voice-training data that does not include this Voice ID cannot be used to create an Overdub Voice. In other words, unless you specifically consent to Overdub Voice creation, Descript will not create your Overdub Voice.

We verify this consent by authenticating the audio file uploaded against our training script to ensure that the voice recorded belongs to the person submitting it.

Is Descript Text-to-Speech free?

Overdub text-to-speech is free on all Descript accounts. Pro accounts get an unlimited Overdub vocabulary.

Is there a difference between Overdub generated with the Pro subscription vs. a Creator or Free subscription?

Yes. While you can create a custom Voice on Overdub with any subscription,  Free and Creator plans are limited to a list of the 1,000 most common vocabulary words. Any words that are not on that list will be replaced with "jibber" or "jabber." To avoid this gibberish and gain access to the full vocabulary list, you can upgrade to the Pro subscription.

How can I improve the quality of my text-to-speech voice?

TTS voice quality relies on a number of factors, such as the quality of your microphone, background noise, and room surfaces. Check out our article on Overdub Voice Quality Tips for tips on how you can assure the best possible recording.

Download the app for free

More articles and resources.

5 ways to establish your podcast's brand

5 ways to establish your podcast's brand

how to get text to speech voice

What Is Personal Branding? Sharing Your Skill Sets and Strengths

how to get text to speech voice

How to record an interview: 11 pro tips

Other tools from descript, voice cloning, video collage maker, advertising video maker, facebook video maker, youtube video summarizer, rotate video, marketing video maker.

how to get text to speech voice

Text to Speech

how to get text to speech voice

  • 3 Create a new project Drag your file into the box above, or click Select file and import it from your computer or wherever it lives.

how to get text to speech voice

With Descript, you can generate and edit voice audio just by typing. Convert your text into speech, edit it, and export it in your preferred format—all in one place.

how to get text to speech voice

Descript's  text-to-speech (TTS)  capabilities use AI to generate incredibly realistic voices. Choose from a range of voice types—from corporate to conversational, masculine to feminine—to find the one that suits your project best.

how to get text to speech voice

Create and share your own AI voices for use in future projects, whether you want to take a breather and let AI handle that voiceover track, or fix or add to an existing recording without rerecording.

how to get text to speech voice

No, Descript does not allow others to clone your voice without your explicit consent. Your voice data is kept secure and confidential, and you can delete it at any time. We are committed to protecting our users' privacy and adhere to a strict  code of ethics .

Descript offers both free and paid versions of text-to-speech. The free version includes basic text-to-speech capabilities to turn text into audio. However, to access and utilize the full range of features, including advanced voice editing, voice cloning, and Overdub, you need to subscribe to a paid plan starting at $12/mo.

Yes, there is a difference. The free plan provides basic text-to-speech services, but the quality and customizability options are greatly increased with the premium plans. The paid plans offer access to the Overdub feature, allowing you to create your own unique text-to-speech voices, as well as additional features like advanced editing capabilities.

You can improve the quality of your text-to-speech voice clone by recording in a quiet environment, speaking clearly and naturally as you read the sample script, using a high-quality microphone, and following Descript's recording guidelines in the prompt.

how to get text to speech voice

how to get text to speech voice

Text to speech

An AI Speech feature that converts text to lifelike speech.

Bring your apps to life with natural-sounding voices

Build apps and services that speak naturally. Differentiate your brand with a customized, realistic voice generator, and access voices with different speaking styles and emotional tones to fit your use case—from text readers and talkers to customer support chatbots.

how to get text to speech voice

Lifelike synthesized speech

Enable fluid, natural-sounding text to speech that matches the intonation and emotion of human voices.

how to get text to speech voice

Customizable text-talker voices

Create a unique AI voice generator that reflects your brand's identity.

how to get text to speech voice

Fine-grained text-to-talk audio controls

Tune voice output for your scenarios by easily adjusting rate, pitch, pronunciation, pauses, and more.

how to get text to speech voice

Flexible deployment

Run Text to Speech anywhere—in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge in containers.

how to get text to speech voice

Tailor your speech output

Fine-tune synthesized speech audio to fit your scenario.  Define lexicons  and control speech parameters such as pronunciation, pitch, rate, pauses, and intonation with  Speech Synthesis Markup Language  (SSML) or with the  audio content creation tool .

how to get text to speech voice

Deploy Text to Speech anywhere, from the cloud to the edge

Run Text to Speech wherever your data resides. Build lifelike speech synthesis into applications optimized for both robust cloud capabilities and edge locality using  containers .

Build a custom voice for your brand

Differentiate your brand with a unique  custom voice . Develop a highly realistic voice for more natural conversational interfaces using the Custom Neural Voice capability, starting with 30 minutes of audio.

Fuel App Innovation with Cloud AI Services

Learn five key ways your organization can get started with AI to realize value quickly.

Comprehensive privacy and security


AI Speech, part of Azure AI Services, is  certified  by SOC, FedRAMP, PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, and ISO.

View and delete your custom voice data and synthesized speech models at any time. Your data is encrypted while it’s in storage.

Your data remains yours. Your text data isn't stored during data processing or audio voice generation.

Backed by Azure infrastructure, AI Speech offers enterprise-grade security, availability, compliance, and manageability.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

Microsoft invests more than $1 billion annually on cybersecurity research and development.

how to get text to speech voice

We employ more than 3,500 security experts who are dedicated to data security and privacy.

The security center compute and apps tab in Azure showing a list of recommendations

Azure has more certifications than any other cloud provider. View the comprehensive list .

how to get text to speech voice

Flexible pricing gives you the power and control you need

Pay only for what you use, with no upfront costs. With Text to Speech, you pay as you go based on the number of characters you convert to audio.

Get started with an Azure free account

how to get text to speech voice

After your credit, move to  pay as you go  to keep building with the same free services. Pay only if you use more than your free monthly amounts.

how to get text to speech voice

Guidelines for building responsible synthetic voices

how to get text to speech voice

Learn about responsible deployment

Synthetic voices must be designed to earn the trust of others. Learn the principles of building synthesized voices that create confidence in your company and services.

how to get text to speech voice

Obtain consent from voice talent

Help voice talent understand how neural text-to-speech (TTS) works and get information on recommended use cases.

how to get text to speech voice

Be transparent

Transparency is foundational to responsible use of computer voice generators and synthetic voices. Help ensure that users understand when they’re hearing a synthetic voice and that voice talent is aware of how their voice will be used. Learn more with our disclosure design guidelines.

Documentation and resources

Get started.

Read the  documentation

Take the  Microsoft Learn course

Get started with a 30-day learning journey

Explore code samples

Check out the  sample code

See customization resources

Customize your speech solution with  Speech studio . No code required.

Start building with AI Services

Generative Voice AI

Convert text to speech online for free with our AI voice generator. Create natural AI voices instantly in any language - perfect for video creators, developers, and businesses.

Click on a language to convert text to speech :

Natural Text to Speech & AI Voice Generator

Whether you're a content creator or a short story writer, our AI voice generator lets you design captivating audio experiences.

Stories with emotions

Immerse your players in rich, dynamic worlds with our AI voice generator. From captivating NPC dialogue to real-time narration, our tool brings your game’s audio to the next level.

Immersive gaming

Bring stories to life by converting long-form content to engaging audio. Our AI voice generator lets you create audiobooks with a natural voice and tone, making it the perfect tool for authors and publishers.

Every book deserves to be heard

Ai chatbots.

Create a more natural and engaging experience for your users with our AI voice generator. Our tool lets you create AI chatbots with human-like voices.

AI assistants with personality

Experience advanced ai text to speech.

Generate lifelike speech in any language and voice with the most powerful text to speech (TTS) technology that combines advanced AI with emotive capabilities.

Text to Speech screenshot

Indistinguishable from Human Speech.

Turn text into lifelike audio across 29 languages and 120 voices. Ideal for digital creators, get high-quality TTS streaming instantly.

Precision Tuning.

Adjust voice outputs effortlessly through an intuitive interface. Opt for a blend of vocal clarity and stability, or amplify vocal stylings for more animated delivery.

Online Text Reader.

Use our deep learning-powered tool to read any text aloud, from brief emails to full PDFs, while cutting costs and time.

AI Voice Generator in 29 Languages

Generate ai voices with voicelab.

Create new and unique synthetic voices in minutes using advanced Generative AI technology. Create lifelike voices to use in videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and more.

Clone Your Voice

Create a digital voice that sounds like a real human. Whether you're a content creator or a short story writer, our AI voice generator lets you design captivating audio experiences.

Feature 01

Find Voices

Share the unique synthetic voices you've created with our vibrant community and discover voices crafted by others, opening a world of auditory opportunity.

Feature 03

Multiple languages.

Clone your voice from a recording in one language and use it to generate speech in another.

Instant Results.

Generate new voices in seconds, not hours with our state-of-the-art AI voice generator.

Find the perfect voice for any project; be it a video, audiobook, video game or blog.

Dubbing Studio

Localize videos with precise control over transcript, translation, timing, and more. Create a perfect voiceover in any language, with any voice, in minutes. Explore AI Dubbing

Transcript editing.

Manually edit the dialogue of your translated script to get the perfect audio output.

Sequence timing.

Change the speaker’s timing by clicking and dragging the clips.

Adjust voice settings.

Click on the gear icon next to a speaker’s name to open more voice options.

Add more languages.

When you’re ready to add more languages, hit the “+” icon to instantly translate your script.

Change Your Voice With Speech To Speech

Edit and fine-tune your voiceovers using Speech to Speech. Get consistent, clear results that keep the feel and nuance of your original message. Change your voice

Emotional Range

Maintain the exact emotions of your content with our diverse range of voice profiles.

Nuance Preservation

Ensure that every inflection, pause and modulation is captured and reproduced perfectly.

Consistent Quality

Use Speech to Speech to create complex audio sequences with consistent quality.

Long-form voice generation with Projects

Our innovative workflow for directing and editing audio, providing you with complete control over the creative process for the production of audiobooks, long-form video and web content. Learn more about Projects

Conversion of whole books.

Import in a variety of formats, including .epub, .txt, and .pdf, and convert entire books into audio.

Text-inputted pauses.

Manually adjust the length of pauses between speech segments to fine-tune pacing.

Multiple languages and voices.

Choose from a wide range of languages and voices to create the perfect audio experience.

Regenerate selected fragments

Recreate specific audio fragments if you're not satisfied with the output.

Save progress.

Save your progress and return to your project at any time.

Single click conversion.

Convert your written masterpieces into captivating audiobooks, reaching listeners on the go.

Powered by cutting-edge research

how to get text to speech voice

Introducing Dubbing Studio

how to get text to speech voice

Introducing Speech to Speech

how to get text to speech voice

Turbo v2: Our Fastest Model Yet

Frequently asked questions, how do i make my own ai voice.

To create your own AI voice at ElevenLabs, you can use VoiceLab. Voice Design allows you to customize the speaker's identityfor unique voices in your scripts, while Voice Cloning mimics real voices. This ensures variety and exclusivity in your generated voices, as they are entirely artificial and not linked to real people.

How much does using ElevenLabs AI voice generator cost?

ElevenLabs provides a range of AI voice generation plans suitable for various needs. Starting with a Free Plan, which includes 10,000 characters monthly, up to 3 custom voices, Voice Design, and speech generation in 29 languages. The Starter Plan is $5 per month, offering 30,000 characters and up to 10 custom voices. For more extensive needs, the Creator Plan at $22 per month provides 100,000 characters and up to 30 custom voices. The Pro Plan costs $99 per month with a substantial 500,000 characters and up to 160 custom voices. Larger businesses can opt for the Scale Plan at $330 per month, which includes 2,000,000 characters and up to 660 custom voices. Lastly, the Enterprise Plan offers custom pricing for tailored quotas, PVC for any voice, priority rendering, and dedicated support. Each plan is crafted to support different levels of usage and customization requirements.

Can I use ElevenLabs AI voice generator for free?

Yes, you can use ElevenLabs prime AI voice generator for free with our Free Plan. It includes 10,000 characters per month, up to 3 custom voices, Voice Design, and speech generation in 29 languages.

What is the best AI voice generator?

ElevenLabs offers the best and highest quality AI voice generator software online. Our AI voice generator uses advanced deep learning models to provide high-quality audio output, emotion mapping, and a wide range of vocal choices. It's perfect for content creators and writers looking to create captivating audio experiences.

Who should use ElevenLabs’ AI voice generator and prime voice AI services?

ElevenLabs' AI voice generator is ideal for a variety of users, including content creators on YouTube and TikTok, audiobook producers for Audible and Google Play Books, presenters using PowerPoint or Google Docs, businesses with IVR systems, and podcasters on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. These services provide a natural-sounding voice across different platforms, enhancing user engagement and accessibility.

How many languages does ElevenLabs support?

ElevenLabs supports speech synthesis in 29 languages, making your content accessible to a global audience. Supported languages include Chinese, English, Spanish, French, and many more.

What is an AI voice generator?

ElevenLabs' AI voice generator transforms text to spoken audio that sounds like a natural human voice, complete with realistic intonation and accents. It offers a wide range of voice options across various languages and dialects. Designed for ease of use, it caters to both individuals and businesses looking for customizable vocal outputs.

How do I use AI voice generators to turn text into audio?

Step 1 involves selecting a voice and adjusting settings to your liking. In Step 2, you input your text into the provided box, ensuring it's in one of the supported languages. For Step 3, you simply click 'Generate' to convert your text into audio, listen to the output, and make any necessary adjustments. After that, you can download the audio for use in your project.

What is text to speech?

Text to speech is a technology that converts written text into spoken audio. It is also known as speech synthesis or TTS. The technology has been around for decades, but recent advancements in deep learning have made it possible to generate high-quality, natural-sounding speech.

What is the best text to speech software?

ElevenLabs is the best text to speech software. We offer the most advanced AI voices, with the highest quality and most natural-sounding speech. Our platform is easy to use and offers a wide range of customization options.

How much does text to speech cost?

ElevenLabs offers a free plan which includes 10,000 characters per month. Our paid plans start at $1 for 30,000 characters per month.

Kapwing Logo

Text to Voice Generator

Text to Voice Generator Screenshot

Let our text to voice generator do the talking

Need a voiceover for your next project? Kapwing's text to voice generator allows you to apply AI-powered voices to your projects with just a bit of text. In just a few clicks, you'll be able to generate a realistic-sounding voice that will read your text exactly as provided.

Once you've converted your text into speech, you can easily make edits or export the audio to popular formats like MP3. There's no software to download or plugins to install—our text to voice tools work right inside your browser. Just click the Get Started button above and write or import your text.

Let our text to voice generator do the talking Screenshot

How to generate voice from text

How to generate voice from text

  • Open Text to Speech settings Click on the “Audio” tab on the left-hand side and select “Text to Speech” to open the text to speech tab.
  • Personalize your voice Once your text is added, use the dropdown menus to select language and voice. When you are satisfied, click Generate Audio Layer.
  • Export file When you're finished, click 'Export Project' in the top right to export and download files to any device.

Realistic-sounding voices powered by text

Automatic text to voice for everyone.

Take your content further by using our text to voice tool to apply voice overs to any video. Once you've generated a voice from your text, handle the rest of your video production with Kapwing's background noise remover and audio editing tools. We're the internet's #1 free video editor for a reason.

Human-sounding, AI generated

Our text to voice tools are powered by robots but sound casual and natural. Human voices in both male and female are available, and you can even fine-tune the audio with our built-in sound effects and stock music. Your text will be spoken naturally so your voiceovers feel polished.

Fast, accurate voiceovers from your browser

Your text is spoken aloud exactly as it's written—no obvious robo-voices and every line is said in a natural tone. There's no software or plugins to download; simply add your text and Kapwing will auto-magically create a human-sounding voice. Once you're done, export your files in seconds.

Make all of your videos more accessible

Content gets read, watched, and listened to when it's presented in a viewers' favorite format. Voice generators make it easy for people who are too distracted to watch your video to engage with your content. And with our text to voice converter, you can add spoken voices to any video, any time.

how to get text to speech voice

Frequently Asked Questions

Bob, our kitten, thinking

How do I turn my text into a voice?

What's the best voice generator for text to speech, how can i use text to voice in videos, what's different about kapwing.


Kapwing is free to use for teams of any size. We also offer paid plans with additional features, storage, and support.

Kapwing Logo

Free text to speech tool

How to use our text to speech (tts) tool.

A text-to-speech reader has the function of reading out loud any text you input. Our tool can read text in over 50 languages and even offers multiple text-to-speech voices for a few widely spoken languages such as English.

  • Step #1 : Write or paste your text in the input box. You also have the option of uploading a txt file.
  • Step #2 : Choose your desired language and speaker. You can try out different speakers if there are more available and choose the one you prefer.
  • Step #3 : Choose the speed of reading. You can set up the text to be read out loud faster or slower than the default.
  • Step #4 : Choose the font for the text. We recommend a smaller font if you have a large text and want to avoid scrolling, or a bigger font to follow the text while easily read aloud.
  • Step #5 : Tick the “I’m not a robot” checkbox in the bottom right of the screen.
  • Step #6 : Press the play button on the bottom of the text box to hear your text read out loud.
  • Step #7 : Get a share link for the resulting audio file or download it as an mp3. Our tool generates high quality TTS that is easy to understand by everyone.

Choose from 50 languages

Our free text to speech tool offers various languages and natural sounding voices to choose from. We made an effort to make our TTS reader available for as many people as possible by including the most commonly spoken languages worldwide.

We have languages available for the following regions:

  • Middle East
  • South-East Asia
  • Middle Asia (India)
  • North America

Benefits of using text to speech

TTS is widely used as assistive technology that helps people with reading and visual impairments understand a text. For example:

  • Visually impaired individuals greatly benefit from having a program read texts out loud to them.
  • Dyslexic individuals will also benefit from a text to talk reader because they can understand texts more easily.
  • Children with reading impairments can use text readers to understand lessons easier.
  • A text to voice tool is also of great help for people with severe speech impairments. Our web browser TTS tool allows them to type what they want to say and instantly play the audio to the person they wish to communicate with.

Other benefits of reading text aloud:

  • People learning or communicating in non-native languages can use text to speech as a tool for learning how to spell words correctly and express themselves fluently in their desired language. It’s beneficial when traveling to a country where that language is spoken, and one wants to communicate with locals in their native language.
  • Younger people in multilingual families might find it challenging to communicate with grandparents who still reside in their native countries. Text to speech can bridge the linguistic gap and help strengthen family bonds.
  • Muti-taskers and busy people, in general, can use text to speech online to get the latest news.

What is text to speech?

Text to speech is a tool or program that takes text or words input by the user and reads them out loud. It’s used as an assistive technology for people with reading, visual and speech impairments and as a productivity tool.

How does text to speech work?

Text to speech tools use speech synthesis to read texts out loud. The simplest form of speech synthesis uses snippets of human speech to deliver a coherent and natural-sounding message. These snippets are taken from vast libraries of human sounds, words, phrases etc., and they can be used to verbalize almost anything digitally.

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Explore our range of complimentary tools designed to enhance your experience.

Grow revenue and improve engagement rates by sending personalized, action-driven texts to your customers, staff, and suppliers.

Free AI Voice Generator

Use Deepgram's AI voice generator to turn any text to speech with human-like quality. AI matches text with correct pronunciation for natural, high-quality audio.

AI Voice Generation

Discover the Unparalleled Clarity and Versatility of Deepgram's AI Voice Generator

We harness the power of advanced artificial intelligence to bring you a state-of-the-art AI voice generator designed to meet all your audio creation needs. Whether you're a content creator, marketer, educator, or developer, our platform offers an incredibly realistic and customizable voice generation solution.

Human Voice Generation

Our AI voice generator is engineered to produce voices that are indistinguishable from real human speech. With a vast library of voices across different genders, ages, and accents, Deepgram empowers you to find the perfect voice for your project.

Low-latency Text to Speech

Deepgram's voice generator is one of the fastest on the market. We design our AI models to produce high-quality voices

How It Works

Choose Your Voice : Select from our diverse library of high-quality, natural-sounding AI voices.

Generate: Enter your text, generate your voiceover in seconds.

Download: Once you have you AI generated speech, easily download your audio file.

AI Voice Generator Use Cases

E-Learning and Educational Content : Create engaging and informative educational materials that cater to learners of all types.

Marketing and Advertising : Enhance your marketing materials with high-quality voiceovers that grab attention.

Audiobooks and Podcasts : Produce audiobooks and podcasts efficiently, with voices that keep your audience engaged.

Accessibility : Make your content more accessible with voiceovers that can be easily understood by everyone, including those with visual impairments or reading difficulties.

  • Personal Listen to your documents
  • Commercial Create voiceovers for professional use
  • EDU Group plans for personal use
  • Mobile For Android and iOS
  • Chrome Extension Listen to webpages directly
  • AI Voices Realistic voices using deep learning and neural networks
  • LLM Voices Next generation AI voices using large language models
  • Voice Cloning Synthetic voice replication using LLM
  • AskAI ChatGPT-powered assistant
  • PDFAI Smart document filtering

how to get text to speech voice


Free Text to Speech

ttsmaker tts ok

This audio file will be automatically deleted within 30 minutes, please download it in time. Click to share this audio online free for 30 days via short link. You have 100% audio file copyright and commercial rights, learn more.

If you can't download or play, simply click here to switch the download link:: Switch Download Link (Current Link: Download Link 001 )

  • 0s (eliminate pauses)

TTSMaker is a free text-to-speech tool that provides speech synthesis services and supports multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc., as well as various voice styles. You can use it to read text and e-books aloud, or download the audio files for commercial use (it's completely free). As an excellent free TTS tool, TTSMaker can easily convert text to speech online.

Loading Voice Data...

Conversion quota reminder

Use 🔥voice without counting towards your quota, available for unlimited use. Upgrade to TTSMaker Pro for more characters, advanced features, and enhanced customer support. Alternatively, wait for your weekly character quota to reset.

Captcha code

how to get text to speech voice

Converting text to speech, please wait: % ... Estimated time: 10 seconds

⏳ In queue, high demand, expecting 1-3 minutes.

More Settings

Current BGM: Please upload BGM first

Quick Tutorial

Enter the text that needs to be converted into speech, the free limit is 20000 characters per week, some voices support unlimited free use.

Select language and voice

Choose the language for the text and your preferred voice style, each language has multiple voice styles.

Convert text to speech

Click the "Convert to Speech" button to start converting the text to speech, which may take a few minutes, longer texts will take longer. To adjust the speaking rate and volume, you can click the "More Settings" button.

Listen and download

After the text is converted to speech, you can listen to it online or download the audio file.

Usage Scenarios

TTSMaker's text to speech can be used for the following main purposes.

Video dubbing

Youtube and TikTok voice generator

As an AI voice generator, TTSMaker can generate the voices of various characters, which are often used in video dubbing of Youtube and TikTok. For your convenience, TTSMaker provides a variety of TikTok style voices for free use.

Audiobook reading

Create and listen to audiobook content

TTSMaker can convert text into natural speech, and you can easily create and enjoy audiobooks, bringing stories to life through immersive narration.

Education & Training

Teaching and Learning Languages

TTSMaker can convert text to sound and read it aloud, can help you learn the pronunciation of words, and supports multiple languages, it has now become a useful tool for language learners.

Marketing & Advertising

Create voiceovers for video ads

TTSMaker generates persuasive voice-overs to help marketers and advertisers explain a product's features to others, with high-quality audio.

Fast speech synthesis

We use a powerful neural network inference model that enables text-to-speech conversion in a short time.

Free for commercial use

You will own 100% copyright of the synthesized audio file and may use it for any legal purpose, including commercial use.

More voices and features

We are constantly updating this text-to-speech tool to support more languages and voices, as well as some new features.

Email and API supports

We offer email support and text-to-speech API services. If you encounter any issues while using our services, please feel free to contact our support team via email or through our support page.

"I love TTSMaker, I love meaningful things, I love this TTS tool, I have complete creative freedom..."

For user privacy, all conversion history is valid for 30 minutes. Here's your current history.

No valid history records found in the last 30 minutes.

Share This Audio File Online for Free by URL.WORK x TTSMAKER

ttsmaker cloud

Quickly share your audio file with anyone anywhere using a link.

Share your audio file now, host on URL.WORK CLOUD for a public short link.

When the sharing validity period runs out, shared file will automatically be wiped, and links will turn invalid.

Create share short link successfully!

You can now copy the link and share it with anyone, anywhere.

Short link expiration: [[ backend_return_ttl_days ]] days.

Del Text Voice P/S Fav Play

Voice   Generator

This web app allows you to generate voice audio from text - no login needed, and it's completely free! It uses your browser's built-in voice synthesis technology, and so the voices will differ depending on the browser that you're using. You can download the audio as a file, but note that the downloaded voices may be different to your browser's voices because they are downloaded from an external text-to-speech server. If you don't like the externally-downloaded voice, you can use a recording app on your device to record the "system" or "internal" sound while you're playing the generated voice audio.

Want more voices? You can download the generated audio and then use voicechanger.io to add effects to the voice. For example, you can make the voice sound more robotic, or like a giant ogre, or an evil demon. You can even use it to reverse the generated audio, randomly distort the speed of the voice throughout the audio, add a scary ghost effect, or add an "anonymous hacker" effect to it.

Note: If the list of available text-to-speech voices is small, or all the voices sound the same, then you may need to install text-to-speech voices on your device. Many operating systems (including some versions of Android, for example) only come with one voice by default, and the others need to be downloaded in your device's settings. If you don't know how to install more voices, and you can't find a tutorial online, you can try downloading the audio with the download button instead. As mentioned above, the downloaded audio uses external voices which may be different to your device's local ones.

You're free to use the generated voices for any purpose - no attribution needed. You could use this website as a free voice over generator for narrating your videos in cases where don't want to use your real voice. You can also adjust the pitch of the voice to make it sound younger/older, and you can even adjust the rate/speed of the generated speech, so you can create a fast-talking high-pitched chipmunk voice if you want to.

Note: If you have offline-compatible voices installed on your device (check your system Text-To-Speech settings), then this web app works offline! Find the "add to homescreen" or "install" button in your browser to add a shortcut to this app in your home screen. And note that if you don't have an internet connection, or if for some reason the voice audio download isn't working for you, you can also use a recording app that records your devices "internal" or "system" sound.

Got some feedback? You can share it with me here .

If you like this project check out these: AI Chat , AI Anime Generator , AI Image Generator , and AI Story Generator .

how to get text to speech voice

See the most popular languages and voices. Learn more →

Free text to speech over 200 voices​ and 70 languages

Luvvoice provides a complimentary online service that converts text into speech(TTS) for free. We offer a wide range of AI Voices. Simply input your text, choose a voice, and either download the resulting mp3 file or listen to it directly.

Everything you need

What are the features of Luvvoice ?

Real ai voice.

Built on deep learning and Ai breakthrough research to generate sounds that are extremely close to the quality of real human voices.

Lots of Languages and AI Voices

As a professional AI Voice Generator, A large number of high-quality voices, 200 voices in more than 70 languages, your best text reader.

Easily Convert Text to Audio

Copy-paste an existing script or type in the text for your script on text editor. Choose an AI voice of your choice from Luvvoice’s library of voices .

how to get text to speech voice

best tts tool

The most powerful creative and business tts tool

Luvvoice is a great tts tool,Luvvoice can generate a variety of character voices that you can use in marketing, and social media such as Youtube and Tiktok, you can use to learn new languages and read books aloud!

how to get text to speech voice

Most Popular Languages and TTS Voices We Support

Easily convert text to speech, choose your favorite language and voice:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This is a very good text reader and tts tool! It generates realistic ai voice. If you aren’t sure, always go for Luvvoice. Believe me, you won’t regret it. Olivia Walker Consultant
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Really good. Luvvoice is by far the most valuable business resource we have ever purchased. I love this TTS tool. Ashley Taylor Blogger

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Luvvoice is completely free to use.Free text to speech over 50 language and 200 voice,no words limit. Listen online and download files in mp3 format.

Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology converts text into natural-sounding speech. Learn more about TTS.

Converting text to speech is easy. Simply paste or type the text into the designated text box, choose the language for the text and your preferred voice style, and click the ‘Submit’ button to initiate the process. The text will be processed, and you can download the audio file.

Yes, all voices from Luvvoice are suitable for commercial projects such as videos, podcasts, gaming characters, Youtube and TikTok, and you are not required to attribute the source.

  • Voice Changer for PC
  • Text to Song
  • Free Sounds

AI Voice Generator. SOMETHING important TO SAY? DO IT WITH our Text-to-speech (TTS).

With Voicemod TTS (Text to Speech) AI Voice Generator discover a new way to communicate, generating unique characters and ambient sounds with Text-To-Speech and audio effects unlocking unlimited possibilities!

how to get text to speech voice

Create EPIC VOICE NOTES WITH AI VOICES AND LET Text-To-Speech do the talking

Listen to some examples we have prepared for you. Change the voice and sound effects below. The AI Voice Generator with voices effects is here!

how to get text to speech voice

10 ai voices to choose from to create epic AI voice messages.

With Voicemod TTS AI Voice Generator discover a new way to communicate, generating unique characters and ambient sounds with Text-To-Speech and audio effects. Unlimited possibilities!

how to get text to speech voice

Text to Speech Using My Own Voice

Create AI voiceovers from your own voice profile with VEED’s text-to-speech voice cloner

how to get text to speech voice

319 reviews

how to get text to speech voice

Convert text to speech using your own voice with AI

Record your voice and create a personalized voice profile. Add your custom AI voiceovers to your videos. Create content by instantly converting written text to speech using your voice. Revolutionize how you communicate by adding this personal touch—whether with your online community, business colleagues, peers, or clients.

How to use VEED’s voice cloning TTS tool:

Record your voice

Click Text-to-Speech in the Audio tab, select “Voice Clone,” and hit record. Read the script on the popup screen, including the Terms of Service agreement.

Clone your voice and convert text to speech

Once your voice profile is saved, type a text and select your name under Voice Clone. Our artificial intelligence software will now read your text with your customized voice profile.

Add your voiceover to your project

Add your voiceover to your project. You can create a video, export the audio file with your replicated voice, or keep exploring our AI video tools to make the best content.

Watch this walkthrough of our AI voice cloner:

‘Edit Video Online’ Tutorial Large.png

Experience text-to-speech voice cloning with authenticity

Transform your written words into spoken expressions with VEED’s AI voice generator , capturing the essence of your personality and individuality in every message. Create influencer videos for your channel, animated videos with voiceovers, and more. You only need to record your voice once. Use your voice profile in all types of projects.

Clone your voice with AI and discover infinite possibilities

VEED offers revolutionary communication using artificial intelligence and text-to-speech voice cloning technology. Our AI tool seamlessly replicates the richness of human expression. From voice cloning to AI avatars , you can make your online content feel more real and engaging. Unlock possibilities for how you connect with your audience digitally.

Your all-in-one solution for content creation

You don’t need to exit VEED to refine your video. VEED is your one-stop professional video editor for all your audio and video editing needs. Use text-to-video to create entire videos from just text. Add automatic captions , music, and sound effects. VEED offers seamless AI integrations like automatic video background removal, instant translations, and more.

How do I use VEED’s text-to-speech tool using my own voice?

Click Text-to-Speech from the Audio menu and select Voice Clone. Record your voice, reading the script on the screen. Type a text and generate your voiceover. You can also customize text-to-speech avatars , including the option to clone your own face for a more personalized experience. Contact our Sales team to learn more.

What is the best voice cloner online?

VEED is the most efficient and powerful tool you can use to clone your voice with AI. It’s fast and only takes one recording for our artificial intelligence software to create a customized voice profile. Once you’ve saved your voice, you can use our text-to-speech tool to add instant voiceovers to your content in just one click!

Is there a limit to how much text I can convert to speech with my voice profile?

Currently, you can add up to 2,000 characters to convert to speech with your AI voice clone per video project.

What are the rules that apply to my use of the AI voice cloning tool?

Do not use the AI voice cloner app to create harmful content, infringe any third-party rights, or defame anyone. Remember to tell anyone who is viewing your images that they are AI-generated. You can read the full terms here .

How do I dub videos with VEED?

Use VEED’s AI voice dubber to dub videos in different languages. We have a library of voice profiles you can choose from. Expand your global reach effortlessly without the need to hire voice artists. Dubbing also enables viewers to focus on the visual content without having to read subtitles, providing them with a more immersive experience.

Discover more

  • AI Voice Maker
  • AI Voice Mimic
  • AI Voice Replicator
  • Real Time Voice Cloning
  • Voice Emulator
  • Voice to Voice AI

Loved by creators.

Loved by the Fortune 500

VEED has been game-changing. It's allowed us to create gorgeous content for social promotion and ad units with ease.

how to get text to speech voice

Max Alter Director of Audience Development, NBCUniversal

how to get text to speech voice

I love using VEED. The subtitles are the most accurate I've seen on the market. It's helped take my content to the next level.

how to get text to speech voice

Laura Haleydt Brand Marketing Manager, Carlsberg Importers

how to get text to speech voice

I used Loom to record, Rev for captions, Google for storing and Youtube to get a share link. I can now do this all in one spot with VEED.

how to get text to speech voice

Cedric Gustavo Ravache Enterprise Account Executive, Cloud Software Group

how to get text to speech voice

VEED is my one-stop video editing shop! It's cut my editing time by around 60% , freeing me to focus on my online career coaching business.

how to get text to speech voice

Nadeem L Entrepreneur and Owner, TheCareerCEO.com

how to get text to speech voice

When it comes to amazing videos, all you need is VEED

Clone your voice

No credit card required

Text-to-speech using your own voice and more!

VEED offers much more than just instant text-to-speech conversion using your own voice. It’s a complete professional video-editing suite that lets you create stunning videos—minus the learning curve. Create content with a combination of our AI tools in minutes. Try VEED today and start creating captivating videos that tell powerful stories in just a few clicks.

VEED app displayed on mobile,tablet and laptop

Text to speech with natural sounding voices.

     4.5/520M+ downloads

Read aloud docs, articles, PDFs, email — anything you read — by listening with our leading text-to-speech reader for desktop and mobile devices.

Enjoy text to speech in 30+ languages with multiple voices in each language that sounds natural. You can try it for free, today!

Speechify Chrome Text-to-Speech

Text to speech demo. See how it works.

Best text to speech for chrome, ios, android, & safari, enjoy text to speech on all your devices, with one subscription. cloud storage included..

Speechify Chrome Extension

Text to speech Chrome extension

Listen to any text on your laptop or desktop. read aloud with the speechify text-to-speech extension for chrome. ​, text to speech for ios, get the #1 rated app for text-to-speech in the app store. speechify can read books, documents, and articles while you cook, work out, commute, or any other activity you can think of., text to speech android app, speechify is a text to speech (tts) screen reader that can read any text, pdf, document, book, email, file, or article online out loud on your phone., safari tts extension, text to speech api, speechify powers the star tribune, the direct, and more. easily add text-to-speech to your website.​, how speechify works.

Using Speechify on text-to-speech is a breeze. It takes only a few minutes and you’ll be off, listening to all those words turn into high-quality, natural-sounding audio.

  • Install it for free on any device
  • Select your voice and speed
  • Listen to any text
  • Scan books to turn them into audiobooks

Learn more about text-to-speech online.

Ana, student with dyslex

Install Speechify anywhere, free

Turn almost any text into natural sounding audio, instantly

Google Chrome Logo

Chrome Extension

Google Play Store Logo

Android App

Safari Logo

Safari Extension

AppStore Logo

What is text to speech

Text to speech is also known as TTS, read aloud, or even speech synthesis. It simply means using artificial intelligence to read words aloud be; it from a PDF , email, docs, or any website.  There isn’t a voice artist recording phrases or words, or even the entire article. Speech generation is done on-the-fly, in real time, with AI.

And that’s the beauty of it all. You don’t have to wait. You simply press play and artificial intelligence makes the words come alive instantly, in a very natural sounding voice. You can change voices and accents across multiple languages.

Turn every article into a podcast or audiobook. Have hard copies of your favorite books? Easily scan them and turn them into your personal library audiobooks.

You don’t have to rely on other audiobook publishers.

Speechify text to speech reviews

Kate Marfori

Get started with text to speech

And begin removing barriers to reading.

Try for free

Text to speech features

Listen at any speed.

Our high-quality AI voices can read up to 9x faster than the average reading speed, so you can learn even more in less time. While it isn’t easy to listen to 900 words per minute, but who are we to limit what you are capable of? Most other text to speech readers do go that fast. Try us out today. Ease into 380 words per minute and train your ears to listen faster and slowly increase the speed to as fast as you need it to be.

Listen on desktop or mobile devices

Anything you’ve saved to your Speechify library instantly syncs across devices so you can listen to anything, anywhere, anytime.

Natural-sounding human voices

Our reading voices sound more fluid and human-like than any other AI reader so you can understand and remember more.

Listen to any book on your shelf

Use the app to snap a pic of a page in any book and hear it read out loud to you.

Multi lingual and high quality natural sounding voices

Speechify offers high-fidelity, most natural sounding voices that sound very human like. Easily select your language, then the voice in your language and enjoy natural sounding native sounding text to speech. Speechify is available in 30+ languages with multiple voices within each language. Enjoy Speechify in Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, & Ukrainian.

Everything is an audiobook or a podcast

Reading your favorite blog, news article, or a lengthy PDF but it’s time to work out? No problem. Simply press play and Speechify will convert your article into an instant audiobook. You don’t have to be stuck to a screen to read.

Text to speech use cases

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how to get text to speech voice

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how to get text to speech voice

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How To Generate Dazai AI Voice in Bungou Stray Dogs For TTS?

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Karen William

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Do you adore Osamu Dazai from "Bungou Stray Dogs"? If you do, now you have the ability to generate a Dazai AI voice . This voice mimics his unique tone, speech mannerisms, and style.

You can utilize this voice to dub animated scenes, narrate Dazai's dialogues in fan-made content, and even craft original lines for the character. This technology enables a profound connection with this beloved character, enhancing the Bungou Stray Dogs fan experience.

dazai ai voice

Part 1: Basic Info of Osamu Dazai

Part 2: dazai voice actor you should know.


  • 2. MagicMic

Part 4: FAQs about Dazai AI Voice

Osamu Dazai, a prominent member of the Armed Detective Agency and a former executive within the underworld's Port Mafia, possesses the unique Ability titled "No Longer Human."


Physically, he is characterized by his wavy, dark brown hair, narrow eyes, and a slender frame. His distinctive fashion sense includes a long, untied sand-colored trench coat, a black vest over a light blue striped dress shirt, beige pants, and bandages adorning his body. In his past Mafia days, Dazai sported a black trench coat, bandages over his right eye and arm, remnants of his tumultuous history.

Miyano Mamoru is the Japanese voice actor behind the character Osamu Dazai in the popular anime and manga series "Bungo Stray Dogs." Born on June 8, 1983, in Saitama, Japan, Miyano is a highly talented and versatile actor.

dazai voice actor

He has voiced iconic roles such as Light Yagami in "Death Note," Tamaki Suoh in "Ouran High School Host Club," and Rintarou Okabe in "Steins;Gate."

Part 3: Tips To Create Dazai AI Voice with Voice Generators?

1) imyfone voxbox - voice cloner & tts.

iMyFone Voxbox is one of best voice generator for generating Dazai AI voice, enabling you to replicate his distinctive voice for seamless text-to-speech conversion. Moreover, it offers a vast selection of 3200+ voices, encompassing celebrities, fictional characters, and more. It's the solution for dubbing, podcasts, audiobooks, and various audio projects.

voxbox text to speech introduce

Free to Get Dazai AI Voice:

#Step 1: Downloading and installing VoxBox, then open it.

#Step 2: Select "Voice Cloning" and access the voice cloning page. Upload your audio, and AI will replicate the voice, ready to use in "My cloned voice."

voice cloning use cloned voice

#Step 3: Navigate to the "Text to Speech", input or import the text, and convert it into speech using the cloned voice. Then, you can click on "Enhance" to eliminate any noise.

dazai ai voice tts step

Key Features:

Supports to clone and custom realistic Dazai AI voice.

Numerous character voices from various anime series to select from.

a diverse collection of 3200+ voices spanning 77+ languages.

Ideal for video dubbing, IVR, content creation, and a variety of other applications.

Access to creating Dazai's voice, accommodating up to 2000 free characters.

Perform TTS, STT, recording, voice editing, audio conversion, noise removing, etc.

2) MagicMic - Dazai AI Voice Changer

MagicMic voice changer is a helpful solution for transforming your voice into the iconic Dazai AI voice, perfect for streaming, gaming, and live interactions. With a vast variety of voices, including beloved characters from popular animes and cartoons and more.

magicmic anime soundboard

How To Change Your Voice Into Dazai AI Voice:

#Step 1: Download and Open MagicMic.

#Step 2: Activate "Apply Voice Changer" for instant voice alteration and also turn on "Hear Myself."

magicmic settings

#Step 3: Select Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device as your application's input source.

#Step 4: Create the preferred voice by providing the necessary audio file. Set up keybinds for seamless effect changes.

600+ voice effects and 200+ voice memes.

A vast array of 225+ AI voices for live chats and gaming experiences.

Well-known anime character voices such as Dio and Vegeta .

Clone and replicate voices by simply uploading audio files.

Tailor your voice to perfection using customizable settings.

1. How can I generate Dazai AI Voice?

To generate Dazai AI Voice, you can use specialized AI voice generation platforms or tools like VoxBox. Simply input the text or audio and select the Dazai AI Voice option to transform it into Dazai's distinct voice.

2. Is there a limit to the length of text that can be converted into Dazai AI Voice?

The text length limit may vary depending on the specific AI voice generation platform. Generally, there might be a character or word limit. For example, VoxBox gives beginners 5000 characters for tts conversion.

3. Can I try Dazai AI Voice for free?

Some platforms like VoxBox offer a trial period or a limited amount of free usage for Dazai AI Voice generation. However, for extended or specialized usage, you may need to opt for a paid plan.

These days, you have the ability to recreate the Dazai AI voice via voice generator. This allows you to sound just like this famous fictional character in the anime world.

We're pleased to introduce VoxBox , an exceptional voice generation tool that includes powerful text-to-speech and voice cloning feature. We've outlined a comprehensive procedure to effortlessly and swiftly generate the Dazai AI voice. By downloading iMyFone VoxBox, you not only gain access to the Hal 9000 voice but also a vast collection of 3200+ voices, enabling you to create stunning dubbings and more.

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The model’s architecture follows a unique two-stage AR-NAR pipeline. In the initial stage, an autoregressive transformer model generates coarse (L0) encodec speech features from the input text and reference audio. Subsequently, these features, along with the text and reference, are refined using a multinomial Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Model (DDPM) to produce the remaining encodec codebook values. Finally, a vocoder transforms the DDPM output into the final audio.

The AR component of MARS5 predicts L0 coarse tokens, which are then further refined by the NAR DDPM model. This refined output is processed by the vocoder to generate the final audio. The model’s training on raw audio in conjunction with byte-pair-encoded text allows for nuanced control over prosody through punctuation and capitalization. For instance, adding commas introduces pauses, while capitalizing words emphasizes them, providing a natural method for guiding the generated output’s prosody.

Compared to other leading language models like GPT and Gemini, MARS5 distinguishes itself through its specialized focus on text-to-speech synthesis and its unique AR-NAR architecture. While GPT and Gemini are primarily designed for text generation and understanding, MARS5 is optimized for producing high-quality, controllable speech output. Its use of DDPM in the NAR stage and the incorporation of prosodic control through text formatting sets it apart in speech synthesis.

MARS5 demonstrates impressive results in voice cloning and prosodic control. The system supports two inference modes: a fast “shallow clone” that doesn’t require the reference audio’s transcript, and a slower but higher-quality “deep clone” that utilizes the prompt transcript. With just 5 seconds of audio and a text snippet, MARS5 can generate speech for diverse and challenging scenarios, including sports commentary and anime voiceovers, showcasing its versatility and effectiveness.

To use MARS5, a reference audio file between 2-12 seconds long, with 6-second samples yielding optimal results is provided. The system accepts text input with punctuation and capitalization for prosodic control. Users can perform a “deep clone” for enhanced quality by providing the reference audio’s transcript, though this process takes longer. MARS5’s ability to handle complex prosodic scenarios makes it suitable for various applications in entertainment, education, and accessibility.

MARS5 TTS represents a significant advancement in open-source text-to-speech technology. Its innovative architecture, combining AR and NAR models with DDPM, enables unprecedented control over speech synthesis. The system’s ability to clone voices with minimal input and generate high-quality, prosodically rich speech positions it as a valuable tool for developers and researchers in the field of artificial intelligence and speech technology.

Check out the Model and GitHub . All credit for this research goes to the researchers of this project. Also, don’t forget to follow us on  Twitter . 

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how to get text to speech voice

Mohammad Asjad

Asjad is an intern consultant at Marktechpost. He is persuing B.Tech in mechanical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Asjad is a Machine learning and deep learning enthusiast who is always researching the applications of machine learning in healthcare.

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Thomson Reuters

Live Page editor. A text and video journalist based in London, Stephen is a former Reuters bureau chief in Jerusalem. He was previously a foreign correspondent for The New York Times and The Times of London. He reported from the Balkans, Iraq, India, Afghanistan, New York and the UK. He is co-author of the book 'Hamas: The Islamic Resistance Movement’.

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